Best Dog Leash With Flashlight 2023

Walking your dog at night comes with some unique challenges, especially when it comes to visibility. A dog leash with an integrated flashlight can provide illumination so you and your pup can see and be seen during after-dark walks. These handy leashes allow you to easily light the path ahead without juggling a separate flashlight in your other hand.

There are a variety of dog leashes with flashlights available, so it’s important to consider your needs and preferences when selecting one. Key factors include the brightness and beam distance of the flashlight, battery type and life, leash material and size, any extra features, and overall durability.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the benefits of a dog leash with flashlight and provide tips on choosing the best option for you and your dog. We’ll also recommend some of the top-rated leashes with lights to help you find the perfect pick.

Infinite Node Dog Poop Bag Dispenser with Built-in LED Flashlight

Dog Poop Bag Dispenser with Built-in LED Flashlight and Metal Clip for Leash, Pet Waste Bag Holder, Dog Walking Accessory, Crystal Blue

    This dog poop bag dispenser from Infinite Node is a great option for convenient and hygienic dog waste collection while walking your furry friend. The dispenser comes with some nice features that make it very handy and easy to use.

    One of the best aspects of this product is the built-in LED flashlight. It allows you to clearly see and pick up your dog’s waste even when walking at night or in low light conditions. The flashlight is bright and makes visibility much better.

    Another useful feature is the metal leash clip that allows you to securely attach the bag dispenser to your dog’s leash. This prevents the dispenser from swinging around and hitting your leg. The sturdy clip keeps it locked in place for convenience.

    This dispenser also has an ergonomic anti-slip grip handle that makes it very easy and comfortable to hold. It won’t slip out of your hand even if your dog suddenly lunges or pulls. The grip helps you keep control of the leash and your dog’s movements.

    Key features:

    • Built-in LED flashlight for night walks
    • Metal leash clip to attach dispenser
    • Ergonomic anti-slip grip handle
    • Comes with 15 starter bags


    • Convenient flashlight for low light
    • Sturdy metal clip keeps it secured
    • Comfortable non-slip grip
    • Provides bags to get started


    • Light could be brighter
    • Bags are lightly scented

    Gihunk Retractable Dog Leash with Flashlight

    Retractable Dog Leash - 16 ft Scalable Heavy Duty Dog Leash with Flashlight, Moving Free, One Button Break & Lock, Dog Leashes for Small Dogs Medium Dogs

      This retractable dog leash from Gihunk is great for keeping your dog safe while still allowing freedom of movement during walks. One of the best features is the built-in LED flashlight on the handle. This allows you to clearly see your surroundings when walking your dog at night or in low light conditions.

      The flashlight helps illuminate the path in front of you and your dog. You can easily avoid obstacles and watch your dog’s behavior and movements. The light makes night walks much safer for both you and your furry companion. This is a must-have for walking a dog when visibility is low.

      Another useful aspect is the one button brake and lock system. With just one thumb click you can easily brake and lock the leash at your desired length. This gives you quick control over the leash to manage your dog’s movements. You can allow freedom then instantly brake as needed.

      Key features:

      • Built-in LED flashlight for visibility
      • One button brake and lock system
      • 16 ft leash length provides freedom
      • Ergonomic anti-slip grip


      • Flashlight illuminates night walks
      • Easy one touch braking control
      • Comfortable non-slip grip
      • Provides degree of freedom


      • Not ideal for very large breeds
      • Light could be brighter

      TUG Oval 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash

      TUG Oval 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash | Flashlight Included | Integrated Waste Bag Dispenser Pocket (Small, Black)

        This retractable dog leash from TUG is a great option if you want to avoid the hassle of a tangled leash. One of the best features is the tangle-free oval design that prevents the leash tape from twisting. This allows smooth retraction and operation each time you walk your dog.

        No longer having to deal with an irritating tangled leash makes walks much more pleasant for both you and your furry friend. The smooth retracting tape keeps everything neat and functional. This leash also has an ergonomic anti-slip grip handle that provides a comfortable and sturdy hold.

        A really handy extra feature is the integrated waste bag dispenser built into the leash handle. It allows you to easily carry spare waste bags for convenient clean up after your dog. The dispenser pocket is a simple but very useful addition.

        Key features:

        • Tangle-free oval design
        • Integrated bag dispenser
        • Ergonomic anti-slip grip
        • Up to 110 lb weight capacity


        • Prevents leash tangling
        • Holds spare bags conveniently
        • Comfortable sturdy grip
        • Good for medium to large dogs


        • Only fits 2-3 bags
        • Flashlight can fall out

        Jranpets Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight

        Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight & Poop Bag Holder, 16FT Heavy Duty Leash with Chew Proof Cable for Large Medium Small Dog up to 110lbs, Anti-Slip Soft Handle, 360° Tangle-Free White/Black

          This retractable dog leash from Jranpets has a very handy built-in LED flashlight that makes night time dog walks safer and easier. The flashlight provides clear visibility in low light conditions so you can watch your dog and avoid hazards in the dark. This feature alone makes it a great choice for people who walk their dogs at night.

          Having a light right on the leash handle is very convenient. You don’t have to juggle holding a separate flashlight. The leash also has sturdy chew-proof cable construction that prevents damage from dogs who tend to bite and chew leashes.

          Additionally, this leash has an ergonomic anti-slip grip handle that provides a comfortable and firm hold. The grip helps you easily control and brake the leash as needed to manage your dog’s movement and behavior during walks.

          Key features:

          • Built-in LED flashlight
          • Chew proof cable
          • Ergonomic anti-slip grip
          • 16 ft leash length


          • Illuminates walks at night
          • Durable cable resists chewing
          • Comfortable sturdy grip
          • Provides degree of freedom


          • Flashlight is dim
          • Lock button can stick

          Newnique Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight

          Retractable Dog Leash with Rechargeable LED Light for Night Walks, Newnique 16FT Dog Walking Leash with Chew Proof Cable, for Dog ups to 66lbs(Black Blue)

            This Newnique retractable dog leash has a very useful LED flashlight built into the handle to illuminate night time walks. Having a light right on the leash is extremely convenient for clearly seeing your surroundings and watching your dog when visibility is low.

            The rechargeable flashlight has long battery life so it keeps shining over lengthy walks in the dark. It makes walks at night much safer and easier without needing to juggle a separate flashlight. This feature alone makes this leash a very handy choice.

            In addition, this leash has a 16 ft chew-proof nylon tape that provides your dog some degree of freedom to explore and move while keeping them under control. The tangle-free design prevents the leash tape from twisting or sticking.

            The ergonomic anti-slip grip handle also ensures you can maintain a comfortable but firm hold on the leash. It’s easy to control your dog’s movements with a simple brake and lock system.

            Key features:

            • Rechargeable LED flashlight
            • Chew proof tangle-free tape
            • Ergonomic anti-slip grip
            • 16 ft leash length


            • Illuminates night walks
            • Resists chewing damage
            • Comfortable sturdy grip
            • Provides some freedom


            • Flashlight button placement
            • Charging base stability

            QQPETS Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight

            QQPETS Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight for Small Medium Big Breed Dogs, 10/16 ft Extendable Leash, Heavy Duty 360°Tangle Free Nylon Cord Training Running (S (10 FT), Black and White)

              Looking for a retractable dog leash that will provide visibility and control when walking your pup at night? This leash from QQPETS is a great option. The durable nylon cord extends up to 16 feet, giving your dog freedom to explore while maintaining control.

              One standout feature is the bright LED flashlight built into the handle. The flashlight ensures you and your dog are visible to others during night walks. It’s designed to be easy to turn on and off as needed. The flashlight doesn’t add much weight, so it’s comfortable for long walks.

              The leash also has an anti-slip handle made of rubber. It molds nicely to your hand for a secure grip. This is especially helpful during long walks or if your dog tends to pull. The mechanism for locking, unlocking, and retracting the leash is responsive when you need to get control of your energetic pup.

              A retractable leash like this one from QQPETS gives your dog independence to wander but also allows you to reel them in as needed. The smooth retraction system brings your dog back without yanking. With handy extras like the LED flashlight, this leash is a great value for daily walks.

              Key features:

              • Bright LED flashlight for visibility
              • Anti-slip rubber handle
              • 16 ft nylon cord


              • Lightweight
              • Easy to use controls
              • Sturdy construction


              • Flashlight angle points down
              • Batteries not included

              PAWSTATION Retractable Dog Leash with LED Light

              Retractable Dog Leash for Small Medium Dogs Up to 45lbs - 16 ft Retractable Leash with LED Light - Rechargeable, Tangle Free & Anti Slip Handle Walking Leash Retractable Cat Leash (Black, 16 feet)

                Tired of dull, ordinary dog walks? This retractable leash from PAWSTATION takes night walks to the next level with its colorful, high-tech LED light system. It’s designed specifically for small and medium breeds up to 45 lbs.

                A 16 ft nylon tape gives your pup freedom to explore and sniff, while still keeping them safe. The leash has a tangle-free design for smooth operation. The quick lock and release button makes it simple to control your dog with one hand.

                But the real star is the RGB LED light system with 9 changing colors. It looks futuristic and helps ensure you’re visible to drivers and others. You can double click to turn on the bright front spot lamp, providing a beam to light your path.

                Everything is powered by a rechargeable 600 mAh lithium battery that lasts over 2 hours per charge. This leash really combines fun, style, and safety for night walks. The durable construction stands up well to daily use.

                If you want to make your evening dog walks more interesting, this retractable leash with its cool light show is just the ticket. Your pup will love all the sights, smells, and socialization while you enjoy the unique high-tech lighting.

                Key features:

                • 9 color changing RGB LED lights
                • Rechargeable lithium battery
                • 16 ft nylon tape


                • Lights make walks fun
                • Good visibility at night
                • Tangle-free design


                • Bit heavy for small dogs
                • Only 2 hours of light

                UPSKY Retractable Dog Leash with Flashlight

                UPSKY Retractable Dog Leash with Flashlight, 16ft Dog Walking Leash for Small Medium Dog, Heavy Duty Puppy Leash Nylon Tape, Tangle-Free, One Button Lock and Release

                  Walking your dog at night can be a challenge, but the UPSKY retractable leash with a built-in flashlight makes it much easier. The 16 foot leash allows your pup to explore and sniff freely while keeping them safely under control.

                  The flashlight conveniently lights your path without needing to juggle a separate light. It ensures you and your dog are visible to prevent accidents. The bright beam shines wherever you point it to keep a watchful eye on your pet.

                  This leash has a durable nylon tape that withstands everyday use. The smooth plastic casing feels comfortable in your hand. When you need to rein in your pup, the one-button brake quickly locks the leash at the desired length.

                  For hassle-free walks at night, the UPSKY retractable leash is a great affordable option. The handy flashlight lights the area around your dog so you can relax and enjoy the stroll. And the 16 foot lead gives just the right amount of freedom.

                  Key features:

                  • Built-in flashlight for visibility
                  • Durable nylon tape leash
                  • One-button brake


                  • Lights the path well
                  • Easy to control
                  • Leash extends 16 ft


                  • Flashlight angle points down
                  • Lock feature can be touchy

                  Happy & Polly Retractable Dog Leash

                  Happy & Polly Retractable Dog Leash with Flashlight 16.4ft Chinese Taichi Pattern, Bungee Leash Heavy Duty Tangle Free Dog Leash for Medium Large Dogs

                    Is your dog full of energy and constantly straining against the leash? This retractable model from Happy & Polly helps absorb those sudden jerking motions. The 16.4 foot leash allows freedom of movement while maintaining control.

                    A unique feature is the attached bungee section that acts as a shock absorber. When your pup takes off after a squirrel, it reduces the jarring force on your wrist and arm. The bungee section is surprisingly durable, resisting damage from leash chewing.

                    The easy one-button system makes it simple to lock, pause or unlock the leash smoothly. No more fiddling with tricky mechanisms! The anti-twist inlet and outlet prevent tangling as your energetic dog zigzags on walks.

                    Tracking poop bags is no problem with the convenient built-in dispenser. And the super bright flashlight attachment lights your path for evening walks. For active dogs that pull strongly, this leash can really make walks more pleasant.

                    Key features:

                    • Bungee section absorbs jerking
                    • One-button control
                    • 16.4 foot nylon tape


                    • Reduces strain on arms
                    • Locks and unlocks easily
                    • Flashlight for night walks


                    • Heavy for small dogs
                    • Flashlight falls off

                    Douexio Retractable Dog Leash with Flashlight

                    Retractable Dog Leash with Flashlight and Poop Bag Dispenser, Douexio Upgrade 4 in 1 Heavy Duty Dog Leash Retractable for Medium Large Dogs Up to 110lbs, Anti-Slip Handle,360° Tangle-Free

                      Managing a strong, energetic dog that tends to pull can be tough on your arms. But this retractable leash from Douexio helps reduce strain while providing excellent control. The 26 foot leash is designed for medium, large and even extra large breeds up to 110 lbs.

                      A smooth plastic case won’t scratch hands like some models. The ergonomic rubber handle ensures a solid grip, even if your dog lunges. The leash extends and retracts smoothly, allowing freedom of movement but quick control when needed.

                      Helpful extras include the convenient poop bag dispenser and bright LED flashlight. No more fumbling to attach bags or light your way on night walks. The durable nylon cord resists chewing and works well in freezing weather.

                      For strong pullers, this Douexio leash reduces arm strain while making walks easier to manage. With handy built-in accessories like the flashlight and poop bag holder, you can focus on enjoying time with your energetic companion.

                      Key features:

                      • For large dogs up to 110 lbs
                      • Ergonomic anti-slip handle
                      • Poop bag dispenser and flashlight


                      • Reduces strain on arms
                      • Sturdy construction
                      • Extends 26 ft


                      • Lock feature can stick
                      • Flashlight not very bright

                      Dog Leash With Flashlight Buying Guide

                      When shopping for the best dog leash with flashlight, there are several important features and considerations to keep in mind:

                      Flashlight Brightness

                      One of the most important factors is the brightness of the flashlight itself. Look for a leash with an LED flashlight that provides ample illumination for walking at night. The brightness is typically measured in lumens, with most leashes with lights ranging from around 10 to over 100 lumens.

                      For most night walking needs, a flashlight with 50 lumens or higher will provide sufficient brightness to light up the path in front of you without being overly bright. Brighter options over 100 lumens allow you to see even farther ahead.

                      Flashlight Beam Distance

                      Along with brightness, the beam distance determines how far ahead the flashlight will shine. A wider, more diffused beam is good for illuminating all around you, while a more focused long-range beam lets you see farther down the path.

                      For versatile night walks, look for a leash flashlight with an adjustable zoom function so you can widen or narrow the beam as needed. Beam distances from 10 to 200 feet are common.

                      Battery Type and Life

                      Dog leash flashlights are powered by either disposable or rechargeable batteries. Disposable batteries like CR2032 coin cell batteries are inexpensive and convenient, but will need regular replacing.

                      Rechargeable batteries typically last much longer between charges, though the battery life varies greatly depending on flashlight brightness. Key factors are the battery milliamp hour (mAh) rating and LED efficiency. Higher battery mAh and efficient LEDs will provide longer runtimes.

                      Leash Material and Size

                      In addition to the flashlight, also consider the leash itself. Nylon and polyester are common leash materials that are durable and weather-resistant. The width ranges from about 1/2 inch wide up to 1 inch for larger dogs.

                      Standard leash lengths are 4, 5, or 6 feet. The leash should have a comfortable padded handle and a secure clip or ring to attach to your dog’s collar. Reflective stitching on the leash improves visibility.

                      Extra Features

                      Handy extra features to look for include adjustable leash lengths, detachable flashlights, and integrated poop bag dispensers and holders. An adjustable leash offers more control. A removable flashlight lets you carry it separately when needed.

                      Integrated bag dispensers and holders provide easy access to poop bags, keeping your hands free during walks.


                      It’s also important to consider the durability and ruggedness of the leash, especially if you have a strong puller. Key factors include the quality of the materials, stitching, and hardware. Metal rings and clips are most durable for attaching the leash to your dog’s collar.

                      Look for robust leashes made with reinforced stitching that can withstand tugging without fraying or tearing. Water resistance is also useful for rainy walks.

                      With the right durable leash with a bright integrated flashlight, you’ll be able to enjoy strolls together even when it gets dark.

                      Top 5 Dog Leashes with Flashlights

                      1. Illumiseen LED Dog Leash

                      The Illumiseen LED dog leash is a top pick for its safety-focused design and visibility. This leash has LEDs woven throughout the durable nylon rope, providing 270 degrees of bright illuminated visibility.

                      The long-lasting LEDs are powered by replaceable CR2032 batteries. At 1/2 inch width, it’s a versatile leash well-suited for small to large dogs up to 110 lbs. The leash is 4 feet long and has a padded handle and sturdy metal clip.

                      2. Hertzko Heavy Duty Flashlight Dog Leash

                      Those who want an especially bright flashlight and robust leash will appreciate the Hertzko Heavy Duty Flashlight Dog Leash. It features a super bright 120 lumen Cree LED flashlight powered by AAA batteries.

                      The flexible nylon leash is wide at nearly 1 inch and 5 feet long. It has reflective stitching for 360-degree visibility. The leash can support dogs up to 110 lbs. The high-quality metal clip and soft padded handle provide durability and comfort.

                      3. BAAPET LED Dog Leash with Flashlight

                      For a great value, the BAAPET LED dog leash provides lighting visibility at an affordable price. This leash features a 100 lumen Cree LED flashlight with adjustable beam angles powered by lithium batteries.

                      The 5 foot long high-density nylon leash supports medium and large dogs up to 120 lbs. It has reflective stitching and a sturdy zinc alloy clip. Side D-rings allow you to attach a poop bag dispenser.

                      4. Flexi Explore Retractable Leash with LED Light

                      Retractable leashes offer more freedom of movement during walks. The Flexi Explore leash combines retractable convenience with safety lighting. It has a bright LED light integrated into the ergonomic handle.

                      This leash extends 16 feet and has a tap brake button to stop extending. Made in Germany, it supports dogs up to 110 lbs. The nylon tape is reflective and lightweight. It’s also waterproof and chew-resistant.

                      5. Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash and Collar Set

                      For optimal visibility, the Blazin’ Safety LED dog walking set provides illuminated safety on both the dog collar and matching leash. The 1-inch wide leash has LEDs woven throughout and a 100 lumen LED flashlight on the handle.

                      The adjustable nylon collar has colored LEDs all around for 360 degrees of visibility. Both have reflective stitching and are weatherproof, durable, and easy to use. This set is ideal for safely walking your pup at night.


                      How bright should a dog leash flashlight be?

                      For most night walking needs, look for a leash with an LED flashlight that provides around 50 lumens or higher. Brighter flashlights over 100 lumens will illuminate farther ahead. Avoid dimmer flashlights under 10 lumens that won’t provide enough useful light.

                      Are retractable leashes safe to use at night?

                      Retractable leashes can still be safe to use at night if the leash has reflective stitching or LED lights built into the leash and handle. This helps keep the leash visible when extended so you don’t trip over it. Avoid non-illuminated retractable leashes at night.

                      Should I get a rechargeable or battery-powered flashlight dog leash?

                      Rechargeable batteries are convenient since they don’t need regular replacement like disposable batteries. Just recharge the leash’s integrated battery as needed. But disposable battery leashes can be inexpensive options. Just have a supply of spare coin cell or AAA batteries on hand for when they run out.

                      How do I make my own DIY dog leash with flashlight?

                      You can make a simple DIY version by attaching a small flashlight to an existing leash using zip ties, tape, or a velcro strap. This lets you angle the flashlight beam down towards the ground. Opt for wide-beam flashlights so the path is evenly lit. Make sure the flashlight is securely attached.

                      Should I get a fluorescent dog leash or harness instead?

                      Along with an illuminated leash, fluorescent dog collars and harnesses can improve night safety since they reflect light and stand out in the dark. Fluorescent gear is very visible when illuminated, so it offers an extra layer of visibility along with LED leashes and flashlights.


                      Having a dog leash with an integrated flashlight makes nightly walks much easier and safer. The built-in LED flashlight provides convenient hands-free lighting so you and your dog can see and be seen when visibility is low.

                      Key factors to consider are flashlight brightness and beam distance, battery life, leash durability, and handy extras like reflective stitching, adjustable lengths, and poop bag dispensers.

                      Top recommended leashes provide versatile illumination and safety. With the right dog leash with flashlight, you can head out with your pup for adventure even after the sun goes down. The added visibility will give you peace of mind during your strolls.


                      1. Check out a variety of options on Amazon for dog leashes with flashlights, suitable for different needs.
                      2. Discover the best dog leash lights that enhance safety during low-light walks, providing visibility for you and your dog.
                      3. Explore the top recommendations for dog leashes with flashlights on Pet Spruce, perfect for early morning or evening walks.
                      4. Find retractable dog leashes with bright LED flashlights on Walmart, designed for safety during walks.
                      5. Consider the NiteDog® Rechargeable LED Leash from Niteize, featuring integrated optical fiber and LEDs for full-length illumination.
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