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Best electric guitar nut

    Because the modern market offers so many different products to choose from, it can be hard to distinguish good from bad quality when searching for best electric guitar nut. Our team has done many hours of research in many different categories to provide you with a detailed review of many different products currently available on the market. We took into consideration the brand’s reputation, product quality and user rating to provide you with a review of the best electric guitar nut currently available for purchase.

    Before you make up your mind, be sure to click on any product that gets your attention, since it will show you many more details like size, weight, price, user feedback and worldwide user ratings. We are aware that it is of utmost importance to provide our users with only the best products currently available to ensure everyone is happy in the end. This review about electric guitar nut is only one out of many that our team has made for you.

    Best electric guitar nut

    RANK 1. Musiclily 42mm Bone Slotted Electric Guitar Nut Flat Bottom for 6 String Fender Strat Tele, 42x3.5x4.5mm (2 Pieces)

    • Flat bottom, with string slots, bone nut for 6 strings stratocaster /telecaster electric guitar
    • E to E String spacing: 34mm (1-11/32 inch)
    • Length: 1-5/8 inch (42mm); Thickness: 1/8 inch (3.5mm); Height: 3/16" (4.5mm)
    • Material: Bone; Color: Bleached White
    • Package included: 2 Pieces Guitar Nuts

    RANK 2. Greenten 2 Pcs 6 String Electric Bone Nut Cattle Bone Slotted Replacement (43 X 6, Unbleached)

    • 100% as picture show,the quality is better than bone meal
    • Material:Cattle bone
    • size: 43 X 6 X 8.5mm(1.692 X 0.236 X 0.334 inch)
    • Flat Bottom

    RANK 3. Musiclily Pro Urea Resin Plastic Slotted 43mm LP Style Guitar Nuts Flat Bottom for 6 String Les Paul or Acoustic Guitar, Black (Set of 2)

    • Ideal for 6 String Les Paul or acoustic guitar
    • Dimensions: 43mm (1-11/16") Length x 5mm (13/64") Thickness x 8.3mm (21/64") Height. String spacing (E to E): 34.6mm (1-23/64")
    • Flat bottom, R240 (9.5inch) top radius, Pre-slotted to make for a quick and easy install
    • Made of Urea resin plastic, it is harder material than the other plastic nuts
    • Package Includes: 2 pieces nuts

    RANK 4. Greenten 2 Pcs 6 String Electric Bone Nut Cattle Bone Slotted Replacement (42 X 3.5, Unbleached)

    • 100% Brand New GreentenMic,Flat Bottom,PLEASE NOTE THE SIZE
    • High quality string nut real bone,High quality sound and volume
    • Size:42 X 3.5 X 4.5/3.5mm(1.653 X 0.137 X 0.177/0.137 inch)
    • Designed for modern and vintage electric guitars and found,We have checked the product carefully
    • Nut has pre cut string slots and requires very little experience to install.

    RANK 5. set of 4 Guitar nuts, washers & lock washers for US CTS Pots & Switchcraft Jacks, metal

    • Includes 4 nuts, 4 flat washers, and 4 star lock washers.
    • 3/8" x 32 threads will fit most CTS pots and Switchcraft input jacks(does not fit Switchcraft 3-way toggle switches)
    • Nuts uses 1/2" wrench and has a 5/16" inside diameter(3/8" threaded).
    • Flat washer is 5/8" outside diameter and 3/8" inside. Star washer is 11/16" outside diameter and 3/8" inside.
    • These will not fit metric alpha pots or metric input jacks!, Fast delivery.*** Products may have a high price.*** ***Please compare prices before you buy.***

    RANK 6. DISENS 6 String Electric Guitar Nut Slotted Bone Nuts Flat Bottom for Guitar Replacement Parts Accessories (43x6x8.5mm)

    • High Quality Material: Our pre-slotted electric guitar nut made from high dense, unbleached real cattle bone, it can provides better tone than plastic/synthetic materials,longer service life.
    • Great Guitar Replacement Nut: These electric guitar bone nut have density and minimal porosity are features that yield good intonation and clarity.its can increase mid and high end harmonics, increase bass repsonse, improve tone, optimal vibration transfer.
    • Easy to Install: This guitar nut is pre-slotted to make for a quick and easy install. You could do it along even you are very little experience. Ideal for replacement and upgrade the nut on your 6 string electric guitar.
    • Guitar Nut Size: Length x Thickness x Height: 43*6*8.5mm(1.69*0.23*0.33inches); E to E String Spacing: 35.5mm(1.39inches). Please measure the dimension of your guitar nut carefully before your order it
    • Package Included: 1pcs 6 string bone guitar nut

    RANK 7. Generic 10 pcs Electric Guitar Nuts Plastic 43 x 3.4 x 4.6-3.8 Ivory

    • Plastic Electric Guitar Nuts

    RANK 8. Fender Vintage Style Stratocaster/Telecaster Electric Guitar Pre-Slotted Bone Nut

    • High-quality real bone string nut for vintage style electric guitars
    • Nut is pre-slotted and has a 7.25" radius
    • 1.650" (42 mm) wide

    RANK 9. Greenten Modern and Vintage Electric Guitar 6 String Nut Cattle Bone Slotted for Fender Strat Replacement,1pc

    • 100% Brand New,Flat Bottom
    • High quality sound and volume,Designed for modern and vintage electric guitars and found
    • Size:(42 X 3.5 X 4.5/3.5mm) ,(1.653 X 0.137 X 0.177/0.137 inch)
    • Nut has pre cut string slots and requires very little experience to install.
    • We have checked the product carefully..

    RANK 10. Guyker 43mm Guitar Nut Pre-Slotted – Brass Nuts Replacement for Strat Tele ST TL style Electric Guitar

    • Measurement: Length: Approx. 43 mm (1.69”); Height: 3.5 mm (0.14”).
    • Material: solid brass, durable and compact.
    • Help keep your guitar in tune better and reduce the friction of the strings in the nut.
    • Pre-slotted to make for a quick and easy install.
    • Compatible with 6-string Fender Straocaster (Strat), Telecaster(Tele) style electric guitar and most similar instruments.

    electric guitar nut Buying Guide

    When you’re installing a new electric guitar nut, you have several options. Most guitar nuts are pre-slotted for 6 strings, but you can also find them for 12-string models. When you install a new nut, you can use a carpenters pliers to break the glue seal. Alternatively, you can use regular pliers. This will allow you to work with the nut without damaging the guitar.

    While some people swear by the sound quality of bone, other materials are a better choice. One popular choice is superglue, which sets quickly when two surfaces are placed together. It is easy to apply with a toothpick or matchstick. Be sure not to use too much, as too much can ruin the guitar. But whatever you choose, it will help you in your quest to create a more authentic tone. And if you aren’t confident enough to try these methods, you can always buy a new guitar.

    If you can’t find one that matches the exact specifications of your guitar, you can always get a new nut. However, you should make sure that you have chosen the correct one. Graphite is a great choice for most people who want a slightly mellower sound. You should avoid using cheap graphite nuts, as they tend to be incredibly soft and easily scratched. Metal guitar nuts were most popular in the 1970s and 80s. Most of them were made of steel or brass. If you’re playing a Floyd Rose locking tremolo, then you’ll most likely need a steel nut. These have a brighter sound and good sustain.

    The nut is the most important part of your electric guitar. It holds the strings between the headstock and the neck. If it’s faulty, your guitar’s tone will be affected. A worn nut will result in buzzing or squeaky notes, and it can also prevent the strings from returning to tune. There are several different types of a guitar nut, including bone, plastic, brass, graphite, and wood. A good notch is an essential component of an electric instrument, and can impact the tone of the instrument.

    The nut is an important part of an electric guitar. It is the limiting element between the strings and the nut. It is the main reason the guitar sounds good. Its shape determines the nut’s lateral and vertical spacing. A good nut will also ensure that the guitar’s tone is louder than it otherwise would. If it doesn’t, it’s not tuned. So it’s crucial to know the measurements of the truss rod and acoustic instruments before you begin the process.

    The nut is a vital part of your guitar. A poor nut can ruin your guitar’s tone and playability. Luckily, there are a variety of options when it comes to electric guitar nut replacement. Some guitarists opt for bone nuts because they produce the best tone and are the least expensive. But, if you’re not that into wood or bone, it’s best to purchase a wooden acoustic guitar nut.

    A good guitar nut has a significant effect on your guitar’s tone and playability. It guides the strings down the neck and works with the bridge saddles to vibrate the strings. A poor nut can make your guitar’s string buzz or ring. If it’s too loose or too tight, you’ll have to adjust the nut to compensate for this. A good acoustic nerd would appreciate this.

    When you are looking for a new nut, you should first determine its condition. You need to make sure the guitar nut is tight enough to prevent it from slipping out of its slot. Ideally, the nut should be in its original slot. If the swivel nut is loose, you should use a mallet to gently tap it out of the slot. If it’s too tight, it will damage the guitar.

    The nut is an integral part of the guitar. The nut is one of the two points of contact between the strings and the guitar body. The nut comprises slots that correspond to each string. The depth of the slots determines the spacing between the strings. The nut’s height determines the action of the guitar. This affects intonation, fret buzz, and playability. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a proper balance between the two.

    Our team dedicated a lot of time providing you with this review of the best electric guitar nut. It is still very important to do your research thoroughly before purchasing a product to ensure it suits your wishes. Always check these questions before making a purchase:

    Is this electric guitar nut the right product for you?

    Does it really deserve the title of best electric guitar nut?

    Are there better products to be found when searching for the best electric guitar nut?

    Have you done enough research about the electric guitar nut?

    Many times people have a lot of questions when it comes to electric guitar nut. We definitely offer a lot of valuable information here. All of it was gathered with a combination of hard manual work and AI-based programs that use complex algorithms. The next best thing to do when searching for the best electric guitar nut brands is to check out reviews, find out the brand’s reputation on the market, compare the product quality and check out the product’s features.

    This webpage offers you a wide assortment of different reviews and information that is mainly objective and differs from other websites. Before trusting our decisions when looking for the best electric guitar nut to buy be sure to do enough research. Our template is to find the 10 best products currently on the market and provide a detailed evaluation of them to ensure only the best are mentioned in our reviews. Our review of the electric guitar nut is no different!

    The combination of manual work put in by our team and the AI’s complex algorithm is based on some key factors to ensure we only include the best of the best. Some of them are the one’s listed below:

    Brand reputation: When it is the best electric guitar nut you are searching for, it is very important to check out the brand’s reputation on the market. If they have provided their customers with good quality products before, then they are likely to continue working hard to not let them down.

    Product features: Does the electric guitar nut offer all the features you are looking for?

    User ratings: It is common knowledge that online stores provide the option to rate their products. This information tells you how many people liked/disliked a certain electric guitar nut.

    Reviews: Reviews help you check if a certain electric guitar nut has been up to its expectations. People usually write reviews if the electric guitar nut has been very positive or negative in their perspective.

    Product quality: One of the most important things to pay attention to is to always check the product’s quality to ensure it is the best electric guitar nut.


    As you can see, finding the electric guitar nut to buy is not as easy as it might seem at first. There are so many things you have to pay attention to that it can be confusing in the end. Simply checking out a review is a great way to make things much easier for you. Our team focuses to provide simple and informative reviews that help people find their desired brand or product. We all know that it is a real bummer to purchase something that doesn’t fit your desires. That is why we gave it a lot of effort to provide you with a buying guide for electric guitar nut.

    If you liked what you saw here on our webpage and are wondering if there is more, check out the rest of our webpage to find even more interesting product reviews. Many people have already found what they were looking for here. We surely have something interesting for you as well!