Best Cat Tents 2023

Welcome to our guide on finding the purrfect cat tent! Getting an enclosed tent designed just for your feline friend is a great way to give kitty a cozy retreat and safe outdoor experience. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about cat tents – from deciding if your cat would enjoy one to picking the best style and features for their needs. Whether you want a portable tent for travel and adventures or a permanent backyard hangout, our tips will help you and your cat relax in style. Let’s dive in to the wonderful world of cat tents!

Fast Setup Outdoor Cat Playpen

Cat Tent Outdoor, Pet Enclosure Tent Suitable for Cats and Small Animals, Indoor Playpen Portable Exercise Tent with Carry Bag(Dark Green)

    This spacious outdoor cat playpen makes it easy to let your feline enjoy some fresh air without worrying about them wandering off. The generous interior provides ample room for your cat to play and lounge comfortably. It’s a cinch to set up the pop-up tent in just seconds – simply unfold and you’re ready to go. The zippered mesh walls keep your kitty safely contained while allowing for good airflow. When playtime is over, the lightweight design collapses down for convenient storage and portability. The included carrying case is perfect for taking it along on camping trips or picnics in the park with your pet. Give your indoor cat a taste of the great outdoors in a secure enclosure.

    Kitty Fun Play Tunnel

    LUCKITTY Outdoor Rainbow Cat Enclosures Playground,Outside House for Indoor Cats Include Portable Cat Tent, Circle Cat Tunnel, for Cats, Kitty and Small Animals,Within Storage Bag

      Let your cat explore their curious nature with this expansive cat play tunnel. The long, circular design encourages interactive play as your feline friend runs through chasing toys or just burning off energy. The mesh material makes it easy to monitor kitty during playtime and provides good ventilation. Connect multiple tunnels together to build an elaborate maze that provides hours of entertainment. When playtime is over, the collapsible tunnels fold down quickly for easy storage. The handy carrying bag makes this tunnel super portable for travel or setting up outside. Your cats will delight in hiding, jumping and crawling through this engaging tunnel. Unleash your cat’s playful side with this tunnel that facilitates active fun.

      Cozy Pet Tent for Lounging

      Furhaven Pop Up Playpen Pet Tent Playground - Gray, Extra Large

        Give your furry friend a shaded oasis for lounging with this well-ventilated pet tent. The spacious interior provides enough room for small dogs or cats to relax and play. The adjustable top panel can be opened to allow more air circulation on hot days. The ample mesh windows deliver a 360-degree view of the surroundings so anxious pets can see what’s going on around them. When it’s time to hit the road, this tent pops up and folds down quickly for fuss-free portability. Use the included stakes to secure it at the campsite or park. The comfy interior floor gives pets a soft spot to unwind. Let your dog or cat kick back in this breezy lounge tent for pets.

        Convenient Cat House for Outdoors

        Fooubaby Cat Tent Pop Up House Outside Pet Enclosure Indoor Playpen Portable for Cats Small Dogs in Deck, Yard, Patio, Park, Camping, Travel Outdoor Summer (Black Net and Blue Edge)

          This clever pop-up cat tent makes it easy to give your indoor kitty a taste of the outdoors in a secure setting. The mesh walls provide a clear view outside while keeping your cat safely contained. The spacious interior gives your feline room to move around and play. When your cat is ready to come inside, the wide zippered door allows for easy access in and out. The lightweight tent folds down quickly when playtime is over for compact storage. The bottom fabric can be easily wiped clean after use. Take this convenient tent along to the park or camping to provide your cat safe outdoor time. Let your indoor cat enjoy the sights and sounds of nature from the safety of this tent.

          Interactive Fun Cat Tunnel Set

          INTURN Cat Furniture Tent for Indoor and Outdoor Playpen Portable Cat Tunnels, Outdoor Kennel (2 Cube + Tunnel)

            Unleash your cat’s playful side with this engaging cat tunnel set. The pop-up cube tent provides a perfect spot for resting or keeping an eye on the action. Attach the circular tunnels to create an elaborate maze for kitties to explore. The see-through mesh material lets you monitor the fun while providing ventilation. Cats can crawl, pounce and hide as they burn off energy in the tunnels. When playtime is over, the set folds down quickly for storage thanks to the collapsible design. The convenient carrying case makes this tunnel kit easy to take on the go. Give your curious cats hours of entertainment with this interactive tunnel set.

            Versatile Outdoor Cat Playpen

            SENCONE Portable Pet Playpen, Dog Playpen Foldable Pet Exercise Pen Tents Dog House Playground for Puppy Dog/Cat Indoor Outdoor Travel Camping Use

              Looking for a safe way to let your indoor cats enjoy the great outdoors? This portable cat playpen is the purrfect solution. The breathable mesh material keeps bugs out while letting your kitties feel the fresh air. The ample space accommodates multiple cats, and you can add toys, treats, and a litter box to maximize playtime. When not in use, it folds down easily into a compact carrying case. Take it camping or to a friend’s backyard barbecue – the pop-up design makes setup a breeze. Your cats will love their new outdoor oasis!

              Spacious Cat Enclosure for the Patio

              Outback Jack Catio Outdoor Cat Enclosure, (Kitty Katio) for Indoor Cat or Multiple Cats - Portable Cat Tent, Outdoor Cat Tent Play Tent for Cat, Outdoor Cat Catio, Outside Cat Enclosure, Cat House

                Treat your indoor cats to sunny patio adventures in this roomy cat enclosure. The sturdy mesh walls give curious kitties 360° views of twittering birds and fluttering leaves while keeping them safely contained. Three tiers provide ample space for multiple cats to lounge, play, and doze. Just open the top and let your felines explore their new outdoor kingdom. When playtime is over, the lightweight tent folds down in seconds for compact storage. Keep your cats happy, healthy, and entertained for hours with this purrfect patio playpen.

                Cozy Hideaway Cube for Cats

                PAWISE Cat Toys Cat Portable Cat Cube Pop Up Collapsible Kitten Indoor Outdoor Toys Pet Foldable Breathable Pet Tent Bed Kitten Puppy House Playing Toy (Color Random)

                  Looking for a new napping nook for your feline friend? This pop-up cat cube offers a cozy hideaway right in your living room. Just give it a toss and watch as your cat dives in to explore. Peek-a-boo holes let them pop out to pounce on catnip mice and swat at dangling feathers. The durable polyester resists scratching while the sprung steel frame bounces back into shape. When naptime arrives, carry this lightweight cube to your bedroom or office for an enclosed cat snooze spot. Give your curious kitty a portable den to call their own with this collapsible cat cube.

                  Sturdy Outdoor Cat Tunnel

                  MAMI&BABI Outdoor Cat Enclosures for Indoor Cats,Foldable Outside Cat Playpen Enclosed with Tunnel,Pet Tents Enclosure for Cats,Puppy,Rabbit and Other Small Animals

                    Let your indoor cats roam safely outside with this tunneling cat playpen. The sturdy steel frame withstands feline romps while the breathable mesh keeps bugs out. Expand the tunnel in a circle or shape it into a maze – either way, your kitties will love racing through. The water-resistant floor keeps paws dry after spring showers. When playtime is over, break down both tent and tunnel in seconds. The carrying bag makes this outdoor cat oasis easy to tote for backyard fun, camping trips, or park playdates. Give your cats a taste of the great outdoors risk-free with this tunneling cat playpen.

                    Get Your Cat Outside Safely

                    OUTINGPET Mini Cat Tent Outdoor Playpen Pop Up Pet Cat Enclosures Portable Sunshade and Anti-UV Cat Playhouse for SUV Pickup Truck (Play Tents for Cats and Small Animals) - Outside Habitat

                      Bring the outdoors to your indoor cat with this convenient pop-up tent. The tent offers a generous amount of space for your feline friend to relax and play while taking in the sights and sounds of nature. Setting up the tent is a breeze – just give the top string a quick pull and it springs open, ready for kitty in seconds.

                      Your cat will enjoy hanging out on the soft floor mat and batting around toys while observing birds, squirrels, and other critters through the protective mesh walls. This allows for stimulation without the risks of an outdoor escape. Several windows and the large front opening ensure great ventilation and visibility.

                      When playtime is over, the tent packs up easily into a portable carry bag. Weighing only a couple pounds, you can take it anywhere – camping trips, the park, even just the backyard. Give your indoor cat a safe chance to soak up the sun and fresh air with this well-made outdoor cat play tent.

                      Cat Tent Buying Guide

                      Choosing the ideal cat tent for your feline friend takes some careful thought. Here are the key factors to consider before making your purchase:

                      Size and Space

                      Cats love having room to stretch out, so look for tents that give them enough space to fully stand, turn around, and lounge comfortably. Consider how and where you’ll use the tent, either indoors or outdoors, to determine the best dimensions. Larger tents around 3-4 feet wide may work best in backyards, while compact 1-2 foot tents are great for travel.

                      Material and Durability

                      Look for sturdy, water-resistant materials like canvas or polyester to withstand the elements and your cat’s claws. Avoid flimsy fabrics. Mesh panels provide ventilation, visibility, and insect protection. Tents with thick, padded flooring will be comfier. Make sure seams and zippers are reinforced. The more durable the tent, the longer it will last.

                      Entrances and Exits

                      Multiple entrances allow for quick escapes if needed. Some tents have front and rear access while others have pop-open tops or side flaps. Consider your cat’s preferences and threshold for new experiences. Shy or anxious cats may prefer a single entrance while adventurous kitties will enjoy multi-access tents.


                      If you’ll use the tent outdoors for camping, travel or visits to the park, look for lightweight designs with carrying cases. Compact, pop-up styles make set-up and transport easy. If the tent will mainly stay in your yard, heavier models with more robust frames can work.

                      Extra Features

                      From cozy bases to dangling toys, tents can provide comfort and entertainment. Padded mats or cushions allow cats to bed down in softness. Look for tents with scratching surfaces or crinkle tunnels built in. You can also add your cat’s favorite blankets and toys.


                      Before you get your paws on the purrfect cat tent, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

                      Are cat tents safe?

                      Yes, high-quality cat tents from reputable brands are perfectly safe when used properly. Look for well-constructed tents made with cat-safe, durable materials. Supervise your cat initially and ensure proper airflow. Never leave them unattended for extended periods.

                      Where should I put my cat’s tent?

                      Great spots include corners of rooms, next to windows for birdwatching, on porches or patios, and in fenced backyards. Place tents in areas with consistent temperature and shade. Make sure your cat has easy access.

                      What if my cat doesn’t use their tent?

                      It may take time for your cat to embrace their new space. Try placing toys or treats inside to motivate exploration. Sprinkling some catnip can also entice them in. Give your cat space and let them inspect it. With patience, they’ll likely grow to enjoy their tent.

                      Can I put more than one cat in a tent?

                      While large tents may fit multiple cats, we recommend one cat per tent. Even cats from the same litter prefer their own space. Having separate tents reduces competition and ensures each cat has a personal home base.

                      How do I clean my cat’s tent?

                      Use a soft brush to remove hair. Wipe down fabric with a mild soap and water solution. Avoid harsh cleaners. Check zippers and seams, repairing any damage. Air tents out fully between uses. Follow specific washing guidelines if the manufacturer provides them.


                      After reading our cat tent buying guide, you have the inside scoop on picking the pawfect tent for your kitty companion. Focus on choosing the right size tent with durable, weather-resistant fabric. Look for special features like plush mats, multiple entrances and portability if needed. Place your cat’s tent in a safe, accessible spot and let temptation do the rest – toys and treats can entice tentative kitties. With a cozy new cat tent, your furry friend will be lounging and relaxing in style, both indoors and outdoors. Happy tent shopping and many purrs to you and your feline!


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