Best Car Doorsteps 2023

Welcome to our guide on choosing the best car doorstep! Getting in and out of your car comfortably is important, and a car doorstep can make a big difference. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to pick the ideal car doorstep for your needs. We’ll cover what to look for when shopping, factors to consider, and provide recommendations on the best car doorsteps in a variety of categories. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, maximum durability, or want a doorstep that doubles as storage, we’ve got you covered.

The Perfect Roof Access Step

Rightline Gear Moki Car Door Step for Car Roof Access As Seen On Shark Tank, 8.75 by 3 by 5.25 Inch

    Looking for an easy way to reach your vehicle’s roof? The Rightline Gear Moki Door Step is the perfect solution. This innovative car door step provides a sturdy platform to stand on, allowing you to comfortably access the roof to load cargo, strap down gear, or even wash the roof.

    The wide step design gives you room to get both feet up, keeping you stable and balanced. The 400 pound weight capacity also means it can hold heavier loads with ease. Once you’re done using it, the compact size conveniently folds up so you can store it in your console or glove box.

    The rubber bumper protects your vehicle’s paint, and the coated metal hook securely latches onto the door frame without scratching it. Reviewers love how sturdy and stable it feels, even for taller or heavier users. No more struggling with ladders or stools to reach your rooftop. For quick and easy access, the Rightline Gear Moki is an excellent investment.

    A Universal, Adjustable Car Step

    TOOENJOY Universal Fit Car Door Step, Foldable Roof Rack Door Step Up on Door Latch, Both Feet Stand Pedal Ladder, Easy Access to Rooftop for Most Car, SUV, Truck, Max Load 400 lbs (Grey)

      If you need an extra boost to reach your vehicle’s roof, check out the TOOENJOY Universal Fit Car Door Step. This adjustable step conveniently hooks onto your door latch and provides a stable platform to stand on.

      What makes this car step so versatile is the adjustable angles. You can tweak the position to adapt the step to fit the slope of your door frames perfectly. This ensures the foot platform remains completely level. The step works universally on most vehicles, for both front and rear doors.

      The non-slip surface and 400 pound capacity give you a sturdy, secure foothold. It’s constructed from durable aluminum to hold weight while still being lightweight. When not in use, the step folds up into a compact size to tuck away in your glove compartment.

      Reviewers love having this portable step on hand for easy roof access whenever they need it. No more fumbling with tricky ladders. The TOOENJOY step simplifies loading up top, strapping on gear, or washing the roof. For a convenient, adjustable solution, it’s hard to beat this well-designed car step.

      A Sturdy, Anti-Slip Roof Access Step

      Eueco Foldable Car Door Step, Universal Fit Car Door Step, Roof Rack Door Step Up On Door Latch, Supports Both Feet, Easy Access to Rooftop for Most Car, SUV, Truck (Orange).

        Loading bulky gear onto your roof rack can be a hassle, especially if your vehicle is tall. The Eueco Foldable Car Door Step makes the process much easier. This smart step conveniently hooks onto your door latch, providing a sturdy platform to stand on for roof access.

        The larger foot platform gives you room for both feet, while the triangular grips ensure your shoes won’t slip. Even with muddy boots, you’ll have a stable, secure foothold. The step is universally compatible with most vehicles and adjustable to fit different door angles.

        Constructed from durable, aircraft-grade aluminum, this lightweight step holds up to 400 pounds yet weighs only 2 pounds. When not needed, it folds into a compact size to tuck away in your glove box or trunk.

        If you’re tired of struggling with ladders to reach your roof rack, the Eueco door step is the solution. Reviewers love how stable, sturdy, and easy to install it is. For safe and simple roof access, add this convenient step to your gear bag.

        A Compact Door Step with Hammer Function

        Black Folding Car Door Latch Hook Step Mini Foot Pedal Roof Ladder Universal Fits Most Cars/SUV/Trucks

          For a tiny car step that packs some extra utility, check out the RILAPP Folding Car Door Latch Hook Step. This clever hook conveniently attaches to your door frame to provide a foothold for roof access. But unfolded, it also doubles as a safety hammer for breaking glass in emergencies.

          The versatility makes this mini step and hammer combo a great addition for your emergency kit or glove box. Weighing under a pound, it tucks away into a super compact size. The roomy foot platform also accommodates all foot sizes, with a 500 pound weight capacity.

          When you need to load up your roof rack, this little step securley hooks on and provides a stable standing platform. The smart design requires no installation or drilling into your vehicle. Just hook the step over your door latch and climb aboard.

          For a convenient, multi-use car step that takes up barely any space, the RILAPP hook step is a smart buy. Stay prepared for emergencies and enjoy easier roof access with this tiny but handy step.

          A Wide, Adjustable Step For All Door Slopes

          TOOENJOY 5 Angles Universal Car Door Step Door Latch Hook, Foldable Stand Pedal Step Up Easy Access Car Roof, Alloy Steel & Rubber Hold up to 400LBS

            If you drive an SUV or truck, loading up your roof cargo area can be a challenge. The TOOENJOY 5 Angles Car Door Step provides the perfect solution. This adjustable step easily hooks onto your door latch to give you roof access.

            What sets this step apart is the 5 position ratchet system that lets you customize the angle. This ensures it fits the slope of any door frame so the step itself remains completely level. No more awkward tilting steps!

            The step locks securely into place with sturdy bidirectional force and thick rubber buffers prevent vehicle damage. The large foot platform accommodates both feet to keep you steady. It also has anti-slip surfaces for extra stability.

            Made from lightweight but strong aluminum, this handy step holds up to 400 pounds but folds away into a portable size. If you’re tired of wobbly ladders for roof access, upgrade to this adjustable, heavy-duty step for all your overlanding adventures.

            Maximize Cargo Space with Ease

            THD Car Multi-Functional Latch Door Step Overlanding Gear - Rack Car Awning Accessories - Easy Roof Access Compact and Foldable Fits in All Kind of Vehicle (Black)

              This multipurpose car door step is the ultimate accessory to maximize your cargo space with ease. Boldly designed with durability and convenience in mind, this car step makes accessing your rooftop a breeze.

              The slip-resistant surface provides a sturdy grip, so you can confidently load up bulky gear. It easily supports up to 400 pounds – more than enough for you and your equipment.

              Setting it up takes seconds. Simply hook it onto your door latch and find the perfect adjustable angle. The protective backing prevents any damage to your vehicle’s paint.

              When not in use, it folds into a compact size for tidy storage. So small, you can tuck it away in your glove compartment.

              Stop struggling and get the full use of your cargo space. This car door step eliminates the hassle of loading rooftop gear. Experience the convenience of quick and easy rooftop access.

              Reach New Heights to Your Rooftop

              TOOENJOY 5 Gears Universal Car Door Step Door Latch Hook, Foldable Stand Pedal Step Up Easy Access Car Roof, 400LBS

                As an outdoor enthusiast, accessing your rooftop cargo area shouldn’t be a chore. This ingenious car door step eliminates the hassle and danger of climbing on tires or chairs. Its thoughtful design provides a sturdy and safe platform to transport bulky gear with ease.

                The premium steel construction can hold up to 400 pounds while the slip-resistant surface keeps your footing secure. Loading kayaks, mountain bikes, and cargo boxes becomes almost effortless.

                Its adjustable angles allow a custom fit for your vehicle. Easily find the perfect position that keeps the step completely level. The integrated protective cushion prevents any scratches or damage to your vehicle’s door latch and frame.

                When you’re done, it folds flat for tidy storage in the included bag. Free up interior space and keep your car organized.

                Stop struggling every time you need roof access. This universal car step offers security and stability for all your outdoor adventures.

                Convenient Cargo Access Made Portable

                RISTOW Upgraded Car Door Step Adjustable Extended Roof Rack Stand Pedal Foldable Ladder Max Load 400 lbs with Storage Bag and Cleaning Cloth Universal Fit for Most Car, SUV, Truck

                  Tired of lugging around cumbersome ladders and stools just to load up your roof rack? This ingenious car door step provides a convenient solution that you can take anywhere.

                  The durable metal construction can handle loads up to 400 pounds while still folding up into a compact size. Stash it in your door side pocket or glove box for on-the-go convenience.

                  It secures firmly onto your door latch and has 11 adjustable angles to match your vehicle’s shape. Find the perfect level position for optimal stability when loading cargo boxes, bikes, kayaks, and more.

                  The non-slip platform gives you ample room for both feet and a stable stance. Feel safe reaching that distant rooftop cargo bag.

                  Forget about struggling with unwieldy ladders. This portable car step simplifies rooftop access so you can enjoy your adventures. Take convenience wherever you go.

                  Sturdy Step Up to New Heights

                  WARMQ Extra Long Foldable Car Door Step Roof Rack Door Step Universal Fit for Most Car, SUV, Track, Max Load 400 lbs (Dark Gray)

                    As an outdoor enthusiast, you need hassle-free access to your rooftop cargo space. Skip the awkward climbing and choose convenience with this brilliantly designed car door step.

                    The extra-long platform gives both feet a stable stance, so you can confidently load up bulky gear. It securely supports up to 400 pounds on its durable steel frame.

                    An adjustable multi-angle gear system provides a customized fit for your vehicle’s shape. Effortlessly find the optimal level position every time.

                    The integrated anti-slip surface keeps your footing grounded when loading kayaks, cargo boxes, bikes, and more. Enjoy peace of mind on this sturdy step up.

                    Stop struggling every time you need rooftop access. Choose smart innovation and enjoy adventures with ease.

                    All-Terrain Rooftop Access

                    COWVIE Foldable Car Door Step Stand Pedal - Access to Vehicle's Top Roof Both Feet Stand Pedal Ladder for Most SUV Truck Jeep Orange (Fit F150)

                      Loading up your rooftop cargo area doesn’t have to be a chore with this brilliantly engineered car door step. Specially designed to tackle any terrain, it provides a sturdy solution for bulky gear transportation.

                      The ultra-wide platform gives both feet a stable stance while its durable steel frame can handle loads up to 400 pounds. Step up with confidence, even with heavy cargo in tow.

                      An adjustable dual-directional hook system and rotating protective bumper ensure a custom fit on any vehicle. Loading and unloading your roof rack becomes almost effortless.

                      When finished, it folds flat for tidy storage in your trunk or glove box. Free up interior space and keep your ride organized.

                      With its all-terrain stability and security, rooftop access is a breeze. Experience durable innovation that’s built to empower your outdoor adventures.

                      Car Doorstep Buying Guide

                      What is a Car Doorstep and Why Do You Need One?

                      A car doorstep is a device that attaches to the underside of your car door to give you a step up when entering or exiting the vehicle. They provide the extra lift needed to get in and out comfortably, reducing strain on your joints.

                      There are a few key reasons why installing a car doorstep can be beneficial:

                      • Easier entry/exit: Doorsteps give you an intermediate step between the ground and your car’s floor that makes getting in and out simpler. This is especially helpful for seniors or those with mobility issues.
                      • Reduce strain: Stepping up into a car can strain joints like your hips, knees, and ankles. A doorstep eases this pressure.
                      • Avoid falls: Doorsteps improve stability when entering/exiting, reducing the risk of falls or injuries.
                      • Higher clearance: SUVs and trucks sit higher off the ground, making a doorstep a must for comfortably getting in and out.
                      • Maintain independence: Doorsteps allow you to drive safely for longer by enabling easy entry/exit as your mobility decreases with age.

                      So in short, adding a car doorstep is an easy way to improve the experience of using your vehicle and allow you to drive comfortably and safely for longer.

                      Key Features to Look For

                      When shopping for a car doorstep, there are a few key features to keep in mind:

                      • Material: Most quality doorsteps are either metal or hard plastic. These provide durability and the strength to support your weight. Avoid foam steps.
                      • Grip tread: Look for deep, rugged tread or grooves that give traction and prevent slips in wet weather.
                      • Wide step area: A step at least 4 inches wide gives you plenty of space to place your whole foot.
                      • UV/rust protection: For metal steps, a powder coated or stainless steel finish prevents rust. Plastic steps should be UV-resistant.
                      • Adjustment range: The step should have enough height adjustability to work for your vehicle.
                      • Easy installation: Quality steps come with all mounting hardware needed for DIY install and require no drilling into your vehicle.
                      • Lighted options: Some steps have built-in LED lights that illuminate the step area at night for improved visibility and safety.

                      Important Factors to Consider

                      Here are some important considerations as you shop for the ideal car doorstep:

                      Vehicle Type

                      • The type and height of your vehicle impacts the dimensions you’ll need for proper fit. Measure the underside of your doors to get the perfect sized step.
                      • Pay special attention to ground clearance – higher vehicles like trucks and SUVs need longer steps.

                      Weight Capacity

                      • Check your step’s weight rating and make sure it can handle your own weight, plus any items you carry. Look for at least 300lb capacity.

                      Climate Conditions

                      • In snowy climates, look for non-slip tread and drainage holes so the step doesn’t fill with slush.
                      • For very hot regions, metal steps can get overly hot. Consider plastic.

                      Nighttime Use

                      • If you frequently enter/exit in the dark, get a lighted doorstep for visibility. Or get a step with reflective tape for extra safety.

                      Physical Ability

                      • If mobility is a major concern, opt for a step with handrails for extra stability and easier entry/exit.
                      • Measure the step height when installed and make sure it works for your needs.

                      By taking into account all these factors, you can select the perfect car doorstep to conveniently and safely get in and out of your vehicle.

                      4 Best Car Doorsteps

                      Now let’s take a look at 4 of the top-rated and most recommended car doorsteps currently available:

                      1. Stalwart Portable Lighted Car Step

                      • Features bright LED lights to illuminate step
                      • Made of heavy-duty steel with weather-resistant coating
                      • Includes suction cups and straps for multiple mounting options
                      • Supports up to 300lbs with 19.5″ step height

                      The Stalwart Portable Lighted Car Step is one of the best overall choices thanks to its versatility, durability, and bright built-in lighting. It’s an excellent option for ANY vehicle type.

                      2. Bully BBS-1101 Universal Truck Side Step

                      • Extra-long 11″ polypropylene step
                      • Perfect for lifted trucks and SUVs
                      • Skid-resistant tread provides plenty of grip
                      • Rated for 500lb maximum capacity

                      For drivers of high ground clearance trucks or SUVs, the Bully BBS-1101 is ideal. Its lengthy step and robust build make entry and exit simple even at extreme truck heights.

                      3. APS iStep XL Oversized Heavy Duty Step

                      • Made of reinforced resin plastic for ALL weather use
                      • Extra-large step area (5.5 inches x 8 inches)
                      • Adjustable height from 12″ to 16.5”
                      • Easy installation with no drilling required

                      The APS iStep XL is the best rugged oversized car doorstep available. With its huge step space and all-weather/corrosion-proof resin build, it’s great for oversized vehicles and harsh conditions.

                      4. TAC Side Steps (2-piece)

                      • 300lb weight capacity per step
                      • Abrasion-resistant molded plastic steps
                      • Universal fit for most car doors
                      • Integrated storage compartments in each step

                      For those needing compact storage, the TAC Side Steps allow you to safely enter your vehicle while keeping essentials within reach. The clever built-in compartments make them one of the most convenient car doorsteps.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      How Do You Install a Car Doorstep?

                      Installing a doorstep is straightforward and most include complete hardware kits. Use the adjustable straps or suction cups to secure the step firmly into place on the underside of your doors. The step height can be dialed into the ideal position. Total install time is under 30 minutes per step with no tools required!

                      Where Can I Buy Car Doorsteps?

                      Car doorsteps can be found at most auto parts stores, online retailers like Amazon, big box stores such as Walmart, and directly from manufacturers online. Shopping online will give you the widest selection of doorstep types and makes it easy to compare ratings and reviews.

                      Are Car Doorsteps Universal Fit?

                      Most car doorsteps are designed to universally fit most car makes and models. However, always check the step dimensions against your own doors to ensure proper sizing. Steps made specifically for trucks tend to only fit those vehicles.

                      How Much Weight Can Doorsteps Support?

                      Quality car doorsteps have a weight capacity of 300 to 500 pounds. Make sure to check the rated capacity of any step you purchase and do not exceed the recommended weight limit. Exceeding the limit could cause the step to fail or detach.

                      Should I Get 1 or 2 Car Doorsteps?

                      Most people opt to install a step on each side of their vehicle – one for the driver’s door and one for the passenger’s. This allows easy access into or out of either side. However, to save money initially, you can start with a single step on the driver’s side only.


                      We hope this guide has helped demystify shopping for the best car doorstep for your needs. Adding an easy-to-install doorstep can make a huge improvement in your ability to comfortably and safely get in and out of any vehicle – especially as you age.

                      Be sure to consider important factors like your vehicle type, climate, physical abilities and more when selecting the ideal doorstep. And with great options like the lighted Stalwart Portable Step, heavy-duty Bully BBS-1101, and oversized APS iStep XL, you’re sure to find the perfect model to make entry and exit easier.

                      Safe travels! Add a car doorstep to your vehicle and keep enjoying the freedom of driving for many years to come.


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