Best Dog Collars 2023

Choosing the right dog collar is an important decision for any dog owner. The collar serves many purposes – it holds your dog’s identification tags, allows you to attach a leash for walks, and gives you a way to control your dog if needed. With so many types of dog collars available, it can be tricky to determine which style is best for your particular pup.

This comprehensive dog collar buying guide covers everything you need to know to select the perfect collar for your dog. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of different collar styles and materials. You’ll learn about key factors to consider based on your dog’s breed, age, and temperament. Proper sizing and fit are also critical for both comfort and safety, so we’ve included tips on how to measure your dog’s neck and choose the right size.

By the end of this guide, you’ll understand the different dog collar options and feel confident picking the right one for your four-legged friend. A properly fitted collar keeps your dog secure and comfortable on all of their adventures with you. Let’s get started exploring the exciting world of dog collars!

Joytale Reflective Dog Collar Adjustable for Medium Dogs

Joytale Reflective Dog Collar,Soft Neoprene Padded Breathable Nylon Pet Collar Adjustable for Medium Dogs,Red,M

    The Joytale Reflective Dog Collar is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a durable and adjustable collar for your medium-sized dog. This reflective collar is made of high-quality neoprene, nylon, and plastic that provides both comfort and visibility for nighttime walks.

    One of the best features of this dog collar is the sturdy metal buckle closure. It holds securely while still being easy to take on and off. The collar is also adjustable within the medium size range to get a customized fit. The padding provides cushioning around your dog’s neck, preventing irritation from extended wear. The reflective material helps keep your pup visible after dark.

    When it comes to durability, this collar really shines. The sturdy craftsmanship means it can withstand daily use without showing much wear. Reviewers mention the collar surviving energetic dogs, heavy chewers, and regular washing while maintaining its structure. It’s a collar built to last through all of your adventures together.

    Key features:

    • Reflective and padded for comfort and visibility
    • Durable neoprene, nylon, and plastic construction
    • Adjustable sizing for medium dogs
    • Sturdy metal buckle closure


    • Withstands energetic dogs and heavy chewing
    • Provides cushioning around the neck
    • Keeps dogs visible at night
    • Easy to put on and take off


    • Sizing runs large

    Joytale Personalized Dog Collars for Large Dogs

    Joytale Personalized Dog Collars, Reflective Nylon Dog Collar with Engraved Name Plate, Customized for Large Dogs, Hotpink, L

      For a customized look, the Joytale Personalized Dog Collars are a fantastic option for large breed dogs. These collars allow you to add your dog’s name and your contact information engraved right onto the collar. This provides identification and ensures your pup can be returned safely if they ever get lost.

      The personalized dog collars are made of soft nylon with adjustable sizing to get the right fit. The engraved name plate sits comfortably against your dog’s neck without dangling tags getting in the way. Reviewers love how sturdy and durable these collars are, even for powerful pullers.

      One of the best features is the reflective material that helps keep your dog visible on night walks. The collar also comes in a wide range of color options to match your dog’s personality. Overall, these personalized collars combine customization, durability, and safety.

      Key features:

      • Engraved name plate for identification
      • Reflective nylon material
      • Wide range of color options
      • Adjustable sizing for large breeds


      • Provides identification if your dog gets lost
      • Durable even for pullers
      • Keeps your dog visible at night
      • Comfortable fit without dangling tags


      • Engraved name plate can be small

      Reflective Personalized Embroidered Dog Collars

      Reflective Personalized Dog Collars - Custom Embroidered Dog Collars for Small, Medium, Large Dogs- Adjustable Dog & Puppy Collar - Heavy Duty D-Ring for Leash & ID Tag

        For a unique look, the Reflective Personalized Embroidered Dog Collars allow you to customize your pup’s collar with embroidery. You can add your dog’s name, phone number, and other text for easy identification.

        These adjustable nylon collars come in a wide selection of fun colors to match your dog’s personality. They have a classic buckle closure along with a sturdy D-ring for attaching leashes and tags.

        Reviewers love how easy the text is to read on these personalized collars. The stitching is nicely done. Owners also mention the collars are gentle on their dogs’ necks while still being durable for daily use. The reflective strip provides visibility on nighttime walks.

        Key features:

        • Custom embroidered text
        • Variety of color options
        • Reflective strip for visibility
        • Adjustable sizing


        • Easy to read embroidered text
        • Gentle on dogs’ necks
        • Provides identification if lost
        • Fun color options


        • Embroidery can be covered by adjuster

        Bousnic Dog Shock Collar for Medium Dogs

        Bousnic Dog Shock Collar 2 Dogs (5-120Lbs) - 3300 ft Waterproof Training Collar for Dogs Large Medium Small with Rechargeable Remote, Beep (1-8) Vibration (1-16) and Humane Shock (1-99) Modes

          The Bousnic Dog Shock Collar is a highly customizable training collar perfect for medium breed dogs. It has beep, vibration, and shock modes that are each adjustable up to 99 levels, allowing you to find the right setting for your pup.

          This collar has several great features for effective and humane training. The 3,300 foot range means you can reinforce commands anywhere in your house or yard. The waterproof receiver ensures it keeps working rain or shine. The rechargeable battery is another nice perk, eliminating the need to constantly buy replacements.

          According to reviewers, the silicone prongs on this shock collar prevent skin irritation while still delivering clear signals to your dog during training. They also mention that the collar is lightweight and comfortable for extended wear. Overall, this is a great option for reinforcing your medium dog’s good behavior.

          Key features:

          • Beep, vibration, and shock modes
          • Adjustable up to 99 levels per mode
          • 3,300 foot range
          • Waterproof receiver
          • Rechargeable battery


          • Allows highly customized training
          • Extra long range
          • Withstands water
          • Comfortable and lightweight


          • Remote is not waterproof

          ARING PET Dinosaur Cotton Dog Collar for Small Dogs

          ARING PET Dinosaur Dog Collar-Cute Dog Collar for Small Dogs, Adjustable Comfortable Cotton Boy Dog Collars for Small Medium Large Dogs, Small

            The ARING PET Dinosaur Cotton Dog Collar is a fun, comfortable option for small dogs. This adjustable collar has a durable cotton exterior printed with a colorful dinosaur pattern that your pup is sure to love.

            The collar fastens securely with a sturdy buckle closure. But the soft fabric still feels gentle on your dog’s skin. Reviewers mention the fabric withstands energetic dogs while remaining soft after multiple washes. The vibrant colors also hold up well over time.

            This collar is available in a wide range of cute prints and colors to suit any small dog’s personality. It comes in five adjustable sizes to ensure you find just the right fit for your pup. If you want an affordable collar that combines comfort, security, and style, the ARING PET dinosaur collar is a great choice.

            Key features:

            • Vibrant dinosaur pattern
            • Durable cotton exterior
            • Adjustable sizing for small dogs
            • Secure buckle closure


            • Fun, colorful pattern
            • Remains soft after washing
            • Withstands energetic pups
            • Variety of prints available


            • Runs large

            Carhartt Dog Collar Brown/Brushed Brass Large

            Carhartt Dog Collar Brown/Brushed Brass Large

              You will love the durability and quality of the Carhartt Dog Collar. This collar is made of premium nylon webbing with reflective stitching for visibility. The metal buckle is sturdy yet easy to use for taking on and off. Carhartt is known for making rugged and long-lasting products.

              When looking for a dog collar that can stand up to daily use, the Carhartt Dog Collar is a great choice. The brushed brass hardware looks classy while still being durable. Many owners say this collar has lasted over a year without any fraying or damage.

              The adjustable sizing makes getting a good fit easy. You can fine tune it to leave just enough room to slide two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. Having a proper fit helps prevent escapes but also ensures your dog is comfortable.

              Key features:

              • Reflective stitching for visibility
              • Durable nylon webbing
              • Sturdy metal buckle


              • Well made and long lasting
              • Easy to adjust sizing
              • Looks nice


              • Metal shows scratches over time

              Timos Puppy Collar Sunset Valley

              Timos Dog Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs,Adjustable Soft Puppy Collars with Quick Release Buckle,Sunset Valley,M Length 13.39''-20.87''

                The Timos Puppy Collar comes in a huge variety of colorful patterned designs that are perfect for your furry friend. The sunset valley pattern is a beautiful combination of pinks, blues, and oranges. It will look amazing on any dog.

                These collars use a quick release buckle that makes taking on and off a breeze. The adjustable sizing allows you to customize the fit. The soft polyester material will be gentle on your pup’s neck while still being durable for daily use.

                Many owners love how comfortable their dogs are in these collars. Even dogs that don’t normally like wearing collars don’t seem to mind these. The fabric has some stretch and give to it that prevents any pinching or friction irritation.

                Key features:

                • Vivid pattern designs
                • Quick release buckle
                • Soft adjustable fabric


                • Comfortable for dogs
                • Easy on/off
                • Great prices


                • Can pull fur if too tight

                DAGANXI Tactical Dog Collar with Handle

                DAGANXI Tactical Dog Collar, Adjustable Military Training Nylon Dog Collar with Control Handle and Heavy Metal Buckle for Medium and Large Dogs, with Patches and Airtags Case (L, Black)

                  The DAGANXI Tactical Dog Collar is perfect for training or gaining better control of large, strong dogs. It has a sturdy handle right on the collar to help keep your dog close by your side. The collar is made of durable nylon webbing with a heavy duty metal buckle.

                  You’ll love how secure and well-made this collar is. The metal components are high quality so you don’t have to worry about breakage or damage. Despite its ruggedness, padding on the inside helps prevent chafing or irritation.

                  Many owners use this collar for leash training puppies, walking reactive dogs, or aiding elderly dogs. The handle provides excellent maneuverability while the thick nylon can withstand pulls and tugs without strain.

                  Key features:

                  • Built-in handle for control
                  • Heavy duty metal buckle
                  • Padded nylon webbing


                  • Very sturdy and secure
                  • Provides control when needed
                  • Comfortable with padding


                  • Can be bulky and heavy

                  Reflective Safety Nylon Dog Collar Pink

                  Reflective Dog Collar with Buckle Adjustable Safety Nylon Collars for Small Medium Large Dogs, Pink S

                    The pretty pink color of the Reflective Safety Nylon Dog Collar will look adorable on your furry friend. Not only is it super cute, it has reflective threading sewn in to help keep your dog visible on nighttime walks.

                    This collar uses durable nylon webbing with a sturdy buckle. The adjustable straps allow you to find just the right size for your dog’s neck. Having a proper fit is important both for safety and comfort.

                    Many owners say how well these collars hold up over time. With regular use, they maintain their strength and reflectivity. The buckles operate smoothly and the stitching stays intact. Considering the low price, it’s impressive that these collars last for over a year of wear.

                    Key features:

                    • Reflective threading
                    • Durable nylon webbing
                    • Colorful designs


                    • Inexpensive price
                    • Good reflectivity
                    • Buckle works well


                    • Can run small in sizing

                    Unique Style Paws Floral Dog Collar

                    Unique style paws Dog Collar Metal Buckle Collar Gift for Small Medium Large Boys Girls Dogs

                      Let your pup stand out in a gorgeous floral patterned collar from Unique Style Paws. These collars come in so many bright, beautiful designs like blue flower and pink watercolor. The vibrant patterns look amazing paired with your dog’s coat.

                      You’ll love the quality of these collars. They have sturdy metal buckles and D-rings that hold up well to leash attachments and daily use. The adjustable straps ensure you can find a custom fit.

                      Owners rave over how durable yet comfortable these collars are. Dogs don’t seem to mind wearing them for extended periods. The floral patterns are unique and eye-catching. For an inexpensive collar that looks far more expensive, Unique Style Paws is a great choice.

                      Key features:

                      • Vibrant floral patterns
                      • Metal buckle and D-ring
                      • Adjustable sizing


                      • Beautiful designs
                      • Good durability
                      • Dogs don’t mind wearing


                      • Can run small

                      Dog Collar Buying Guide

                      Choosing a dog collar is not a one-size-fits-all decision. There are many factors to consider in order to select the best collar for your pup. This comprehensive buying guide will walk you through all the key considerations.

                      Collar Style

                      The first decision is which style of dog collar is right for your pet. Here are the main options:

                      • Flat collars – This standard collar style is a flat band that slips over your dog’s head and fastens with a buckle or snap. It’s adjustable for growing puppies. Flat collars come in many colors and patterns for style and visibility. These are best for dogs who don’t pull hard on leash.
                      • Martingale collars – This type has an adjustable loop design to gently tighten when pulled but not choke. It provides more control and reduces slipping out. Martingales are often used for breeds with smaller heads like Greyhounds.
                      • Head halters – For hard pullers, a head halter collar wraps around the muzzle and back of the head. Gentle pressure turns the dog’s head to deter pulling. Take time to train your dog to accept wearing one.
                      • Padded collars – For pups who spend time outdoors, padded nylon collars protect the neck from rubbing and irritation. The padding makes it more comfortable for long wear.
                      • Metal choke chains – Made of chain links, these tighten when pulled but should only be used carefully for training. Many trainers no longer recommend choke collars due to risk of injury.

                      Consider your dog’s breed, age, and temperament when selecting a collar style. Also think about your training approach and needs for control during leash walks.


                      Dog collars come in a variety of materials. Each has pros and cons:

                      • Nylon – This synthetic fabric is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. It comes in many colors and adjustable sizes. Nylon collars are a popular choice for everyday wear.
                      • Leather – For a handsome classic look, leather offers a soft, high-quality feel. Leather can be gently conditioned to stay supple but does show dirt.
                      • Biothane – For a leather look with more durability, biothane is a synthetic leather. It repels water, resists stains, and withstands chewing.
                      • Chain – Metal chain collars should only be used carefully for training. While strong and sturdy, they can be hard on the neck if pulled and may rust over time.
                      • Cotton – Lightweight cotton collars come in cute patterns but tend to stain, stretch out, and fray with extended wear. They require more frequent replacement than synthetic fabrics.

                      Consider your dog’s habits, climate, and the convenience of cleaning when selecting collar material. Leather or biothane make refined choices, while nylon offers versatility and affordability.

                      Size and Fit

                      Getting an accurate size for the perfect collar fit is very important. Follow these steps:

                      • Carefully measure your dog’s neck circumference right behind the ears using a cloth tape measure. You want room for two adult fingers between the collar and their neck.
                      • Compare this measurement to a size chart for the particular collar brand and style you choose. Sizes often range from extra small for Chihuahuas up to extra large for Mastiffs.
                      • When fastened, the collar should be snug enough not to slip over the ears but loose enough for comfort. Allow room for puppy growth spurts.
                      • Try the collar on your dog and observe them for signs of discomfort like scratching or chewing. Adjust sizing as needed.
                      • For young puppies, selecting an adjustable collar can allow you to expand the size over time. Just remember to check for proper tightness as your pup grows.

                      Avoid leaving a loose collar on an unsupervised dog who may become entangled and injured. Proper sizing also helps attach identification tags securely. Take the time to fit your dog’s collar properly for safety and comfort.

                      Special Features

                      Beyond the basics, some dog collars include extra features you may want to consider:

                      • Quick-release buckles make it easy to quickly detach your leashed dog in an emergency situation. They can also prevent collar getting snagged.
                      • Reflective stripes improve your dog’s visibility at night for safety. Make sure to get wide reflective strips for maximum reflectivity.
                      • Custom engraving like your phone number, dog’s name, or address helps identify them if lost. Engraved metal plates or tags can be purchased for many collar styles.
                      • GPS tracking lets you remotely track your dog’s location via smartphone when used with a Bluetooth tracking tag attached to the collar. Helpful for hiking or camping trips.
                      • Certification patches like “Therapy Dog” communicate your dog’s special training or skills to others. These iron-on patches adhered to the collar denote working dogs.

                      Think about your needs and your dog’s lifestyle when considering any extra collar features. Personalization adds style, while visibility and GPS improve security.

                      Collar Care

                      To extend the life of your dog’s collar:

                      • Check the collar frequently for damage, cracks, or worn out holes. Promptly replace any deteriorating collars.
                      • Clean nylon or leather collars as needed with mild soap and water, then allow to fully air dry. For metal chains, use a collar brush.
                      • Avoid letting your dog swim or bathe with a collar on. Remove collars temporarily for wet activities to prevent issues.
                      • Rotate between a few different collars to allow thorough cleaning and drying of each. Change to a fresh collar regularly.
                      • Store spare collars properly protected in a drawer or hanging on a hook, away from any chewing puppies!

                      With proper care and replacement when worn, a quality dog collar should last 1-2 years or more of everyday use. Check it often for a secure, comfortable fit on your pup.


                      Curious for more collar advice? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

                      What are dog collars made of?

                      Dog collars come in a variety of materials including nylon, leather, chain, cotton, and biothane. Nylon is a popular lightweight and flexible option. Leather offers a handsome classic look. For dogs who swim or get wet often, quick-drying nylon or biothane collars are good choices.

                      How tight should a dog collar be?

                      Fit the collar snugly enough that two adult fingers can slide between the strap and your dog’s neck. It should not be able to slip off over the ears. Allow a little room for growth if your dog is a puppy. Check the fit frequently as your dog’s neck size changes.

                      Is a harness better than a collar?

                      For dogs prone to pulling hard during leash walks, a body harness evenly distributes pressure for better control and safety. Harnesses discourage pulling without choke risk. Dogs who cough or have trachea issues are also best suited for a harness. For polite walkers, a properly fitted collar is fine.

                      Are there dog collars for special needs?

                      Yes, some collars cater to special needs:

                      • Padded collars protect sensitive skin
                      • Head halters control hard pullers
                      • Flea & tick collars repel parasites
                      • Calming collars reduce anxiety with pressure
                      • LED collars increase night visibility

                      Consider your individual dog’s needs when selecting specialized collar styles or features.

                      Should I leave a collar on all the time?

                      For convenience, most dog owners leave collars on at all times, except when wet. Remove chain training collars promptly after use. Dogs should never be left alone with loose collar that could snag. Supervise your dog while getting used to any new collar. Check that it fits properly and does not irritate the neck.

                      How do I know when to size up my puppy’s collar?

                      Puppies grow quickly, so check collar fit often. Allow room for two adult fingers between the collar and neck. When the collar is getting snug, use a cloth tape to measure the updated neck size and order the next collar size up. Adjustable collars can expand as your pup grows.


                      From everyday flat collars to specialized training collars, there are many options to explore for your dog. Carefully considering your dog’s breed, temperament, and needs will guide you to the right collar choice. Be sure to get accurate sizing for maximum comfort and safety.

                      With proper selection, fit, and regular care your dog’s collar can last years of happy wear. A collar serves many purposes – identification, security, and style. Take time to find the perfect one tailored for your pup. Then you can enjoy strolling, playing, or working together with your companion always comfortably and safely by your side.


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