Best Butane Fuel 2023

Welcome to the world of butane fuel! Butane has been used as a fuel source for over 100 years, but many people are still unfamiliar with this versatile gas.

What is butane? Butane is a type of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) made up of four carbon atoms. It’s colorless, odorless, and highly flammable. When properly pressurized inside a container, butane turns into a liquid state that takes up less space, making it easy to transport and store.

How does butane work? Butane fuel systems utilize the liquid butane stored inside a pressurized canister. When you open the gas valve, the liquid butane expands into a gas and vaporizes as it’s released from the can. The butane gas is then ignited to produce a controllable flame for cooking, lighting, heating, etc.

Compared to other portable fuel options, butane offers some great advantages:

  • Clean burning – Butane burns cleanly without soot or odor
  • Easy to use – Self-contained canisters screw directly onto appliances
  • Convenient – Small, lightweight cans are easy to store and transport
  • Affordable – Relatively low cost per unit of heat energy
  • Versatile – Works for stoves, lanterns, heaters and other equipment
  • Reliable – Provides consistent pressurized gas flow in any weather

Now that you understand the basics, let’s take a deeper look at using butane fuel for your needs.

Zippo Butane Fuel

Zippo 3807 Butane Fuel, 75 ml Packaging May Vary

    Zippo Butane Fuel is a reliable and high-performing butane lighter refill. The 42 gram canister offers a reasonable amount of fuel at a fair price point compared to other brands, making it a good value butane refill option.

    The fuel works well for refilling a variety of butane lighters, including Zippo lighters, utility lighters, and candles. It provides a clean, robust flame thanks to its purified formula. The butane also results in less clogging of lighter valves over time.

    Refilling your butane lighter with Zippo Butane Fuel is simple. The canister has an easy to use nozzle that fits most lighter fill ports. The fuel flows smoothly without sputtering or spitting during the filling process.

    While the fuel capacity may be smaller than some competitor’s products, one 42 gram canister of Zippo Butane Fuel has the same amount of burn time as 20 disposable lighters. So it should last quite awhile between refills.

    Overall, Zippo Butane Fuel is a good choice if you’re looking for a moderately-priced butane refill that delivers reliable performance for your butane lighters and torches. The brand name provides added peace of mind as well.

    Gas One Gasone Butane 8 Pack

    Gas One Gasone Butane - Set of 8 - Fuel Canisters - 8 Cans

    The Gas One Gasone Butane 8 pack of fuel canisters offers excellent value for camp stove and portable burner users. You get 8 canisters containing 227 grams of butane fuel each, which is enough for several hours of usage per can.

    These canisters fit a variety of portable butane stoves and burners. Installation is simple – just insert the nozzle into the fuel port of your device. The fuel flows smoothly without leakage or sputtering.

    Each sturdy aluminum canister is compact and lightweight, making them highly portable for camping, hiking, and outdoor cooking. The cans seal automatically when detached from the stove so you won’t have to worry about fuel spilling in your pack.

    For those with power outages or emergency cooking needs, this multi-pack of Gas One butane fuel provides reliable and long-lasting off-grid cooking ability. Having spare canisters on hand gives peace of mind.

    In terms of value per canister, this 8 pack is very competitively priced compared to other brands. If you do a lot of camping or outdoor cooking with butane stoves, it’s a great bulk fuel purchase that will save you money over single canister options.

    GasOne Butane Fuel Canister 12 Pack

    GasOne Butane Fuel Canister (12 Pack)

      The GasOne Butane Fuel 12 pack contains 12 canisters with 8 ounces of clean-burning butane fuel each. That’s 96 ounces total, providing hours of burn time across all the cans.

      These canisters are specially designed for camping stoves, portable heaters, lanterns and other butane-powered gear. The nozzle shape provides a precise, tight fit into your device’s fuel port for leak-free transfer of fuel.

      Each UL-listed aluminum canister is rugged and designed to automatically reseal when detached from your stove or appliance. This prevents any fuel leakage in storage or transport.

      For campers and outdoor enthusiasts, this 12 pack means always having spare fuel on hand for meals and hot drinks. The cans are small and lightweight enough to stash in your pack without adding much bulk.

      Compared to other major butane brands, GasOne fuel represents excellent value for money based on the total fuel quantity in each canister pack. So if you need fuel for an outdoor excursion or emergency situation, this is an affordable way to stock up.

      PEAKS COMFORTS Butane Fuel

      PEAKS COMFORTS Butane Fuel, Butane Refill for Kicthen Torch, 150 ml

        PEAKS COMFORTS Butane Fuel is a reliable and affordably priced butane refill suitable for kitchen torches, lighters, and small butane appliances. Each 150 ml canister contains premium purified butane to keep your devices performing optimally.

        The nozzle design makes it easy to transfer fuel into your torch or lighter without leakage or sputtering. The enhanced precision helps prevent wasted fuel.

        While one 150 ml canister may not last extremely long depending on your usage, the low price per canister makes this an inexpensive way to keep your butane devices ready to go. The compact size also allows stowing several spare canisters in a drawer or cabinet.

        If you’re looking for a quality butane refill for short-term touchups or infrequent use, PEAKS COMFORTS fuel gets the job done. It provides good value for casual users who only need small amounts of fuel at a time for their torches, lighters, or mini stoves.

        While the canisters may not be as large as some competitor’s, the fuel purity ensures optimal performance in your device. So consider this butane for occasional or backup use rather than heavy duty applications requiring large fuel capacity.

        GasOne Butane Fuel Canister 4 Pack

        GasOne Butane Fuel Canister, 4 Pack (New Version)

          The GasOne Butane Fuel 4 pack provides a solid fuel supply for portable camp stoves, lanterns, and other butane gear. You get 4 cans each containing 8 ounces of clean-burning fuel, totaling 32 ounces.

          These rugged aluminum canisters are designed for leak-free operation. The nozzle shape locks securely into your device’s fuel inlet valve when filling. An internal seal automatically activates when removing the canister to prevent spills or evaporation.

          Compared to other major brands, GasOne butane represents excellent value based on the total fuel quantity per pack. So for campers and preppers alike, this 4 pack lets you stock up on backup fuel affordably.

          Runtime per canister will vary based on your stove and usage, but estimates range from 2 to 8 hours. The cans are compact and lightweight for packing in your bug out bag or camp supplies.

          For reliable performance across a variety of butane appliances, GasOne fuel is a smart choice. The 4 pack format gives you peace of mind knowing you’ve got spare fuel on hand for outdoor cooking and emergency situations where non-electric heat and power are essential.

          Zippo Butane Fuel 3 Pack

          Zippo Butane Fuel, 42 Gram Packaging May Vary. - 3 Pack

          The Zippo Butane Fuel 3-pack provides reliable, high-quality fuel to keep your candle lighters, flex neck lighters, and outdoor utility lighters working properly. The 42 gram cans are lightweight and portable, perfect for refilling your lighters whether at home, outdoors, or on the go.

          The butane fuel ignites cleanly without any odor, providing a consistent flame. It’s manufactured to high standards, ensuring it won’t clog the valves or affect the flame height of your lighter. The nozzle design makes it easy to dispense into most lighter refill valves with a firm yet controlled flow.

          After filling, wait the recommended couple minutes before attempting to ignite, allowing the butane to stabilize within the lighter’s reservoir. Take care to avoid overfilling, which can cause sputtering. Take note that the included cans may differ somewhat in packaging compared to the product image, but the quality Zippo butane inside remains the same.

          With Zippo’s decades of lighter manufacturing expertise, you can trust their butane fuel to be reliable and get the job done. The 3-pack offers great value, keeping your supply stocked. Refilling your lighters regularly with Zippo butane will help keep them performing at their best for many years of enjoyable use.

          Zippo Butane Fuel 6 Oz. 1-Pack

          Zippo Butane Fuel | 5.82 Oz | 165 Grams | 1-Pack

            The Zippo Butane Fuel 5.82 ounce can provides plenty of long-lasting, high-performance fuel to keep your candle lighters, flex neck lighters, outdoor utility lighters, and other butane-fueled devices working flawlessly. With 165 grams of pure, clean-burning butane, you’ll enjoy hours of reliable service from your lighters and torches.

            The angled nozzle makes it simple to fill any standard butane lighter or torch. The fuel flows smoothly and consistently, without messy dripping or leakage. Zippo butane is specially formulated not to clog valves or affect flame height.

            Once filled, give the butane a minute or two to stabilize before igniting. The sturdy metal canister stands up well for convenient storage when not in use. The 5.82 ounce size means you get substantially more fuel per can compared to smaller 2-3 ounce cans, keeping your lighter fueled up for longer between refills.

            For over 80 years, Zippo has been trusted for quality American-made lighters and accessories. With the Zippo brand butane fuel, you can continue enjoying flawless performance from your butane lighters and torches for years to come.

            Ronson Multi-Fill Ultra Butane Fuel

            12 Butane Fuel GasOne Canisters for Portable Camping Stoves

              Ronson Multi-Fill Ultra Butane Fuel provides 2.75 ounces of pure, clean-burning butane fuel perfect for filling and refueling candle lighters, flex neck lighters, outdoor utility lighters, butane torches, and more. The angled nozzle design fills smoothly and cleanly into standard butane lighter valves.

              Once filled, give the butane a minute or two to stabilize within the lighter reservoir before attempting to ignite. Ronson butane is specially purified and filtered to prevent clogging of burner valves which could affect the flame. This ensures a robust, consistent flame height every time you use your lighter.

              The compact 2.75 ounce can is lightweight and portable, easily fitting into packs or pockets for refilling lighters anywhere. Ronson has been trusted for quality lighters and accessories for over 100 years, so you can trust their butane fuel to keep your lighters performing reliably.

              While butane lighters and torches require occasional refilling, a single 2.75 ounce can of Ronson butane provides hours of use. Refilling your lighter before it runs empty helps maintain the lighter’s optimum performance and lifetime. Keeping a can or two of Ronson butane fuel on hand ensures you’ll always be ready to quickly refill and get back to enjoying your lighter.

              GasOne Butane Fuel Canister 4 Pack

              GasOne Butane Fuel Canister (4pack)

                The GasOne Butane Fuel 4-pack provides reliable, high-performance liquefied petroleum gas fuel for camping stoves, lanterns, and other outdoor gear. Each 8 ounce can contains enough quality butane for approximately 2-8 hours of burner time depending on your stove model and cooking usage.

                The lightweight aluminum canisters are compact and portable, easily fitting into packs and storage. They’re designed for mess-free no-spill filling of 1-lb disposable propane-butane cylinder appliances. The GasOne butane fuel ignites cleanly and burns evenly, delivering efficient cooking performance.

                For best results, disconnect the fuel canister from your stove after each use, allowing the fuel to automatically re-seal. This prevents wasteful evaporation or leakage between uses. Monitor your flame during cooking, and replace the fuel canister once the flame starts dropping on high settings, indicating the canister is nearly empty.

                With 4 cans per pack, you’ll have plenty of spare fuel for multi-day camping trips and outdoor adventures. GasOne butane offers reliable performance and convenience for powering your camping cooking gear, lanterns, and more. The quality fuel ensures you’ll keep enjoying great cooked meals at your campsite for hours on end.

                GasOne Canisters for Portable Camping Stoves

                12 Butane Fuel GasOne Canisters for Portable Camping Stoves

                  With 12 sealed 8-ounce butane fuel canisters, this GasOne package provides plenty of gas for powering portable camping stoves, lanterns, and other butane-fueled gear. The handy 8-ounce size offers a good balance of compact portability along with hours of burner time.

                  The high-purity butane fuel burns cleanly and evenly, delivering consistent cooking performance. The precise nozzle design allows smooth, drip-free filling of standard backpacking stove fuel valves. Each sealed canister automatically re-seals when removed from your stove, preventing wasteful evaporative loss of unused fuel.

                  Monitoring your stove’s flame height provides a good indication of fuel level. Replace the canister once the flame starts dropping significantly on high settings, signaling the canister is nearly spent. With 12 cans per package, you’ll have plenty of spares for extended camping trips or emergencies without needing to find fuel sources along the way.

                  Trust GasOne butane fuel canisters to deliver reliable, high-quality fuel for powering your portable stoves, lanterns, and other outdoor gear. The 12-pack offers great value for keeping your camp cooking fueled up trip after trip. The butane’s efficient burn ensures you’ll keep enjoying great cooked campsite meals morning, noon, and night.

                  Butane Fuel Buying Guide

                  Ready to choose your first butane fuel setup or restock your supply? Here is a handy buying guide covering the key steps:

                  Step 1: Choose Your Appliance

                  Butane fuel powers a wide range of camping, boating, and household appliances:

                  • Portable stoves
                  • Lanterns
                  • Catalytic heaters
                  • Soldering irons
                  • Fondue pots
                  • Infuser burners
                  • And more!

                  Consider which butane-powered appliances match your needs. Double check that any appliance you choose is certified for use with butane fuel.

                  Step 2: Pick Your Canister Type

                  There are three main canister types to choose from:

                  • Disposable canisters – Affordable one-time use cans. Common sizes range from 2 oz up to 16 oz.
                  • Refillable canisters – Pricier but allow you to reuse the canister indefinitely. Come in around 11-12 oz sizes.
                  • Bulk storage tanks – Large fixed tanks to refill smaller cylinders. Available in 5-20 lb capacities.

                  Disposable cans offer the most convenience for occasional use. Refillable canisters or bulk tanks can provide big savings with frequent use over time.

                  Step 3: Select Fuel Grade

                  Butane blend gases are broken into two grades:

                  • Pure butane – Works adequately at temperatures above 40°F.
                  • Butane/propane mix – Provides better performance down to 10-15°F.

                  If you plan to use butane fuel year-round or in cold weather, go for a mix. Pure butane is fine for warm weather use.

                  Step 4: Choose Valve Type

                  The valvestem on your butane cylinder affects appliance compatibility:

                  • Lindal Valve – Common in the US. Used on most stoves.
                  • Rotary Valve – Seen on European/Asian cans. Won’t fit US stoves.
                  • Camping Gaz Valve – Special slim design. For Camping Gaz appliances only.

                  Verify which valve type your appliance needs before purchasing fuel. Lindal valves are the most universal.

                  Step 5: Check Package Date

                  Butane has a shelf life around 5-10 years when stored properly, but the canister may lose pressure over time. Inspect the packaging date and only buy cans packaged in the last 2-3 years if possible.

                  Step 6: Buy From Reputable Sources

                  Shop at major retailers like camping stores, hardware stores, or online shops known for quality fuels. Avoid unlabeled cans or garage sales for safety.

                  That covers the key points to choose the right butane fuel setup for your needs! Read on for answers to common questions.

                  Butane Fuel FAQ

                  Q: How long does a butane canister last?

                  A: Burn time varies based on canister size, fuel consumption rate, and ambient temperature. A small 7.75 oz canister may provide 4-7 hours of stove runtime. Larger 14 oz cans around 10-15 hours. Refillable tanks provide the longest runtime.

                  Q: Can you refill disposable butane canisters?

                  A: No, disposable cans are designed for one-time use only and cannot be refilled safely due to pressure differences. Only use officially approved refillable canisters.

                  Q: What temperature is butane fuel good for?

                  A: Pure butane maintains good performance down to 40°F. Butane/propane mixes can operate in temperatures as low as 10-15°F. Special winter fuel blends extend this down to -15°F.

                  Q: How should I store butane canisters?

                  A: Store upright in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Do not store in hot vehicles. Avoid prolonging storage at temperatures over 120°F.

                  Q: Is it safe to fly with butane canisters?

                  A: Butane is prohibited on commercial flights due to flammability. Ground transport or shipping cans is recommended. Check regulations for private pilots.

                  Q: Can butane be used indoors?

                  A: Butane stoves are safe for temporary indoor use ONLY in areas with ample ventilation. Butane consumes oxygen and produces carbon monoxide so prolonged indoor use can be hazardous.

                  Q: What’s the difference between butane and propane?

                  A: Butane and propane are both types of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with slightly different properties. Butane has a lower pressure rating and performs better at moderate temperatures compared to propane.

                  Q: Is butane fuel sustainable or renewable?

                  A: No, butane is a byproduct of fossil fuel refining (natural gas and crude oil). While not renewable, butane is much cleaner than directly burning these fossil fuels.


                  Butane’s lightweight portability, affordability, and clean-burning flame make it a versatile fuel option for many applications. Following this buying guide will ensure you select the right setup.

                  With proper handling butane is generally safe, though some basic precautions apply:

                  • Use appliances in well-ventilated areas and follow manufacturer guidelines.
                  • Keep away from open flames or sparks when connecting and disconnecting canisters.
                  • Store canisters upright, away from heat sources, out of direct sunlight.
                  • Discard damaged or rusted containers.
                  • Never use makeshift or uncertified appliances/accessories.

                  Butane likely won’t fully replace other fuels, but will continue serving specialized roles for convenient portable heat and power. Under the right conditions, butane offers reliable performance and simplicity.

                  Hopefully this guide gave you all the details needed to choose the optimal butane fuel solution. Stay safe as you enjoy the benefits of butane! Let me know if you have any other butane or fuel-related questions.


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