Best HVAC Capacitors 2023

Staying cool during the hot summer months is crucial for comfort and health. The key to keeping your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system running smoothly is making sure you have quality capacitors. As the heart of the HVAC system, capacitors help start the motors that power your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace fan. Choosing the right HVAC capacitor can optimize performance, improve energy efficiency, and prevent costly HVAC repairs. This guide will provide an overview of HVAC capacitors, what to look for when buying, and tips for proper maintenance and installation. Keep reading for everything you need to know to choose the best HVAC capacitors for your home.

Reliable Capacitor for AC Units

The HVAC Genius 45+5 uf MFD 370/440 Volt Dual Run Round Capacitor 45/5/440R for HVAC, Air conditioners, Pool pumps, and Furnaces

    This 45+5 microfarad 440 volt dual run capacitor is a great replacement part for HVAC systems. It provides the power boost needed to start the compressor and fan motors. The durable construction withstands repeated cycles while the sealed case protects against contaminants.

    You’ll appreciate meeting original specs at an affordable price. Just remove the old capacitor and install this one safely. Then enjoy reliable startup when your system calls for cooling. The reasonable cost lets you keep a spare on hand for quick repairs.

    Overall, this capacitor offers an easy fix to restore performance in your air handler or condenser. Reliability and quality make it the right choice when your HVAC needs a little help starting up.

    Boosts Airflow in Ventilation Systems

    SIGANDG 45+7.5 MFD 45/7.5 uF 370 or 440 Volt CBB65B Capacitor for AC Motor Run,Condenser Straight Cool,Heat Pump, Air Conditioner,HVAC Capacitor

      Is your ventilation fan or condenser motor struggling to start? This 45+7.5 microfarad starting capacitor can get the airflow going strong again. It delivers the momentary power surge needed to overcome inertia and start spinning. The three-terminal design ensures an easy installation.

      You’ll like how this durable capacitor withstands repeated starting cycles. The sealed metal case prevents damage from contaminants. Meet tough US safety standards with an inexpensive replacement part that bolts right in. Use it to replace old or bad OEM capacitors in air handlers, heat pumps, and other equipment.

      For an easy fix to restore strong airflow when your system struggles to start, try this capacitor. Keep one on hand for quick repairs and to maintain performance.

      Affordable Capacitor Restores AC

      EVERICA 45+5 uF 45/5 MFD ±6% 370V/440VAC CBB65 HVAC Dual Run Circular Start 45/5 440v Capacitor for AC Air Conditioning Run Capacitor Motor Run Fan Start or Condenser Straight

        Is your AC not blowing cold air anymore? Before calling for expensive repairs, try replacing the starting capacitor first. This affordable 45+5 microfarad 440 volt dual run capacitor could get your system working again for a fraction of the cost.

        It provides the momentary power surge needed for the compressor motor to overcome inertia and start spinning. The durable construction withstands repeated starting cycles.

        With OEM-equivalent quality at a budget-friendly price, it’s worth trying this repair yourself. Just be sure to discharge the old capacitor first and follow proper safety precautions. Get your AC humming along again this season with this easy fix!

        Starts AC Condenser Motors

        45/5 uF 45/5 MFD ±6% 370V/440VAC CBB65 Dual Run Round Capacitors for AC Motor or Air Conditioner Compressor or Fan Start or Condenser Straight Cool

          Having issues getting your outdoor AC condenser to turn on? It may just need a quick boost from this 45+5 microfarad 440 volt starting capacitor. The three-wire design allows easy installation as a direct replacement in most units.

          Just disconnect power and discharge the old capacitor safely first. Then bolt this one in place of the old. When power is restored, it will deliver the momentary jolt to get the fan and compressor motors spinning. The durable sealed case stands up to weather while keeping out contaminants.

          Before calling for pricey HVAC repairs, try this simple and inexpensive part. It could get your condenser humming along again with that familiar startup surge. Keep one handy for quick future fixes to maintain cooling.

          Reliable Starting for HVAC Motors

          HQRP 15uf 370-440V Capacitor Works with AC Electric Motor Run Start HVAC Blower Compressor Furnace 15MFD 27L567 97F9004 Z97F9004 97F9004BZ3 CBB65 UL Listed

            Hard starting motors are often just struggling because of a failed run capacitor. This 15 microfarad 440 volt oval capacitor is an ideal direct replacement part. It provides the extra boost needed for the motor to overcome inertia and start spinning.

            The durable construction withstands the 120 volt starting cycles demanded in HVAC applications. It will likely outlast the OEM part thanks to quality materials and manufacturing. Just be sure to discharge it safely before installing, using proper procedures.

            For an affordable fix to get your HVAC blower, condenser fan, or compressor motor humming again, try this capacitor first. The reasonable price lets you buy two, keeping one as a spare. Enjoy reliable starting all season long by replacing old run capacitors with this well-made component.

            Reliable Motor Capacitor

            QH QX6530-NGM Capacitor Motor Run Round 30 uF MFD 370V HVAC

              This 30 microfarad 370 volt round capacitor is an ideal replacement part for motors in HVAC systems, pool pumps, and other equipment. It provides the power needed to start the motor spinning. The durable aluminum construction stands up to temperature extremes, humidity, and electrical stresses.

              Installation is straightforward when you match the voltage and capacitance listed. Just discharge the old capacitor safely, disconnect the wires, then connect them to the new one. Enjoy reliable starting torque from a quality capacitor built to meet specs. The reasonable price means you can keep spares on hand for quick repairs.

              Overall, this product offers an affordable and easy solution for restoring starting performance in motors when the old capacitor fails. Reliable quality in a form factor that fits in most applications makes this a great choice.

              Restores Cooling Performance

              SUREPHON CBB65 Run Capacitor for ac 7.5 uf 7.5 MFD 370 Volt, Works for HVAC, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps

                Has your AC lost its cooling power? Before calling for expensive repairs, try replacing the run capacitor first. This 7.5 microfarad 370 volt oval capacitor could get your system blowing cold air again for an inexpensive DIY fix.

                Just match the old capacitor’s voltage and capacitance. Discharge it safely before swapping the new one in. With heavy-duty construction, it will withstand years of continuous operation. Meet tough safety standards at a budget-friendly price.

                For an easy and affordable repair to restore cooling performance, this replacement run capacitor is worth trying. Keep extras on hand so you can quickly troubleshoot comfort issues during the peak of summer.

                Quality Capacitor for AC Units

                EVERICA 35+5 uF 35/5 MFD ±6% 370V/440VAC CBB65 HVAC Dual Run Circular Start 35/5 440v Capacitor for AC Air Conditioning Run Capacitor Motor Run Fan Start or Condenser Straight

                  This 35+5 microfarad 440 volt dual run capacitor meets OEM specifications for a fraction of the cost. It provides the start-up jolt compressors need while handling continuous operation. The durable construction stands up to high temperatures, humidity, and repeated cycling.

                  With heavy-duty quality and performance at an affordable price, it’s an ideal DIY replacement. Just match the capacitance and voltage, discharge the old capacitor safely, and connect the wires. This repair can get your AC running cool again without waiting for an expensive technician visit.

                  Overall, this capacitor offers reliable OEM-equivalent quality to restore cooling in air conditioning systems. Keep extras on hand for quick troubleshooting when your AC needs a little help.

                  Powers AC Condenser Startup

                  60+10 uf 370-440VAC ±5% Volts Round Run Start Capacitor Electric Replacement Part by Blue Stars - Exact Fit for HVAC, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps

                    Is your outdoor AC condenser not turning on? This 60+10 microfarad 440 volt round run capacitor could get the fan and compressor going again. It delivers the starting jolt needed to overcome inertia and start spinning.

                    Direct replacement is easy when you match the voltage and capacitance listed. Meet tough safety standards with durable construction able to withstand weather and repeated cycling. Avoid expensive technician visits with this inexpensive part.

                    Overall, this capacitor provides an easy and affordable solution to restore startup when the condenser won’t turn on. Keep spares on hand to quickly troubleshoot comfort issues.

                    Starts Pool Pump Motors

                    AMPTATA CBB65 AC Capacitor 5uF ± 5% 370V / 440VAC Volt Run Start Air Condenser Straight Cool Electric Motor Fan Heat Pump HVAC Blower Compressor Generator

                      A pool pump that won’t turn on likely just needs a little boost from this 5 microfarad 440 volt oval run capacitor. It provides the starting torque to get the motor spinning. The durable construction withstands temperature extremes and electrical stresses.

                      Just match the capacitance and voltage to the original when installing. Discharge the old capacitor safely before swapping this one in. With a quality replacement capacitor, you can avoid costly technician visits and get your pool flowing again.

                      For an easy and inexpensive fix to restore starting performance in pool pump motors, this capacitor is ideal. Keep extras on hand for future quick repairs when the pump won’t start.

                      HVAC Capacitors Buying Guide

                      HVAC systems contain motors that require capacitors to operate. Capacitors are electronic components that briefly store and release energy to help motors start and run properly. There are a few key factors to consider when choosing an HVAC capacitor:

                      Types of HVAC Capacitors

                      The most common types of capacitors used in HVAC systems are:

                      • Start capacitors – Help start the motors in air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnace fans. They provide an initial jolt of energy to get the motor spinning. Start capacitors are only briefly engaged during start-up.
                      • Run capacitors – Keep motors running smoothly after start-up. They provide a steady stream of energy to prevent motors from overheating and ensure efficient operation. Run capacitors operate continuously while the motor is running.
                      • Dual Run capacitors – Combine start and run capacitor functions into one unit. This allows a single capacitor to both start the motor and keep it running.


                      This refers to the capacitor’s ability to store an electrical charge, measured in microfarads (μF). Start capacitors have higher capacitance ratings around 200 μF. Run capacitors usually range from 5 to 100 μF.

                      Match the capacitance of a replacement capacitor to the original. Using an improperly sized capacitor can lead to motor damage or failure. Check the old capacitor’s specs before buying a new one.


                      Ensure the capacitor’s voltage matches the motor’s voltage. Most HVAC motors use capacitors rated for 370V or 440V. Using a capacitor with too low of a voltage rating can cause it to fail prematurely.


                      Choose a capacitor built to withstand high temperatures. HVAC systems can reach up to 65°C internally. High-quality capacitors are rated for temperatures of 85°C or greater.


                      Consider physical size limitations when selecting a replacement. The capacitor must fit properly without interfering with other components. Measure the space available before purchasing.

                      Brand Reputation

                      Stick with established capacitor brands that have a reputation for quality and reliability. Some top brands include General Electric, Supco, Lennox, and Carrier.


                      Look for a generous warranty of 5 years or more. This protects against early failure. Extended warranties of 10 years or longer are ideal for the longest service life.


                      How do I know when to replace my HVAC capacitor?

                      Here are some signs your HVAC capacitor needs replacement:

                      • Air conditioner or heat pump fails to turn on
                      • Furnace blower fan won’t start
                      • Units short cycle on and off
                      • Capacitor is visibly bulging, leaking, or damaged
                      • Higher than normal energy bills

                      Routine inspections by an HVAC technician can catch failing capacitors early. Capacitors may need replacement every 5-10 years.

                      Where is the HVAC capacitor located?

                      Capacitors are usually mounted to the side of the compressor, blower motor housing, or control board. Their location varies by HVAC system. Consult the unit’s manual for exact capacitor placement.

                      How do I install a new HVAC capacitor?

                      Caution: Capacitors store hazardous electrical charges. Consult an HVAC professional for installation. Proper procedure is:

                      1. Turn off power and discharge old capacitor.
                      2. Disconnect and remove old capacitor.
                      3. Install mounting bracket if needed.
                      4. Connect new capacitor following wiring diagram.
                      5. Securely mount and check connections.
                      6. Restore power.

                      Improper installation can result in electrical shock. Take precautions when working with capacitors.

                      Can I use a different μF capacitor?

                      Only replace it with a capacitor of the same capacitance. Using the wrong μF rating could damage the compressor or blower motor. The capacitor must match the manufacturer’s specifications for optimal performance.

                      What size HVAC capacitor do I need?

                      The capacitor must match the μF and voltage of the original part. Be sure to measure available mounting space and purchase a capacitor that fits properly. Refer to the HVAC system’s manual for details on the correct replacement capacitor. Contact an HVAC professional if you are uncertain.

                      How long should an HVAC capacitor last?

                      With proper installation and maintenance, capacitors typically last 4-8 years. High-quality capacitors can last up to 10 years. Factors like heat, electrical surges, and severe weather can shorten lifespan. Check capacitors periodically and replace any bulging or damaged ones.


                      Choosing the optimal HVAC capacitor involves considering capacitance, voltage, temperature rating, size, warranty and brand reputation. Matching the specifications of the original part is crucial for proper operation. Look for signs of failure like difficulty starting, short cycling, or bulging cases to determine when a capacitor needs replacement. Allow an HVAC technician to handle installation and maintenance. Investing in quality HVAC capacitors from reputable brands will maximize performance and longevity of your system. With this advice, you can make an informed choice on the best HVAC capacitor for heating and cooling comfort in your home.


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