Best Dorm Room Flags 2023

Hey there incoming college freshmen! Decorating your dorm room is one of the most exciting parts of starting college. Having cool dorm room flags is a great way to express your personality and make your living space feel more like home. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to find the best dorm room flags to liven up your space.

Whether you’re a sports fan, into gaming, or want to rep your favorite band, there are so many awesome flag options to choose from these days. Hanging a flag in your dorm is an easy way to show off what you’re into and add a pop of color and personality to your room. We’ll cover where to shop for dorm flags, things to consider when choosing designs, tips for styling your flags, and frequently asked questions to help you decorate like a pro. Let’s get started!

Anley Buttwiser King Rears Flag

ANLEY Fly Breeze 3x5 Feet Buttwiser King of the Rears Flag - Novelty College Funny Dorm Banner - Vivid Color & Fade proof - Canvas Header & Double Stitched Polyester with Brass Grommets 3 X 5 Ft

    You’ll love displaying this hilarious novelty flag from Anley in your dorm room or frat house. The bold design is sure to get laughs. Appreciate the durable polyester construction suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to the fade-proof colors and reinforced edges.

    At 3 feet by 5 feet, it’s perfectly sized to hang on walls, balconies, or doors. The lightweight material flows gently. The vivid colors and sharp print make the amusing design pop. The excellent craftsmanship features double stitching around the edges for durability.

    This funny flag adds fun personality to any living space. Pair the hilarious design with the sturdy construction for a long-lasting product that gets people talking. You and friends will enjoy this entertaining flag.

    BelleJunge Natural Light Beer Stained Glass Flag

    BelleJunge Natural Light Stained Glass Polyester Flag flags Banner 3x5Feet College. Double stitched, Brass grommets, Funny Dorm frat Mancave Decor Men Women Girls Guys Blue Red White

      This beautiful stained glass Natural Light beer flag from BelleJunge makes fantastic home decor for beer aficionados. The impressively large 3 foot by 5 foot size makes a bold statement wherever displayed.

      The lightweight polyester flows like a flag while the double stitching and brass grommets keep it sturdy for indoor or outdoor use. The vivid colors pop against the stained glass pattern thanks to the UV fade resistant dye.

      College students will love displaying this flag in dorms or frat houses as a conversation starter for parties. The bright colors will liven up any bedroom. BelleJunge’s quality construction and eye-catching design make this an awesome gift for beer lovers.

      Timeyard Boho Chic Macrame Wall Hanging

      Macrame Wall Hanging Fringe Garland Banner - BOHO Chic Bohemian Wall Decor - Apartment Dorm Living Room Bedroom Decorative Wall Art, 9"W x45"L, 7 "flags"

        This chic boho macrame wall hanging from Timeyard adds stylish texture to your walls. At 9 inches by 45 inches, it injects playful flair.

        The 100% cotton rope embodies the earthy bohemian style beautifully. It features 7 hand-knotted macrame flags and natural wooden beads that complement the woven pattern.

        Finding breezy, carefree boho wall decor can be difficult, but this macrame wall hanging nails it. The knotted cotton and tassels create visual depth while lending handcrafted imperfection characteristic of boho style.

        Since it’s handmade, yours will be one-of-a-kind. For small living spaces, this wall hanging banner infuses personality without overwhelming. Display above beds, couches, fireplaces or anywhere needing a stylish focal point.

        Onismico Pink Saturdays Girls Flag

        Pink Flag Saturdays Are For The Girls 3x5 Ft College Dorm Rooms Sign Funny Flags For Room Teen Girl Garden Banner Tapestry Party Outdoor Indoor Decoration 36x60in

          This super cute 3 foot by 5 foot pink flag from Onismico makes perfect decor for tween and teen girls’ bedrooms. The upbeat “Saturdays Are For The Girls” message printed in bold white is sure to make them smile.

          Girls will love customizing their space by hanging this banner on walls, doors, balconies or patios. The lightweight polyester is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

          Moms can gift this flag knowing their daughter will adore the bright pink and inspirational design. Thanks to the vivid fade-proof colors and durable polyester fabric, this flag can be enjoyed for countless fun Saturdays ahead.

          Oxpecker Vibrant Saturdays Flag

          Saturdays Boys Flag, 3x5 Feet Saturdays Flag, Outdoor Indoor Dorm Room Decoration Banner for College Football Fraternities Party

            This lively 3 foot by 5 foot Saturdays flag from Oxpecker makes awesome decor for man caves, dorms and more. The generously sized flag makes a vibrant statement wherever displayed.

            The durable polyester keeps colors bold even outdoors. Double stitched edges provide reinforcement. Four brass grommets enable easy hanging.

            College guys will love displaying this flag inside or outside their dorm to celebrate their favorite day of the week. It’s also great for fraternities, bachelor pads, garages, or a guy’s bedroom.

            The bright colors and crisp printing allow the fun “Saturdays” design to pop beautifully. It’s perfect decor for embracing the carefree fun of Saturdays.

            Gold Trident Nobody Cares Work Harder Motivational Flag

            Nobody Cares Work Harder Flag - Motivational flag Fitness Inspirational Cool Flag For Home Gym Flags for room Wall Decor College Dorm Man Cave 3x5 Feet Flag Banner Poster College flags for Guys Girls Motivation Flag

              Looking to add some motivational flair to your home gym or office? This Nobody Cares Work Harder flag from Gold Trident is just what you need. The bold black text on bright yellow background really pops and will grab anyone’s attention.

              At 3 x 5 feet, it’s a nice size to hang on any wall or corner. The polyester material feels durable and well-made. The edges are neatly stitched and it has sturdy brass grommets for hanging.

              The message itself is perfect for gyms, man caves, dorm rooms, or any space where you want a kick of motivation. Let’s face it – nobody will hand success to you. You have to put in the hard work day after day. This flag serves as a reminder that even on tough days, you can’t let up.

              Gold Trident makes tons of similar motivational and funny novelty flags. So if you want to decorate multiple spaces, you can find different designs with easiness and consistency. Their prints use vivid dyes to really make the colors stand out. Even in low light conditions, the inspiring messages are clearly visible.

              For the cost, you can’t beat the value you get with this flag. It may be simple, but delivers exactly as expected. The fabric seems like it will hold up well over time too. If you want an affordable way to add some flavor and motivation to your space, this Nobody Cares Work Harder flag will do the trick!

              Anley Student Athlete Fly Breeze Flag

              ANLEY Fly Breeze 3x5 Foot Student Athlete Flag - Vivid Color and Fade Proof - Canvas Header and Double Stitched -Novelty College Funny Dorm Flags Polyester with Brass Grommets 3 X 5 Ft

                Show your school spirit and pride for your athlete with this Student Athlete flag from Anley. The blue, black, and white design looks sharp and will complement any decor.

                At 3 by 5 feet, it’s a standard size for hanging indoors or outdoors. The lightweight polyester fabric allows the flag to move gently even with a light breeze. It would look great hanging off a front porch or on a wall inside.

                The flag is well constructed. The edges are neatly double stitched for strength and it has a canvas header along the top with two brass grommets for hanging. The images and text print is extremely bold and vibrant. Anley uses a specialized digital printing process to ensure the colors resist UV fading.

                This flag celebrates all student athletes for their dedication to academics and sports. Let your child know how proud you are of them for balancing practices, games, training, and studies. Or show appreciation for your favorite local teams and all their hard work.

                Pair it with Anley’s other designs to make a complete collection. They have tons of collegiate flags and banners to showcase your school loyalty. The quality standards are very consistent across all their products.

                For an affordable price, this Student Athlete flag packs a visual punch. The lightweight fabric allows gentle movement for a realistic waving effect. Any parent, fan, coach, or student would be thrilled to have this in their home or dorm.

                KEPO Playboi Carti Die Lit Tapestry

                Playboi Carti Funny Flag Funny Poster Durable Man Cave Wall Flag Tapestry Pop Art Home Decoration with 4 Brass Grommets for College Dorm Room Decor,Outdoor,Gift, Parties, 3x5 Ft Die Lit Banner

                  Add some color and hip hop flair to your room with this Playboi Carti Die Lit tapestry from KEPO. The bold graphics and iconic album art will make a lively statement.

                  At 3 x 5 feet, it’s nicely sized to hang on any wall or door. The lightweight polyester fabric is soft to touch and drapes well. Vibrant dyes are used to make the trippy graphics pop against the black background.

                  This tapestry is ideal for music fans and Pop Smoke enthusiasts. Let everyone know you rep that Woo and have an appreciation for Carti’s experimental trap sound. The cover art comes from his smash hit 2018 mixtape Die Lit.

                  KEPO makes tons of music-related tapestries spanning many genres and artists. You can easily find counterparts for all your favorite albums. The textile quality remains excellent across any design you choose.

                  Tapestries are extremely versatile for decorating dorms, bedrooms, studios, and more. Drape this Carti one on your bed, wall, ceiling, or furniture to add some energy. The trippy psychedelic graphics make a true statement piece.

                  For maximum impact, pair it with string lights or blacklight. The neon colors will pop vividly. As a bonus, tapestries also help absorb sound and soften echo in a room.

                  Overall, this Playboi Carti tapestry is a cool way to display your fandom. The Die Lit album art looks fantastic as an eye-catching centerpiece. KEPO delivers a quality textile that will upgrade any space.

                  AUTSPR McLovin Fake ID Flag

                  McLovin ID Flag 3x5Ft Fake Driver License Banner 3x5 Ft Funny Poster UV Resistance Fading & Durable Man Cave Wall Flag with Brass Grommets for College Dorm Room Decor,Outdoor And indoor

                    Relive your favorite Superbad moments with this hilarious McLovin fake ID flag from AUTSPR. The iconic character portrait will get laughs and make a fun conversation starter.

                    At 3 x 5 feet, it’s great for hanging in a dorm, bedroom, office, man cave, or any spot in need of humor. The polyester fabric is lightweight yet feels durable enough for indoor and outdoor use.

                    McLovin became an instant movie legend back in 2007 with this fake driver’s license prop from the comedy Superbad. Now you can proudly hang the ID on your wall for all to admire.

                    The details printed are impressively sharp, right down to the signature Hawaii backdrop. AUTSPR uses a specialized digital process to ensure the image remains vibrant and resists UV fading over time.

                    Pair this with other novelty flags and banners from AUTSPR to make a complete set. They have tons of pop culture, movies, TV shows, and nostalgic designs. The quality is excellent across all options.

                    For any Superbad fan, this McLovin flag is a must-have. The ridiculous fake ID portrait looks fantastic hanging up as wall art. It will spark conversations and laughs every time someone new notices it.

                    Pink Gibby Puzzle Flag

                    Pink Gibby Puzzle Flag 3x5 Feet Banner Funny Poster Fine Workmanship and Bright Colors Wall Flag with Brass Grommets for College Dorm Room Decor

                      Brighten up your dorm room or bedroom with this fun Gibby puzzle flag from GHANZS. The colorful collage graphics will add energy to your space.

                      At a standard 3 x 5 feet size, this flag is ideal for hanging on any wall or door inside. It’s made from soft, lightweight polyester that’s durable enough for daily use. The fabric is specially treated to resist UV fading so the vibrant colors will last.

                      This flag features a kaleidoscope of puzzle pieces with Gibby’s face – one of the hilarious characters from the Nickelodeon show iCarly. His giant goofy expression is sure to get laughs and smiles from anyone who sees it.

                      GHANZS has tons of pop culture and meme flags perfect for dorms. You can easily find hilarious designs themed around SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Mona Lisa, and more. The quality remains excellent no matter which one you choose.

                      The puzzle art makes for an eye-catching focal point. Pair it with string lights or a tapestry for maximum impact. Use command hooks to easily hang the flag and avoid wall damage.

                      For any iCarly or Nickelodeon fan, this flag is a fun way to decorate. Gibby’s wonky face will make you laugh every day. GHANZS delivers a quality polyester flag that packs big visual impact at an affordable price.

                      Dorm Room Flags Buying Guide

                      When looking for the perfect dorm room flags, there are a few key things to keep in mind:


                      Consider the size of your dorm room when picking out flags. Smaller flags around 2 by 3 feet are best for most standard dorm rooms so you have room to hang other stuff on your walls too. Giant flags can make a small space feel even more cramped.


                      Polyester flags are affordable and durable, while nylon flags are silky and hang nicely but are pricier. There are also super soft fleece flags and ones made of burlap. Think about which material will fit your aesthetic.


                      The design you choose is totally up to you! Here are some popular dorm flag ideas:

                      • Sports teams – Rep your college or pro teams.
                      • Music artists – Hang flags with your favorite musicians like Taylor Swift or Harry Styles.
                      • TV shows – FriendsStar WarsSpongebob – so many good options!
                      • Movies – JawsTop GunNapoleon Dynamite – pick a cult classic.
                      • Video games – MarioPokemonZelda flags let your nerdy side show.
                      • Funny phrases – A cheeky “Do not disturb, already disturbed” flag can make people laugh.
                      • Pride – Rainbow pride flags or trans pride flags broadcast who you support.
                      • Home state – Show off where you’re from with state flag designs.


                      You can find quality dorm flags ranging from $15-$40. Consider how much you want to spend and look for coupons and sales if you’re on a tight budget. Sites like Amazon, Zazzle and Dormify offer lots of wallet-friendly flags.

                      Styling Tips

                      Once you’ve ordered your top dorm flag picks, use these tips to creatively show them off:

                      • Hang flags on the wall next to your bed so they’re like a headboard.
                      • Drape flags over cabinets or desks as cute covers.
                      • Fold and display smaller flags on shelves.
                      • Layer multiple flags together on one wall for a collage look.
                      • Hang strings across your room and use mini flags as bunting.
                      • Use command hooks and clips to easily hang flags from walls and ceilings without damaging them.
                      • Switch out flags for different seasons – snowy winter ones for the cold months and vibrant spring designs when it gets warmer.

                      Get creative and layer in other fun dorm decor like string lights, posters, photos and wall decals to make your flags really stand out.


                      Where can I buy cool dorm room flags?

                      Some great places to shop for dorm flags online include Amazon, Dormify, Zazzle, Etsy, eBay, Walmart and Target. Look for sites that have a wide selection and affordable prices. Local college bookstores are also great spots to pick up school spirit flags in person.

                      How do I hang a flag on a dorm room wall?

                      Use removable command hooks to easily hang flags without damaging walls. They stick on securely and remove cleanly. Look for heavy duty hooks made for hanging items like flags. You can also use thumbtacks for lightweight flags. Just make sure to fill holes and repaint before moving out.

                      What size flag should I get for a dorm?

                      Standard dorm rooms usually have ceilings about 8 feet high. A 2 x 3 foot flag is ideal for fitting on most walls without looking oversized and letting you decorate the area around them too. Go up to a 3 x 5 foot flag for hanging above beds or larger walls.

                      Can I hang a flag from my dorm ceiling?

                      You often can if your dorm allows it. Use removable 3M command hooks specially made to hang from ceilings and hold weight. Test if your ceiling is concrete or drop-down tile first by lightly knocking – command products work on concrete but can damage tiles.

                      Are there any rules about flags I should know?

                      Most colleges allow flags in dorms as long as the content isn’t discriminatory or explicit. Just make sure flags don’t cover smoke detectors, lights or vents. Check with your RA if you have concerns over a specific design. Use common sense and try not to go too wild with dozens of flags!


                      Adding awesome dorm room flags is an easy way to make your new space feel like home sweet home. Now that you know where to shop for the best deals, style tips for showing off your flags and answers to common questions, you’re ready to start designing your ideal dorm decor.

                      Choose flags that show off your unique personality. Whether they’re music themed, nerdy, athletic or funny, they’ll give visitors a peek into what you’re all about. Hang them loud and proud and get excited to move into your decorated dorm!


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