Best Dog Leash For Training 2023

Having the right dog leash is crucial for successfully training and walking your dog. The leash acts as an important communication tool between you and your pet. Choosing the best leash for your specific training needs and your dog’s size and temperament can make a big difference in keeping them under control.

When selecting a training leash, key factors to consider include the leash material, length, width, comfort of the handle, and any special features like double handles or traffic handles. The goal is to find an option that provides good control without being too harsh on your dog’s neck.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the different types of dog leashes for training and review the top leash options to help you find the perfect match for you and your pooch. We’ll cover everything from classic 6 foot leashes to specialty hands-free and head halter designs.

Hi Kiss Long Training Dog Leash

Hi Kiss Dog/Puppy Obedience Recall Training Agility Lead - 15ft 20ft 30ft 50ft 100ft Training Leash - Great for Play, Camping, or Backyard - Black 30ft

    The Hi Kiss long training dog leash is an excellent option for taking your pup on adventures while maintaining control. This durable nylon leash comes in multiple lengths, allowing you to choose the amount of freedom that suits your dog’s personality and training level.

    Whether you’re working on obedience commands, recall training, or navigating new environments, this leash keeps your dog secure while giving them room to explore. The padded handle ensures a comfortable, slip-free grip even when your energetic companion is straining against the lead.

    One of the best features of this leash is the swivel bolt snap that connects to your dog’s collar or harness. It resists twisting and tangling, keeping your walk frustration-free. The bright color options also make this leash highly visible, adding an extra layer of safety when adventuring in low light.

    This leash is a training essential for medium and large breed dogs. The heavy-duty nylon construction stands up to regular use while the nickel-plated hardware withstands the elements. Give your dog more freedom to roam without sacrificing control by choosing this well-made long line from Hi Kiss.

    Key features:

    • Multiple length options from 15 to 100 ft
    • Padded handle for comfort
    • Durable nylon construction
    • Swivel bolt snap prevents twisting
    • High visibility colors


    • Allows dogs freedom to explore
    • Maintains control for training
    • Comfortable padded grip
    • Durable and weather resistant


    • May not stand up to aggressive chewers
    • Longer lengths require more space

    Fida Slip Lead Dog Leash

    Fida Durable Slip Lead Dog Leash, 6 FT x 1/2" Heavy Duty Loop Comfortable Strong Rope Leash for Large, Medium Dogs, No Pull Pet Training with Highly Reflective, Blue

      The Fida slip lead dog leash eliminates the need for a standard collar while giving you complete control over your energetic pup. This versatile lead tightens gently around your dog’s neck when they pull, applying pressure to discourage the behavior. But when your dog walks properly without pulling, the lead loosens to provide a comfortable fit.

      Made from durable nylon rope and high quality hardware, this slip lead is built to last through countless adventures. The rope construction contours to your dog’s neck while maintaining its shape over time.

      The top features that make this leash ideal for training include the strong metal ring for quick control and a sturdy leather stopper to prevent the loop from loosening too much. The lead’s bright colors and reflective stitching also keep your dog visible in low light conditions.

      Whether you’re teaching loose leash walking, reinforcing commands at a distance, or working through reactive behaviors, this easy-to-use slip lead gives you the gentle control you need. The adjustable six-foot length is perfect for medium and large breed dogs.

      Key features:

      • Eliminates need for collar
      • Applies pressure when dog pulls
      • Durable nylon rope construction
      • Reflective stitching for visibility


      • Discourages pulling
      • Provides quick control
      • Maintains shape over time
      • Highly adjustable fit


      • May loosen too much without stopper
      • Not recommended for aggressive chewers

      JEWOSTER Double Handle Dog Leash

      Heavy Duty Dog Leash - 2 Handles by Padded Traffic Handle for Extra Control, 6foot Long - Perfect for Medium to Large Dogs (6 ft, Black)

        The Jewoster double handle dog leash adds an extra level of control for training and adventures with even the most energetic pups. With two padded, neoprene handles, you can easily guide your dog through crowds or across busy streets.

        This leash features heavy-duty nylon construction with reinforced stitching, making it durable enough for regular use. The nickel-plated clip securely attaches to your dog’s collar or harness so you can feel confident during training sessions.

        While one handle gives your dog some freedom to explore, the lower handle allows you to quickly get them back into a heel position. This leash is perfect for reinforcing obedience, whether your dog is learning to walk politely or practicing more advanced skills.

        Reflective stitching stretches the length of the leash, helping drivers see you when visibility is low. And the handy metal D-ring lets you attach waste bags or training clickers for convenience.

        For added control and durable construction, choose this double handle leash from Jewoster. The six-foot length is ideal for medium and large dogs.

        Key features:

        • Dual padded handles
        • Heavy-duty nylon construction
        • Reinforced stitching
        • Reflective stitching for visibility


        • Added control for training
        • Guides dogs in crowds
        • Durable construction
        • Convenient D-ring for accessories


        • Not recommended for aggressive chewers
        • Handles may be too thin for very large dogs

        PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

        PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Dog Headcollar - The Ultimate Solution to Pulling - Redirects Your Dog's Pulling For Easier Walks - Helps You Regain Control - Medium , Deep Purple

          The PetSafe Gentle Leader is a game-changing tool for gaining control over dogs prone to pulling during leash walks. Designed by a veterinary behaviorist, this humane headcollar gently redirects your dog’s attention toward you when they pull, rather than relying on pain or force.

          Fitting similarly to a horse halter, the Gentle Leader puts pressure on key points of your dog’s head and neck to discourage pulling and lunging. But it also gives them the freedom to pant, eat, and drink comfortably.

          The adjustable design ensures you can fine-tune the fit for your dog’s unique head shape. While acclimating your pup to wearing the collar, be patient and use positive reinforcement. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy relaxed strolls together.

          Once your dog respects the collar, you’ll only need it in high-distraction situations. For pups lacking the snub nose of a pug or bulldog, this collar offers an intelligent alternative to halt pulling and reactivity.

          Key features:

          • Redirection headcollar fit
          • Discourages pulling using pressure points
          • Allows dogs to eat and drink
          • Fully adjustable fit


          • Humane alternative to correction collars
          • Improves leash manners
          • Enhances dog’s focus on owner
          • Can be used as needed after acclimation


          • Not suitable for brachycephalic breeds
          • Requires proper introduction and fitting

          MayPaw Slip Lead Dog Leash

          MayPaw Slip Lead Control Leash for Dogs No Pull, 13+ Colors Classic Dog Leash 7FT Pet Slip Leash, 1/4” Rope Leash for Small Medium Animals

            For simple control during daily walks, the MayPaw slip lead dog leash eliminates the need for a collar. This adjustable rope-style lead tightens around your dog’s neck proportionally when they pull, applying gentle pressure to curb the behavior.

            Constructed from durable nylon with leather hardware, this lightweight leash is soft on your hands while remaining sturdy enough for training. The smooth nylon easily slides to adjust for the perfect individualized fit.

            By teaching your dog not to pull as pressure increases on their neck, this leash helps establish proper leash manners. And when your dog walks politely without pulling, the lead remains comfortably loose.

            With its seven-foot length and bright color options, this well-made slip lead is easy to control and see outdoors. It’s ideal for small and medium breed dogs, as well as puppies learning good habits from the start.

            For a sturdy yet lightweight leash that makes training easier, choose this adjustable slip lead from MayPaw. The clever design applies gentle pressure to stop pulling and improve your dog’s focus.

            Key features:

            • Applies pressure when dog pulls
            • Lightweight nylon and leather
            • Smooth nylon adjusts easily
            • Seven-foot length for control


            • Teaches dog not to pull
            • Discourages pulling using pressure
            • Comfortable when not engaged
            • Highly visible color options


            • Not ideal for very large or powerful dogs
            • May slip off smaller dogs

            MANDAO Nylon Dog Training Leash

            Nylon Training Dog Leash for Small Medium Large Dogs, 15ft 20ft 30ft 50ft Long Puppy Lead for Obedience Recall Training, Camping (20ft, Black)

              Looking for a durable and versatile dog leash for training or everyday walks? This nylon dog training leash from MANDAO is a great option to consider. The leash is made from strong nylon material that is lightweight yet sturdy. It comes in multiple sizes, from 15ft up to 50ft, allowing you to choose the ideal length for your needs.

              Whether you want to work on recall training, give your dog more freedom on hikes, or keep them safe at the campground, this leash has you covered. The bright color options ensure visibility and stand out when walking in low light. The leash handle is easy to grip to maintain control of even large, powerful dogs when needed.

              When it comes to durability, this leash is built to last through regular use. The stitching and quality materials hold up well over time. It can withstand exposure to water without issue as well. For the price, it provides excellent value.

              Key features:

              • Durable nylon material
              • Multiple size options from 15-50ft
              • Bright, reflective color choices
              • Lightweight but strong
              • Good for training and outdoor activities


              • Well-made and long lasting
              • Allows dog freedom while maintaining control
              • Provides excellent value for the price
              • Easy to grip handle
              • Visible colors for safety


              • Can get muddy/dirty if dog goes in water
              • Not recommended for chewers

              WePet Dog Training Slip Leash

              WePet Dog Training Slip Leash, Dog Slip Lead, Puppy Obedience Recall Training Lead, 6 ft Long, Heavy Duty Rope with Reflective Design, Comfortable Handle, for Medium Large Dogs, Black/White

                For an easy-to-use dog leash that simplifies training and control, the WePet dog training slip leash is a top choice. This leash combines a collar and lead in one convenient piece. Just slip it over your dog’s head and it’s ready to go. The adjustable design ensures a proper fit.

                Made from durable nylon with stainless steel hardware, this leash is built to last through regular handling. It has reflective accents for visibility and a padded section on the handle for comfort. The no-tangle design gives your dog freedom of movement while maintaining control.

                Whether you’re working on loose leash walking or reinforcing obedience commands, this leash helps keep your dog focused. The slip lead functionality gives you gentle control over pulling when needed. It is especially useful for rescue dogs learning good manners.

                This leash comes in a wide range of fun colors to suit any dog’s style. It provides excellent control for the price, and many owners love the convenience of the slip-on collar and lead combination. Overall, it’s a great choice for training walks and everyday use.

                Key features:

                • All-in-one collar and leash
                • Adjustable slip-on design
                • Durable nylon with stainless hardware
                • Reflective and padded handle
                • Variety of color choices


                • Easy to put on and use
                • Good control for training
                • Reflective for visibility
                • Durable and well-made
                • Great value


                • Can pull hair if not adjusted properly
                • Not recommended for tie-outs

                PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash

                PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash - Strong, Durable, Traditional Style Leash with Easy to Use Bolt Snap - 3/8 in. x 6 ft., Royal Blue

                  For a tried and true traditional dog leash, PetSafe’s nylon leash is a top choice loved by thousands of pet owners. This popular leash comes in a range of sizes and colors to suit any dog’s needs. It’s constructed from durable nylon that provides strength without excessive weight.

                  The metal bolt clip swivels to prevent tangling during walks and provides a sturdy, secure connection. The leash handle creates a comfortable grip to keep control of your dog. Reflective thread woven into the leash improves visibility at night.

                  Customers love the PetSafe nylon leash for its simplicity, durability, and comfortable feel. The quality design holds up well for years of regular use. It provides excellent control and value for everyday walking.

                  Many owners appreciate the coordinating colors that match PetSafe harnesses and collars. The leash is easy to clean and maintain. Overall, this traditional nylon leash does the job for a reasonable price point and stands the test of time.

                  Key features:

                  • Durable nylon construction
                  • Metal swivel bolt clip
                  • Reflective threading
                  • Multiple size and color options
                  • Matching options for collars/harnesses


                  • Excellent quality and durability
                  • Provides great control
                  • Swivel clip prevents tangling
                  • Easy to clean/maintain
                  • Great value for price


                  • Can be chewed through if dog is destructive
                  • Clip is small for some handlers

                  Pet’s Company Slip Lead Dog Leash

                  Slip Lead Dog Leash, Heavy Duty Dog Leash, Reflective Lead Leashes, Strong Mountain Climbing Rope Leash, No Pull Dog Training Leash for Small Medium and Large Dogs 5FT

                    For an easy-to-use training tool, the Pet’s Company slip lead dog leash is a top choice. This leash simplifies control and correction during obedience training. The thin rope construction slides smoothly to gently tighten around the dog’s neck when needed.

                    Made from durable mountain climbing rope, this leash provides strength and visibility. The reflective accents improve visibility at night. An adjustable stopper allows custom fitting for any neck size. The design focuses control right at the dog’s neck to reinforce commands.

                    Customers love how easy this leash makes training. The lightweight feel doesn’t weigh dogs down. Owners appreciate the instant gentle corrections to minimize problematic pulling and lunging. It provides excellent control during walks and outdoor activities as well.

                    This versatile lead transitions seamlessly between a collar and a slip lead. It comes in bright colors that stand out for safety. For those looking to step up their training game, the Pet’s Company slip lead dog leash is an excellent tool.

                    Key features:

                    • Slip lead functionality
                    • Reflective and adjustable
                    • Durable climbing rope material
                    • Lightweight and easy to use
                    • Bright color options


                    • Excellent for training and control
                    • Lightweight and adjustable
                    • Provides gentle corrections
                    • Easy to put on and use
                    • Durable construction


                    • Can pull hair if not adjusted properly
                    • Not recommended for tie-outs

                    Joytale Short Dog Leash

                    Joytale Strong Short Dog Leash 12 Inch, 1.2 Inch Wide Heavy Duty Traffic Leash for Dogs with Padded Handle, Short Leash for Dog Training Control, Reflective Leashes for Medium and Large Dogs,Hot Pink

                      If you need more control over a strong or reactive dog, the Joytale short dog leash is a great heavy-duty option. This leash features a traffic handle design that gives you tight control over 12-24 inches. The short length keeps dogs close for training, distractions, or crowds.

                      Made from double layers of durable nylon, this leash is built to stand up to pullers. It has reflective threading for visibility and a padded handle for comfort. The metal alloy clasp swivels to prevent tangling during walks.

                      Customers love having the tight control of a short leash for strong or difficult dogs. The well-made design provides strength and durability to handle powerful pulling. Owners appreciate the padded handle when dogs lunge against the leash.

                      This leash is great for pet owners, trainers, or walkers who need heavy-duty control. It provides instant correction and reinforcement during training. With its high-quality durable design, the Joytale short dog leash gets the job done.

                      Key features:

                      • Short 12-24 inch length
                      • Heavy-duty nylon construction
                      • Reflective and padded handle
                      • 360 degree swivel clasp


                      • Excellent tight control
                      • Durable and well-made
                      • Padded handle for comfort
                      • Allows for quick corrections


                      • Very short length limits dog’s movement
                      • Clasp can jam if overtightened

                      Dog Leash for Training Buying Guide

                      When searching for the ideal training leash for your dog, there are a few important criteria to keep in mind:

                      Leash Material

                      Leashes come in a variety of materials, each with their own pros and cons. Common options include:

                      • Nylon – This synthetic fabric is durable yet lightweight. Nylon leashes are a popular choice for everyday use. They provide good control and come in many colors. On the downside, they lack softness and can get frayed over time.
                      • Leather – Leather leashes are classy, natural looking, and develop character over time. Top grain leather is very strong. Leather has more give than nylon, which can benefit certain training techniques. But leather is heavier and requires proper maintenance.
                      • Cotton – Cotton leashes have a soft, comfortable feel. Cotton absorbs moisture and has good grip. However, cotton lacks durability for intense training and has a tendency to stretch.
                      • Chain – Metal chain leashes provide ultimate strength and control. They are a common recommendation for large, powerful breed dogs. Chain leashes are very heavy though and can be harsh on your hands and your dog’s neck.

                      For most dogs, a high-quality nylon or leather leash offers the best blend of control, comfort, and durability for training purposes.

                      Leash Length

                      Standard leash lengths range from 4 feet to 8 feet:

                      • 4-6 foot leashes – These medium/short leashes allow you to keep your dog close at hand. They provide pet parents with more control over untrained or excitable dogs. Short leashes limit a dog’s freedom though.
                      • 8-10 foot leashes – Long lines give dogs more room to explore and move while keeping them under supervision. However, they don’t offer as much control for training. Long leashes are ideal for playing fetch in open areas.

                      Six foot leashes tend to be the most versatile length for everyday walking and training. They provide a balance of giving your dog some freedom to sniff and wander, while allowing you to rein them back in.

                      Leash Width

                      The width of the leash influences comfort and reinforcement. Typical options include:

                      • Thin leashes (1/4″ – 1/2″ wide) – These lightweight leashes are recommended for small dogs and puppies. They offer precise control for training but can dig into your hand.
                      • Standard leashes (1/2″ – 1″ wide) – Perfect for medium and large breed dogs. Wide enough for comfort without being bulky.
                      • Thick leashes (1″ or greater) – Extra wide leashes are made for control and reinforcement with large, powerful dogs such as German Shepherds. They can be tiring on your hands during lengthy walks though.

                      A 3/4 inch to 1 inch width works well for most average size dogs. Pay attention to any pulling or neck irritation. If your dog is very reactive, size up to a thicker leash to get better control.

                      Handle Comfort

                      For training that involves frequent short bursts of direction or corrections, you’ll be gripping the leash tightly. So the comfort of the handle is key. Padded and ergonomic handles relieve strain on your hands and wrist during lengthy training sessions. Some designs have double padded handles for optimal comfort and burn prevention.

                      Leather leashes and nylon leashes with neoprene or foam handles tend to be the softest. Cotton and standard nylon provide minimal padding or none at all. You can also purchase removable handle padding to add onto existing leashes.

                      Special Features

                      Some leashes have special handles or attachments designed for particular training purposes:

                      • Double handles – Allow you to shorten/lengthen the lead and grip closer to the dog for more control. Popular for training reactive dogs.
                      • Traffic handles – A second loop near the dog’s collar, useful for keeping them close in crowded areas. Easers maneuvering through tight spaces.
                      • Bungee/shock absorption – The stretchy material minimizes jerking to prevent neck injuries. For dogs prone to lunging and pulling.
                      • Adjustable length – Lets you quickly adjust to a longer or shorter lead. Handy for practicing loose leash walking.
                      • Clips – Sturdy springs clips at the handle end are easier to quickly attach and remove.

                      Top 5 Dog Leashes for Training Reviews

                      Now that you know how to select the ideal training leash, here are my top picks:

                      1. PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash

                      Best Basic Leash

                      This PetSafe leash comes highly rated for everyday walking and training. It ticks all the boxes in terms of optimal features and quality materials without all the bells and whistles.

                      • Very durable nylon material
                      • Standard 6 foot length and 5/8 inch width
                      • Padded, comfortable neoprene handle
                      • Easy to clean
                      • Reflective thread woven in for visibility
                      • Budget friendly price point

                      While the PetSafe leash lacks any fancy extras, its well-made simplicity is perfect for basic obedience training and loose leash walking practice. The popular leash comes in a wide selection of colors too.

                      It has just the right amount of lightweight control and padding for extended training sessions. While nylon does not have as nice of a feel as leather, this leash softens up over time. And its grip gets better when wet.

                      This versatile leash is suitable for dogs of all sizes. It makes a great first leash for puppies too. While simple, its quality and comfort are hard to beat for the affordable price.

                      2. Leatherberg Leather Dog Training Leash

                      Best Leather Pick

                      This handsome, high-quality leather leash from Leatherberg is designed with serious dog training in mind.

                      • Made of premium full-grain leather
                      • 6 foot length and 1/2 inch width
                      • Braided leather handle for comfort
                      • Heavy-duty solid brass hardware
                      • Reinforced stitching for durability

                      Leather offers more give than nylon, providing better communication between you and your dog. This makes it a great choice for certain training techniques.

                      The leather develops a beautiful patina over time. And being naturally moisture resistant, this leash stays grippy when wet. It comes in five classic color choices.

                      This leash is on the thicker and heavier side for a leather leash. While not ideal for smaller dogs, this substantial leash is extremely tough and will last a lifetime.

                      The integrated handle padding prevents leather burn. Triple reinforced stitching and solid brass clips withstand rigorous demands.

                      With its supple feel and unmatched beauty, this is my top pick leather leash for training your dog in style. The rich leather smell is a bonus dogs love! Made in Europe, you can feel the quality.

                      3. SparklyPets Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Breeds

                      Best Extra Thick Leash

                      For training extremely large and powerful breeds like Mastiffs, Saint Bernards and Great Danes, control is crucial. This extra thick and heavy duty SparklyPets leash is up for the job.

                      • 1.25 inch width, 6 foot length
                      • Dual padded handles
                      • Heavy duty mountain climbing rope
                      • Metal ox-hook clasp and handle
                      • Reflective thread woven throughout

                      This leash uses durable mountaineering rope that is soft yet extremely tough. At over 1 inch wide, it provides a very strong grip to rein in and redirect even the strongest puller.

                      The dual padded handles give you two comfortable gripping options. The handle closer to the collar allows increased control. While the handle at the end of the leash relieves arm strain when they are walking nicely.

                      The quality metal hardware is very sturdy. And the rope has reflective threading to ensure visibility at night.

                      This ultra strong leash comes in four fun colors. It’s the ideal choice for pet owners struggling with an extra large breed that likes to pull and lunge. The control this leash provides will help transform even the wildest large pup into an obedient, well-mannered companion.

                      4. Hertzko Heavy Duty Reflective Double Handle Dog Leash

                      Best Double Handle Leash

                      This heavy duty Hertzko leash stands out for its double padded handles, providing two trainers the option to work with one dog simultaneously.

                      • 1 inch width, 6 foot length
                      • Two padded handles
                      • Heavy duty mountain climbing rope
                      • Reflective thread woven in
                      • Metal spring snap clips

                      The two padded handles allow a trainer holding the collar end to pass off control seamlessly to a second trainer holding the handle end of the leash.

                      This versatile design is fantastic for training programs with multiple trainers working with one dog. It facilitates smoother transitions compared to passing a single handle back and forth.

                      The closest handle to the collar gives you ultimate control over pulling, jumping, or reactive dogs. While the handle at the end of the leash lets you provide slack once the dog is focused and heeling properly. This combination helps reinforce desired behaviors.

                      The climbing rope construction makes this a super strong leash able to withstand tugging from even the mightiest breeds. It comes in vibrant color combinations and has reflective threading for visibility.

                      Overall, this is the best dog leash for training contexts where two trainers need to collaborate and pass off handling of the dog frequently.

                      5. Mighty Paw Bungee Dog Leash

                      Best Bungee Leash

                      For reducing strain on necks and minimizing jerking, a bungee or shock absorbing dog leash is invaluable. The Mighty Paw Bungee Leash is a top choice in this category.

                      Key features:

                      • Bungee absorbtion technology
                      • Dual handle system
                      • Reflective rope
                      • Metal spring clips
                      • 5 foot length

                      This leash uses heavy duty mountain climbing rope combined with an integrated bungee component. This absorbs force and counterbalances pulling for smoother walks.

                      The bungee effect substantially reduces jerking motion compared to standard leashes. This protects your dog’s neck if they lunge while keeping you in control.

                      There are two padded grip areas. One handle by the collar for more responsiveness, and one further down the leash for relaxed walking. This dual handle system facilitates training.

                      The bungee feature also provides you more time to react to sudden lunging or chasing instincts. For dogs prone to pulling, this style of leash can be life changing.

                      It comes in reflective color combinations perfect for night walks. If you have a dog that frequently pulls, the Mighty Paw Training Bungee Leash is the ideal solution.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      Here are answers to some common questions about dog leashes for training:

                      What length leash is best for training?

                      The most versatile leash length for training is 6 feet. This traditional length gives you good control over your dog for practicing obedience commands and loose leash walking. Longer leashes don’t provide as much control.

                      Is a harness or collar better for dog training?

                      For training, a flat or martingale dog collar provides more precise communication. A regular harness encourages pulling, which works against what you’re teaching. There are specially designed no-pull harnesses to avoid this issue.

                      Should I get a thick or thin leash?

                      Follow the general sizing guideline of thinner leashes for smaller dogs and wider leashes for medium, large and giant breeds. Aim for a width around 1/2 to 1 inch for average size dogs. Get a thicker leash if your dog persistently pulls or lunges.

                      What is the best leash for a dog that pulls?

                      Good options for curbing pulling include thicker leashes, dual handled leashes, and bungee leashes. The greater control of these designs combined with proper training helps eliminate the tendency to pull.

                      Is a chain or nylon leash better for training?

                      For most dogs, nylon is preferable to chain for training. Nylon provides control while being lightweight with better handle comfort. Chain is very heavy and can be too harsh. Reserve chain leashes for only the strongest breeds.

                      Should my puppy have a leash for training?

                      Yes, even puppies should be trained on a leash from an early age. Opt for a lightweight 4 or 6 foot leash. Get your pup used to walking on a leash in low distraction areas before bringing them to public spaces.

                      What’s the best leash for public training?

                      For public training, a 6 foot nylon or leather leash paired with a flat collar or front clip harness provides the most control. Bring high value treats. Keep sessions short to prevent overstimulation. Gradually increase distraction levels.

                      Can I use a retractable leash for training?

                      Retractable leashes are not recommended for training. They do not give the consistent feedback that’s needed. Stick to a standard 4 to 6 foot leash during the training process to develop focused heel skills.

                      Should I use treats when leash training?

                      Yes, treats are very helpful for motivation and reinforcing good leash manners. Use high value soft treats. Reward your dog for staying near your side, looking to you, or sitting during pauses in walking.


                      Finding the right dog leash is an important piece of the training process. Take stock of your dog’s size, tendencies, and training goals to select a leash suited for them. Favorably reviewed options exist across all materials and designs.

                      Look for a durable leash with an ergonomic handle. Have control and comfort top of mind. For pullers, choose a double handle or bungee leash to aid training. With the proper leash in hand, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with training your dog.

                      The leash will become an extension of your guidance, allowing clearer communication. Your dog will come to associate their leash with focused training time. With consistency, the right rewards, and a great fitting leash, you’ll be able to teach them to be a polite walking companion in no time!


                      1. – Chewy offers a variety of dog leashes for training, including long lines, slip leads, and training leads. They also have a helpful guide on how to choose the right leash for your dog.
                      2. – Petco has a wide selection of dog leashes for training, including retractable leashes, hands-free leashes, and training leashes. They also offer a guide on how to train your dog to walk on a leash.
                      3. – Bass Pro Shops offers a specialized dog leash for training that features a quick-release snap-lock buckle to help your dog learn when to start a retrieval run. The leash is made of durable 1″ nylon webbing construction.
                      4. – The American Kennel Club provides a comprehensive guide on how to train your dog to walk on a leash. They cover topics such as choosing the right leash, teaching your dog to follow you, and dealing with distractions.
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