Best Dance Mats 2023

Welcome to our guide on picking the best dance mat for your needs! Dancing is a great way to get moving and burn calories, and using a dance mat makes it even more fun. There are lots of options on the market, so we’ve broken down the key factors to consider as you shop. We’ll discuss the different types of dance mats, features to look for, and provide tips on how to choose the right size. We’ve also recommended our top dance mat picks based on budget and interests. Let’s get started!

Get Moving and Grooving with This Fun Light Up Dance Mat

Dance Mat Toys for 3-12 Year Old Kids, Light Up Electronic Dance Mats with 6 Button Wireless Bluetooth 5 Game Modes and 4xAA Rechargeable Battery for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ Year Old Girls Birthday Gifts

    Looking to liven up playtime and get your kids up and active? This light up electronic dance mat is an entertaining way to get them off the couch while developing their coordination.

    The six color-coded buttons flash along to the built-in music, prompting kids to step, hop, and jump in time with the beat. With five game modes ranging from easy to difficult, children can choose the right level of challenge. I like that it caters to different ages and abilities.

    Connecting via Bluetooth allows kids to dance along to their favorite songs streamed from a compatible device. So they’ll never get bored with the music selection.

    This soft padded mat feels great underfoot and has anti-slip strips to prevent sliding. It’s made from non-toxic, waterproof materials for safety and easy wiping down after energetic play sessions.

    Folding compactly, it tucks away neatly when not in use. The included USB rechargeable battery box offers convenience, saving on the cost of disposables.

    If you’re looking for a fun way to get youngsters active that will have them giggling and jumping for joy, this is a great choice. It would make an awesome gift for birthdays or holidays too.

    An Engaging Dance Mat with Lights, Music, and Interactive Play

    SUNLIN Dance Mat - Dance Mixer Rhythm Step Play Mat - Dance Game Toy Gift for Kids Girls Boys - Dance Pad with LED Lights, Adjustable Volume, Built-in Music, 3 Challenge Levels (3-12 Years Old)

      Get your kids up and moving with this entertaining light-up dance mat. It’s a delightful way to enjoy active screen-free playtime.

      The LED display features arrows that blink along to built-in songs, prompting kids to step on the coordinating button when it lights up. With three challenge levels, they can start easy and work up to more complex routines.

      I like that the mat has volume control so you can adjust the sound. The three language options add variety too.

      This soft padding feels great underfoot, and the non-slip back keeps it stable during energetic bouncing and jumping.

      When playtime is over, the mat folds compactly for storage. And it wipes clean easily, perfect for vigorous kid use.

      The blinking lights, music, and interactive stepping make for engaging fun. Children will love the feeling of accomplishment as they master the routines. It’s a wonderful way to build coordination and self-confidence.

      If you’re seeking a delightful screen-free activity that gets kids moving, developing their motor skills while having a blast, this mat fits the bill. It would make a fantastic gift too.

      Get Kids Up and Active with This Fun and Colorful Dance Mat

      Dance Mat Toys, Touch Play Electronic Dance Pad with LED Lights, Adjustable Volume, Built-in Music, 5 Challenge Levels Christmas Thanksgiving Birthday Gifts for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9+ Year Old Kids Girls Boys

        Want to get your kids moving and grooving while keeping them engaged with delightful screen-free play? This colorful dance mat is just the ticket.

        The five game modes range from easy beat-matching steps to memory challenges, so kids can start simple and work their way up. I like the progression.

        The surface lights up in time with the music, prompting where to step next. Children will have a blast bouncing and jumping from square to square.

        It’s thoughtfully made from soft padding and has a non-slip back, so active play is safe. When finished, the mat folds for compact storage.

        Playing fast-paced games gets kids up and active, helping strengthen developing muscles while honing coordination. And the lights and music create immersive, interactive fun.

        If you’re looking for an entertaining way to engage little ones with play that gets their bodies moving, this well-made dance mat is a great choice. It would make an awesome gift too!

        A Fun Way to Get Kids Active and Grooving to the Beat

        VATOS 27 Levels Dance Mat for Girls Kids - 6 LED Keys Light Up Dance Mat with Bluetooth|Difficulty lock|5 Game Modes|Built in Music Dancing Challenge Game Kids Girl Toy Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Gifts

          Want to get your kids moving and grooving in a totally fun way? This interactive light up dance mat is a great way to get them active!

          It features six color-coded buttons that flash with the beat prompting kids to step on the coordinated square. With 27 difficulty levels across five game modes, players can challenge themselves and advance their skills.

          I like that the mat includes a difficulty lock so you can customize the level of challenge to match your child’s abilities. And switching between four and six button modes allows for different styles of play.

          Built-in music and exciting lights paired with good sound effects create an immersive experience that kids will love. They can also connect it to a device via Bluetooth and dance along to their favorite tunes.

          The diamond patterned mat has an anti-slip bottom so kids can play safely. When playtime is over, it folds for easy storage.

          If you’re looking for a delightfully entertaining way to get youngsters up and active that will have them bouncing, twisting, and giggling their way to fitness, this interactive dance mat is a winner!

          An Entertaining Light Up Dance Mat for Hours of Active Play

          Flooyes Dance Mat Toys for 3-12 Year Old Kids, Electronic Dance Pad with Light-up 6-Button & Wireless Bluetooth, Music Dance Game Mat with 5 Game Modes, Gifts for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ Year Old Girls

            Get ready for hours of screen-free active play and fun with this entertaining light up dance mat!

            It features six buttons that flash with the music, prompting where to step next. With five game modes ranging from basic to memory challenges, kids can play at the right level for their skills and advance over time.

            Connecting to your device via Bluetooth allows kids to boogie to their favorite tunes. So they’ll never get bored with the song selection!

            The soft padding feels great on feet and little toes. And the non-slip bottom prevents sliding during energetic bouncing and jumping.

            When playtime is over, the mat folds compactly for storage. And it’s easy to wipe clean after vigorous kid use.

            With its flashing light cues, built-in music, and interactive bouncing action, this mat will have kids giggling, jumping, and dancing for joy. It’s a delightful way to get them up and moving, developing fitness and coordination in the process.

            If you’re looking for engaging screen-free play that gets kids active, this well-made dance mat hits all the right notes. It makes a fantastic gift idea too!

            Get Moving and Grooving with This Fun and Interactive Dance Mat

            Dance Mat, Electronic Music Dance Pad with LED Lights & Wireless Bluetooth, 5 Game Modes, Birthday Gifts, Toys for Girl 4-8, 8-12

              Looking for a fun way to get your kids active and moving? This interactive dance mat is sure to get them up and grooving! With its bright, colorful lights and built-in songs, this mat makes dancing an engaging experience.

              The different game modes provide a variety of challenges to keep kids entertained. The beginner modes allow them to learn basic steps, while more advanced modes will test their coordination and rhythm. An added benefit is that dancing helps improve balance and motor skills.

              This durable mat has a non-slip bottom so it stays safely in place during energetic dance sessions. It’s made from soft, non-toxic materials so kids can play barefoot. When playtime is over, the mat folds up for compact storage.

              With options to connect via Bluetooth or use the built-in music, your kids can customize their dance party experience. The mat also makes a fun interactive toy for playdates and parties. Turn up the volume and let the dance battle begin!

              If you’re looking for a screen-free toy that gets your kids moving and laughing, this interactive LED dance mat is an excellent choice. It provides a fun way for kids to exercise and jam out to the music!

              An Affordable Introductory Dance Mat for Budding Dancers

              Dance Mat Toys for Girls: 35" Interactive Dancing Game Toy Gifts for 3-12 Years Old Girls Boys, Electronic Dance Pad with 9 Challenge Levels, Built in Music, Adjustable Volume, Princess Theme

                Want to nurture your child’s love of dancing without a big investment? This budget-friendly electronic dance mat is a great way to get started. With its bright colors and kid-friendly design, it will appeal to little ones aged 3-12.

                The mat offers 9 levels of play ranging from beginner to more advanced. This allows kids to start simple and then progress as their skills improve. The built-in music features recognizable children’s songs to dance along to.

                Made of soft, non-toxic PVC material, the mat is comfortable for kids to play on with bare feet. It also has a non-slip bottom to prevent sliding during active play. When not in use, the lightweight mat can be folded up for easy storage and portability.

                While the mat only connects to a TV with RCA input, this helps keep the price low. The lack of Bluetooth connectivity also minimizes electronic distractions. An added perk is that the mat encourages activity and family bonding time away from screens.

                For parents seeking an affordable way to nurture their child’s interest in dance and music, this beginner electronic dance mat checks all the boxes. It provides a safe, screen-free activity that will get kids moving to the beat.

                A Full-Featured Dance Mat for Home Entertainment

                FWFX Dance Mat Games for TV - Wireless Musical Electronic Dance Mats with HD Camera, Double User Exercise Fitness Non-Slip Dance Step Pad Dancing Mat for Kids & Adults, Gift for Boys & Girls

                  This versatile electronic dance mat system brings interactive fun to your living room. With multi-player options, gameplay variety, and family-friendly design, it entertains all ages.

                  Using the included HD camera, the mat displays players on screen to make gameplay immersive. The mat’s Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to dance along to your favorite music. With 86 built-in songs spanning multiple genres, the whole family can enjoy dancing to upbeat hits.

                  In addition to traditional dance modes, this mat also offers 37 sport simulations and 45 yoga videos. These provide exercises for all fitness levels. The two included controllers add variety to gameplay and can be used together or independently.

                  Young kids will love the silly characters and songs of the cartoon dance mode. For some friendly competition, challenge a family member to a dance battle! The non-slip pad stays securely in place even during energetic moves.

                  If you want an interactive dance mat that provides hours of screen-free entertainment for the whole family, this is an excellent choice. With its variety of gameplay and multiplayer options, it brings the arcade experience home.

                  Fun Electronic Dance Mat for Kids and Adults

                  Dance Mat Single Dancing Mats for Kids Adults Musical Electronic Dance Mat Dance Gaming Blanket Dance Step Pad Non-Slip TV RCA Port 200 Songs 68 Games Gift for Girls Boys

                    This electronic dance mat is a great option if you’re looking for a fun way to get the whole family moving. With 200 songs and 68 games built-in, there’s something for everyone.

                    The mat connects easily to your TV’s RCA ports – no extra installation or software needed. Just plug and play! The non-slip surface keeps you steady while you dance and step, and the mat itself is waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

                    Both kids and adults will have a blast going through the different dance modes, including live MTV, cartoon, and 3D scenes. There are also classic games like puzzles and sports games to provide variety beyond just dancing. It’s really like getting a treadmill, dance machine, yoga mat, and video game console all in one.

                    The touch and stepping motions help build hand-eye coordination, and the dance steps syncing to music rhythms engages the brain in unique ways. It’s an interactive and educational toy that makes a fantastic gift idea.

                    The lightweight foldable mat takes up minimal storage space. You can even bring it along for dance parties on the go. Give your body a fun workout while playing with the family!

                    An Affordable Beginner Dance Mat for Little Movers

                    Luminous Dance Mat for Kids, Great Volume Control, Small Animal Dance Pad with 5 Gaming Modes, Large Size 35'' X 40'', Ideas Birthday Gifts for Age 5+ Year Old

                      Get those little feet moving with this beginner LED dance mat! With its bright, kid-friendly animal graphics, it provides an affordable way to introduce young kids to dance.

                      The sensitive touch points light up to guide children where to step. And with 5 gaming modes, there’s enough variety to keep preschoolers entertained. The auto-sleep function preserves battery life for extended play.

                      This lightweight mat is made from non-toxic, waterproof materials for safety. The bottom has a non-slip coating to prevent sliding during active play. Folding up for storage and travel is a breeze.

                      An adjustable volume control lets kids jam out without driving parents nuts. The large size allows room for friends or siblings to join in the dance party. Interactive play encourages movement, coordination, and motor skill development.

                      If you’re seeking a budget-friendly introductory dance mat for a toddler or preschooler, this fits the bill. It provides a fun, screen-free way to get your little one moving to the beat. The simple design is appealing and easy for small children to play independently.

                      Dance Mat Buying Guide

                      Types of Dance Mats

                      There are a few main varieties of dance mats to choose from:

                      • Traditional plastic mats – These classic mats lay flat on the ground and are divided into panels that sense your steps. They’re lightweight and portable.
                      • Foam mats – Foam mats provide cushioning to make dancing more comfortable. They’re thicker and plusher than standard plastic mats.
                      • Interlocking tile mats – Interlocking tiles let you customize the size of your dance floor. They snap together for security.
                      • Rug style mats – Rug mats have a textured fabric surface and non-slip backing. Great for use on carpets.
                      • Folding mats – Foldable mats are lightweight and transportable. Many come with carrying cases.

                      Consider the surface you plan to use the dance mat on to determine which material will provide the right traction and cushioning.

                      Features to Look For

                      • Sensors – Pressure sensors detect when you step on a panel. Advanced sensors offer better precision in tracking steps.
                      • Compatibility – Many mats plug directly into gaming consoles. Others use wireless Bluetooth connections. Check compatibility before buying.
                      • Sensitivity – Adjustable sensitivity settings allow you to customize how much pressure is needed to register steps. Look for this feature if you need it.
                      • Size – Dance mat sizes start as small as 3×3 feet up to 6×4 feet for deluxe mats. Make sure to get one large enough for your space and needs.
                      • Number of panels – More panels allow for more intricate dance moves. Beginners can start with 4-9 panels while advanced dancers may want 16+ panels.
                      • Durability – Mats should withstand regular use without damage. Thicker padding lasts longer. Metal contacts rather than carbon pads also improve longevity.
                      • Portability – If you’ll travel with your mat, prioritize lighter folding designs with carrying cases. Foam mats tend to be bulkier.
                      • Extra features – Some mats have handy bonus features like sound effects, flashing lights, playlists or heart rate monitors. Consider if you’ll use and enjoy these additions.

                      Choosing the Right Size Mat

                      Make sure to measure the area where you plan to use your dance mat before purchasing. Leave a foot or two of clearance on each side so you don’t accidentally step off the mat while dancing.

                      If you have a larger space, consider sizing up for more freedom of movement. For small spaces like apartments, look for compact mats around 3×3 feet up to 4×4 feet.

                      If there will be two people using the mat, go bigger to allow you both enough room. Shoot for at least a 4×6-foot mat for two dancers.

                      For professional or commercial use in schools, gyms or studios, they make extra large mats up to 10×10 feet. Portable mats can also be connected together.

                      Consider your ceiling height as well. Make sure overhead jumping moves can be performed safely without hitting anything!

                      Recommended Dance Mats

                      Best Budget: Neewer 3’x3′ Dance Mat

                      This affordable 3×3 foot dance mat from Neewer is great for beginners on a budget. It has eight arrows in a classic dance pad layout and an anti-slip bottom. Simple plug-and-play connections work with PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Wii and Switch. At under 3 pounds, it’s easy to transport and store.

                      The thin pads don’t provide much cushioning, but give you basic functionality at a low price point. This mat is compact enough for small spaces like dorm rooms.

                      Best for Kids: Oukasy Kids Dance Mat

                      Let your kids burn energy with this colorful foam mat from Oukasy. The four soft foam panels feature cute animal prints that kids will love. Large arrows give clear directional cues for little feet.

                      This lightweight mat folds up for convenient storage and portability. Easy Bluetooth connects wirelessly to tablets and phones so the kids can dance along to their favorite tunes.

                      At 3’x3′, it’s a good starter size for young kids to build confidence and coordination through dance. The cushioned foam protects little knees for endless jumping and stomping.

                      Best Upgradable: SENREAL Modular Dance Tiles

                      For maximum customization, the SENREAL interlocking dance tiles allow you to build the mat size you want. Each durable PVC tile measures roughly 1’x1′ square.

                      Arrange the arrow tiles however you like across your available floor space. The puzzles pieces snap securely together and the mat stays flat even under heavy use.

                      Buy add-on packs as your skills improve or to accommodate more people. Carry bags are available for transporting sets to classes or competitions. This modular flooring works well for all ages and experience levels.

                      Most Durable: Maxmat Non-Slip Dance Mat

                      Serious dancers need an ultra-durable mat that can withstand daily repetition of steps and patterns. The commercial-grade Maxmat stands up to even the most rigorous use thanks to its tough construction.

                      A textured urethane surface provides traction and prevents slipping. The proprietary honeycomb structure underneath absorbs shock better than foam for lower impact. At 1/2-inch thick, it cushions hard floors without losing stability.

                      This is a wise investment for dance studios, classrooms and exercise facilities that need flooring guaranteed to last through years of classes. It comes in 4×4, 4×8 and 4×10 sizes to suit any space.

                      Best Interactive: Kinect for Xbox One

                      For the full interactive dancing experience, the Kinect for Xbox One can’t be beat. This motion tracking camera system allows players to dance along without any dance pads or controllers needed.

                      The Kinect sensor tracks full body movement and translates it into the game in real time. Getting your whole body involved makes dancing even more engaging and active.

                      There’s a great variety of Kinect compatible dance games that will have you breaking a sweat while perfecting your choreography. From Just Dance to Dance Central Spotlight, you’ll have fun dancing solo or competing with friends.


                      How much space do I need for a dance mat?

                      Make sure to leave at least 1-2 feet of clearance around the edges of the mat to avoid stepping off. Measure the open floor space you have available before purchasing. Mats range from compact 3×3 sizes to extra large 10×10 mats and custom modular setups.

                      Are dance mats okay for basement or second floor use?

                      Look for well-cushioned, lightweight foam mats if using on a second floor or basement. Avoid heavy commercial mats that could transfer too much noise and vibration. An anti-slip bottom keeps mats in place on any surface.

                      What surface can I use a dance mat on?

                      Dance mats work best on flat, hard surfaces like wood or tile floors for stability. You can use mats on concrete, laminate or low-pile carpet as well. Avoid shag carpets or rugs that can obstruct sensors.

                      How do I clean a dance mat?

                      For plastic mats, wipe down with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Do not submerge in water. Vacuum fabric surface mats and spot clean stains. Avoid harsh cleaners that could damage mats.

                      Can you use dance mats for exercise?

                      Absolutely! Dance mat gaming provides an incredibly fun cardio workout by getting your whole body moving. It can help build coordination, rhythm and balance skills too. Playing at higher difficulty levels allows you to break a sweat and burn serious calories.


                      Dance mats are a creative way to add excitement to any fitness routine. Whether you’re looking for a basic starter mat or a professional-grade interactive setup, there’s a great option out there for your needs and budget. Measure your available space, consider who will be using the mat, and pick features that will maximize your enjoyment. With our tips and top recommendations, you’re ready to get moving and start dancing on your new mat!


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