Best Dog Leash For Large Dogs 2023

Having a large dog comes with its own unique set of challenges when it comes to walking and training. A dog leash designed specifically for big breeds is an essential tool to keep your dog safe and under control when out and about. The right leash provides control, reduces pulling, and makes walks more pleasant for both dog and owner. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about choosing the best dog leash for large dogs.

We’ll look at the key factors to consider when shopping for a sturdy, well-designed leash for a big pup. You’ll learn about different leash styles and materials that are ideal for managing and training giant breed dogs. We’ve also included leash recommendations and reviews of popular options to help you select the perfect match for your large four-legged friend.

Whether you have a young, rambunctious large breed puppy or a mature mastiff, this guide will set you up with the knowledge to find the ideal heavy duty dog leash to make walking your big dog a breeze.

BAAPET Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle

BAAPET 2/4/5/6 FT Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle and Highly Reflective Threads for Small Medium and Large Dogs (5FT-1/2'', Black)

    This dog leash from BAAPET is designed to provide comfort and control for walking your dog. The padded handle makes it easy to grip and protects your hands, even if your dog pulls. The durable nylon rope is strong enough for large dogs yet flexible for smaller breeds.

    One great feature is the reflective threading that lets you walk safely at night. The sturdy metal clip swivels 360 degrees to prevent twisting and tangling. This helps keep your dog from getting frustrated on walks.

    When choosing the length, consider your dog’s size and temperament. The shorter leashes work well for training and keeping excitable dogs close. The longer 5 to 6 foot leashes provide more freedom while maintaining control.

    Key features:

    • Padded handle for comfort
    • Durable nylon rope
    • Reflective threading for night visibility
    • 360 degree swivel clip prevents twisting


    • Comfortable padded grip
    • Good for strong pullers
    • Allows freedom of movement
    • Sturdy and well-made


    • Clip may fail under extreme force
    • Not fully chew-proof

    Gorilla Grip Heavy Duty Dog Leash with Soft Handle

    Gorilla Grip Heavy Duty Dog Leash, Soft Handle, Strong Reflective Rope for Night Walking, Small Medium Large Dogs, Durable Puppy Training Leashes, Rotating Metal Clip, Waste Bag Dispenser, Black

      The Gorilla Grip leash is designed for control and visibility when walking your dog. The soft padded handle makes it very comfortable to hold. Even excitable dogs are easier to manage.

      Thick reflective rope and bold colors keep your dog visible at night. The sturdy metal clip swivels to prevent tangling. Walks are smoother for both you and your dog.

      The handy attached poop bag dispenser ensures you’re always prepared to clean up. Just twist to grab a bag as needed. The dispenser even accommodates fold-over treats for rewarding good behavior.

      This leash is made for medium to large breed dogs. The bright colors and patterns help locate dogs that wander off-leash. Match your dog’s personality or accessorize your own style.

      Key features:

      • Soft padded handle for comfort
      • Reflective rope for visibility
      • Swivel clip prevents tangling
      • Attached poop bag dispenser


      • Comfortable grip eases arm strain
      • Sturdy for strong pullers
      • Vivid colors and patterns
      • Convenient poop bag holder


      • May not withstand aggressive chewers
      • Bag dispenser lid prone to cracking

      MayPaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash

      MayPaw Heavy Duty Rope Dog Leash, 3/4/5/6/7/8/10/12/15 FT Nylon Pet Leash, Soft Padded Handle Thick Lead Leash for Large Medium Dogs Small Puppy Black

        The MayPaw rope leash provides excellent control when training or exercising your dog. The padded handle makes it easy to maintain a firm grip. The heavy-duty nylon rope stands up to pullers without painful hand burn.

        With 10 size options, you can match the leash to your dog’s strength and temperament. Keep a strong or excitable dog close with the shorter 3 to 5 foot leashes. Allow well-trained dogs more freedom to explore using the longer 10 to 15 foot leashes.

        The smooth 360 degree swivel clip prevents twisting and tangling to reduce frustration. While not chew-proof, the rope withstands normal mouthing. Vibrant colors and patterns suit any owner’s personal taste.

        Key features:

        • Padded handle for comfort
        • Heavy-duty nylon rope
        • 10 size options from 3 to 15 feet
        • 360 degree clip prevents twisting


        • Excellent control for training
        • 10 sizes match dog’s strength
        • Long lines allow freedom
        • Smooth swivel clip prevents tangles


        • Handle padding may tear
        • Not fully chew-proof

        COOYOO 2 Pack Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle

        COOYOO 2 Pack Dog Leash 2/5/6 FT Heavy Duty - Comfortable Padded Handle - Reflective Dog Leash for Medium Large Dogs with Collapsible Pet Bowl

          COOYOO’s two-pack dog leash set provides quality and value for walking one or multiple dogs. The padded handle improves comfort and grip. Reflective threading helps keep your dog visible for safety.

          The leashes have some bungee-like stretch to absorb sudden pulling without yanking your arm. The durable nylon rope design provides excellent control over your dog’s movement.

          Match leash lengths to your dog’s size and training progress. Keep excitable dogs close with the shorter 4 foot leashes. The longer 5 to 6 foot leashes allow well-trained dogs more freedom.

          With two leashes, you can walk two dogs at once or have a handy spare. The set of two brings versatility at a budget-friendly price.

          Key features:

          • Padded handle for comfort
          • Reflective threading for visibility
          • Bungee-like stretch absorbs pulling
          • Durable nylon rope design


          • Excellent value for a two-pack
          • Padded grip improves comfort
          • Bungee stretch reduces arm strain
          • Durable and budget-friendly


          • May not withstand aggressive chewing
          • Plastic handle covers may detach

          Taglory Rope Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle

          Taglory Rope Dog Leash 6 FT with Comfortable Padded Handle, Highly Reflective Threads Dog Leash for Large Dogs, 1/2 inch, Black

            The Taglory rope leash provides excellent durability to stand up to regular use. The padded handle improves grip comfort. Reflective threading helps keep your dog visible for safety when walking at night.

            The durable nylon rope design gives you excellent control over your dog for training or casual walks. The smooth swivel clip prevents twisting and tangling that causes frustration.

            Choose the length based on your dog’s size and training progress. For the most control, opt for the shorter 4 to 5 foot leash. Allow well-trained dogs more freedom to explore with the longer 6 foot leash.

            With quality construction at a budget price, the Taglory leash is an excellent value for daily walking. Vibrant colors help locate dogs if unleashed.

            Key features:

            • Padded handle for comfort
            • Reflective threading for visibility
            • Durable nylon rope for control
            • Smooth swivel clip prevents twisting


            • Excellent durability for daily use
            • Improves grip comfort
            • Allows freedom of movement
            • Great value for the price


            • Handle stays in fixed position
            • Poop bag dispenser lid prone to cracking

            MK-DEF 26ft Retractable Dog Leash

            26Ft Retractable Dog Leash, Heavy Duty Great Leash for Dog up to 110 lbs, Anti-Slip Rubberized Handle, One-Handed Brake, Strong Nylon Tape, Tangle Free——MK-DEF

              The MK-DEF 26ft retractable dog leash is a great option if you’re looking for extra freedom and control while walking your dog. This heavy-duty leash is made of durable nylon and can handle dogs up to 110lbs, giving them plenty of room to explore while keeping them secure.

              One of the best features of this leash is the anti-slip rubberized handle, which provides a comfortable and sturdy grip. The unique one-hand brake allows you to easily lock and release the leash as needed. The 26ft tape is ideal for giving your dog more freedom to wander and sniff during walks, while still allowing you to reel them in when necessary.

              This leash also features a 360 degree rotating hook that prevents tangling, keeping walks frustration-free. And the rust-proof metal components ensure this leash will hold up well to frequent daily use.

              Key features:

              • 26ft long retractable tape leash
              • For dogs up to 110lbs
              • Anti-slip rubberized handle
              • One-hand brake for locking/releasing
              • 360° rotating hook prevents tangling


              • Gives dogs freedom to explore
              • Sturdy nylon tape
              • Comfortable padded handle
              • Rust-proof metal parts


              • May not be ideal for puppies or training
              • Lock can jam if leash is fully extended

              Black Rhino 6ft Dog Training Leash

              BLACK RHINO | 6ft Long Dog Leash - Rope Dog Lead - Running Lead Leash for Medium & Large Dogs | Two Traffic Padded Comfort Handles - Double Handle Reflective Lead - Strong Leash for Training (Blue)

                The Black Rhino 6ft dog training leash is the perfect option for maintaining control and teaching good manners to your medium or large breed pup. This leash features two padded neoprene handles, one at 6ft for relaxed walking and one at 1ft for close control near traffic or other dogs.

                The neoprene padded handles provide a comfortable grip, while the reflective stitching offers visibility during night walks. The heavy-duty nylon construction can withstand pulls from energetic dogs, and the rust-resistant metal components ensure durability.

                Having two handles at different distances gives you flexibility. Keep your dog close with the 1ft traffic handle for safety and training, or allow more freedom to wander with the 6ft handle. This versatility makes it great for daily walks, running, and obedience training.

                Key features:

                • 6ft long double handle leash
                • For medium and large breed dogs
                • Padded neoprene handles
                • Reflective stitching


                • Allows close control or more freedom
                • Sturdy and chew-resistant
                • Comfortable padded handles
                • Highly versatile for training or exercise


                • May be too short for wide open spaces
                • Does not stretch or extend

                Hotsky Tactical Dog Leash

                Tactical Dog Leash, Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Medium Large Dogs, 4Ft 6 Ft Shock Absorbing Retractable Strong Dog Leash, Padded Double Handle Military Dog Leashes with Car Seatbelt for Training, Purple

                  The Hotsky tactical dog leash is a great heavy-duty option for controlling strong, energetic dogs thanks to its unique bungee design and two padded handles.

                  This leash features a stretchy bungee section that absorbs shock from sudden pulling, reducing jolts on your arm. The adjustable 4-6ft length gives your dog room to move while keeping them secure. Reflective accents help with visibility, and the durable nylon withstands daily use.

                  The padded control handle allows you to easily rein your dog in, while the D-ring is handy for attaching waste bags or keys. And the seatbelt clip lets you securely tether your dog in the car. This tactical leash truly provides versatility, comfort, and strength all in one.

                  Key features:

                  • Bungee leash with two padded handles
                  • Adjustable length from 4-6ft
                  • Seatbelt clip for car restraint
                  • Reflective accents and D-ring


                  • Absorbs shock from pulling
                  • Padded handles for comfort
                  • Secures dogs in car
                  • Durable nylon construction


                  • May not be ideal for small dogs
                  • Bungee section may wear out over time

                  Primal Pet Gear Dog Training Leash

                  Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash 6ft Long,Traffic Padded Two Handle,Heavy Duty,Reflective Double Handles Lead for Control Safety Training,Leashes for Large Dogs or Medium Dogs,Dual Handles Leads(Black)

                    The Primal Pet Gear dog leash is an excellent heavy-duty option made specifically for training and controlling medium to large breed puppies and dogs. This 6ft leash features two padded neoprene handles, giving you close control when you need it.

                    The shorter 1ft traffic handle is ideal for keeping your dog close, perfect for reinforcing obedience skills or walking near traffic. The main handle at 6ft allows more relaxed walking and freedom of movement. This dual handle design makes it versatile for any situation.

                    Reflective accents help with visibility, while the sturdy metal alloy hardware provides durability. The leash won’t pull or chafe your hands thanks to thecomfortable neoprene padding. This is a great leash for a strong, rambunctious pup who needs a little extra guidance.

                    Key features:

                    • 6ft long dual handle leash
                    • For medium and large dogs
                    • Padded neoprene handles
                    • Heavy-duty metal hardware


                    • Allows close control when needed
                    • Comfortable padded grip
                    • Highly durable construction
                    • Handy D-ring for attaching accessories


                    • Only available in standard 6ft length
                    • Buckle lock can occasionally fail

                    FLEXI 26ft Retractable Dog Leash

                    FLEXI® Giant Retractable Dog Leash (Tape), Ergonomic, Durable and Tangle Free Pet Walking Leash for Dogs up to 55 lbs, 26 ft, Medium, Black/Neon

                      The FLEXI Giant retractable dog leash provides the ideal combination of freedom and control for medium to large breed dogs. This leash extends a full 26ft, giving your dog room to explore and wander while keeping them safely secured.

                      The ergonomic anti-slip grip and convenient brake button allow you to easily control how much slack to give your dog with just one hand. The durable nylon tape glides smoothly and won’t get tangled like cheaper retractables.

                      For high-energy dogs who love to run and play fetch, this leash is a must-have. The 26ft range lets them roam freely while giving you the ability to quickly reel them back in when it’s time to go. And for well-trained dogs, it provides the freedom to sniff and explore while staying connected to you.

                      Key features:

                      • 26ft retractable tape leash
                      • Large ergonomic handle
                      • Brake button to control slack
                      • For medium to large dogs


                      • Provides extended roaming freedom
                      • Smoother than cheaper models
                      • Easy one-hand operation
                      • Durable casing withstands use


                      • Not ideal for training puppies
                      • More expensive than standard leashes

                      Dog Leash For Large Dogs Buying Guide

                      Walking a large or giant breed dog poses some unique challenges. Their sheer size and strength require a leash designed specifically to control and withstand the power of a big dog. Choosing the right heavy duty leash for a large pup is critical to keep them safe and set them up for leash manners success.

                      Here are the key factors to consider when selecting the best dog leash for your large breed:

                      Leash Strength and Durability

                      The number one priority in a leash for a big dog is that it’s made of sturdy, durable material that can withstand pulling, chewing, and daily use. Large and giant breeds like mastiffs, St. Bernards, Great Danes, and Newfoundlands are incredibly powerful. They can easily snap, chew through, or fray a leash made with inferior materials.

                      Look for a heavy duty leash designed specifically to control and withstand big dogs. The leash clip, strap, and stitching should all be reinforced for durability. Strong nylon and leather leashes are ideal choices. The leash strap should be 1-2 inches wide to disperse pressure and prevent damage.

                      Comfort for Dog and Owner

                      While strength is essential, the leash also needs to be comfortable for both dog and owner during long walks. A soft, padded handle is ideal to prevent chafing or blisters on your hand. The section of the leash that attaches to the dog’s collar should be smooth and sturdy but not harsh on your pet’s coat or skin.

                      Proper Fit

                      Be sure to choose a leash size that works for your dog’s height. Standard leashes for small to medium dogs are 4-6 feet. But giant breed dogs may need a longer 5-8 foot leash to allow them adequate space while still maintaining control.

                      Avoid retractable leashes for large dogs, as they do not provide the control needed for a powerful canine. A properly fitted strong leash gives you better handling over a big pup.

                      Training Features

                      For young or untrained giant breed dogs, look for a leash with extra handles or grab points. This allows you to quickly get better control over an excited dog who tries to pull or lunge. Some long leashes designed for training have multiple hand loops so you can hold closer to the collar while maintaining leash slack as the dog improves.

                      Dual connector leashes are another great option for training large dogs not to pull. They attach at both the collar and a front-clip harness for more control, without yanking the dog’s neck.


                      Look for a large dog leash with reflective threading woven throughout or reflective strips. This lets you be seen at night when walking your big pup. This is an especially important feature if you walk or hike with your dog near roads or trails.

                      Easy Cleaning

                      Leashes get dirty! Look for a large breed dog leash made with materials that rinse clean easily like nylon. You want to avoid leather leashes that require special cleaners or suede/fabric options that can’t get wet.

                      Now that you know what to look for in the best dog leash for your giant breed pup, let’s review top recommendations in different categories:

                      Top Large Breed Dog Leash Picks

                      Overall Best Heavy Duty Dog Leash: Max and Neo Double Handle Dog Leash

                      For an all-around excellent leash that can handle the strength of big dogs, the Max and Neo Double Handle Leash is a top choice. This heavy duty leash consists of a strong nylon strap and solid brass hardware to keep even the mightiest pullers under control.

                      The dual handles allow you to keep a short grip near the collar or give the dog more roaming room. Reflective threading and a padded handle provide comfort and visibility. It comes in sizes from 4-7 feet to fit giant breeds. This leash checks all the boxes for the best walking leash suited for large dog breeds.

                      Best Leather Dog Leash: Pecute Premium Leather Dog Leash

                      Leather leashes look sleek but require quality craftsmanship to withstand large dogs. The Pecute Premium Leather Dog Leash is a top pick thanks to its durable leather construction and sturdy stitching and hardware.

                      It comes in multiple sizes up to 6 feet, perfect for big dogs. The genuine leather is soft yet strong enough for pullers. A padded handle provides comfort. And the leather cleanses easily with soap and water. Overall, this is a stylish yet functional leather leash option for giant breed dog owners.

                      Best Chain Dog Leash: SparklyPets Heavy Duty Dog Leash

                      For ultimate strength, a metal chain leash is a smart choice for controlling huge dogs. The SparklyPets Heavy Duty Chain Dog Leash uses strong stainless steel interlocking links with sturdy clasps to keep giant dogs secure.

                      The chain is covered in a soft padded nylon for comfort where it touches your hand or dog. It comes in lengths up to 6 feet. While heavy, the chain gives maximum control and durability ideal for the largest breed dogs.

                      Best Long Line Dog Leash: Flexi Giant Tape Leash

                      Long line leashes allow big dogs to explore farther while maintaining control. The Flexi Giant Tape Leash extends 16 feet, giving giant breeds plenty of roaming room. The wide nylon tape material provides excellent grip and won’t tangle.

                      The brake system allows the owner to easily adjust slack and lock in place as needed. While not for all situations, this long line leash provides supervision over adventurous large dogs in appropriate open areas.

                      Best Hands-Free Dog Leash: Mighty Paw Hands Free Bungee Leash

                      For running or hiking with a big dog, a hands-free leash allows control while keeping your hands free. The Mighty Paw Hands Free Bungee Leash uses a strong bungee design to avoid yanking your dog’s neck if they lunge or pull.

                      It has a comfortable, adjustable belt plus a padded handle if you need to grab it. The dual leash design attaches at the collar and chest so you have control even with slack. This well-designed, high-quality hands-free leash is great for active large breed owners.

                      Best Double-Ended Training Leash: Peteast Dual-Handle Dog Training Leash

                      Double-ended leashes give more versatility when training large dogs not to pull or jump. The Peteast Dual Handle Training Leash connects to the collar and an included harness for steering power over exuberant giant pups.

                      The padded handles provide you firm control at the collar or harness. It has an adjustable bungee section to reduce jerking and pulling. And at 4-6 feet long, it suits most large breeds. This double leash design provides excellent control for training big dogs.


                      Should I use a harness or collar with a large breed dog leash?

                      For most everyday walking, a flat collar paired with a sturdy leash is fine for large dogs. But for training, a front-clip harness can provide more control paired with a double-ended leash. A properly fitted harness disperses pressure for safety.

                      Are retractable leashes OK for big dogs?

                      Retractable leashes do not provide enough control for managing and training large breed dogs when out walking. They allow dogs to gain momentum and pull very hard. Stick to a strong fixed-length leash for the best control of your big pup.

                      What’s the best leash length for a giant breed dog?

                      The ideal leash length for a large or giant breed dog is 5-8 feet. This gives them adequate space to move while allowing you to remain in control. Very large breeds like mastiffs may prefer a 6-8 foot leash for comfortable walking.

                      Should I get a chain or nylon leash for a powerful puller?

                      For dogs who pull hard, a nylon or leather leash with reinforced stitching is generally the best choice. Chains can be harsh on the hands and neck. But very powerful giant breeds may do better with a strong metal chain leash for control.

                      Is a hands-free leash good for hiking with a large dog?

                      Yes, a high-quality hands-free leash like a bungee around your waist allows you to hike or run while keeping a strong large breed dog under control. It prevents painful yanking if they lunge. But you can still grab the leash handle if needed.


                      Choosing the right heavy duty leash designed for large and giant breed dogs is a key piece of equipment for any big dog owner. The proper leash keeps powerful pups secure, reduces pulling, and makes walks more pleasant. Look for durable materials, control features, comfort, and the right size to suit your large pup.

                      With a high-quality leash designed for their size and strength, you can turn even an unruly giant breed puppy into a polite walker. The leash recommendations and tips in this guide will set you up to find the best match for you and your big dog. Using the proper equipment goes a long way in training any size of dog, but especially strong powerful large breeds who need extra control.


                      1. Dog Cat Online – This website offers a variety of dog leashes, including a multifunctional leash for medium dogs and an adjustable leash with a car seatbelt for large dogs.
                      2. Petco – Petco offers a range of dog leashes, including options specifically designed for large dogs. They also have a variety of materials to choose from, such as nylon and leather.
                      3. Chewy – Chewy has a wide selection of dog leashes, including options for large dogs. They offer leashes in various lengths, materials, and styles.
                      4. PetSmart – PetSmart offers a variety of dog leashes, including options for large dogs. They have leashes in different materials, such as nylon and leather, and also offer retractable leashes.
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