Best Dog Leash For Small Dogs 2023

Finding the right dog leash for your small dog is an important decision. The leash needs to be comfortable for both you and your dog, allow for proper control, and suit your lifestyle and training needs. Small dogs have different requirements than larger breeds, so it’s key to find a leash designed with little ones in mind.

When choosing a leash for a small dog, there are several factors to consider including comfort, durability, length, and any special features that may help with training or control. You’ll also want to think about your dog’s personality and walking habits. An excitable dog may need a different leash than a more laidback pup.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of various dog leash options for small breeds. You’ll learn about different materials, lengths, and features to help you select the best leash for your petite pooch. We’ll also provide leash training tips to ensure a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable walking experience for you both.

TUG 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash

TUG 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash | 16 ft Strong Nylon Tape | One-Handed Brake, Pause, Lock (Large, White)

    The TUG 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash has been an absolute game-changer for daily walks with your furry friend. This retractable leash provides your dog with ample freedom to explore while keeping them safe within reach.

    One of the standout features is the tangle-free mechanism that prevents frustrating twisting or tangling during use. Walks become more relaxing without having to deal with a tangled mess. The leash smoothly extends and retracts with a simple thumb motion thanks to the well-built retractable system.

    You’ll love the comfortable padded handle that ensures a solid grip even when your energetic pup is raring to go on lengthy walks. The durable nylon tape is made of quality materials that stand up to regular use without any signs of wear.

    The quick brake and lock feature gives you control over your dog’s movement. You can stop them immediately if needed or lock the leash at your desired length. This adds an extra level of safety and peace of mind.

    Key features:

    • Tangle-free retractable mechanism
    • Padded anti-slip handle
    • Durable 16 ft nylon tape
    • Quick brake and lock feature


    • Prevents leash tangling
    • Comfortable and secure grip
    • Sturdy and reliable
    • Allows dog freedom


    • Can feel heavy for small dogs
    • Locking mechanism can be stiff

    BAAPET Dog Leash

    BAAPET 2/4/5/6 FT Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle and Highly Reflective Threads for Small Medium and Large Dogs (5FT-1/2'', Black)

      The BAAPET Dog Leash makes it so easy to take your furry companion on relaxing and comfortable walks. This leash is thoughtfully designed to provide an excellent walking experience for owners and pets alike.

      The durable nylon rope construction can withstand enthusiastic tugs and pulls from your dog without fraying or snapping. The rope feels substantial in your hands yet flexible enough for your dog’s comfort.

      Your hand will love the padded foam handle that gives you a sturdy and slip-free grip. No more sore hands after long walks! The bright reflective threads keep you visible and safe during nighttime use.

      The smooth 360 degree tangle-free clasp maximizes your dog’s freedom of movement. You won’t have to deal with annoying tangles and twists in the rope leash.

      Key features:

      • Durable nylon rope
      • Padded anti-slip handle
      • Reflective threads
      • Tangle-free rotating clasp


      • Withstands pulls and tugs
      • Comfortable padded grip
      • Provides visibility at night
      • Allows freedom of movement


      • Clasp can come loose if pulled too hard
      • Rope can cause friction burns if grabbed

      16Ft Retractable Dog Leash

      16Ft Retractable Dog Leash,Light Weight Leash for Small to Medium Dogs/Cats Up to 50lbs,Strong Nylon Tape, Tangle Free, One-Handed Brake,Simple, Practical and Comfortable——enrgticdg.

        This 16Ft Retractable Dog Leash makes walks with your small to medium-sized pup smooth and hassle-free. Its thoughtful design provides you and your dog with a comfortable and practical walking experience.

        The durable nylon tape can withstand everyday use without showing signs of wear. It smoothly extends and retracts to give your dog freedom while keeping them secure.

        You’ll love the easy one-handed braking and locking mechanism. It gives you complete control to stop your dog immediately or lock the leash at your desired length.

        The anti-slip handle ensures you keep a firm and comfortable grip at all times. The lightweight feel makes it easy to manage during lengthy walks.

        Key features:

        • Durable 16 ft nylon tape
        • One-hand brake and lock
        • Anti-slip handle
        • Lightweight


        • Provides dog freedom
        • Easy braking and locking
        • Comfortable grip
        • Light and easy to manage


        • Not ideal for large breed dogs
        • Locking mechanism can be stiff

        Fida Retractable Dog Leash

        Fida Retractable Dog Leash, 16 ft Dog Walking Leash for Small Dogs up to 26 lbs, 360° Tangle Free, Black

          The Fida Retractable Dog Leash takes the hassle out of daily walks and provides your small dog with safe freedom. This well-constructed retractable leash smoothly extends up to 16 feet to accommodate your pooch’s wandering spirit.

          The reflective tape keeps you visible during night walks and adds a touch of stylish flair. Your hand will love the anti-slip padded handle that ensures a reliable grip.

          The rust-proof heavy-duty swivel hook securely and comfortably attaches to your dog’s collar without irritating their skin. The anti-twist inlet helps prevent annoying tangles during walks.

          You’ll appreciate the responsive one-handed braking that allows you to immediately stop and reel in your pooch when needed. It provides that extra peace of mind when walking your adventurous small dog.

          Key features:

          • 16 ft strong reflective tape
          • Anti-slip padded handle
          • Rust-proof swivel hook
          • One-hand brake


          • Provides small dog freedom
          • Visible reflective tape
          • Comfortable padded grip
          • Easy braking control


          • Not ideal for medium or large dogs
          • Locking mechanism can be stiff

          iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash

          iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch, Dual Padded Handles and Durable Bungee for Walking, Jogging and Running Your Dog (Large, 25-120 lbs, Black)

            The iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash makes running, hiking, and walking with your energetic dog easy and comfortable. You’ll love the convenience of having both hands free while maintaining control of your canine companion.

            The dual handle design provides multiple grip options – take hold of the leash when you need more control or let the padded lumbar belt support your dog’s movement during relaxed sections.

            The durable bungee cord smoothly absorbs any sudden pulling or change of direction from your dog, preventing jarring movements. The reflective stitching provides visibility and safety during nighttime use.

            You’ll appreciate the secure D-ring belt buckle that keeps the leash firmly attached at your desired position. The handy zippered phone pouch lets you carry essentials hands-free.

            Key features:

            • Dual padded handles
            • Adjustable waist belt
            • Shock-absorbing bungee
            • Zippered phone pouch


            • Provides hands-free convenience
            • Secure waist belt attachment
            • Absorbs pulling and jerking
            • Allows you to carry essentials


            • Can loosen if belt doesn’t fit snug
            • Running pack can slide around

            Taglory Rope Dog Leash

            Taglory Rope Dog Leash 6 FT with Comfortable Padded Handle, Highly Reflective Threads Dog Leash for Large Dogs, 1/2 inch, Black

              Looking for a durable and comfortable dog leash? This Taglory rope dog leash is a great option to consider. The 1/2 inch thick rope design provides excellent durability and strength to handle dogs up to 120 lbs, while the padded handle gives you a comfortable grip.

              When taking your dog for a walk, this leash allows you to maintain control. The bright color makes it easy to see, and the reflective threads help with visibility at night. The 6 ft length gives your dog room to move while keeping them close by your side.

              Whether you have a large, medium or small dog, this leash caters to all sizes. It comes in a variety of color options too, so you can find one to suit your taste.

              Key features:

              • Padded handle for comfort
              • D-ring for easy clip on accessories
              • Reflective stitching for good visibility


              • Durable and sturdy rope design
              • Padded handle for comfortable grip
              • Vibrant colors and reflective threads
              • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
              • Variety of color options


              • Handle may be stiff at first

              GUDWING Retractable Dog Leash

              Retractable Dog Leash 30 FT, GUDWING Dog Walking Leash for Medium Large Dogs up to 77 lbs, Heavy Duty No Tangle, Large

                If you want to give your dog freedom to explore while maintaining control, a retractable leash like this GUDWING option is a great choice. This leash extends up to 30 ft, allowing your dog to roam and sniff, while the one-button brake lets you instantly lock the leash at any length.

                The nylon tape material is durable enough for daily use, and the ergonomic handle provides a sturdy grip. For safety, keep your dog by your side before any unpredictable situations. This leash works best for medium and large dogs up to 77 lbs.

                With quick and smooth retraction, you can easily reel your pup back in when needed. The lock secures reliably at the desired length to avoid tangling. Enjoy strolls together without the hassle.

                Key features:

                • Extends up to 30 ft
                • One button brake for instant locking
                • Strong and durable nylon tape


                • Gives dog freedom to explore
                • Quick, smooth retraction
                • Locks securely at any length
                • Suitable for medium and large dogs


                • Not ideal for small dogs
                • Lock can be hard to unlock

                FunTags Reflective Dog Leash

                FunTags 6FT Reflective Dog Leash with Soft Padded Handle for Training,Walking Lead for Large & Medium Dog,1 Inch Wide,Black

                  Searching for the perfect dog walking leash? This reflective leash from FunTags is a top choice to consider. The bright colors and reflective threading help provide optimal visibility, making walks safer any time of day.

                  With its durable nylon rope construction, padded handle, and heavy-duty metal clasp, this leash provides excellent reliability. The 6 ft length allows control of your dog without tangling, and the leash stays comfortable in your hand even during long walks.

                  Whether you have a large, medium or small dog, this leash provides a secure yet comfortable fit. It comes in a wide selection of fun colors too.

                  Key features:

                  • Padded handle for comfort
                  • Reflective threading for visibility
                  • Durable nylon rope construction


                  • Reflective for enhanced visibility
                  • Comfortable padded grip
                  • Durable and sturdy materials
                  • Variety of vibrant colors
                  • Suitable for all dog sizes


                  • Limited visibility from one side

                  jenico Rope Dog Leash

                  Rope Dog Leash 5 FT: Heavy Duty Leashes with Swivel Lockable Hook Reflective Threads Bungee and Padded Handle - Dog Lead for Large Small Medium Dogs Outside Walking Hiking Orange

                    The jenico rope dog leash is a great option for dogs who love to roam and explore on walks. The 5 ft length coupled with the bungee design gives your dog more freedom while maintaining control.

                    This leash features reflective threading for good visibility at night. The durable rope construction can withstand regular use, while the padded handle provides a comfortable grip. For added convenience, a poop bag dispenser is included.

                    Between the swivel clip and bungee, this leash helps avoid tangling as your dog moves around. The bright colors make it easy to spot too. Whether you have a large, medium or small dog, this rope leash caters to all sizes.

                    Key features:

                    • Reflective threading for visibility
                    • Padded handle for comfort
                    • Bungee design for freedom of movement
                    • Poop bag dispenser included


                    • Allows dog to roam and explore
                    • Reflective for night walking
                    • Comfortable padded grip
                    • Swivel clip prevents tangling
                    • Suitable for all dog sizes


                    • Difficult to restrain pullers
                    • Not ideal for complete control

                    Gorilla Grip Dog Leash

                    Gorilla Grip Heavy Duty Dog Leash, Soft Handle, Strong Reflective Rope for Night Walking, Small Medium Large Dogs, Durable Puppy Training Leashes, Rotating Metal Clip, Waste Bag Dispenser, Pink

                      The Gorilla Grip dog leash is a great heavy-duty option for dogs who tend to pull. The durable nylon rope design can withstand pulling and daily use. Reflective threads provide increased visibility for night walks.

                      The leash features a comfortable padded handle for a reliable grip. The rotating metal clip at the end attaches securely to your dog’s collar while preventing twisting. Plus, a convenient waste bag dispenser is attached.

                      With its sturdy construction, this leash enables excellent control when walking dogs of any size. It comes in sizes ranging from 4 to 6 ft, so you can find the perfect length for your needs.

                      Key features:

                      • Reflective threading for visibility
                      • Padded handle for comfortable grip
                      • Rotating metal clip to prevent twisting
                      • Waste bag dispenser included


                      • Withstands pulling and daily use
                      • Provides increased visibility at night
                      • Comfortable padded grip
                      • Secure rotating clip
                      • Variety of size options


                      • Waste bag dispenser may break

                      Dog Leash for Small Dogs Buying Guide

                      Choosing a leash for your pint-sized companion requires careful consideration of their needs and your preferences. Here are some factors to keep in mind:


                      Since small dogs are lower to the ground, it’s important to find a leash that won’t drag or snag. Look for lightweight materials, padding if needed, and adjustments for proper fit. The right leash will be comfy for both dog and owner.


                      Standard leashes are 4-6 feet, but a shorter 3-4 foot leash gives you better control of a small dog. Retractable leashes allow freedom while maintaining control. Consider your dog’s personality and training when choosing length.


                      Small dogs can be mighty, so durability is key. Nylon and leather leashes withstand pulling and chewing. Check hardware for quality and weak points. Frayed rope can be dangerous.


                      Leashes in bright colors, reflective materials, or LED lights help keep tiny dogs visible, especially at night or in dim conditions. This is an important safety consideration for small pups.

                      Training Features

                      If you’re still mastering leash manners, consider a double ended leash for additional control, a head halter to deter pulling, or a harness to avoid neck strain. Martingale collars are also great training tools.

                      Lifestyle Factors

                      Think about your lifestyle and needs. Are you looking for a leash for everyday walks or outdoor adventures? Do you need a leash for travel? Waterproof and hands-free leashes allow convenient, versatile use.

                      Personal Preference

                      Of course, you want a leash that suits your own taste and needs. Consider thickness, grip, aesthetic, and any special features that appeal to you. The “best” leash is the one you and your dog will enjoy using the most!

                      Now that you know what to look for in a small dog leash, let’s explore some specific options…

                      Standard Leash

                      The traditional flat dog leash is a safe bet and most affordable option. A standard 4-6 foot leash gives you good control of your small pup on everyday walks. Select a lightweight, durable nylon or leather leash with comfortable padding.


                      • Inexpensive
                      • Allows for decent control
                      • Easy to find


                      • Can be bulky
                      • Limited in special features

                      Best For: Everyday walking and training; dogs that don’t pull excessively

                      Retractable Dog Leash

                      A retractable leash allows your little pooch more freedom to explore and sniff, while maintaining control. The line can extend 10-26 feet then retracts with the push of a button.


                      • Provides extended roaming while maintaining control
                      • Convenient one-handed use
                      • Compact storage when retracted


                      • Can be difficult managing an untrained dog
                      • Risk of burns or injuries if leash retracts abruptly
                      • Dog can gain dangerous momentum with long lead

                      Best For: Trained dogs in open outdoor spaces; hands-free convenience

                      Chain Leash

                      Made of metal links, the durable chain leash is ideal for strong pullers. Chains are also weatherproof. However, they can be noisy and heavy.


                      • Extremely durable against chewers/pullers
                      • Won’t absorb moisture; easy to clean


                      • Noisy when dragged
                      • Heavy; can be uncomfortable
                      • Limited style options

                      Best For: Strong, powerful dogs that pull; outdoor adventures

                      Rope/Cotton Leash

                      Rope leashes with a cotton or nylon core provide a comfortable, lightweight option. They come in fun patterns and colors. However, rope tends to fray over time.


                      • Lightweight and comfortable
                      • Range of stylish designs and colors
                      • Softer feel than nylon or leather


                      • Not as durable; prone to fraying
                      • Absorbs moisture/odors

                      Best For: Casual walking; adding a pop of color; smaller, less pull-prone dogs

                      Double Ended Leash

                      A double ended leash has a handle at each end, giving you added control of small, untrained dogs. Helpful during initial leash training.


                      • Extra control for training loose leash walking
                      • Allows control of two dogs at once
                      • Variety of lengths for flexibility


                      • Can be awkward maneuvering two handles
                      • No retractable option

                      Best For: Training puppies or adult dogs who pull; multi-dog households

                      Hands Free Leash

                      These leashes wrap around your waist so you can walk, jog, or hike without holding a leash. Great for adventures with a trained small dog.


                      • Leaves hands free while walking
                      • Often features bungee design to absorb shock
                      • Dual clip for additional control


                      • Not ideal for untrained dogs
                      • Needs proper fit to owner’s body
                      • Less responsive handling

                      Best For: Hiking, running, or walking with a well-trained dog

                      Custom Leash

                      For the fashionable pet parent, a custom leather leash provides stylish flair. Add your dog’s name or fun patterns and colors. Expect to pay more.


                      • Unique personalized design
                      • High quality materials
                      • Range of colors and patterns


                      • More expensive
                      • Limited control features

                      Best For: Style-conscious dog owners who prioritize design

                      Seatbelt Leash

                      Attach this short leash to your dog’s harness and clip it into a seat belt buckle for safe car travel. Crash-tested designs provide security.


                      • Provides restraint and safety while driving
                      • Prevents driver distraction/injury
                      • Many styles and lengths available


                      • Only for car travel
                      • Must be used with harness, not collar

                      Best For: Safe and secure travel; active dogs who need restraint in car

                      Leash Training Tips for Small Dogs

                      In addition to choosing the right equipment, proper leash manners require effective training techniques. Here are some tips for a stress-free walk:

                      Use Treats and Praise

                      Positive reinforcement helps small dogs associate the leash with pleasant experiences. Reward good behavior with treats and verbal praise.

                      Start Slowly

                      Begin leash training indoors and at a slow pace. Once your dog is comfortable, pick up speed gradually. Don’t drag your dog.

                      Use Proper Equipment

                      Choose a lightweight leash and flat collar or body harness. This provides control without straining the neck.

                      Remain Calm and Patient

                      Frustration will only stress your dog. Stay composed, even during moments of misbehavior. Keep sessions short.

                      Practice Loose Leash Walking

                      When your dog pulls, stop and call her back to your side. Reward when leash is loose. Stay consistent.

                      Discourage Pulling

                      If your dog strains against the leash, change directions. Don’t allow them to forge ahead while pulling.

                      Address Problems Immediately

                      If your dog acts out, end the walk on a positive note. Resume training to reinforce proper manners.

                      With consistency and clear communication, your small dog will master leash walking skills in no time. Be sure to select the best leash and collar for your training needs. With the right tools and techniques, you’ll both enjoy your regular walks.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      What length leash is best for a small dog?

                      For small dogs under 20 pounds, a 3-4 foot leash provides the best control. Standard 4-6 foot leashes work too but allow your dog more freedom to explore. Retractable leashes over 10 feet aren’t ideal for tiny pups.

                      Should small dogs use a harness instead of a collar?

                      Yes, small breed dogs are best walked on a harness, which disperses pressure over the body instead of the delicate throat. Collars can cause injury if pulled. Make sure both collar and harness properly fit your petite pup.

                      Are retractable leashes good for small dogs?

                      Retractable leashes allow small dogs freedom to explore while maintaining control. However, the long lead can be difficult to manage with an untrained dog. Supervise closely and lock the leash at a shorter length until your dog consistently walks politely.

                      How can I train a small dog not to pull on leash?

                      Start by rewarding your dog with treats for staying by your side. If they begin to pull, immediately stop walking. Give a verbal cue like “easy”, then wait for the leash to slacken before continuing. Be patient, consistent, and positive. With time, your dog will learn not to strain against the lead.

                      What’s the best leash for a puppy?

                      Puppies should be leash trained with lightweight nylon or leather leashes about 4 feet long. Have them wear a properly fitted flat collar or harness. Keep initial sessions short and positive. Give treats and praise for good leash manners.

                      Should I use a choke chain on a small dog?

                      No, choke chains should never be used on a small dog. The risk of trachea injury from pulling is too high with petite breeds. Stick to flat collars, body harnesses, and positive training methods. Choke collars are harmful and ineffective.

                      How can I find a stylish leash for my small dog?

                      Many brands like Max & Neo Dog Gear or Perri’s Leather offer fashionable leashes in various colors, patterns, and materials like rope or leather. You can also find custom leashes on sites like Etsy where you design the look. Just be sure comfort and durability are also considered.


                      Finding the ideal leash for your pint-sized pooch starts with understanding their needs and your preferences. Key factors include comfort, control, durability, safety, and your lifestyle. While standard leashes work for many small dogs, options like retractable and double-ended leashes provide added versatility.

                      Proper training is also essential for leash manners. Use positive reinforcement, patience, and consistency when working with your little buddy. With the right leash and techniques, you’ll both enjoy your daily strolls.

                      The most important thing is choosing a leash that’s comfortable for both you and your small dog. Test different styles and lengths to see what suits your pet best. They’ll let you know if the fit isn’t right! While getting the perfect gear takes some trial and error, the investment is worth it for the safety and happiness of your furry friend.


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