Best Bedazzler Machine 2023

Bedazzling is a fun craft that allows you to add sparkle and pizzazz to clothing, accessories, and more. Bedazzler machines make it easy to attach rhinestones, studs, and other embellishments to fabric quickly and securely.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the best bedazzler machine for your projects and style. We’ll look at key features like versatility, number of attachments, stone capacity, and more. Whether you’re new to bedazzling or you want to upgrade your tools, read on for tips on finding the perfect machine.

SAS Bedazzler

Bedazzler The Original Bedazzler Rhinestone and Stud Setting Machine Decorate Any Outfit Hat Shirt Belt Scarf Sweater Dress

    The SAS Bedazzler is a fun and creative way to add some extra flair to your clothing, accessories, and more. This easy-to-use tool allows you to decorate hats, shirts, jeans, belts, and so many other items by affixing rhinestones and studs to the fabric.

    The Bedazzler comes with everything you need to start embelishing right out of the box. It includes the tool itself along with a variety of rhinestones and studs in different colors and sizes, allowing you to get creative with your designs.

    To use the Bedazzler, simply choose a rhinestone or stud, place it in the tool, and press down firmly on the surface you want to decorate. The rhinestones stick securely, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off. The tool makes it so easy to decorate clothing, shoes, purses, backpacks, and anything else you can imagine.

    Kids will love using the Bedazzler to customize their belongings and make them their own. It’s also great for crafters who want to add some extra pizzaz to their projects. With a little practice, you’ll be able to create fun designs, write messages, and so much more.

    So if you’re looking for a simple way to make your stuff shine, the SAS Bedazzler is a great choice!

    TVTime Direct Bedazzler Deluxe MEGA Set

    Bedazzler Deluxe MEGA Set- The Original Bedazzler Rhinestone and Stud Setting Machine Complete Kit

      If you want to seriously bling out your belongings, the TVTime Direct Bedazzler Deluxe MEGA Set is the ultimate accessory. This complete kit comes with everything you need to bedazzle to your heart’s content.

      The set includes the classic Bedazzler tool along with a whopping 1050 studs and 150 rhinestones. You get a wide assortment of clear, colored, and patterned rhinestones and studs in various sizes so you can create all kinds of designs. The kit also includes 15 inspirational pattern cards to help spark your creativity.

      The Bedazzler tool makes it so easy to transform ordinary items into dazzling showstoppers. Simply place a rhinestone or stud into the tool, position it where you want on your fabric item, press down firmly and voila – instant sparkle! In just minutes you can customize jackets, bags, shoes and anything else you can dream up.

      With the TVTime Direct MEGA set, you’ll have such a huge variety of embellishments that you’ll be able to bedazzle to your heart’s content. Kids and adults alike will have a blast personalizing their belongings and unleashing their inner crafting creativity with this amazing kit. Your stuff has never sparkled so much!

      BeDazzler Stud & Rhinestone Setting Machine

      Bedazzler Stud & Rhinestone Setting Machine - NIB

        Add some serious shine and sparkle to your clothing and accessories with the BeDazzler Stud & Rhinestone Setting Machine. This classic tool makes it incredibly easy to decorate your stuff with studs and rhinestones.

        The BeDazzler comes with everything you need – the tool itself, rhinestones, studs, and instructions. To use it, simply place a rhinestone or stud into one of the provided plunger heads, position it where you want on your item, and push down firmly. The rhinestone will be securely set, no sewing required!

        You can use the BeDazzler to customize jeans, jackets, hats, shoes, bags – pretty much anything made of denim, leather, or fabric. In just minutes you can completely transform ordinary items into dazzling creations. Both kids and adults will have a blast personalizing their belongings with their own unique designs.

        With a classic tool like the BeDazzler, the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding some extra bling and pizzazz to clothing, accessories and craft projects. It makes a great gift for crafters and fashionistas who want to make their stuff shine!

        Quick Crystals Pro Hotfix Applicator

        Quick Crystals Pro Hotfix Applicator, Bedazzler Kit with Rhinestones, DIY Wand Setter Tool Kit with 7 Different Tip Sizes, Tweezers, Cleaning Brush, User Manual, and 4400 Rhinestones.

          Add some serious sparkle to your belongings with the Quick Crystals Pro Hotfix Applicator kit. This all-in-one set gives you everything you need to easily embellish clothing, accessories, crafts and more with beautiful rhinestones.

          The kit includes a heating applicator wand, 7 different applicator tips, tweezers, a cleaning brush and a whopping 4400 hotfix rhinestones. The rhinestones come in clear, AB and an assortment of fun colors.

          To use, simply heat up the applicator wand, pick up a rhinestone with the tip, position it where you want on your item, and press down firmly for a few seconds. The heat activates the adhesive on the rhinestone so it sticks securely.

          In just minutes, you can customize jackets, bags, phone cases, laptops, jeans, hats, shoes and so many other items. Everything in this kit is designed to make rhinestone application easy even for beginners.

          If you love blinging out your stuff and want a ton of sparkly possibilities, the Quick Crystals Pro kit is the perfect choice. With 4400 rhinestones, you’ll be able to bedazzle to your heart’s content!

          blinger Starter Kit

          blinger Starter Kit | Women's Hair Styling Tool + 75 Precision-Cut Glass Crystals | Bling Hair in Seconds! Bedazzling Multi-Faceted Gems | Hair-Safe – Bling In Brush Out | By Blinger Kids Inventor

            Add some brilliant sparkle and shine to your hair anytime with the blinger Starter Kit. This fun tool allows you to quickly and easily apply genuine precision-cut crystals to your hair for dazzling style.

            The starter kit comes with the blinger styling tool plus 5 discs of crystal gems – 3 clear and 2 soft purple. Each disc contains 15 crystals, so you get a total of 75 gems to work with.

            To apply the crystals, simply load a disc into the blinger tool, pull your hair taut, then press the tool against your hair where you want the crystals placed. The proprietary adhesive on the gems keeps them securely in place all day and night until you’re ready to remove them.

            The cut-glass crystals create beautiful, eye-catching sparkle in your hair. You can enhance an elegant up-do for a special event, or just add a few throughout your hair for a bit of everyday glam. The crystals are easy to brush out when you want to remove them.

            So if you want to add some show-stopping shine to your locks any time, the blinger crystal hair styling kit is the perfect accessory!

            Worthofbest Hotfix Rhinestone Setter

            Worthofbest Hotfix Rhinestone Setter, Applicator ToolKit, Hot Fixed Wand Bedazzler Kit, 4080Pcs, AB Crystal, Clear, 14 Colors, 7 Tips, 4 Gems Sizes, Tweezers, , Jewel Picker, Trays, Zip Bag

              This hotfix rhinestone applicator kit from Worthofbest is a great way to add some bling and sparkle to your crafts, clothes, and more. The kit includes everything you need to get started – a hotfix applicator wand, 4080 pieces of AB crystal and clear hotfix rhinestones in 14 colors and 4 sizes, 7 different applicator tips, tweezers, a jewel picker, trays, and a convenient zipper bag to keep it all organized.

              The applicator wand heats up quickly in just 2 minutes so you can start bedazzling right away. Simply place a rhinestone on your fabric, then press the heated wand on top for about 15 seconds. The heat melts the glue on the rhinestone so it adheres firmly. The different sized applicator tips let you easily pick up and apply rhinestones of varying sizes.

              With such a wide assortment of crystal rhinestones, you can create all kinds of dazzling designs on fabrics like clothing, purses, jeans, and more. The inclusion of both clear and colored stones gives you plenty of options. The comprehensive starter kit is beginner-friendly with everything neatly packed for easy portability and storage. Overall, it’s a great value bedazzler kit for crafters of all skill levels to add some sparkling embellishments.

              LAEON Hotfix Rhinestone Applicator

              Hotfix Rhinestone Applicator Tool, Hot Fixed Applicator Rhinestones Kit, Bedazzler Kit with Rhinestones for clothes, Bigger Gems Crystal Pen Setter, 15 Colors Rinestones Set,DIY for crafts

                Bedazzle and bling up your crafts and clothing with this complete hotfix rhinestone applicator kit from LAEON. It contains a hotfix applicator tool, storage box, 7 interchangeable tips, rhinestone pens, support stand, curved tweezers, and 2 boxes of colorful rhinestones.

                The applicator wand heats up in just 1-2 minutes with the easy on/off switch. Use the appropriate sized tip for picking up rhinestones based on their size. Firmly press the heated tip on the rhinestone for 6-8 seconds to melt the glue and adhere it to fabric.

                With 15 colors of rhinestones provided, you can get creative and make dazzling designs on fabrics like jeans, shirts, dresses, jackets and more. The sturdy storage case neatly organizes all the components while the illustrated manual makes it easy for beginners to get started. The tweezers help when working on intricate details.

                Overall, this is a versatile hotfix applicator kit that makes it fun and easy to decorate clothes, fabrics and other items with sparkling rhinestones. The assortment of accessories and helpful tools provided make it a great value for crafters.

                Worthofbest Bedazzler Kit

                Worthofbest Bedazzler Kit with Rhinestones and Rhinestone Glue, Hotfix Rhinestones Applicator, Glass Flatback Rhinestones Set for Crafts, Clothes, Tumblers, Shoes, Clothing and Fabric

                  This dual-purpose bedazzler kit from Worthofbest includes both a hotfix applicator and rhinestone glue so you can embellish all kinds of materials. Add sparkle to fabrics like clothing using the handy hotfix wand. For smooth surfaces like wood, plastic, or glass, use the rhinestone glue for a strong hold.

                  Everything you need is included – hotfix applicator, rhinestone glue pen, 1 box of 12 colored rhinestones, and accessories like tweezers, picker tool, and a storage pouch. The hotfix wand heats up quickly in 2 minutes so you can start decorating right away.

                  The exclusive rhinestone glue formula creates a strong bond on any material. The fine precision tip allows for precise glue application. With both hotfix and glue options, you can bedazzle and bling up all kinds of crafts, clothing, shoes, home decor items and more.

                  This beginner-friendly kit also includes a helpful instructional video to get you started. The compact zippered pouch keeps all the components neatly organized. Overall, it’s a versatile 2-in-1 bejeweling kit for embellishing fabric and non-fabric surfaces with beautiful rhinestones.

                  Worthofbest Bedazzler Kit

                  Worthofbest Bedazzler Kit with Rhinestones for Clothing, Hotfix Rhinestones Applicator, Hot Fix Tool, Bedazzling Kit, Bejeweled Kit for Blinging Fabric, Clothes, Wood, Cardstock and Soft Real Leather

                    This comprehensive bedazzler kit from Worthofbest is perfect for adding rhinestones and shine to clothing, fabrics, wood, cardstock, leather, and more. It comes packed with everything you need including a hotfix applicator, 5 boxes of colorful rhinestones, applicator tips, tweezers, picker tool, templates, glove, and an instruction manual all neatly organized in a sleek gift box.

                    The easy-to-use hotfix applicator heats up quickly so you can start embellishing your projects in no time. Simply place the rhinestones, then apply heat for about 15 seconds to adhere them. With 26 gorgeous colors and multiple sizes, you can create dazzling designs on jackets, jeans, purses, artwork, crafts, and so much more.

                    The inclusion of rhinestone templates, glove, and instruction manual make this kit very beginner-friendly. The durable hotfix applicator features added safety protection. This makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves arts, crafts, clothing embellishments and adding some extra sparkle. Everything is conveniently packed for easy storage and portability.

                    GeMagic Tool

                    GeMagic ... Add Sparkle to Almost Anything ... Create Eye-Popping Fashions in Just Seconds ... Includes GeMagic Tool, Portable MiniMagic, 300 Assorted Studs (rhinestones--imitation, gemstones--imitation & stars), idea book

                    GeMagic is a fun and easy tool for adding rhinestones, gems, and other studs to clothing, crafts, and more. This kit includes the GeMagic stud setting tool, a smaller portable MiniMagic tool, and 300 assorted shiny studs in various colors and designs.

                    To use, simply place a stud into the end of the tool and position it where desired. Push down firmly to secure the bezel setting into the fabric. The studs grip tightly so they won’t fall off with normal wear. The kit includes imitation rhinestones, gems, and star-shaped studs in different sizes.

                    The smaller MiniMagic tool is great for embellishing hard-to-reach spots like pockets. Everything is neatly organized in a handy storage case. With the included idea book, you can get creative bedazzling jackets, jeans, purses, accessories, artwork, and more. The tools are easy to use, making this a good beginner stud-setting kit for kids and adults.

                    Overall, GeMagic provides a simple solution for adding eye-catching shine and sparkle to clothing, crafts, scrapbooks, and other fabric items. The assorted stud shapes and colors allow you to make custom dazzling designs.

                    Best Bedazzler Machine Buying Guide

                    When shopping for a bedazzler, there are a few main factors to consider:

                    Type of Bedazzler

                    There are two main types of bedazzlers:

                    • Electric – These have an electric stylus that heats up to fuse rhinestones onto fabric. They allow you to work quickly.
                    • Manual – With manual models, you push the rhinestones into place using a handheld tool. They are more affordable but slower to use.

                    Electric bedazzlers are best if you plan to do a lot of projects. Manual ones are fine for occasional use.

                    Number of Attachments

                    Look for a machine with multiple attachments, like different sized styli, so you can add a variety of embellishments. The more versatility, the better.

                    Stone Capacity

                    Bedazzlers hold rhinestones and studs in a chamber or hopper. Check how many it can hold – bigger is better for larger projects.

                    Size Range of Rhinestones

                    Make sure the machine accommodates different rhinestone sizes for flexibility. Standard sizes range from 2mm up to 5mm.


                    Since bedazzlers are an investment, opt for one with a solid 1+ year warranty for peace of mind.

                    Frequently Asked Questions About Bedazzlers

                    Are bedazzlers hard to use?

                    Modern electric bedazzlers are designed to be easy and intuitive to use, even for beginners. Follow the included instructions, practice on scrap fabric, and you’ll get the hang of it quickly. Going slowly at first helps.

                    What fabrics can you use with a bedazzler?

                    Bedazzlers work on most fabrics except very thick or delicate materials. Good choices are cotton, linen, denim, canvas, and synthetics like polyester. Avoid heavyweight fabrics like leather.

                    How do you keep rhinestones on securely?

                    Follow any prep steps in the manual like using backing material. Let the rhinestones cool completely after fusing before moving the fabric. Over time a few stones may loosen, so check periodically and re-apply as needed.

                    Can you remove rhinestones and reuse them?

                    It’s very difficult to remove stones intact once fused on. It’s best to consider placement carefully and use fresh stones for each project. Buy rhinestone packs in bulk for the most savings.

                    How long does the bedazzler stylus last?

                    With proper care, the stylus should last for several years or many projects before needing replacement. Avoid excessive pressure and let it fully cool between uses to extend its lifespan.


                    Adding some extra sparkle to clothing, crafts, and more is easy with the right bedazzler machine. Look for one with versatility, ample stone capacity, and multiple attachments. Read reviews and compare warranties too. With a quality bedazzler that suits your needs, you can create eye-catching designs quickly.

                    Give bedazzling a try – it’s an enjoyable way to personalize your style! Start with small embellishments as you get comfortable with the bedazzling process. Remember to iron backing material and check stones periodically. Most importantly, embrace your creativity and have fun making your projects shine.

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