Best Frozen Shrimps 2023

Shrimp is one of the most popular types of seafood, loved for its versatility in recipes and mild, sweet flavor. When fresh shrimp isn’t available or convenient, frozen shrimp is an excellent alternative. Frozen shrimp offers comparable flavor and texture to fresh when thawed properly. With some key buying tips in mind, you can purchase high-quality frozen shrimp perfect for all your cooking needs.

In this buying guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to purchase the best frozen shrimp for your needs. We’ll discuss how to determine shrimp quality when frozen, what to look for when reading shrimp package labels, whether wild-caught or farm-raised shrimp is better, and provide tips for how to properly thaw frozen shrimp. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about purchasing, storing, and cooking frozen shrimp.

Use this helpful guide to learn how to select delicious frozen shrimp and get the most value for your money. With the right buying knowledge, you’ll enjoy shrimp with premium taste and texture without paying premium prices.

Tasty Cooked Shrimp for Simple Meals

Sea Best 71/90 Cooked Peeled and Deveined Shrimp, 2 Pound

    Looking for an easy way to add delicious shrimp to your meals? These cooked, peeled and deveined shrimp from Sea Best offer a flavorful protein option you can use in a variety of dishes. The shrimp have a nice texture and mild sweetness that pairs well with many recipes.

    Just thaw and add these pre-cooked shrimp to salads, pasta, rice bowls and more for a quick protein boost. Their smaller size makes them easy to incorporate into appetizers like shrimp cocktail or shrimp scampi. The peeled, deveined and tail-off shrimp save you time prepping.

    When you want a simple, healthy protein to liven up weeknight dinners, reach for these cooked shrimp. You can feel good about serving them to your family since they’re naturally low in fat. Keep a bag in the freezer to pull out whenever you need an easy protein addition.

    Delicious Raw Shrimp for Versatile Cooking

    Sea Best 16/20 Count Peeled and Deveined Tail On Shrimp, 2 Pound (Pack of 1)

      Tired of the same old proteins in your recipes? Switch things up with these peeled, deveined raw shrimp from Sea Best. The tail-on shrimp lend great visual appeal and portion control to dishes.

      Cook these raw shrimp on the stove, grill or bake them in the oven for perfect texture and flavor. Their firm yet tender bite holds up beautifully whether you lightly cook them or use them in longer-cooking meals like gumbo or jambalaya.

      The shrimp have a mildly sweet taste that takes on the flavors of whatever you season or cook them with. Their peeled, deveined form saves you prep time in the kitchen. Just thaw, season and cook for fuss-free shrimp goodness.

      Keep bags of these versatile raw shrimp in your freezer to quickly pull out for easy weeknight dinners, apps or party platters. The cost makes them an affordable switch from chicken or beef.

      Quick and Easy Fully Cooked Shrimp

      Sea Best 26/30 Cooked Peeled and Deveined Shrimp, 2 Pound

        Dinnertime can get hectic. Make it easier on yourself by keeping these fully cooked, peeled and deveined shrimp from Sea Best in your freezer. They provide a quick, healthy protein option for busy weeknights or impromptu guests.

        Just thaw the pre-cooked shrimp and add them to salads, pasta, rice or veggies for an instant protein boost. Or enjoy them chilled with cocktail sauce for easy snacking or appetizers. The medium 26/30 size works well in a variety of recipes.

        You’ll love the plump texture and mild sweet taste of these shrimp. Their peeled, deveined form saves you time prepping. And you can feel good eating these lean, low-calorie shrimp as part of a healthy lifestyle.

        Stock up on bags of these cooked shrimp to pull from the freezer whenever a quick, tasty protein will make your meal prep easier. They provide versatile protein at your fingertips.

        Peel and Eat EZ Peel Shrimp for Snacking

        Sea Best 31/40 EZ Peel Shrimp, 2 Pound

          Treat yourself to the ultimate easy snacking experience with these ready-to-peel shrimp from Sea Best. The pre-split shells make it a cinch to pull off the shell and pop the sweet, tender shrimp right in your mouth.

          Keep your fridge stocked with these EZ peel shrimp for on-demand snacking. Their clean, mild taste satisfies without heavy seasoning or complicated prep. Just thaw, peel and eat for shrimp goodness in minutes.

          Take them along for parties or road trips when you want finger-friendly snacking. Kids love peeling the shrimp themselves for a fun treat. You can also use the peeled, ready-to-eat shrimp in apps, salads, pasta and more.

          The 31/40 size works great for snacking. And the cost makes it affordable to always have them on hand. Satisfy your shrimp cravings without the work, thanks to the ingenious easy-peel shells.

          Cooking? Choose These Raw, Shell-On Shrimp

          Oceanway Seafood Butterfly Breaded Shrimp - 21/25 Count, 3 Pound -- 4 per case.

          Bring delicious ocean flavor and visual appeal to your dishes with these raw, shell-on butterfly shrimp from Oceanway Seafood. Both the tails and fan-shaped butterfly shape remain on the shrimp for beautiful presentation.

          The 21/25 sized shrimp deliver good value for money and work well in a variety of recipes. Their shell-on form provides more intense shrimp flavor as the shells keep in natural juices while cooking. They also retain great texture when cooked properly.

          Try sautéing, baking or grilling these raw shrimp while the shells are on. Then simply peel at the table for a fresher taste and fun experience. Or leave the shells on for shrimp tacos and shrimp boil.

          Keep bags of these multi-use raw shrimp in your freezer to quickly pull out when you want outstanding shrimp flavor and appearance. Let these shell-on beauties take your recipes to the next level.

          Get Wild Flavor with These Argentine Red Shrimp

          Argentine Red Shrimp Ruby red shrimp Colossal 10-15 per pound 2lb (6 LB)

            These Argentine red shrimp bring exciting flavor to your seafood recipes. Their ruby red color stands out on any plate, beautifully appetizing. Savor the sweet, lobster-like taste that makes them extra delicious. The large size gives you plenty of shrimp per pound, so a little goes a long way.

            Simply thaw and peel off the shells to reveal the tender, juicy shrimp inside. Feel good knowing they’re wild caught in the open ocean. You can trust their fresh, natural flavor since no chemicals or additives were used. Grill, sauté, or bake these colossal shrimp to bring scrumptious surf to your dinner table. Friends and family will be impressed.

            With Key West Shrimp Co‘s Argentine red shrimp in your freezer, you’re ready to prepare incredible seafood dishes anytime. The wild ocean flavor makes recipes restaurant worthy. Enjoy a taste of the sea in every juicy bite.

            Quick and Tasty Shrimp for Any Meal

            Sea Best 26/30 EZ Peel Shrimp, 16 Ounce

              Add delicious shrimp flavor fast with Sea Best 26/30 EZ Peel Shrimp. Their pre-split shells make peeling a cinch so you can get these plump shrimp on the table quicker. Save time prepping without sacrificing any of that sweet, succulent seafood taste.

              The mildly sweet flavor and firm yet tender texture work great in all kinds of dishes from appetizers to main courses. Mix up your meal routine by adding shrimp. With just 60 calories per serving, they bring nutrition along with temptation.

              Headless and naturally low in fat, these raw shrimp easily fit into a healthy lifestyle. Their wild ocean flavor needs little seasoning, so you control the taste. The convenience of easy peel shells lets you improvise shrimp meals any night of the week.

              Keep Sea Best shrimp stocked in your freezer for inspiring new dinner ideas. Their versatility makes menu planning simple.

              Ready-to-Eat Shrimp Liven Up Recipes

              Sea Best 16/20 Cooked Peeled and Deveined Shrimp, 16 Ounce

                Short on time but want juicy shrimp flavor? Sea Best Fully Cooked Peeled and Deveined Shrimp are ready when you are. Their convenience lets you quickly prepare seafood appetizers, salads, pasta and more. Skip the tedious prep work but still enjoy tender shrimp cooked to perfection.

                The firm yet juicy texture holds up in recipes so you get that satisfying crunch. The mildly sweet flavor balances well with other ingredients, allowing you to easily make shrimp the star. Bake, stir fry, or mix them in to liven up weeknight meals.

                With just a quick thaw in the fridge, these pre-cooked shrimp are ready to eat. Their versatility streamlines cooking so you can improvise. Use them in your go-to recipes or experiment with new flavor combos.

                Stash a bag of Sea Best fully cooked peeled and deveined shrimp in your freezer so you can treat yourself to juicy shrimp flavor anytime. Their convenience makes it easy to add nutrition and protein to salads, pasta, rice bowls and more.

                High-Quality Shrimp Delivered Fresh to Your Door

                Frozen X-Large Raw Pacific White Shrimp by Blue Circle Foods | Sustainable, Peeled, Deveined, Tail-on | 2 Packs x 16 0z (2 lbs / 26-30 shrimp per bag)

                  Skip the seafood counter and have tender, tasty shrimp delivered fresh right to your door. Blue Circle Foods’ Pacific White Shrimp arrive flash frozen at peak freshness. Careful processing ensures you get the same juicy texture and mildly sweet flavor as just-caught shrimp.

                  The large size gives you substantial shrimp to showcase in recipes. Their sustainably farmed origins let you feel good about enjoying their premium taste and texture. With no harsh chemicals, hormones or antibiotics used in raising them, the flavor is pure and natural.

                  The peeled, deveined tails-on shrimp fry up crisp with a satisfying crunch. Their versatility allows you to drop them in soups, salads, pastas and more to add instant protein and flavor. Or keep it simple by drizzling with olive oil and grilling until the shrimp turn opaque.

                  Stock your freezer with premium shrimp from Blue Circle Foods so you can make restaurant-quality seafood meals at home any night of the week. Their convenience, quality and taste make it easy to eat well.

                  Wild-Caught Black Tiger Shrimp Liven Up Meals

                  Black tiger shrimp jumbo by Blue Circle Foods (2 bags)

                    Add exotic flair and bold flavor to dinner with Black Tiger Shrimp from Blue Circle Foods. Harvested sustainably in Indonesia, these jumbo shrimp deliver impressive taste and texture. Their firm, crisp texture holds up well in recipes for a satisfying crunch.

                    The subtle, sweet brininess balances beautifully with spices and sauces, so the true shrimp flavor still shines through. Grill, sauté or bake these shell-on shrimp for tempting appetizers and mains. Feel good knowing their wild origins mean every tasty bite is natural and good for you.

                    Grown in their native shallow waters, the shrimp thrive on a natural plankton diet. No artificial feed, hormones or antibiotics disrupt their pristine habitat. This translates to shrimp boasting a rich, nuanced flavor.

                    Keep your freezer stocked with these jumbo shrimp so you can create impressive surf-and-turf meals, shrimp tacos, seafood pasta and more. Their convenience, taste and nutrition will upgrade your cooking.

                    Frozen Shrimp Buying Guide

                    When shopping for frozen shrimp, use these tips to select the freshest, highest-quality options:

                    Check for Signs of Quality

                    Carefully examine packaging for signs of quality. High-end frozen shrimp is individually quick frozen (IQF) shortly after being caught or harvested. This preserves flavor and texture. Look for packages labeled IQF.

                    Also check for clear, untorn packaging with no signs of freezer burn or frost. Shrimp flesh should look shiny and firm, with no mushiness or dry spots. The shrimp should not be stuck together in large clumps. Avoid packages with these flaws.

                    Read the Shrimp Label

                    The shrimp package label provides important buying information:

                    • Species: Popular options like black tiger shrimp or white shrimp. Choose based on flavor and texture preferences.
                    • Count per pound: The number of shrimp in a 1-pound package. Lower counts have larger shrimp. Common counts are 16-20, 21-25, and 26-30.
                    • Condition: Look for chemical-free, preservative-free options. Terms like ” untreated” or “phosphate-free” indicate better quality.
                    • Harvest location: Wild-caught shrimp will list the harvest location. Opt for U.S. or Gulf caught. Imported shrimp may have additional chemicals.
                    • Farm-raised: Shrimp may say “farm-raised.” These are typically cheaper but still high-quality.

                    Consider Wild-Caught vs Farm-Raised

                    Both wild-caught and farm-raised shrimp offer pros and cons:

                    • Wild-caught: More natural with varied flavors based on environment. Supply is limited which raises cost.
                    • Farm-raised: More consistent texture and mild flavor. Lower cost due to high supply. Concerns over antibiotics.

                    Choose based on budget, availability, and preferences. A mix of both works well!

                    Shop for Sales

                    Since frozen shrimp has a long shelf life, look for sales and bulk options for the best value:

                    • Check newspaper ads and store circulars for promotions and discounts on frozen shrimp.
                    • Stock up during sales by purchasing multiple packages that you can store in the freezer.
                    • Seek out bulk frozen shrimp packs for the cheapest per-pound pricing. Just separate into usable amounts for defrosting.

                    Know how to Properly Thaw Frozen Shrimp

                    Thawing is crucial for frozen shrimp texture and flavor. Avoid thawing at room temperature, which allows bacteria growth. Recommended thawing methods:

                    • Refrigerator: Thaw overnight in fridge for slow thawing. Place in bowl to catch drips.
                    • Cold Water: Seal frozen shrimp in bag and submerge in cold water. Change water every 30 mins until thawed.
                    • Microwave: Defrost shrimp on “defrost” setting if available. Check often to avoid cooking.

                    Frozen Shrimp Frequently Asked Questions

                    If you’re new to cooking with frozen shrimp, here are answers to some common questions:

                    How long does frozen shrimp last?

                    Properly stored frozen shrimp will last 9-12 months in the freezer before quality declines. Discard any shrimp with an ammonia-like or sour odor when thawing.

                    How do you know if frozen shrimp went bad?

                    Signs of spoiled frozen shrimp: unusual odor, mushy or dry texture, extreme freezer burn, ice crystals on shrimp, or blackened spots on flesh. Discard any shrimp displaying these qualities.

                    Is IQF shrimp worth the extra cost?

                    IQF (individually quick frozen) shrimp is worth paying a little extra for. The rapid individual freezing better preserves texture, moisture, and flavor. Non-IQF shrimp is often block frozen together, damaging quality.

                    Is farm-raised or wild-caught shrimp better?

                    This mainly comes down to personal preference. Wild-caught has more unique flavor while farm-raised is more affordable. Try both to decide which you prefer! For health, avoid imported farmed shrimp with added chemicals.

                    How do you cook already cooked frozen shrimp?

                    Pre-cooked frozen shrimp just needs to be thawed and warmed through. Defrost via fridge or cold water method. Then add to heated pasta, curry, salad, or soup at the end to gently warm shrimp without overcooking.


                    With the tips in this frozen shrimp buying guide, you can purchase delicious frozen shrimp confidently. Look for signs of quality like IQF labeling and packaging. Read shrimp package labels closely and compare options like wild-caught vs farm-raised. Seek out sales and bulk deals for the best value. Finally, always thaw frozen shrimp properly before cooking for the best texture and flavor. Follow these guidelines to enjoy premium restaurant-quality shrimp conveniently at home.


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