Best Dolores Cannon Books 2023

Dolores Cannon was a pioneering hypnotherapist and author who published over 20 books before her passing in 2014. Cannon developed her own unique hypnotherapy technique called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) which she used with thousands of clients to access what she believed was the “supraconscious” mind. Her books detail many of the insights and revelations she uncovered through her QHHT sessions.

Cannon’s books delve into metaphysical topics like past lives, parallel realities, ET contact, the theory of the Three Waves of Volunteers, and more. For those interested in exploratory topics related to hypnosis, consciousness, and spirituality, Dolores Cannon’s body of work provides fascinating food for thought.

Between Death and Life Conversations with a Spirit

Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit

This audiobook provides a fascinating glimpse into the possible experiences that await us between death and the next life. As a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression, Dolores Cannon accumulated decades of research by tapping into subjects’ subconscious minds. Her subjects consistently reported similar memories of the spirit realm, reincarnation, and the planning of lifetimes.

Cannon explores thought-provoking topics like spirit guides, karma, the significance of difficult lifetimes, and perceptions of God and the devil. She presents an alternative perspective on the process of death and rebirth that may profoundly challenge Western preconceptions. With an open mind, Between Death and Life can broaden your understanding of the soul’s journey.

If you’re seeking insight into the mystery of what happens after death, this audibook provides a reassuring vision of the continuation of consciousness. Cannon relays the wisdom gleaned from her subjects with empathy and open-minded curiosity. You’ll discover eye-opening revelations about the soul’s true nature, the purpose and planning of lifetimes, and our relationships as eternal beings.

Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth

Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth

    Are you ready to have your mind expanded? Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth reveals the cosmic forces that have shaped human events over the past 60+ years. When nuclear disaster loomed in the 1940s, benevolent beings were barred from openly assisting planet Earth. Their brilliant solution was to incarnate human volunteers who could advance human consciousness from within.

    As a hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon accessed the deep subconscious awareness of these volunteers. They described being called to Earth from other planets and dimensions to fulfill important missions. The three waves of volunteers faced different challenges in adjusting to Earth’s density and negativity. But they share a common purpose in raising the planet’s vibration to create the prophesied New Earth.

    Cannon’s research provides a hopeful understanding of current upheavals as necessary steps in Earth’s ascension. Three Waves also explores the volunteers’ origins, lifetimes on other planets, and relationships in between lives. Expand your mind and spirit by learning the bigger cosmic picture behind Earth’s tumultuous journey.

    The Convoluted Universe Book One

    The Convoluted Universe: Book One (The Convoluted Universe series)

      Delve into the mind-blowing mysteries of the universe in The Convoluted Universe Book One. Renowned hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon presents accounts of advanced ET wisdom and Earth’s metaphysical history acquired through hypnosis. This paradigm-shifting knowledge explains mystifying phenomena like Atlantis, pyramids, UFOs, parallel universes, and alternate lifetimes.

      Cannon’s subjects describe living in ancient advanced civilizations and on other planets under hypnosis. Their independent testimonies reveal a hidden cosmic history of human spirituality, ET contact, and undiscovered human abilities. This book powerfully expands perspectives on the nature of reality, human origins, and the possibilities of conscious evolution.

      If you’re ready for a provocative, logically presented body of forbidden wisdom, The Convoluted Universe provides stunning insights. Cannon makes convoluted concepts from quantum physics understandable, validating them through cross-correlated hypnosis accounts. Be prepared to question dominant scientific, historic, and religious paradigms after absorbing this fascinating, controversial information.

      Search For Hidden Sacred Knowledge

      Search For Hidden Sacred Knowledge

      Discover humanity’s long-suppressed spiritual heritage in Search For Hidden Sacred Knowledge. Hypnosis pioneer Dolores Cannon reveals secret metaphysical revelations and truths passed down through Mystery School initiates, shamans, monks, and indigenous elders. This hidden knowledge was nearly obliterated centuries ago by conquering groups seeking to dominate the masses.

      Cannon presents her revelatory findings as a reclamation of humankind’s forgotten wisdom and abilities. Subjects under hypnosis describe initiations into profound energetic healing, manifestations, consciousness merging, and direct knowing of the Divine. You’ll be amazed and enlightened by these glimpses into your soul’s capabilities. Reconnect with innate gifts that transcend perceived limitations through this mystical knowledge.

      If you feel drawn to humanity’s spiritual legacy beyond institutionalized religion, Search For Hidden Sacred Knowledge provides hope. By reclaiming ancestral wisdom, we can create the peace, harmony, and abundance that is our divine birthright as souls. Let this book inspire you to explore the depths of your being and advance human enlightenment.

      Horns of the Goddess

      Horns of the Goddess

      Immerse yourself in the untold history of goddess worship and druidic tradition in Horns of the Goddess. Renowned hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon presents past life regressions of three subjects reliving their experiences as ancient druids. Their stories offer a rare window into the spiritual roots of the pagan faith before suppression by conquering powers.

      Cannon’s subjects provide gripping accounts of initiation rites, goddess veneration, and mystical practices of the druids. You’ll gain insights into their philosophical tenets and reverence for nature that were antithetical to the rigid dogma of their oppressors. These captivating tales vividly depict the Inquisition’s brutal attempts to torture and destroy indigenous earth-based spirituality in Europe.

      Expand your perspective on humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth through this fascinating read. Horns of the Goddess recovers lost knowledge of matriarchal tribes and secret wisdom teachings. If you feel a soul-deep connection to the Divine Feminine, druidic natural philosophy, or pagan spirituality, this book provides rich validation. Reawaken your ancestral memories and reclaim this vital spiritual heritage.

      They Walked with Jesus: Past Life Experiences with Christ

      They Walked with Jesus: Past Life Experiences with Christ

        This book provides a fascinating insider perspective into the life of Jesus Christ. It details past life memories of two hypnotized subjects who recalled living during Jesus’ time. Their vivid recollections transport readers back to experience Christ’s miracles firsthand and gain insights into his healing powers.

        Key details on Christ’s upbringing, travels, and preaching style help you understand his teachings on a deeper level. You’ll also learn lesser known tidbits about ancient Jerusalem, visits to homes and leper colonies, and the political climate leading to Christ’s crucifixion.

        With its insider view and wealth of historical textures, this book brings Jesus’ story to life. You’ll come away with a profound appreciation for Christ’s spiritual philosophy and compassion. Dolores Cannon’s work channels enthralling history through her subjects into a book you won’t be able to put down.

        Jesus and the Essenes

        Jesus and the Essenes

        This compelling book provides you with groundbreaking insights into Jesus Christ’s connections to the Essene community in Qumran. It offers you the rare chance to understand Christ’s life and work through the direct experience of an Essene community member.

        You’ll learn unprecedented details about the Essenes’ beliefs, Old Testament interpretations, and the community’s central role in Jesus and John the Baptist’s upbringing. You’ll also gain clarifications on disputed biblical imagery and statements straight from the Essenes.

        Overall, by removing religious agendas and conveying unfiltered conversations with an insider, this book lets you feel like you’re living alongside Jesus during that pivotal time. You’ll come away enlightened, with a refined perspective of Jesus’ teachings. This is a must-read book for anyone seeking profound understanding of this deeply influential historical period.

        Conversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, Vol. 1

        Conversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, Vol. 1 (Revised Edition & Addendum 2001)

          This riveting book provides you with the unique chance to discover Nostradamus’ prophecies from Nostradamus himself. It features direct dialogues between hypnotist Dolores Cannon and Nostradamus speaking through a regressed patient.

          For the first time, you’ll gain access to Nostradamus’ urgent efforts to correct misinterpretations of his prophecies and reveal their true meanings. You’ll also obtain his authentic prediction translations, including forecasts around technology, world war, natural disasters, and other future visions unfiltered by centuries of analysis.

          If you’ve ever wanted to know the truth behind Nostradamus’ visions, this book delivers it straight from the source. It represents a transparent window into the seer’s mind and a fundamentally deeper understanding of his famous quatrains. You’ll find the dialogues as intriguing as they are chilling. This is a must-read for history buffs and anyone fascinated by prophecy.

          Custodians: Beyond Abduction

          Custodians: Beyond Abduction

            This extraordinary book takes you deeper into the phenomenon of alien abduction through hypnotic regression. It features Dolores Cannon’s groundbreaking work uncovering survivors’ repressed memories about their experiences.

            You’ll be captivated as her subjects share candid details on otherworldly ships, bizarre experiments, screen memories, implants, and more. You’ll gain rare clairvoyant insight into the benign intentions guiding most abductions, despite their traumatic nature.

            Cannon’s pioneering research helps you comprehend the complexity of abduction beyond fear-based narratives. You’ll walk away feeling intrigued, with a radically transformed understanding of supernatural encounters. This book provides you with an indispensable look at a mind-bending frontier.

            Keepers of the Garden

            Keepers of the Garden

              This fascinating book documents a man’s past life memories beyond Earth, accessed through hypnosis. As one of the first accounts of its kind, it offers you groundbreaking extra-terrestrial history from an insider perspective.

              Through vivid descriptions, you’ll visit advanced alien civilizations as they seed life on an early Earth. You’ll learn how extraterrestrial influences continued shaping humanity’s evolution through ongoing genetic experiments.

              Most intriguingly, you’ll hear directly from our cosmic ancestors about their intentions, illuminating the mystery behind UFO involvement on Earth. This book presents you with a revolutionary understanding of human origins and mankind’s place among the stars.

              You’ll find Keepers of the Garden an eye-opening game changer in the annals of past-life regression and ET contact. It delivers a profoundly moving experience that will stay with you long after the last page.

              Dolores Cannon Books Buying Guide

              For newcomers interested in exploring Dolores Cannon’s work, here are some of her most noteworthy and seminal books to consider:

              The Convoluted Universe series (5 books) – This Five-part series is considered Cannon’s magnum opus, exploring metaphysical topics like the concept that we are all “thoughts of God” dreaming our lives into being. The books also discuss Councils of Higher Beings and splashbacks from parallel realities.

              The Custodians – One of Cannon’s most well-known books covering her clients’ experiences with extraterrestrials and ET abduction accounts under hypnosis. This book introduces the idea of the Three Waves of Volunteers – beings who came to Earth to raise vibration.

              Jesus and the Essenes – Explores Jesus Christ’s lost years using hypnosis accounts, alleging he spent time learning from the Essene sect. This book also discusses Cannon’s idea of the “Supreme Deity/Source Energy”.

              Keepers of the Garden – Details the idea that ET beings have acted as humanity’s caretakers and teachers throughout history. Also discusses influential higher beings like Isis, Osiris, Hermes, and Athena.

              The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth – An overview of Cannon’s Three Waves theory – the idea that benevolent beings have incarnated on Earth during three key eras to guide humanity’s awakening.

              Between Death and Life – Cannon details client accounts of the afterlife realms and soul planning sessions between incarnations. The book covers diverse topics like Councils of Elders, the original Fall from Grace, and the “New Earth” Fourth DensityShift.

              For Cannon fans looking to go deeper, her oeuvre also includes niche books on Atlantis, Nostradamus prophecies, the inner workings of hypnotherapy, and more metaphysical themes.


              Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Dolores Cannon’s work:

              What are the Three Waves of Volunteers?

              Cannon’s idea that benevolent souls have incarnated on Earth in three major waves or eras to raise collective consciousness – First Wave in ancient times, Second Wave in the 1950s-60s, and Third Wave from the late 80s-90s onward.

              What is QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

              Cannon’s proprietary hypnosis technique intended to access the client’s subconscious (what she called the “supraconscious”) mind and provide insights, guidance, and healing.

              What topics are covered in Cannon’s books?

              Wide-ranging metaphysical topics like ETs, UFOs, alien abduction, parallel universes, past lives regression, planetary ascension, the Source Field, Atlantis, spiritual guides, and so much more.

              Are the accounts in the books real?

              The books contain firsthand client accounts of hypnotherapy sessions with Cannon. While unproven, she considered the experiences to be real insights from the supraconscious.

              Are the books suitable for beginners?

              Yes, books like The Custodians or Convoluted Universe contain fascinating info even for readers new to her work and the genres covered. Start with an open mind!

              Should the books be read in order?

              Not necessarily – each book can be enjoyed as a standalone. Minor character reappearances may resonate more reading in publication order but no major continuity.

              What was revolutionary about Cannon’s techniques?

              Her use of deep somnambulistic trance states and indirect hypnosis methods produced insights she felt conventional hypnosis could not reach. This allowed explorations beyond the individual subconscious into global consciousness.


              Dolores Cannon left behind a treasure trove of captivating, if controversial, books for truth-seekers around the globe. While the metaphysical topics may challenge consensus views of reality, Cannon’s works remain immensely influential within spiritual communities.

              For those fascinated by hypnosis, past lives regression, ET contact, parallel universes, or our collective spiritual destiny, Dolores Cannon’s books offer food for thought and avenues for further exploration. Approach her works with an open mind and discernment to see if the insights resonate on your journey.


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