Best Glow In The Dark Volleyball 2023

Welcome volleyball enthusiasts! If you’re looking to add some extra fun and visibility to your night volleyball games, playing with a glow in the dark volleyball is the way to go. With the right glowing volleyball, you can extend play into the night and put on a flashy show. This buying guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find the best glow in the dark volleyball for your needs.

OMOTIYA LED Light Up Volleyball

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    The OMOTIYA LED Light Up Volleyball is a fun and innovative way to enjoy volleyball day or night. This glowing volleyball lives up to its promise of lighting up when bounced and hit. The bright LEDs inside the ball activate with motion and impact, illuminating the entire ball with a fiery glow. Once play stops, the lights automatically shut off after 60 seconds.

    One of the best parts of this light up volleyball is the quality construction. Made of durable, rubberized materials, it has the traditional 3-panel volleyball design. The ball feels solid and substantial when handled, similar to a regulation volleyball. While not exactly the same, it’s much closer than expected for a novelty ball with lights inside. The size is regulation and it handles impressively compared to other light up sport balls.

    This volleyball ships ready to glow with the batteries pre-installed. It also includes a complete spare set of batteries and the specialty tool to swap them when needed. The advertised battery life is 30 hours of glow time. For most casual players, that should easily translate into weeks and weeks of evening volleyball fun before a change is required.

    Overall, the OMOTIYA glow in the dark volleyball is a blast to play with day or night. The bright LEDs deliver on the promised light show with every hit and spike. This lighting effect makes it perfect for backyard cookouts, camping trips, and beach parties. It’s an easy way to extend play into the nighttime hours. Consider this LED volleyball for teens and adults who want a fun new twist on a classic sport.

    TANGLE LED Light Up Volleyball

    Nightball Volleyball LED Volleyball - Light Up Glow in The Dark Volleyball - Outdoor Volleyball for Teens - Teenage Old Gift - Volleyball Gear (Teal)

      Spike your volleyball games into the night with the TANGLE LED Light Up Volleyball. This officially sized ball lights up the fun with internal LEDs that activate on impact. Simply bounce, set, or spike this smart ball to initiate the glowing light show. The LEDs are specially engineered to deliver an extra bright and long-lasting glow.

      The pulse LED technology makes the ball remain illuminated continuously when in play. Once the ball rests for 30 seconds, the lights automatically shut off to conserve battery power. This intuitive lighting system means hands-free enjoyment – just keep volleying to keep it glowing.

      Despite the high-tech internals, this glow in the dark volleyball retains a familiar, quality feel. The size, weight, and panel construction aim to mimic a regulation volleyball as closely as possible. While not identical, it’s similar enough for recreational play. The textured composite material also makes it water resistant, enabling play in the pool or on the beach.

      This LED volleyball runs on button batteries conveniently included and installed. Simply inflate it with a pump to be ready for your first glowing game. Bring fun into the night and extend playtime with the TANGLE light up volleyball. The bright lights add thrill and visibility to make evening volleyball matches more exciting. Consider this for summer pool parties, camping trips, or beach gatherings that run past sunset.

      Senston Glow in the Dark Volleyball

      Senston Glow in The Dark Volleyball Size 5, Glowing Leather Volleyball -Gift for Kids, Men, Women Indoor Outdoor Night Volleyball with Pump

        The Senston Glow in the Dark Volleyball brings illumination to your volleyball games in a unique way. Rather than LED lights, this ball relies on special glow in the dark materials inside. Simply place the ball in direct sunlight during the day to charge it up. Come nighttime, it emanates a vibrant glow to light up the play.

        As a photoluminescent ball, no batteries or electronics are required. The microencapsulated strontium aluminate crystals absorb and store light energy. Then when darkness falls, the stored energy is slowly released as that desirable soft glow. Once fully charged, the glow can last up to 8 hours. Just be sure to expose the ball to light again the next day.

        Beneath the glow layer lives a quality volleyball. The ball has a regulation size 5 weight and feel. The butyl bladder helps it retain air for responsive play. The synthetic leather outer material provides a durable, rugged exterior that stands up to hits and spikes. Despite the glow technology, it looks and handles like a normal volleyball.

        Overall, the Senston glowing volleyball provides good performance with a unique twist. The photoluminescent glow material delivers extended visibility without batteries or bulbs. Consider this ball for low-key volleyball fans who want to play into the nightfall hours. The soft glow creates just enough light to keep enjoying the game after sunset.

        GlowCity LED Light Up Volleyball

        GlowCity Glow in The Dark Volleyball - Light Up Volleyballs for Kids, Teens and Adults with 2 LED Lights and Pre-Installed Batteries - Official Size and Weight

          The GlowCity LED Light Up Volleyball combines technology with sport for glow-in-the-dark play. This ball lights up any volleyball game with long-lasting LED bulbs built into the construction. Just bounce the ball to activate the lights which deliver 360 degrees of bright, colorful illumination with every hit.

          Designed for performance, this volleyball has a durable nylon-wound exterior and water-resistant coating. The embedded LED lights live in secure protective grommets to prevent moisture damage. It retains a natural volleyball look and feel, inflating to regulation size for a convincing recreational ball.

          This smart light up volleyball includes batteries conveniently pre-installed and ready to glow. Simply inflate the ball with the included pump and you’re ready for the first serve. The LEDs deliver up to 30 hours of glow time before the batteries need replacement. When the lights eventually dim, just swap the batteries out with the included tool.

          Overall, the GlowCity glow in the dark volleyball cleverly combines LED technology with a quality ball for illuminated play. The bright lights will thrill players as they spike, set, and volley it into the night. It brings next-level excitement to classic backyard, beach, and pool volleyball matches. Consider this ball to enliven any volleyball lover’s game with glowing LED action.

          Threan LED Light Up Volleyball Set

          Threan 6 Pieces Glow in The Dark Volleyball Light up Led Beach Volleyball Waterproof Glowing Balls for Teens Family Swimming Outdoor Pool Party Supplies (4.72 Inch)

            The Threan LED Light Up Volleyball Set provides glowing fun in and around water. This set includes six mini waterproof volleyballs, each embedded with color-changing LED lights. Simply toss or hit the balls to activate the lights for dazzling illumination on contact.

            Despite the small 4.7-inch size, these mini volleyballs perform well for recreational water play. The durable PVC construction makes them sturdy enough for pool or beach use. The waterproofing also enables worry-free play – no damage from submersion in the pool or ocean.

            These glow in the dark volleyballs arrive deflated with no pump included. You’ll need to supply your own inflation pump and use it to inflate each ball to the proper firmness. Once inflated, they feel squishy yet strong, almost like a soft rubber ball in texture. The small size does limit them compared to regulation volleyballs. However, the vivid colors and lights bring plenty of fun and novelty to water games.

            Overall, the Threan glowing volleyballs add bright aquatic amusement any time of day. The built-in LEDs deliver impulse-activated glowing colors for enhanced visibility and entertainment. Consider this volleyball set for playing in the pool, at the beach, or on the lake after dark. The glowing lights help extend play into the evening for summer parties and gatherings.

            Charniol Glow in The Dark Volleyball

            Charniol Glow in The Dark Volleyball Glowing Volleyball Outdoor Night Volleyball Much Brighter Volleyball Gift for Boys Girls Teens Pool Beach Adults, Official Size 5 and Weight, Green

              Looking for a fun and unique way to enjoy volleyball in the dark? The Charniol Glow in the Dark Volleyball is an exciting option that allows you to play well past sunset.

              As soon as the sun goes down and the lights are off, this glowing green volleyball immediately lights up the night with its luminous design. After absorbing sunlight or indoor light during the day, the special phosphorescent materials in the construction give off a bright green glow when darkness falls. Just take it outside during daylight to “charge” it up for nighttime use.

              Once charged, the Charniol volleyball provides hours of visibility and entertainment. The glow is long-lasting and clearly visible from a distance, so you can keep playing uninterrupted even in pitch black conditions. It’s much brighter than a regular white volleyball at night. The leather material is also waterproof and durable, standing up to outdoor play in any environment.

              The glow in the dark volleyball has the regulation size, weight and feel of an official volleyball, so it handles just like an ordinary ball during play. The machine stitching also ensures great air retention and shape. Whether playing casual games with family and friends or more competitive team matches, this versatile ball is built to last.

              For glowing fun into the night, the Charniol Glow in the Dark Volleyball is a must-have item. The luminous design allows for endless entertainment and matches that go way past sundown.

              Mikasa VSG Glow in the Dark Volleyball

              Mikasa VSG Glow in the Dark Volleyball

                The Mikasa VSG Glow in the Dark Volleyball brings fun, high-visibility nighttime play to your outdoor volleyball games. If you want to play past sundown without missing a beat, this ball has you covered with long-lasting glow power.

                Once the sun goes down, the phosphorescent materials in this volleyball kick into high gear. After soaking in sunlight during the day, it radiates a bright green glow in the darkness that clearly illuminates gameplay. The glow is easily visible from a distance and lasts for hours of continuous night play. Even in pitch black conditions, you’ll have no trouble tracking the ball.

                While providing excellent glow visibility, the Mikasa also retains the size, weight and feel of a regulation volleyball. The soft rubber cover gives great grip and handling just like a regular ball. At official size 5 with a light 9.6 ounce weight, you can spike, set and serve with confidence and consistency. It’s built tough too, standing up to rough outdoor conditions and intense matches without deflating.

                Play like the pros even after the lights go out by adding the Mikasa VSG Glow in the Dark Volleyball to your game kit. Its long-lasting luminous design allows you to take the fun into the night for glow-in-the-dark volleyball action that everyone will enjoy.

                OMOTIYA Light Up Volleyball Set

                OMOTIYA Light Up Volleyball Set, Glow in The Dark Volleyball with Luminous Volleyball Net and LED Light Strip, Outdoor Volleyball Set for Backyard, Official Size 5,Poles Not Included

                  Transform your backyard into a glowing volleyball arena with the OMOTIYA Light Up Volleyball Set. This complete set lets you play vibrant volleyball games into the night for family fun that never ends.

                  What makes this set unique is the luminous volleyball net that charges up in sunlight to cast a bright glow after dark. The light-up net is highly visible in darkness, so you can keep playing matches uninterrupted as the night goes on. It also comes with a glowing LED volleyball featuring motion-activated internal lighting. Just bump, set or spike the ball and it ignites with a fiery glow, adding to the glowing atmosphere.

                  The portable net sets up fast and features a regulation 19′ x 1.3′ size for authentic play. The LED volleyball is official size 5 with excellent grip and handling. With spare batteries and a pump included, you have everything needed for electric nighttime entertainment.

                  For glowing good times and memories together, the OMOTIYA Light Up Volleyball Set can’t be beat. Have a blast playing radiant volleyball on into the night!

                  5 Pcs Glow in The Dark Sport Ball Set

                  5 Pcs Glow in The Dark Sport Ball Set Official Size 9 Football Size 7 Basketball Size 5 Soccer Size 5 Volleyball Baseball with Sports Equipment Carry Bag and Pump for Kids Teens Youth Adults Gift

                    Take your pick of sports with the versatile 5 Pcs Glow in the Dark Sport Ball Set. With a glowing football, basketball, volleyball, soccer ball and baseball included, you can play a different game every night!

                    After absorbing light during the daytime, these luminous sports balls emit a neon green glow when dark. The glow makes it easy to follow the action and connects passes, unlike ordinary balls that disappear at night.

                    Each ball is regulation size with a sport-specific texture and feel for realistic play. The durable PU material also stands up well to hard hits and intense games across a variety of sports. And with the included pump and bag, bringing the glowing fun anywhere is a cinch.

                    The glowing balls charge quickly by daylight or indoor light, providing hours of visibility after the sun sets so you can play on. For endless sports variety after dark, grab the 5 Pcs Glow in the Dark Sport Ball Set and get ready for round-the-clock fun!

                    NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Volleyball

                    NIGHTMATCH LED Light Up Volleyball - Official Size - Perfect Glow in The Dark Volleyball with Spare Batteries and Extra Pump - Waterproof LED Glow Volleyball with Two Bright LEDs (LB09-USA)

                      Illuminate your volleyball games after sunset with the NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Volleyball. This electronic glow-in-the-dark ball makes it easy and exciting to play on into the night.

                      What sets this volleyball apart is the high visibility LED light embedded inside. A motion sensor triggers the light to turn on and shine whenever the ball is hit or shaken. So you get instant brightness with every bump, set and spike!

                      The LED components are encased securely so hits don’t damage them, and the ball retains a regulation size, weight and feel. The durable cover provides excellent handling just like a normal volleyball. It’s also fully waterproof, ready for beach trips and poolside competitions.

                      Don’t let the darkness cut your volleyball game short. The NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Volleyball gives you glowing illumination on impact to keep the fun and games going strong all night long.

                      When shopping for a glow in the dark volleyball, there are a few key factors to consider:

                      • Brightness – The brightness of the glow is important. Brighter volleyballs will be easier to see at night. Look for volleyballs made with quality glow in the dark materials that provide maximum illumination.
                      • Durability – You’ll want a durable glow volleyball that can withstand high velocity spikes and hard serves. Seek out volleyballs made with tough composite leather or microfiber covers. The bladder should also be durable.
                      • Performance – Make sure to choose a glow in the dark volleyball optimized for actual gameplay. It should have the correct weight and feel comparable to a standard volleyball. The ball should fly smoothly and predictably.
                      • Charge time – The charge time refers to how quickly the ball absorbs and emits light. Faster is better for uninterrupted night volleyball action. The glow charge time is usually between 5 to 30 minutes.
                      • Glow duration – A longer glow duration keeps the volleyball illuminated for extended nighttime play. Some glow balls provide up to 12 hours of glow time.
                      • Size/weight – Regulation volleyball sizes are typically 18 to 20 inches in diameter and weigh between 9 to 10 ounces. Larger glow balls can be easier to see but may feel heavier.
                      • Indoor/outdoor – Indoor and outdoor glow volleyballs have different material needs. Outdoor balls need more durability. Make sure to match the ball to your playing environment.

                      The most popular glow in the dark volleyball brands include Night Ball, Omniknight, Spalding, Wilson, Mikasa, and Molten. Prices range from budget friendly to premium.

                      To maximize the glow, make sure to charge the ball sufficiently in direct sunlight or bright light before starting play. Take good care of your glow volleyball and it will provide bright fun for many games!

                      Glow in the Dark Volleyball FAQ

                      Q: How long do glow in the dark volleyballs last?

                      A: Most quality glow volleyballs will provide bright illumination for 6 to 12 hours of gameplay after being fully charged by light. The exact glow duration depends on the brightness of the ball and quality of the glow materials.

                      Q: Where is the best place to play with a glow in the dark volleyball?

                      A: Glow volleyballs are perfect for the beach at night! The darker surroundings make the ball stand out. You can also play in parks, fields, cul-de-sacs or driveways. Anywhere with minimal ambient light is ideal. Backyard games work too.

                      Q: What is the charge time for glow volleyballs?

                      A: Charge time refers to the time needed to activate the glow, usually byplacing the ball in direct sunlight. Charge times range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the ball brightness. Give your glow ball at least 20-30 minutes of good light before starting night games.

                      Q: Can you play indoor volleyball with a glow ball?

                      A: Yes, glow in the dark volleyballs can be used indoors, especially in gyms or rec rooms with the lights turned down low. The darker the indoor space, the better the glow effect will be. Make sure the ball is charged before starting.

                      Q: Are glow in the dark volleyballs regulation size and weight?

                      A: Most glow volleyballs are designed to standard regulation sizes of 18 to 20 inches in diameter and 8 to 10 ounces in weight. However, there are also novelty sized glow balls, so check the specs if using for official games.

                      Q: How are glow in the dark volleyballs made?

                      A: Quality glow balls have special luminous phosphorescent pigments applied to the ball surface. These store light energy and release it slowly in the dark. The best glow balls have bright long-lasting pigments.

                      Q: Can you use glow volleyballs in official games?

                      A: Depending on your sanctioning organization, glow volleyballs may or may not be allowed in official competitive play. Many recreational leagues do permit them though, adding extra visibility and excitement at night.

                      Q: What is the best glow in the dark volleyball overall?

                      A: The Mikasa VSL-375 is consistently rated one of the top glowing volleyballs. It offers 12+ hours of neon green glow, excellent visibility and a durable premium composite leather construction. It’s a top choice for recreational night games.


                      Playing volleyball at night with a glowing ball takes the fun to a whole new level. With a quality glow in the dark volleyball that’s charged up with light, you can keep the outdoor action going even after the sun goes down. Just make sure to pick a ball that’s bright, durable and designed for actual gameplay. Consider the Mikasa VSL-375 for a top rated glowing volleyball option. Have a blast illuminating the night with your shiny new volleyball!


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