Best Frozen Pretzels 2023

Pretzels are a classic snack that have been enjoyed for centuries. Unlike many snacks, pretzels are baked, not fried, making them a bit healthier option. Frozen pretzels provide the delicious taste of a fresh baked pretzel in the convenience of keeping them stored in your freezer. Whether enjoying them as an on-the-go snack or pairing them with dips at a party, having frozen pretzels on hand is sure to please a crowd. This guide will walk through what to look for when choosing frozen pretzels and provide tips for getting the most out of this tasty treat.

Soft Pretzels for Family Fun Nights

J and J Snack Super Baked Soft Pretzel, 2.5 Ounce -- 100 per case.

Looking for a fun and tasty snack to enjoy with your family on game nights or movie nights? These soft pretzels from J and J Snack Foods are a great option to liven up your family fun nights.

The soft texture and fresh bakery taste will have everyone reaching for more. Unlike some frozen pretzels, these ones come fresh in a large bag so you can serve the whole gang. Just pop them in the microwave or oven for 30 seconds and you’ve got a hot, delicious pretzel ready for dipping in cheese sauce, mustard, or whatever toppings you love.

An added bonus is that J and J Snack Foods makes these pretzels without artificial colors or flavors. So you can feel good about serving them to your kids. The individually wrapped pretzels are also handy for packing in lunches or taking to potlucks.

For an fun twist, try shaping them into pretzel bites on a baking sheet before cooking. The mini sizes make it easy for dipping and are perfect for little hands. However you shape or serve them, these soft baked pretzels from J and J Snack Foods liven up any family gathering.

Individually Wrapped Soft Pretzels for On-the-Go

PretzelHaus Soft Individually Wrapped Bavarian Baked Pretzels. Never Frozen. Heat and Serve Soft Pretzels. (LIGHTLY SALTED, 10)

    Need an easy grab-and-go snack for school, work, or travel? These soft pretzels from PretzelHaus are perfect for taking on the go thanks to their individual wrappers. The wrappers help seal in the freshness and soft texture.

    After just 30 seconds in the microwave, you’ve got a hot baked pretzel ready for eating. The soft doughy interior and slightly salty crust make these an addicting snack you’ll want to have on hand. Unlike some pretzels, these are never frozen which allows for quicker prep.

    PretzelHaus makes these with an authentic German recipe for that delicious chewy Bavarian style pretzel taste. They come in plain, salted, and cinnamon sugar flavors to suit your mood. At around 6 ounces each, these are nice and big soft pretzels – not tiny twists.

    The individual plastic wrapping makes these pretzels perfect for packing in lunches, keeping at your desk, or taking in the car for road trips. Satisfy your savory snack cravings no matter where you are with these grab-and-go soft wrapped pretzels from PretzelHaus.

    Shelf-Stable Soft Pretzels for Easy Snacking

    Bakery Authentic Bavarian Soft Pretzel, Shelf Stable Philadelphia Soft Pretzels Flavors, salt, plain MADE IN USA (salt) Not Frozen Fresh wheat White Bread (salt)

      Tired of searching the freezer section for baked pretzels? These shelf-stable soft pretzels from BND Gourmet are the easy snacking solution. They come fresh from the bakery in plastic bags that keep them soft and delicious for up to 12 months. No freezing required!

      These jumbo sized pretzels have a chewy texture and authentic German taste that’s better than any frozen kind. After a quick 30 seconds in the microwave, you’ve got a soft steaming pretzel ready for salt and dipping.

      Because you store them at room temperature, you can enjoy an easy warm pretzel without the hassle of defrosting. These are great to have on hand for after school snacks, midnight munchies, or anytime a savory bite is needed.

      Made without artificial colors or flavors, these pretzels contain simple wholesome ingredients you can feel good about. Enjoy the convenience of these big bakery-style pretzels from BND Gourmet that are ready whenever you are. No freezing necessary!

      Hand-Twisted Pretzels for Authentic Taste

      PretzelHaus Bakery Authentic Bavarian Plain Soft Pretzel, Pack of 10

        Bitten by the pretzel bug but want something more than boring twists? These hand-twisted pretzels from PretzelHaus give you an authentic bakery-fresh taste and texture.

        Each pretzel is carefully shaped by hand for artisan quality you can truly taste. The unique baking process ensures a soft and chewy interior with a subtly sweet crust – the hallmark of delicious German soft pretzels.

        Because they are shelf-stable with individual wrappers, these pretzels make snacking easy. Just grab one from the pantry and heat in the microwave for instant satisfaction. Keep some on hand to pack in lunches or take to the office for a midday treat.

        Made with simple wholesome ingredients and no artificial flavors, these pretzels will win over kids and adults alike. Enjoy the fun experience of twisting off bites of these hand-crafted soft pretzels from PretzelHaus and tasting the authentic difference.

        Cheese Filled Pretzels for Next-Level Snacking

        Milwaukee Pretzel Company Authentic Bavarian Style Gourmet Soft Pretzels, Fresh Baked and Shipped: Cheese Lover's Bavarian Soft Pretzels and Nacho Cheese

          Take your pretzel snacking from boring to extraordinary with these cheese lover’s pretzels from Milwaukee Pretzel Company. They take soft pretzels to the next level by stuffing them with ooey gooey cheese for a mouthwatering treat.

          Each pretzel has the fluffy interior and crispy browned outer crust that makes authentic Bavarian style pretzels so addicting. The addition of creamy real cheese tucked inside amps up the deliciousness factor.

          These pretzels ship fresh, never frozen, so you can enjoy gooey melted cheese with every bite. They also include individually packaged nacho cheese sauce for dipping or drizzling.

          For a fun movie night snack, bake up these cheese filled pretzels from Milwaukee Pretzel Company. The combo of chewy pretzel dough, melted cheese, and nacho dipping sauce is sure to be a new favorite.

          Grab and Go Snacks with Bold Flavors

          Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Pieces, Variety Pack of Pretzels Individual Packs, 2.25 Oz, 18 Ct (Pack of 18)

            Looking for bold flavored snacks you can take on-the-go? These pretzel pieces from Snyder’s of Hanover come in a variety pack with zesty options like Honey Mustard & Onion, Hot Buffalo Wing, and Cheddar Cheese.

            The crunchy sourdough pretzel pieces provide a satisfying hearty texture that stands up well to creamy dips and robust savory flavors. Each bag contains about 2.25 ounces, perfect for tossing in your purse, gym bag, or keeping at your desk.

            These pretzel pieces give you that crunchy salty-savory snack fix you crave with bolder flavors that keep things interesting. Try the Hot Buffalo Wing pieces for a kick of heat or the Honey Mustard & Onion for a sweet and tangy crunch.

            With 18 individually wrapped bags, this variety pack from Snyder’s makes it easy to liven up snack time whether you’re on the go, at the office, or just need something to munch on at home.

            Individually Wrapped Pretzels for Freshness

            PretzelHaus Soft Individually Wrapped Bavarian Baked Pretzels. Never Frozen. Heat and Serve Soft Pretzels. (LIGHTLY SALTED, 10)

              Looking for pretzels that stay fresh for on-the-go snacking? These soft pretzels from PretzelHaus come individually wrapped to lock in that just-baked taste and texture.

              The wrappers help keep the 6 ounce Bavarian style pretzels moist and chewy. After just 30 seconds in the microwave, you’ve got a hot baked snack with a fluffy interior and crispy outer crust.

              PretzelHaus uses an authentic German recipe to achieve that distinctive chewy, yeasty flavor. Enjoy the pretzels plain, with salt, or cinnamon sugar depending on your mood.

              The individual wrappings make these pretzels handy to pack in lunches, stash in your purse, keep at your desk, or take in the car. Their portability and quick cooking time means you can enjoy a warm soft pretzel anytime.

              No-Fuss Snacking with Shelf-Stable Soft Pretzels

              Bakery Authentic Bavarian Soft Pretzel, Shelf Stable Philadelphia Soft Pretzels Flavors, salt, plain MADE IN USA (salt) Not Frozen Fresh wheat White Bread (salt)

                Save yourself the hassle of defrosting with these shelf-stable jumbo soft pretzels from BND Gourmet. With no freezing required, you can enjoy a warm baked snack in seconds straight from the pantry.

                These hand-twisted plump pretzels have an authentic chewy texture and hearty wheat flavor that’s better than frozen kinds. Simply heat in the microwave for 30 seconds and you’ve got a steaming snack ready for dipping in cheese sauce or mustard.

                The shelf-stable packaging keeps these pretzels fresh for up to 12 months without refrigeration. Stash some in your pantry, office drawer, or backpack for satisfying savory snacking anytime.

                When pretzel cravings strike, you’ll be glad to have these grab-and-go bakery-style treats from BND Gourmet on hand. No defrosting, just quick delicious snacking from the pantry.

                Artisan Pretzel Bites for On-the-Go Snacking

                Eastern Standard Provisions One-Timer Soft Pretzel Bites, Fresh Artisanal Mini Pretzels Snack with 1oz Gourmet Pretzel Salt, 50-Count (2 Bags)

                  Looking for a unique soft pretzel snack you can take on the go? These pretzel bites from Eastern Standard Provisions offer an artisanal twist on classic soft pretzels.

                  The bites feature a fluffy brioche-style interior encased in a chewy pretzel outer crust for delightful texture in every nibble. The 50 miniature pretzels come in resealable bags, making it easy to grab a few for quick snacking at work, in the car, or on the run.

                  A pinch of the included pretzel salt adds that necessary hint of saltiness to balance the dough’s subtle sweetness. For extra flavor, try dipping the bites in mustard, cheese sauce, or nut butter.

                  With their cute bite-size shape and delicious artisanal taste, these soft pretzel bites from Eastern Standard Provisions make high-quality snacking portable. Toss some in your bag for a bakery-fresh snack anywhere.

                  Flavorful Pretzel Crackers for Guilt-Free Snacking

                  Amazon Brand - Aplenty, Sea Salt Pretzel Crackers, 6.35 oz

                    If you love pretzels but want a lighter snacking option, try these sea salt pretzel crackers from Aplenty. They have all the satisfying flavor of regular pretzels in a lighter, crispy baked cracker.

                    The thin, round crackers have a double-baked crunch with just the right amount of salt to create that classic pretzel taste. They are airy rather than dense, making them easy to munch mindlessly straight from the box.

                    Dip these pretzel crackers in hummus, top them with cheese slices, or simply enjoy their baked pretzel taste on their own. With only 130 calories per serving, they make guilt-free snacking easy.

                    Aplenty’s pretzel crackers give you that crunchy, salty-savory satisfaction you want from pretzels in a lighter cracker format you can feel good about enjoying anytime.

                    Frozen Pretzel Buying Guide

                    When buying frozen pretzels, there are a few key factors to consider:

                    Types of Pretzels

                    There are a few basic types of pretzels to choose from when buying frozen options:

                    • Pretzel sticks – These long, thin pretzel sticks are a great choice for dipping or snacking. Their slim shape makes them easy to eat on the go.
                    • Pretzel nuggets – Small, bite-sized pieces are perfect for mixing into snack mixes or serving at parties. Be sure to seek out nuggets that are evenly cut for the best consistency in cooking.
                    • Pretzel rolls – The classic knot shape works well when making mini sandwiches or slicing to share. Seek rolls with a smooth, even exterior.
                    • Pretzel minis – Mini pretzel twists capture all the flavor of a full-size twist in a petite package that’s great for serving at gatherings.
                    • Specialty pretzels – Some frozen pretzel options come in special shapes for holidays or are coated in sweet glazes or cheeses. These can make for a fun twist on classic pretzels.


                    When evaluating frozen pretzels, check the ingredient list for:

                    • Whole grain flour – Pretzels made with whole grains have more fiber and nutrients than those made with refined flour. Seek out whole wheat or multigrain options.
                    • Limited additives – The best frozen pretzels rely on basic ingredients like flour, yeast, salt, and water. Be wary of pretzels with long lists of hard-to-pronounce additives.
                    • Non-GMO verification – Look for frozen pretzels verified as made without genetically-modified organisms if this is an important factor for you.
                    • Kosher or vegan options – Many brands offer pretzels that are kosher certified or made without animal products to accommodate dietary needs.

                    Nutrition Profile

                    Since pretzels are baked, they can be a healthier alternative to fried snack foods. When comparing nutrition labels, look for frozen pretzels that offer:

                    • Whole grains – Whole wheat or multigrain pretzels provide more fiber and nutrients than white flour pretzels.
                    • Low sodium – To limit sodium intake, seek out pretzels with 130mg sodium or less per serving.
                    • Lower fat – Pretzels are naturally low in fat, but check labels and select options with 3g fat or less per serving.
                    • No trans fats – Trans fats are an unhealthy type of fat, so confirm the nutrition label lists 0g trans fats.
                    • Lower sugar – While pretzels aren’t sweet, some coated varieties can have added sugar. Opt for 1g sugar or less if limiting sugar intake.

                    Storage and Shelf Life

                    One of the perks of frozen pretzels is their long shelf life. When stored properly, frozen pretzels can last 6-12 months in the freezer before quality deteriorates. Here are some storage tips:

                    • Transfer pretzels from store packaging into freezer bags or airtight containers. This prevents freezer burn.
                    • Squeeze out excess air before sealing bags or lids. Air exposure causes freezer burn.
                    • Lay bags flat in the freezer to maximize space. Avoid over-stacking.
                    • Check “best by” dates and use within the timeline for best quality.
                    • Once thawed, pretzels are best eaten within 1-2 days. Do not refreeze thawed pretzels.

                    Frozen Pretzel FAQ

                    How do you cook frozen pretzels?

                    Cooking frozen pretzels is simple:

                    • Oven: Preheat oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange frozen pretzels in a single layer with space between each one. Bake 8-12 minutes, flipping halfway through, until crisped and golden brown.
                    • Microwave: Place frozen pretzels on a microwave-safe plate in a single layer. Microwave on high for 30 seconds to 1 minute until warmed through and slightly crisped. Check and flip pretzels halfway through cooking time.
                    • Air Fryer: Add desired number of frozen pretzels to air fryer basket. Set temperature to 350°F and cook 6-8 minutes, shaking basket occasionally, until pretzels are warmed through and crispy on the outside.

                    How can you jazz up frozen pretzels?

                    Beyond eating pretzels plain, there are lots of ways to amplify the flavor:

                    • Pair with savory dips like mustard, cheese sauce, hummus, or creamy spinach dip.
                    • Top with sweet nut butters, chocolate spreads, or creamy cheeses for dessert.
                    • Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, everything bagel seasoning, ranch powder, or other dry spices.
                    • Make mini sandwiches on pretzel rolls with sliced deli meat, cheeses, and condiments.
                    • Crush pretzel sticks and use as a topping on casseroles or salads for a salty crunch.
                    • Use chocolaty pretzels like Sprinkle’s Pretzels to create trail mixes paired with nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate candies.

                    What are fun ways to serve frozen pretzels?

                    Frozen pretzels shine at gatherings and parties. Here are creative ideas to serve them to a crowd:

                    • Make a pretzel bar with multiple flavored soft cheeses, mustards, and dippers laid out.
                    • Skewer bite-sized pretzel pieces with fruit and cheese cubes for a snack platter.
                    • Place pretzel sticks in a tall vase or jar for a unique presentation.
                    • Arrange mini pretzel sandwiches on a tiered serving stand.
                    • For kids’ parties, create designs or letters by lining up pretzel sticks and nuggets.
                    • Serve individual bags of pretzels as edible favors at each place setting.
                    • Display chilled pretzels in a bowl surrounded by fun dipping sauces in smaller bowls.


                    With so many tasty options, frozen pretzels are a versatile pantry staple perfect for everything from snacking to parties. Use this guide to choose pretzels made with quality whole-grain ingredients that best fit your nutrition goals. Store frozen pretzels properly for long shelf life, and explore fun and creative ways to season or serve them. With the wide selection available, you’re sure to find the perfect frozen pretzels to keep your snack game strong.


                    1. SuperPretzel – Frozen Soft Pretzels: SuperPretzel is a popular brand of frozen soft pretzels that are ready in seconds. Their website offers a variety of flavors and sizes, including original, cinnamon, and bites.
                    2. MARTIN’S – SuperPretzel Soft Pretzel Original – 25 ct: MARTIN’S offers SuperPretzel Soft Pretzel Original in a 25-count box. They can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep.
                    3. Giant Food – SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels with Salt Packs Included: Giant Food carries SuperPretzel soft pretzels with salt packs included in a 6-count box. They are low-fat and ready in seconds.
                    4. Target – Superpretzel Frozen Baked Soft Pretzels: Target offers SuperPretzel frozen baked soft pretzels in a 6-count box. They can be picked up in-store or delivered via same-day delivery or order pickup.
                    5. Sam’s Club – SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels, King Size, Frozen: Sam’s Club offers SuperPretzel soft pretzels in a king size, frozen pack of 20. They come with salt and cinnamon-sugar toppings and can be microwaved in seconds for a quick snack.
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