Best Dog Leash For Walking 2023

Taking your dog for daily walks is an important part of responsible dog ownership. Walking provides dogs with much-needed exercise and mental stimulation. It also allows for bonding time between you and your furry friend. Choosing the right dog leash is key to making your walks enjoyable for both you and your pup.

When shopping for a dog leash, there are a few key factors to consider. The leash should be durable yet comfortable for both you and your dog. The length should allow your dog some freedom to explore but not so much that you lose control. You’ll also want to choose a leash style that suits your dog’s size, energy level, and pulling tendencies.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss the different types of dog leashes available and provide tips on how to choose the best leash for walking your dog. We’ll also recommend our top picks for the best dog leashes for walking based on customer reviews and expert advice.

iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash

iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch, Dual Padded Handles and Durable Bungee for Walking, Jogging and Running Your Dog (Large, 25-120 lbs, Black)

    The iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash is an excellent option for pet owners seeking convenience and versatility during daily walks. Its innovative design allows you to keep your hands free while maintaining control over your dog.

    The retractable bungee leash provides flexibility, extending up to 68 inches to give your dog adequate room to move comfortably without tangling. The shock-absorbing component helps prevent abrupt tugging and jerking, protecting both you and your pet. When you need to restrain your dog, the dual padded handles allow you to quickly reel them in.

    The adjustable waist belt fits waists ranging from 27 to 48 inches, suiting most body sizes. It securely wraps around the waist without slipping while in motion. You can conveniently slide the sturdy metal leash clip anywhere along the belt for customized positioning.

    A handy zippered pouch integrated into the belt provides storage space for small essentials like phones, keys, treats, waste bags, etc. The reflective stitching on the leash and belt boosts visibility during nighttime use.

    Overall, the iYoShop’s innovative hands-free design, high-quality materials, and practical features create a convenient, versatile walking experience for owners and dogs alike. It helps make daily walks more relaxing and enjoyable for both parties.

    Key features:

    • Retractable bungee leash provides flexibility and extension up to 68 inches
    • Shock-absorbing component prevents abrupt tugging and pulling
    • Dual padded handles allow quickly reeling in your dog
    • Adjustable waist belt fits waists 27 – 48 inches
    • Sturdy metal leash clip slides along belt for positioning
    • Zippered pouch integrated into belt for carrying essentials
    • Reflective stitching on leash and belt enhances visibility


    • Allows hands-free dog walking
    • Provides adequate room for dog to move
    • Absorbs abrupt pulling and tugging
    • Quick control with dual handles
    • Fits most waist sizes
    • Customizable leash positioning
    • Convenient storage pouch
    • Boosts visibility at night


    • May feel heavy for smaller dogs
    • Locking/unlocking mechanism could be smoother

    LANNEY Hands Free Dog Leash

    LANNEY Hands Free Dog Leash for Running Walking Training Hiking, Dual-Handle Reflective Retractable Bungee Leash Ideal for Medium to Large Dogs, Adjustable Waist Belt, Shock Absorbing, Dual Handle

      The LANNEY Hands Free Dog Leash delivers an amazing hands-free walking experience with your energetic furry companion. Its well-designed features provide comfort, convenience, and reliability for daily strolls.

      The 49-inch retractable bungee leash extends up to 69 inches, giving your medium or large dog adequate freedom to explore and move while preventing tangling. The shock-absorbing component protects you both from sudden pulling and abrupt direction changes.

      In case your dog needs restraint, the dual padded handles allow quickly reining them in. The handles provide flexibility to guide your dog and take full control when required.

      The 1.1-inch wide adjustable waist belt fits waists ranging from 27 to 46 inches, suiting most body sizes comfortably. You can easily remove it with the quick-release buckle when needed. The sturdy D-ring belt clips let you position your dog either side per your preference.

      The weather-resistant premium nylon construction withstands daily use with energetic dogs. The reflective stitching on the leash and belt enhances visibility and safety when walking in low light.

      Overall, the LANNEY leash’s comfort-oriented design, high durability, and smart features create smooth, hassle-free walks. Your hands are free, but your dog remains conveniently close by your side. It makes daily strolls infinitely more relaxing and enjoyable.

      Key features:

      • 49-inch retractable bungee leash extends up to 69 inches
      • Shock-absorbing component protects from sudden pulling
      • Dual padded handles allow quickly reining in dog
      • Adjustable waist belt fits waists 27 – 46 inches
      • Sturdy D-ring belt clips for positioning dog
      • Quick-release buckle for easily removing waist belt
      • Reflective stitching enhances visibility and safety


      • Provides dog adequate freedom to move and explore
      • Prevents leash tangling during movement
      • Absorbs abrupt pulling and sudden direction changes
      • Enables quickly controlling and restraining dog when needed
      • Fits waists of most sizes comfortably
      • Allows flexible dog positioning to either side
      • Easy to remove waist belt when required
      • Boosts visibility for walks in low light


      • May feel loose if waist size reduces significantly
      • Integrated pouch tends to flip down often

      TUG 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash

      TUG 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash | 16 ft Strong Nylon Tape | One-Handed Brake, Pause, Lock (Large, White)

        The TUG 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash revolutionizes daily walking experiences with its innovative tangle-free design. Your dog gains adequate freedom while you maintain complete control.

        The 16-foot strong nylon tape provides ample room for your dog to explore surroundings and move comfortably without tangling. You can smoothly extend or retract the leash to adjust length as needed.

        The 360-degree rotation mechanism is a standout feature, letting the leash swivel freely in any direction without twisting or knotting – eliminating a significant headache!

        The ergonomic padded handle ensures a sturdy non-slip grip, letting you confidently restrain your dog when required. The quick braking and locking system allows securing your dog at a desired distance or stopping them immediately if needed.

        This leash withstands regular use with medium dogs up to 55 pounds, thanks to its durable construction. The bright colors and reflective tape provide enhanced visibility for evening walks.

        Overall, the TUG leash’s tangle-free functionality, smooth rotation, comfort grip, and safety features create easy, stress-free walks. Your dog gains freedom while you maintain control. A reliable, hassle-free product that every dog owner must have!

        Key features:

        • 16-foot nylon tape provides ample room for dog to move
        • Retractable length adjustment for customizing distance
        • 360-degree rotation prevents twisting and tangling
        • Padded non-slip handle for sturdy grip
        • Quick braking and locking mechanisms for control
        • Durable construction for medium dogs up to 55 lbs
        • Bright colors and reflective tape enhance visibility


        • Provides dog freedom to explore surroundings
        • Adjustable length customizes distance as needed
        • Tangle-free 360-degree rotation prevents twisting
        • Comfortable non-slip grip for sturdy control
        • Quick braking and locking for immediate control
        • Withstands regular use with medium dogs
        • Boosts visibility during evening walks


        • May feel heavy for smaller or delicate dogs
        • Locking/unlocking needs some effort initially

        Fida Durable Slip Lead Dog Leash

        Fida Durable Slip Lead, 6 FT x 1/2" Heavy Duty , Comfortable Strong Rope for Large, Medium Dogs, No Pull Pet Training Loop Leash with Highly Reflective, Red

          The Fida Durable Slip Lead Dog Leash simplifies dog walks by instantly correcting pulling behavior. Just slip the loop over your dog’s neck, and it gently tightens when they pull, encouraging them to relax it by easing up.

          The premium 1/2-inch thick rope construction withstands daily use with medium and large dog breeds without fraying or damage. The sturdy knots and metal ring further enhance durability.

          At 6 feet long, the leash provides adequate length for comfortably walking medium or large dogs and quickly controlling them when needed. You can conveniently adjust the loop’s size to suit any dog.

          The rope’s slight elasticity absorbs sudden lunging or pulling, protecting your arm. But it tightens sufficiently to discourage pulling and reinforce obedience. The leather stopper reliably prevents accidental loosening.

          The reflective threads woven throughout the rope boost visibility for night walks. The abrasion-resistant nylon withstands everyday wear and tear.

          Overall, the Fida slip lead’s instant pull correction, heavy-duty construction, and reflective accents make it an essential tool for pet owners. Its simplicity and effectiveness at discouraging pulling make everyday walks a pleasure.

          Key features:

          • Instantly corrects pulling by tightening loop around neck
          • 1/2-inch premium thick rope construction
          • Sturdy knots and metal ring enhance durability
          • 6 feet length suits medium and large dogs
          • Reflective threads boost visibility for night walks
          • Abrasion-resistant nylon withstands daily wear and tear


          • Instantly tightens loop to discourage pulling
          • Withstands daily use with medium and large dogs
          • Adequate 6 feet length for control during walks
          • Absorbs sudden lunging or pulling
          • Reliably prevents accidental loosening
          • Boosts visibility for walks at night
          • Handles everyday wear and tear


          • May feel harsh for extra sensitive dogs
          • Not recommended for aggressive chewers

          ETACCU Hands Free Dog Leash for 2 Dogs

          ETACCU Hands Free Dog Leash for 2 Dogs with Heavy-Duty Traffic Handle, Retractable Rope Dual Dog Leash, Adjustable Waist Belt with Pouch, Reflective Stitches for Running Walking & Jogging

            The ETACCU Hands Free Dog Leash for 2 Dogs provides the ultimate walking experience with two furry companions. Its smart design allows walking two dogs comfortably without getting tangled up.

            The adjustable breathable waist belt ensures a secure, customized fit. The reflective stitching provides greater visibility and safety when walking in low light conditions.

            The retractable dual ropes give your dogs adequate flexibility to move, run, and play while preventing twisting and knotting. The heavy-duty metal lobster clasps withstand vigorous large dogs without bending or breaking.

            The integrated waist pouch provides ample storage for handy essentials like phones, keys, treats, waste bags, etc. The thick padding on the control handle protects your hands while firmly restraining your dogs when required.

            The shock-absorbing bungee component prevents sudden pulling, abrupt stops, and dog fights, protecting all parties from harm. The leashes lock and unlock for additional versatility.

            Overall, the ETACCU dual leash’s tangle-free design, secure fit, reflective accents, and padded handle let you walk two dogs with total comfort, convenience, and safety. Your hands are free, but your energetic pals remain securely by your side.

            Key features:

            • Adjustable breathable waist belt ensures secure fit
            • Reflective stitching enhances visibility at night
            • Retractable ropes prevent twisting and knotting
            • Heavy-duty lobster clasps withstand large dogs
            • Integrated waist pouch for carrying essentials
            • Padded control handle protects hands
            • Shock-absorbing bungee prevents sudden pulling
            • Leashes lock and unlock for versatility


            • Allows hands-free walking with two dogs
            • Customizable fit with adjustable waist belt
            • Greater visibility in low light conditions
            • Adequate flexibility prevents leash tangling
            • Withstands pulling and chewing from large dogs
            • Convenient built-in pouch for essentials
            • Protects hands when restraining dogs
            • Absorbs abrupt pulling and stops


            • Clasps could be smoother and easier to attach
            • Pouch may be small for some users

            Tuff Pupper Hands-Free Bungee Dog Leash

            Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Hands Free Dog Leash | One Large Dog Up to 125 lbs | Comfortable Shock Absorbing Bungee | Reflective Padded Handles | Lumbar Waist Belt 22-45" | Walking Jogging Running Leash

              Walking your dog hands-free allows you to fully enjoy your time together while keeping your pup safe and secure. This leash from Tuff Pupper is designed for comfort and control, making it easy to manage even large, powerful dogs up to 125 lbs.

              The thick yet flexible bungee design absorbs sudden pulls and distributes pressure evenly across your hips and waist. The padded lumbar belt stays put during active movement. Dual padded handles give you a firm grip, and the reflective accents help you stay visible after dark.

              With quick-release clasps and swiveling snap hooks, you can swiftly detach and re-attach your pup. The leash extends 4-6 feet, giving your dog room to explore while keeping them close.

              Key features:

              • Shock-absorbing dual bungee sections
              • Padded lumbar waist belt fits 22-45 inches
              • Dual padded handles with reflective accents


              • Comfortable for long walks
              • Allows hands-free control
              • Sturdy for large, strong dogs


              • Can be tricky to size and adjust initially
              • Clasps may fail under extreme pressure

              Roam Gear Premium Heavy Duty Dog Leash

              Roam Gear 6FT Premium Heavy Duty Dog Leash - Extra Padded Double Handles, Advanced Carabiner Clip, Night Reflective Rope & Secure Silicone Clamps I Strong, Durable Dog Leash for Medium & Large Dogs

                Give your pup the freedom to sniff and explore while maintaining complete control with this premium leash from Roam Gear. Its versatile design makes walking your dog easy and enjoyable.

                The 5.9 foot rope offers just the right amount of slack for curious canines. Two padded handles let you easily adjust your hold, while the traffic handle keeps your dog close in busy areas. The sturdy carabiner securely clips to harnesses and collars of all sizes.

                Strong but lightweight, this leash won’t weigh your dog down. Silicone clamping helps protect the rope from fraying over time. Reflective accents provide visibility on nighttime strolls.

                Key features:

                • 5.9 foot long durable rope design
                • Double padded handles plus traffic handle
                • Secure carabiner clip and silicone clamps


                • Versatile and adjustable
                • Comfortable padded handles
                • Reflective for visibility


                • May be too heavy for small dogs
                • Metal parts may corrode over time

                Paw Tribe Hands Free Dog Leash

                Paw Tribe Hands Free Dog Leash – Heavy-Duty Waist Leash for Dog Walking – Bungee Dog Leash Dog Walking Bag No Pull Dog Running Leash Multiple Dog Walking Fanny Pack Medium Large Dog Hiking Gear

                  Jog, hike, or walk hands-free with your dog using this versatile leash from Paw Tribe. Designed for comfort and control, it allows you to manage one or two dogs up to 100 lbs each.

                  The padded lumbar belt distributes weight and stays put during movement. Integrated straps let you clip the bungee leash to the front or back. Dual padded handles provide a good grip, while the reflective accents enhance visibility.

                  Adjust the length from 39 to 87 inches to give your dog room to explore. The durable nylon construction withstands pulling and rough play. Zippered pockets and bag provide handy storage for treats, waste bags, phone, and more.

                  Key features:

                  • Padded lumbar belt fits 22-51 inches
                  • Adjustable bungee leash with dual handles
                  • Zippered waist pack with storage pockets


                  • Hands-free convenience
                  • Controls strong pullers
                  • Provides freedom of movement


                  • Can be tricky to size properly
                  • Bungee may be too stretchy for small dogs

                  Zttark Hands Free Dog Rope Leash

                  Hands Free Dog Leash 7.5ft Rope Crossbody Dog Leash Reflective for Large Medium Dogs Walking, Jogging and Running

                    Make walking your dog easy with this versatile hands-free leash from Zttark. Its adjustable design allows you to customize the fit for comfort while keeping your pup secure.

                    Wear it crossbody style or attach it around your waist to free your hands as needed. Built-in hand straps let you easily tighten control or give slack. The 7.5 foot length allows your dog to explore, while the reflective rope enhances visibility.

                    The durable nylon withstands pulling and won’t fray over time. Oversized metal clasps securely attach to your dog’s collar or harness. Carry waste bags, treats, phone, and other essentials in the three zippered pockets.

                    Key features:

                    • Adjustable rope design with hand straps
                    • Reflective accents for visibility
                    • Zippered waist pack with three pockets


                    • Hands-free versatility
                    • Customizable fit
                    • Durable construction


                    • May be heavy for small dogs
                    • Zippers could snag fur

                    Mountain Hound Dog Walking Fanny Pack

                    Mountain Hound Dog Walking Fanny Pack For Hands-Free Dog Walking, Jogging, Running & Hiking, Dog Treat Pouch for Training With Zipper Pouch for Your Phone, Keys & Poop Bags

                      Make your time with your dog more enjoyable with Mountain Hound’s hands-free dog walking fanny pack. Thoughtfully designed for convenience on the go, it keeps all your essentials secure while freeing up your hands.

                      The lightweight waist pack wears comfortably on your hip or across your chest. Integrated straps allow you to attach your leash in front or back. Dual zippered pockets provide storage for treats, bags, phone, and more.

                      The oversized carabiner securely clips waste bags for easy access. Adjust the belt to customize the fit as needed. Triple stitching and durable fabrics withstand daily outdoor use.

                      Key features:

                      • Fits waists up to 51 inches
                      • Zippered pockets for storage
                      • Oversized carabiner for waste bags


                      • Keeps essentials secure and organized
                      • Allows hands-free dog walking
                      • Durable and adjustable fit


                      • Carabiner may be heavy for small dogs
                      • Light colors show dirt easily

                      Dog Leash For Walking Buying Guide

                      When it comes to buying a dog leash for walking, you have a lot of options to consider. Here are some of the key factors to keep in mind:

                      Leash Material

                      Dog leashes come in a variety of materials, each with their own pros and cons.

                      Nylon leashes are durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant. They come in flat or round styles and often have padded handles for comfort. Nylon is a good budget-friendly option.

                      Leather leashes are classy looking and develop a custom fit over time. They’re durable but can be prone to cracking. Leather is heavier than nylon.

                      Rope/Cotton leashes are lightweight and provide good control, but they can easily fray over time. This natural fiber option offers a good grip.

                      Chain leashes provide excellent control, especially for strong pullers. But they can be heavy and may develop kinks. Chains are very durable.

                      Consider your dog’s size, strength, and chewing habits when choosing a material. Make sure it’s durable enough for daily use.

                      Leash Length

                      Standard leash lengths range from 4-8 feet. The ideal length depends on your dog and where you walk.

                      For training puppies or walking in crowded areas, a 4-6 foot leash provides more control. But it restricts movement.

                      Using a longer 8 foot leash allows your dog more freedom to explore and sniff on walks. It’s ideal for well-trained dogs in open areas.

                      Extendable leashes can provide 16 feet or more of length and are convenient, but lack control. Consider your dog’s training and obedience before using an extendable leash.

                      Match the leash length to your dog’s size and behavior. Start shorter while training, then lengthen as your dog improves.

                      Leash Style

                      The style of dog leash impacts comfort and control. Here are some common options:

                      Flat leashes have minimal weight and provide great control, but can tug on your hand with a strong puller. Padded handles add comfort.

                      A round leash slides easily in your hand, with less risk of burning. Round style offers less control.

                      Double-clip leashes attach at two points on the collar, providing extra control, especially for pullers. Not ideal for extending length.

                      Retractable/extendable leashes provide 16+ feet of length for freedom, but aren’t suitable for training or controlling dogs. Risk of injury exists.

                      Consider ergonomic features like padded handles and bungees to reduce strain on your hands and arms. Match the leash style to your dog’s strength and training.

                      Safety Features

                      Key safety features include:

                      • Metal clip hooks for secure attachment to your dog’s collar. Make sure the clip is heavy-duty.
                      • Reflective threading/stitching helps provide visibility for you and your dog during night walks.
                      • Leash attachments – some leashes come with convenient belts or wrist straps to keep your hands free.

                      Prioritize these safety additions to protect both you and your dog while walking.

                      Extra Features

                      Added functionality to look for includes:

                      • Pocket/bags – convenient for holding waste bags or other walking essentials
                      • Bungee/shock absorption – reduces pulling and strain on your arm
                      • Multiple handholds – provides you with different grip options
                      • Adjustable length – allows you to control the length

                      Consider useful additions like pouches and grip options based on your needs and preferences while walking your dog.

                      Proper Fit

                      It’s important to choose a leash size suited to your dog’s weight. Standard guidelines are:

                      • Small dogs under 15 lbs – 3/8 inch leash
                      • Medium dogs 15-50 lbs – 1/2 inch leash
                      • Large dogs 50-90 lbs – 5/8 inch leash
                      • Extra large dogs 90+ lbs – 3/4 inch thick leash

                      Measure your dog’s collar size and match that width or slightly larger for a proper fit. The leash should have very little slack when attached.

                      Training Friendly Features

                      For dogs still learning good leash manners, consider these features:

                      • Thicker leash materials provide more control
                      • Shorter 4-6 foot length reduces ability to pull
                      • Double clip attaches at two points on collar for added control
                      • Padded handles help you maintain a firm grip
                      • Bungees absorb force from sudden pulling

                      Choose training features to help teach your dog not to pull and walk politely on leash. Remove them as skills improve.

                      By keeping these factors in mind as you shop, you’ll be sure to select the best dog leash to make your walks enjoyable. Pick a leash specifically suited to your dog’s needs.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      What is the most recommended dog leash length?

                      For most dogs, a 6 foot cotton or nylon leash is the most recommended length. It provides a balance of control and freedom to explore. Lengths from 4-8 feet are common depending on your dog and training status. Always use shorter leashes in crowded urban areas.

                      How do I choose a leash for a dog that pulls?

                      For dogs prone to pulling, choose a thicker, stronger leash material in nylon or leather. Go with a 4-6 foot length and double clip attachment for more control. Added features like padded handles, bungees, and adjustable handholds also help manage pullers.

                      Are retractable leashes good for dogs?

                      Retractable leashes allow dogs more freedom but lack control for training. The cord can snap back and injure owners or dogs. They easily break and can be challenging to reel back in. Retractable leashes are not generally recommended, especially for strong, untrained dogs.

                      Should I get a harness or collar for walking my dog?

                      Front-clip harnesses give you the most control over dogs prone to pulling, especially larger breeds. Collars are fine for trained dogs that don’t pull. Make sure to get properly sized harnesses and collars to prevent escape. Match the leash clip size to the collar/harness ring size for proper fit.

                      What’s the difference between round and flat leashes?

                      Flat leashes give you more control over your dog, whereas round leashes easily slide through your hands if your dog makes a sudden movement. Round leashes help avoid rope burn. Flat leashes have more risk of causing burns but provide superior grip and control.

                      Should I get a double ended leash?

                      Double ended leashes attach to two points on the collar for added control. They are recommended for training strong pullers or walking two dogs at once. Double ended leashes limit your ability to extend length. They work best for controlling difficult dogs in training.

                      How do I hold a dog leash properly?

                      Wrap the leash around your hand and pass the end through the looped handle to secure it. Position your hand high up near the dog’s neck for control but avoid jerking the leash. Hold it loose while training good manners. Correct pulling by stopping movement rather than yanking the leash.

                      What is the best dog leash brand?

                      Top dog leash brands known for quality and durability include Lupine, Blueberry Pet, Max and Neo, and Leashboss. Check owner reviews and look for guarantees when selecting a brand. Ensure the hardware is high quality and the leash materials are long lasting.

                      Should I buy a spare leash?

                      Having at least two dog leashes on hand is recommended in case one breaks or is lost. You can keep separate leashes by your front door and in your car for convenience. Opt for the same leash style/model so you don’t confuse your dog with different equipment.


                      Choosing the right leash is key to having pleasant, drama-free walks with your dog. Take into account your dog’s size, energy level, and manners when selecting the best leash for your needs. Look for durable hardware, strong materials, and added features to provide control and convenience.

                      The ideal leash fits your dog properly, suits your environment, and allows you to maintain command during outdoor adventures. With an excellent quality leash suited to your pup, you’ll both enjoy your daily walks to the fullest. The leash recommendations and tips provided above will set you up for walking success.


                      1. Dog Cat Online – Dog Cat Online offers a variety of dog leashes, including options for walking. They have a selection of leashes suitable for different sizes of dogs, including large dogs. Their leashes are designed to be multifunctional and adjustable, providing convenience and comfort during walks.
                      2. Chewy – Dog Sport Training Leashes & Leads – Chewy offers a range of dog sport training leashes and leads, which can be useful for walking. These leashes come in different lengths and materials, allowing you to find the right fit for your dog’s walking needs.
                      3. Chewy – Leashes, Collars & Harnesses – Chewy has a wide selection of leashes, collars, and harnesses, including options for walking. They offer various styles and designs to suit different preferences and provide a comfortable walking experience for your dog.
                      4. Chewy – Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses – Chewy also offers a range of dog collars, leashes, and harnesses suitable for walking. They have options for all sizes of dogs, including large dogs. You can find the perfect leash to suit your dog’s needs and ensure a safe and enjoyable walking experience.
                      5. The Buddy System Hands Free Dog Leash – The Buddy System Hands Free Dog Leash is an adjustable leash designed for running and walking with your dog. It allows you to have your hands free while still maintaining control over your dog. This leash is suitable for large dogs and provides a comfortable and secure walking experience.
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