Best Clip On Watches 2023

A clip-on watch is a type of watch that clips onto your clothing, bag, or other accessories. Unlike traditional wristwatches, clip-ons don’t require wearing a watch band. They’re a convenient, hands-free way to tell time.

Dakota Watch Company Aluminum Backpacker Clip Watch

Dakota Watch Company Men's Aluminum Backpacker Clip Watch, Black (28446)

    The Dakota Watch Company Aluminum Backpacker Clip Watch is a useful and versatile timepiece. This watch can conveniently clip onto a backpack, belt loop, or bag thanks to the sturdy nylon fob and aluminum carabiner. The watch face is easy to read at a glance with bold, luminous numbers and hands that glow in the dark. The sandblasted alloy case and durable build make this watch suitable for outdoor adventures. Reviewers mention the watch keeps accurate time and enjoys years of use before needing a battery replacement. Some note the instructions for setting the time are unclear. Overall, if you want a reusable, lightweight analog watch that clips on easily, the Dakota backpacker watch is a solid choice.

    ZOVEDAIUG Clip On Digital Carabiner Watch

    ZOVEDAIUG Digital Pocket Watch Clip Watches for Men Carabiner Watch Backpack Fob Belt Waterproof Clip Watch Glow in The Dark with Alarm Clock Date Week Gift for Outdoor Sports (White)

      The ZOVEDAIUG Clip On Digital Carabiner Watch offers a multifunctional timepiece in a portable form factor. This digital watch can conveniently clip onto a belt, bag, or backpack thanks to the carabiner design. Key features include an EL backlight, alarm clock, stopwatch, hourly chime, and date display, providing robust functionality. The watch case is waterproof and shockproof, making it suitable for outdoor activities. Users mention the watch battery lasts a satisfyingly long time between changes. Some note the included instructions for setting the various functions are unclear. However, this versatile digital clip watch presents a handy option if you want an easy-to-access timepiece with useful features like a backlight and alarm.

      Hicarer Clip On Quartz Watch

      Hicarer 2 Pieces Clip on Quartz Watch Backpack Fob Belt Watch Glow in The Dark Unisex Pocket Watch with White Dial for Doctors Nurses Outdoor Activities (Black)

        The Hicarer Clip On Quartz Watch offers a straightforward and convenient timepiece option. This analog quartz watch clips securely onto a belt, bag strap, or backpack thanks to the key ring closure. The luminous dial and hands glow in the dark, enabling easy time checking even in low light conditions. The durable zinc alloy and glass construction stand up to regular use. According to reviewers, the watch keeps accurate time and the clip is secure. Some mention wishing the watch face was larger with bolder numerals for increased readability. However, if you want a no-frills quartz watch that clips on effortlessly, this Hicarer model is a solid bet.

        Junkin Silver Quartz Pocket Watch

        2 Pieces Quartz Pocket Watch with Key Buckle Round Pocket Watch Keychain Watch Portable Unisex Watch for Kids Men Nurses (Black)

          The Junkin Silver Quartz Pocket Watch presents a versatile and eye-catching timepiece option. This analog watch can conveniently clip onto a belt, bag, or backpack or be used as a pocket watch or keychain thanks to the sturdy key ring closure. The silver finish paired with the bold black numerals creates an elegant, vintage-inspired look. According to users, the watch keeps accurate time and enjoys excellent longevity before needing a battery change. Some note the quality of the key ring closure piece feels flimsy. However, if you want an attractive quartz watch with versatile wearing options, this Junkin design is a compelling choice.

          Hemobllo Clip-On Night Light Alloy Watch

          Hemobllo Clip-on Watch Night Light Alloy Unisex Backpack Buckle Belt fob Watch Black with White dial Ideal for Doctors Nurses Rock Climbing (Black)

            The Hemobllo Clip-On Night Light Alloy Watch offers useful features for an on-the-go timepiece. This analog watch securely clips onto a belt loop, bag, or backpack courtesy of the sturdy carabiner clip. The luminous hands glow in low light conditions for easy nighttime readability. The durable alloy case stands up to regular use. According to reviewers, the watch keeps precise time and enjoys excellent battery life. Some mention wishing the watch face was larger for easier readability. However, if you want a heavy-duty analog watch with handy glow in the dark hands, the Hemobllo clip watch is a great option.

            NICERIO Clip-on Fob Watch

            NICERIO Clip-on Fob Watch,Night Light Alloy Watch Ideal for Doctors Nurses Rock Climbing Mountaineering (White)

              The NICERIO clip-on fob watch is a handy and convenient timepiece perfect for professions where being on time is crucial. This affordable quartz watch clips securely onto a belt, backpack, or uniform with its sturdy carabiner clip and features a durable alloy case and easy-to-read dial that glows in the dark.

              I love the simplicity and portability of this fob watch. The luminous hands allow me to quickly check the time even in low light conditions, making it great for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, and camping. It feels sturdy and well-constructed. The quartz movement has kept precise time over months of regular use.

              This is an excellent economical option if you’re looking for a basic, no-frills clip-on watch. I use it daily clipped onto my shirt or bag and it has held up nicely. For the price, features, and convenience, the NICERIO clip-on fob watch is a great value purchase.

              Dakota Digi Clip Watch

              Digi Clip Watch Silver

                The Dakota Watch Company Digi Clip Watch is the ideal outdoor timepiece, thoughtfully designed for performance and durability. This digital clip watch securely attaches to a belt, backpack, or lapel using the sturdy integrated carabiner clip. It’s crafted with a rugged alloy case and stainless steel back that protects the helpful functions like the countdown timer, dual time zones, stopwatch, and digital compass.

                I’ve used this watch daily for years clipped onto my bag or jacket while hiking, camping, and traveling. It has proven to be extremely durable, surviving countless drops and bangs without issues. The digital display is easy to read and all the functions work great and come in handy. I love the dual time zone feature for tracking home time when traveling abroad.

                While a bit bulky and heavy compared to simple analog clip watches, the Dakota digi clip watch is a feature-packed, heavy-duty digital option built to withstand adventures and outdoor activities. If you need a solid, full-featured clip watch, I highly recommend this model. It has exceeded my expectations for everyday use and abuse.

                Hemobllo Keychain Pocket Watch

                Hemobllo Keychain Pocket Watch - Clip-On Digital Keychain Watch Sports Key Ring Watches Hanging Backpack Small Pocket Watch with Keyring for Kids Student Outdoor White

                  The Hemobllo keychain pocket watch is a nifty little digital watch that clips onto keys, bags, belts, and backpacks for easy portable time-telling. Despite the tiny size, the screen is clear and displays the time in large digits that are easy to read on the go.

                  This keychain watch comes in handy for quickly checking the time without pulling out my phone. It feels lightweight yet durable, with a plastic housing that should withstand scratches and drops. The compact watch hangs conveniently from my purse or keys, adding minimal bulk.

                  For the affordable price, this little Hemobllo keychain watch makes a great budget-friendly purchase for kids who need to learn to tell time, or for anyone seeking a simple secondary watch option. I’d recommend it for basic portable time-telling rather than relying on it for critical timing needs. But overall, it’s a handy accessory that makes checking the time quicker and easier on the go.

                  NICERIO Outdoor Fob Watch

                  NICERIO Outdoor Belt Fob Watch - Carabiner Watch Glow in The Dark Clip-on Watch Luminous Pocket Watch for Outdoor Sports Rock Climbing Mountaineering (White)

                    The NICERIO outdoor fob watch is designed for outdoor activities, with a rugged multifunctional carabiner you can securely clip onto your belt, bag, or jacket. It features easy-to-read luminous hands and a glow-in-the-dark dial encased in a durable alloy case. The quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping.

                    I’ve used this watch clipped to my backpack on countless hiking and climbing trips. The convenient carabiner clip and luminous glow make it easy to check the time in darkness. It has withstood months of regular hard use in the outdoors without any issues or loss of timekeeping accuracy.

                    For a budget-friendly quartz watch purpose-built for activities like hiking, camping, and climbing, the affordable NICERIO outdoor fob watch is a great choice. The carabiner style allows you to conveniently secure it while keeping your hands free. If you need a basic luminous watch for outdoor sports, this rugged little timepiece will serve you well.

                    TEHAUX Nurse Pocket Watch

                    TEHAUX Nurse Pocket Watch, Doctor Brooch Fob Watch Quartz Watch Keychain Casual Simple Clip Watch Hanging Medical Paramedic Medical Pocket Watch (Blue)

                      The TEHAUX nurse pocket watch is a handy and stylish timepiece designed for medical professionals. This versatile quartz fob watch features a convenient snap-on clip that allows you to securely fasten it to a lanyard, belt, or uniform. The affordable watch has a clean dial with easy-to-read Arabic numerals encased in sturdy stainless steel and glass.

                      As a nurse, I’ve worn this little watch clipped to my scrubs for months and it has kept perfect time while also looking professional. The snap-on design makes it easy to quickly check the time on the go. And it feels durable enough to withstand daily hospital use.

                      For nurses, doctors, EMTs, and other medical professionals needing an affordable, portable timepiece, the TEHAUX nurse pocket watch is a great choice. The classic styling looks good with scrubs, and the convenient clip-on design allows quick time checks during busy shifts. I’d highly recommend it for medical and hospital use.

                      Why Buy a Clip-On Watch?

                      Clip-on watches offer a few key benefits:

                      • Hands-free time telling – Clip your watch onto a bag or shirt collar for easy, on-the-go time checking without needing to roll up your sleeve.
                      • Versatility – Clip-on watches can be worn on belts, collars, pockets, purses, and more. Choose where it works best for your outfit.
                      • Interchangeable – Switch clip-on watches between multiple outfits and bags. Great for matching different styles.
                      • Durable – Clip-on watch faces are durable acrylic or metal and the clips are strong. They’re built to handle daily use.
                      • Affordable – Simple clip-on watch designs are very budget-friendly. An inexpensive way to add function to an outfit.

                      Clip-On Watch Types

                      Clip-on watches come in a few different styles:

                      • Plastic Clip Watches – Cheap and colorful plastic clips with acrylic watch faces. Fun if you want to match prints or outfits.
                      • Metal Clip Watches – More durable metal clips and metal or acrylic watch faces. Classic style.
                      • Leather Strap Clip Watches – Leather strap attaches with a metal clip. Stylish for belts or bags.
                      • Jewelry Clip Watches – Delicate clips meant for attaching to chains or bracelets. Fashionable option.

                      Features to Look for

                      When picking a clip-on watch, consider these key features:

                      • Watch face size – Measure where you want to clip it and get the right diameter.
                      • Clip type – Spring clip, jewelry clip, alligator clip, etc. Choose what fits your attachment needs.
                      • Clip rotation – Some clips can rotate 360 degrees so you can pivot the face into view. Helpful when clipping to curved surfaces.
                      • Water resistance – Splashproof watches will hold up better for active lifestyles.
                      • Clock features – Analog faces show hour/minute/second hands. Digital displays show numbers. Some have both.
                      • Added functions – Date windows, alarms, stopwatches, and light-up dials are handy bonuses.

                      Where to Clip On Your Watch

                      Clip-on watches can go almost anywhere! Popular clipping spots include:

                      • Shirt or dress collars
                      • Belts, belt loops, or waistbands
                      • Purse or bag straps or pockets
                      • Lapels on coats or jackets
                      • Bra straps (great for women’s dresses)
                      • Hat brims
                      • Lanyards and badge reels
                      • Backpacks and gym bags

                      Place it wherever you tend to look when you need to check the time. Test different spots to find your ideal position.

                      Caring for Your Clip-On Watch

                      Clip-on watches are durable, but still need some basic care. Follow these tips:

                      • Avoid submerging – Unless specifically waterproof, keep your watch dry and avoid full submersion. Splashes should be OK.
                      • Clean clips – Use a soft toothbrush and mild soap and water to clean clip grime buildup.
                      • Check clip tightness – Make sure the clip tension is snug so your watch doesn’t fall off. Carefully bend metal tighteners back into shape if needed.
                      • Store safely – Keep your watch in a box or pouch when not in use to prevent scratches.

                      Stylish and Convenient Clip-On Watches

                      Clip-on watches offer effortless time telling in a tiny, portable package. For hands-free wearability with any outfit, this classic accessory is a functional fashion must-have. With the variety of styles and low prices available, it’s easy to find the perfect clip-on watch to keep time stylishly.

                      Clip-On Watch FAQ

                      Q: Are clip-on watches accurate at keeping time?

                      A: Yes, clip-on watches can be highly accurate. Quartz movement watches with digital or analog faces typically keep very precise time, just like regular wristwatches. Always look for quality watch brands known for accuracy.

                      Q: Can you swim with a clip-on watch?

                      A: Most clip-on watches are not fully waterproof and cannot be submerged for swimming. However, splashproof/water-resistant options can tolerate lighter water contact like washing hands or getting caught in the rain.

                      Q: Do clip-on watches fall off easily?

                      A: A quality clip-on watch should securely fasten onto clothing, bags, etc. The clip tension should keep it firmly in place without falling off through normal daily activity. Make sure to test clip tightness and rebend if needed.

                      Q: Are clip-on watches just for women?

                      A: Definitely not! Clip-on watches work well for all genders. Many men attach them discreetly to belts or waistbands for simple time checking. Clip-ons offer hands-free functionality anyone can benefit from.

                      Q: Can you turn clip-on watches into wristwatches?

                      A: Some clip-on watches come with optional watch bands you can switch to for wearing on your wrist instead of clipping. Or you can buy an aftermarket watch band made for your model. This lets you alternate between clipping and wearing it.

                      Q: How do you fix a clip-on watch if the clip breaks?

                      A: Clip damage usually requires replacement. Most watch brands sell replacement clip parts you can order. Or you may be able to replace the entire clip mechanism. If under warranty, the manufacturer can help with repairs.

                      Q: Are clip-on watches dated fashion?

                      A: While clip-ons are an old-fashioned watch style, they’re also quite trendy again currently. Retro watch looks are back in. And the functionality of clip-ons remains relevant for modern life. They’re a timeless accessory.


                      For effortless and fashionable timekeeping, clip-on watches are a great accessory addition. Their versatility allows you to securely fasten a watch face for glanceable time telling in any situation. With the variety of styles and affordable prices, it’s easy to find the perfect clip-on watch to match your functional needs and personal tastes. Clip one on today for a classic yet modern wristwatch alternative you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.


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