Best Kilns For Glass Fusing 2023

Glass fusing is a fun and creative hobby that allows you to make beautiful works of art by fusing together pieces of glass. To properly fuse glass, you need a kiln that can reach the high temperatures required for the glass to melt together. Finding the right kiln for glass fusing is important, as not all kilns are designed for this purpose. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing a kiln for glass fusing, and provide tips on how to select the best one for your needs and budget. Whether you’re new to glass fusing or looking to upgrade your equipment, read on for advice on choosing the perfect kiln.

WICAND Microwave Kiln Fusing Glass DIY Jewelry Kit

WICAND Microwave Kiln Fusing Glass for Making DIY Jewelry Tools 15pcs Set

    Looking to take your jewelry making to the next level? This complete WICAND microwave kiln fusing glass kit is the perfect way to start creating stunning fused glass jewelry right at home.

    The extra large kiln is designed specifically for jewelry and small projects, heating up quickly to fusing temperatures. The kit comes with everything you need to begin, including 10 sheets of reusable kiln paper, glass embellishments, pendants, earrings, and more.

    Having my own microwave kiln makes glass fusing so easy and economical. In just 6-8 minutes, I can fuse together colorful glass pieces into beautiful pendants and earrings. The process is so simple – just place your glass on the kiln paper, heat, and you’ve got unique jewelry ready to wear or give as gifts.

    With the included safety gloves and instructions, this DIY kit makes fused glass accessible even for beginners. I love having a new creative outlet that lets me design my own jewelry. The compact kiln stores away neatly too.

    Whether you’re an aspiring jewelry designer or just want to explore a fun new hobby, I highly recommend the WICAND fused glass kit. It’s an affordable way to start crafting gorgeous jewelry and embellishments in your own microwave.

    Hensom Large Microwave Kiln

    Large Microwave Kiln for Glass Fusing

      As someone who loves working with glass, the Hensom Large Microwave Kiln has been a game changer for small projects and jewelry making. With a 1.5 kg capacity, this kiln lets me fuse and form glass quickly at home.

      I’ve been consistently impressed with how evenly and efficiently the kiln heats up my glass pieces. In just 5-6 minutes in my microwave, colorful glass is softened and ready for shaping. The large inner dimensions give me plenty of workspace for pendants, beads, and more.

      The ceramic fiber construction also retains heat extremely well. I’m able to achieve temperatures up to 1650°F without the outer surface getting too hot to handle.

      Using this tool has made glass fusing accessible, economical, and above all, fun! I can let my creativity run wild and design earrings, pendants, embellishments and more in very little time. It’s so satisfying turning broken glass and scraps into beautiful jewelry.

      For any hobbyist looking for a safe, user-friendly way to work with glass, the Hensom microwave kiln is a smart choice. With simple operation and energy efficient heating, it’s ideal for small projects. I’d recommend this compact, versatile kiln to anyone interested in exploring glass crafts at home.

      Jen Ken GS Fuse Box Glass and Jewelry Kiln

      Jen Ken GS Fuse Box Glass & Jewelry Kiln - Perfect for Glass Fusing and More

        As a beginner jewelry maker, I found the perfect tool in the Jen Ken GS Fuse Box kiln. This miniature kiln is specifically designed for small glass fusing and jewelry projects.

        The 6 x 6 x 4.5 inch chamber heats up rapidly to 2000°F – plenty of power for my jewelry and embellishment needs. I love being able to precisely control temperature too with the included infinite switch and digital pyrometer.

        This little kiln saves so much time compared to heating up my full-size one. In just minutes, I can fuse glass pieces into earrings, pendants, and more. The compact size is so convenient for testing new designs before scaling up.

        Everything I need to start came in the box – a sturdy 5 inch kiln shelf, posts, and kiln wash are all included. Setup took minutes and I was fusing glass jewelry on day one!

        For anyone doing small scale glass projects, the Jen Ken GS Fuse Box is an ideal starter kiln. With fast heating and accurate temperature control, it makes testing jewelry designs quick and easy. I’d highly recommend this for any hobbyist looking to get into glass fusing and jewelry making.

        Dolwejoy Microwave Kiln & DIY Glass Jewelry Kit

        DolweJoy Microwave Kiln and DIY Fusing Glass Jewelry Set - Microwave Kiln for Glass Fusing,DIY Fusing Glass Jewelry,Kiln Glass Blowing,Pottery

          I was eager to try glass fusing and jewelry making, so I invested in the complete Dolwejoy Microwave Kiln kit – and it has everything I needed to get started!

          Right away, I was able to begin fusing together the included dichroic, opal, and art glass using the compact countertop kiln. In just minutes, colorful glass pieces are heated enough to shape into earrings, pendants, and more.

          The kit also comes with handy tools like a glass cutter, safety gloves, and tweezers for handling the glass. With the step-by-step instructions, I found glass fusing approachable even as a beginner.

          After playing around with simple designs, I was hooked! Now glass jewelry making is my new favorite hobby. The Dolwejoy kit made it so affordable and accessible to explore glass fusing.

          With the portable, easy-to-use kiln, I can fuse glass pieces in any microwave oven quickly. In under 10 minutes, unique earrings and pendants are ready to wear or gift to friends.

          For anyone interested in trying glass crafts and jewelry making, I highly recommend the all-in-one Dolwejoy kit. It’s a budget-friendly way to discover how rewarding this hobby can be!

          Yencoly Microwave Kiln Paper for Glass Fusing

          Smooth Microwave Kiln Paper, Glass Fusing Paper, Anti-sticking Easy to Use White for the Kiln Glass Fusing Making

            Proper kiln paper is key for any glass fusing project, which is why I was excited to try the Yencoly Microwave Kiln Paper sheets. These disposable ceramic fiber sheets prevent glass from sticking to the kiln base when fused.

            I was impressed with how smoothly the glass released from the surface after heating. The back of my fused glass pieces now have a polished look since there is no sticking.

            These reusable sheets stand up well to repeated kiln firings too. I get at least 5-6 uses before needing to replace with a fresh sheet.

            Cutting the paper to size for my projects is simple, and the white color provides a clean backdrop for arranging glass embellishments.

            For anyone doing glass fusing or jewelry making, having a package of Yencoly kiln paper on hand is essential. These smooth, non-stick sheets help protect kiln surfaces and provide easy glass release once fused.

            I would recommend keeping plenty of this high-quality kiln paper stocked for all your projects. The 10 pack is a great value for any hobbyist regularly doing glass fusing and jewelry creation.

            Kiln Shelf Paper

            Bullseye Thin FIRE KILN Shelf Paper 30 Sheets Fusing Supplies

              Looking for an easy way to prevent your glass creations from sticking to the kiln shelf? This Bullseye Thin FIRE KILN Shelf Paper is the perfect solution! Just lay a sheet down before firing your pieces. The ceramic-impregnated paper provides excellent separation between the glass and the shelf. No more fighting to scrape hardened kiln wash off your shelves or the backs of your projects.

              I love how much easier clean up is with this shelf paper compared to traditional kiln wash. Once cooled, the paper turns to a fine powder that brushes right off. The sheets are a convenient size at 6.8 x 10.25 inches, making them easy to cut down for smaller kilns. I can usually get 2-3 firings out of each sheet before needing to replace it.

              This shelf paper has held up beautifully through multiple firings up to 1600°F. It doesn’t scorch or burn away too quickly like some cheaper papers I’ve tried. My pieces come out with smooth, pristine finishes thanks to the non-stick barrier this Bullseye paper provides.

              With 30 sheets per package, this shelf paper is an affordable and versatile staple to have on hand for all your kiln firing projects. I highly recommend giving the Bullseye Thin FIRE KILN Shelf Paper a try if you’re looking for an easy solution to keep works from sticking and simplify clean up. It’s made my glass fusing so much more enjoyable!

              Glass Kiln Jewelry Set

              Esdabem Microwave Kiln and DIY Fusing Glass Jewelry Set - Professional Simple Making DIY Jewelry Glass Fusing Tools Set

                As someone new to glass fusing, I found this Esdabem Microwave Kiln and DIY Fusing Glass Jewelry Set to be the perfect introductory kit! It has everything you need to start making beautiful fused glass creations right in your home microwave.

                The compact microwave kiln is so simple to use. Just add a sheet of the included kiln paper, layer on your glass pieces, and fuse away! At just 3 1/4” H x 4 1/2” D, it’s the ideal size for pendants, earrings, and other small projects. I was able to achieve lovely results in as little as 6-8 minutes thanks to my 1100W microwave.

                My favorite part of this set was the wide assortment of glass included – opal, dichroic, millefiori, frit, and more. I had so much fun experimenting with the different colors and textures to make unique jewelry designs. The set also includes handy tools like a glass cutter and filing stick which were indispensable.

                For beginner fusers on a budget, this microwave kiln set is a wonderful way to explore the craft before investing in a full-size kiln. I was able to make so many beautiful pendants and earrings that made fantastic gifts. The instructions included are simple enough for even kids to follow (with supervision of course). I would highly recommend this set to anyone looking to try their hand at fused glass!

                Microwave Glass Kiln

                WICAND Large Microwave Kiln for DIY Fusing Glass Kiln Tools

                  As a casual glass artist, I wanted an inexpensive, low-commitment way to try fusing before investing in a large kiln. This WICAND Large Microwave Kiln ended up being the perfect solution! It allows me to fuse glass right in my home microwave with ease.

                  At just 7 2/3″W x 4 1/3″D, this little kiln is so compact and portable. It fits easily in my 1000W microwave with room to spare. Despite the small size, the 4 3/4” interior platform provides ample space for pendants, earrings, and other small projects. I’ve been stunned by the quality results I can achieve in as little as 6-8 minutes of microwaving.

                  Setup couldn’t be simpler – just add a sheet of kiln paper and layer on your glass. The kiln comes with handy instructions covering the basics. I also love how affordable it is compared to other fusing options.

                  Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn or a seasoned artist in need of a portable studio solution, the WICAND Microwave Kiln is a great pick. I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with glass fusing from the comfort of home. And thanks to the low price point, it was easy to justify adding this kiln to my crafting arsenal.

                  Glass Craft Kiln

                  FUSEWORKS Craft KILN

                  As a beginner glass fuser on a budget, I can’t recommend the Fuseworks Craft KILN enough! It offers an affordable, user-friendly introduction to small-scale kiln firing.

                  Right out of the box, I was able to start fusing glass with ease thanks to the simplified single dial timer control. No complicated programming required! The 8” diameter x 4” high chamber provides ample room for jewelry, coasters, and other small projects.

                  Despite the low price point, this kiln is extremely durable thanks to the stainless steel reinforced bands. I’ve fired dozens of pieces with nary an issue. Clean up is also a breeze compared to other kilns I’ve used.

                  Another plus is the space-saving tabletop design with clam-shell lid. My apartment is tiny, so I appreciate that this kiln doesn’t hog much real estate. The 6 foot power cord gives me plenty of flexibility on outlet placement too.

                  For anyone interested in trying out glass fusing without a huge investment, the Fuseworks Craft KILN is a fantastic choice. The quality and ease of use rival kilns costing twice as much. I’m excited to continue honing my skills with this perfect beginner’s kiln!

                  Art Glass Kiln

                  Fuseworks Craft Kiln

                  As a novice glass fuser, I found the Fuseworks Craft Kiln to be an approachable, affordable way to start exploring this fun craft. The streamlined design and operation is perfect for beginners.

                  Right away, I appreciated the versatile 8” diameter x 4” high chamber – ideal for small jewelry, coasters, and other starter projects. Despite the compact size, results have been impressively consistent thanks to the durable construction and stainless steel reinforcement.

                  Operation couldn’t be simpler! Just load up your glass, set the timer dial, and fuse. No complicated programming or schedules to figure out. I was able to achieve lovely fused and slumped pieces in as little as 10-15 minutes.

                  Clean up is a breeze compared to other kilns I’ve used. The smooth interior resists stubborn buildup, so a quick wipe down is all it needs between firings. Plus, the clamshell lid design gives easy access without taking up my whole workspace.

                  For anyone looking to dip their toes into glass fusing, the user-friendly Fuseworks Craft Kiln is a great value. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality results from this budget-friendly starter kiln. Definitely recommend giving it a try!

                  Kilns For Glass Fusing Buying Guide

                  When shopping for a kiln for fusing glass, there are several important features and specifications to keep in mind:

                  Kiln type – There are generally two types of kilns used for glass fusing – small tabletop kilns designed just for fusing, and larger kilns that can also be used for glass slumping, casting, and other techniques. Tabletop fusing kilns are more affordable and take up less space, while large kilns offer more versatility.

                  Temperature range – An essential factor is that the kiln can reach fusing temperatures – around 1400-1500°F. Kilns made specifically for glass fusing will have the appropriate temperature range. If choosing a multi-purpose kiln, look for one that goes to at least 1500°F.

                  Interior dimensions – Consider the size of projects you want to take on, and choose a kiln accordingly. Smaller tabletop kilns may have an interior space of 8″ x 8″ or so, while large glass kilns could have two or more cubic feet of space inside.

                  Kiln uniformity – A quality kiln will heat glass projects evenly, preventing warping or cracking. Look for kilns with features like multiple heating elements and good insulation.

                  Programming and controls – Look for a user-friendly digital controller on the kiln that allows you to easily program firing profiles and ramp rates. More advanced controls provide flexibility but aren’t necessary for beginners.

                  Durability and warranty – Choose a kiln made with durable materials like firebrick or ceramic that can withstand repeated firings. Opt for at least a 1-year warranty on electrical parts.

                  Brand reputation – Stick with reputable kiln manufacturers known for making quality products. Some popular brands for small fusing kilns include Paragon, Skutt, and Olympic.

                  Price – Kilns range from $300-$3000 or more. Determine your budget and needs. A good starter fusing kiln can be found for $500-$1500.

                  Do your research and select a reliable, high-quality kiln designed specifically for fusing that fits into your space and budget constraints. This will ensure great results with your glass fusing projects.

                  Frequently Asked Questions About Kilns For Glass Fusing

                  What temperature is needed for glass fusing?

                  Most glass fusing is done between 1400-1500°F. Some specialty glass requires lower temperatures around 1250°F, but in general look for a kiln that can reach at least 1400°F for fusing.

                  How long does a glass fusing kiln take to heat up?

                  On average, a fusing kiln will take around 30-45 minutes to fully heat up to temperature. Larger kilns may take longer, up to an hour or more. The initial ramp-up time will depend on the kiln’s power and efficiency.

                  Should I get a small or large fusing kiln?

                  This depends on your space constraints and the size of projects you want to work on. Small tabletop kilns under 2 cubic feet are good for jewelry, small plates, and other compact items. Larger kilns allow you to fuse bigger pieces like platters, bowls, or multiple projects at once.

                  What size is best for a beginner fusing kiln?

                  A beginner fusing kiln around 12”-14” square and 8”-10” deep (1-2 cubic feet) is a good compromise. This allows you to fuse modest sized projects but isn’t overly large or expensive.

                  What special features should I look for in a fusing kiln?

                  Uniform heating, an integrated pyrometer, quality insulation, a lid vent or peephole, a door switch that cuts power when opened, and a user-friendly digital controller are useful features to look for in a quality glass fusing kiln.

                  What maintenance does a glass fusing kiln require?

                  Regular kiln maintenance involves keeping it clean by gently vacuuming out any debris and wiping down the interior with a damp cloth. Also check that elements are in good condition and not warped. Have any electrical issues checked by a professional.


                  Choosing the right glass fusing kiln is an important decision that will influence the quality of your fused glass creations. Take the time to carefully determine your needs and budget, then select a kiln designed specifically for glass fusing from a reputable brand. Look for features like good temperature range, uniform heating, durability, and easy-to-use controls. With a high quality kiln suited for the unique demands of glass fusing, you’ll be ready to start making incredible fused glass pieces!


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