Best Leather Dog Collars 2023

Selecting the right leather dog collar is an important decision for any dog owner. Leather dog collars are a classic choice that offers durability, comfort, and style. When choosing a leather collar, there are a few key factors to consider such as size, hardware, and additional features.

Properly fitted leather dog collars provide security by keeping identification tags on your dog at all times. Leather is also comfortable for dogs to wear daily. The natural material is soft on your dog’s skin and conforms to its neck as it moves. Leather collars last longer than many synthetic options and tend to age well over time.

With the right leather dog collar, you can achieve both safety and style for your canine companion. This buying guide covers what to look for when shopping for a high-quality leather dog collar. We will also answer frequently asked questions to help you select the perfect collar for your pup.

Express Pencils Personalized Dog Collar

Personalized Dog Collar - Engraved Soft Leather - Custom Small Medium or Large Size with Name Plate (Large, Brown)

    This personalized dog collar from Express Pencils allows you to add your dog’s name and your contact information for identification purposes. The collar comes in small, medium and large sizes to fit most dogs.

    Express Pencils uses a sturdy, attractive leather material for the collar. The leather appears thick and durable, though some reviewers mentioned it takes some time to break in and become properly flexible. The collar fastens securely with a metal buckle.

    One unique feature is the laser engraving, which provides a clear, permanent personalized ID tag right on the collar. This eliminates the need for a hanging tag that could fall off. You can choose to add a cute paw print design too.

    Key features:

    • Engraved leather with customizable text
    • 3 size options
    • Durable leather and metal buckle


    • ID tag engraved right on collar
    • Good quality leather
    • Classic, attractive style


    • Can take some time to break in
    • Only basic size and color options

    Didog Soft Padded Leather Dog Collar

    Didog Soft Padded Leather Dog Collar, Breathable Heavy Duty Dog Collar Leather with Adjustable Rust-Proof Metal Buckle for Small Medium Large Dogs, Brown, M

      The Didog leather dog collar provides a stylish way to outfit your pup. It comes in a variety of fun colors like blue, purple and pink. The collar has a soft padded interior next to the dog’s neck, making it comfy for daily wear.

      This adjustable collar uses high quality, durable leather with neat stitching details. It secures with a sturdy metal buckle. The hardware appears sufficiently rust-resistant for use in wet conditions. Multiple reviewers commented that the Didog collar looks classy on their dogs.

      According to customer reviews, the Didog leather collar runs true to size based on neck measurements. Just be sure to consult the size chart and measure your dog before ordering. The collar comes in sizes from extra small through extra large to fit any breed.

      Key features:

      • Soft padded leather construction
      • Adjustable fit with buckle
      • Variety of fun colors


      • Comfortable on dog’s neck
      • Attractive, quality materials
      • Good sizing options


      • Leather takes time to break in
      • Metal hardware could be more heavy duty

      BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar

      BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar with QR ID Tag Adjustable Soft Round Collars for Small Medium Large Dogs Puppy Cat (7" - 9" Neck Size, Light Brown)

        The BronzeDog rolled leather dog collar provides a uniquely stylish look for your pup. The collar features a rolled, rounded shape that sits smoothly against your dog’s neck. This comfortable design prevents matting and irritation.

        The collar comes in a wide range of sizes, ensuring a good fit for any breed. It uses good quality “crazy horse” leather that looks and feels soft. The metal gold buckle allows you to easily secure a proper fit.

        An optional integrated QR code tag provides quick access to your contact info if your dog gets lost. While mostly positive, few reviews mentioned occasional issues with the metal tarnishing over time. But overall, it provides good value.

        Key features:

        • Rolled leather shape prevents matting
        • QR code ID tag optional
        • Variety of color and size choices


        • Comfortable rolled leather design
        • QR tag for safety/ID
        • Attractive leather and hardware


        • Metal may tarnish over time
        • Leather prone to color transfer

        WAUDOG Leather Dog Collar

        WAUDOG Long Lasting Leather Dog Collar for Large Dogs, Medium & Small Dogs - Adjustable Classic Puppy Collars for Large Breed Dogs - Boy & Girl Dog Collars with Durable Buckle, D-Ring & QR Dog Tag

          This adjustable leather collar from WAUDOG provides a durable, comfortable option for your dog. It comes in brown, black, pink and purple color choices to suit any pup. The collar uses good quality leather with neat stitching for a classic style.

          The collar secures with a sturdy metal buckle that allows you to customize the fit. It comes in sizes ranging from 7 inches up to 20 inches, so you can find the right size for your small, medium or large breed. The collar also includes a metal D-ring to easily attach your leash.

          According to customers, the leather feels thick and high quality. The width varies based on size to properly fit each breed. While mostly positive, some noted the metal hardware is on the lighter side.

          Key features:

          • Genuine leather construction
          • Adjustable fit buckle
          • Multiple color and size options


          • Good leather thickness and stitching
          • Fits wide variety of breeds
          • Classic leather style


          • Metal hardware could be more heavy duty
          • Potential for color transfer

          Mighty Paw Leather Dog Collar

          Mighty Paw Leather Dog Collar | Distressed Real Genuine Leather and a Strong Metal Buckle. Super Soft for Ultimate Comfort. Modern Designer Look for Small, Medium, Large and XL Pets (Brown)

            This leather collar from Mighty Paw provides a sleek, modern look for your dog. It uses soft, flexible distressed leather with neat stitching details. The collar has a clean, narrow width that works well for small to large breeds.

            Mighty Paw offers the collar in three neutral colors – brown, black and light brown. It comes in sizes from 9.5 up to 20.5 inches, ensuring a good fit. The metal buckle allows easy on/off while keeping it securely in place.

            According to reviews, the leather feels high quality, thick and durable. Customers note it doesn’t irritate their dog’s neck. While mostly positive, a few mentioned the hardware runs large, especially for small breeds. But overall it provides excellent value.

            Key features:

            • Distressed leather with tidy stitching
            • 3 neutral colors
            • Sizes for small to large dogs


            • Soft, flexible leather
            • Streamlined narrow width
            • Good fit for most breeds


            • Large hardware for small dogs
            • Limited color choices

            Soft Touch Collars Padded Leather Dog Collar

            Soft Touch Collars Black Leather Dog Collar, Real Genuine Leather, Best for Large Male or Female Dogs

              This padded leather dog collar from Soft Touch Collars is a great option for large breed dogs. The collar is made from high quality leather that is soft on the inside to protect your dog’s neck from rubbing and irritation.

              One of the best features of this collar is the sturdy brass hardware. The D-ring for attaching the leash is conveniently located on the top of the collar for easy access. There is also a separate ring next to the buckle that is perfect for holding your dog’s ID tags. The collar fastens securely with a sturdy buckle that is double stitched for durability.

              Key features:

              • Padded with soft leather lining to prevent neck irritation
              • Durable brass hardware won’t rust
              • Separate ring for ID tags
              • Strong buckle with double stitching


              • Soft padding protects dog’s neck
              • High quality leather
              • D-ring conveniently located on top
              • Brass hardware won’t rust


              • Can have an odor at first
              • Limited size adjustments

              Didog Soft Padded Leather Dog Collar

              chede Basic Classic Luxury Padded Leather Dog Collar,The Seatbelt Buckle,for Large Medium Small Pets (M, Brown)

                The soft padded leather dog collar from Didog provides both style and comfort for your pup. This collar is designed with a wide soft leather strap that is gentle on your dog’s neck, reducing the risk of irritation from rubbing.

                The collar has a sturdy metal buckle closure to keep it securely in place. An inner layer of soft padding helps prevent matting in long haired breeds. It comes in a variety of rich colors to choose from.

                Key features:

                • Soft padded leather is gentle on dog’s neck
                • Durable metal buckle closure
                • Variety of colors to choose from
                • Inner padding prevents matting of fur


                • Soft padding prevents neck irritation
                • Secure metal buckle closure
                • Nice color selection
                • Good for long haired dogs


                • Limited size range
                • Can’t customize length

                DAIHAQIKO Dog Collar

                DAIHAQIKO Dog Collar, Genuine Leather Dog Collar, Heavy Duty Dog Collar, Wide Dog Collar for Small Dog, Medium Dog, Large Dog and Extra Large Dog (L: 1.2" Wide for 17"-23" Neck, Dual Stitch - Brown)

                  This leather dog collar from DAIHAQIKO is designed to be both fashionable and heavy duty. It is crafted from high quality leather with decorative stitching for visual appeal. The collar has two D-rings, one for attaching the leash and one for holding ID tags.

                  The metal buckle on this collar is made from sturdy steel wire and iron to withstand pulling and chewing. Multiple rivets reinforce stress points for added durability. There are several colors and stitching patterns to choose from.

                  Key features:

                  • Dual D-rings for leash and tags
                  • Decorative stitching for style
                  • Heavy duty metal buckle and hardware
                  • Reinforced with rivets at stress points


                  • Withstands pulling and chewing
                  • Fashionable stitching patterns
                  • Dual D-rings for function
                  • Heavy duty steel and iron hardware


                  • Can run small
                  • Loose end may need trimming

                  chede Basic Classic Luxury Padded Leather Dog Collar

                  chede Basic Classic Luxury Padded Leather Dog Collar,The Seatbelt Buckle,for Large Medium Small Pets (M, Brown)

                    Chede’s luxury padded leather dog collar combines classic style with soft comfort. This collar features wide, padded leather straps that provide a cushy feel around your dog’s neck. The edges are neatly rolled for a polished look.

                    The integrated seatbelt-style buckle is sleek while also being very secure, preventing escapes. It has an integrated lock for extra safety. The collar is handmade with careful attention to detail and available in sizes for small, medium and large breeds.

                    Key features:

                    • Wide padded leather for comfort
                    • Secure seatbelt buckle with lock
                    • Rolled edges for a finished look
                    • Sizes for small to large dogs


                    • Soft padded leather
                    • Locking seatbelt-style buckle
                    • Neat rolled edges
                    • Good size range


                    • Buckle can be tricky to use
                    • Color varies from images

                    Didog Genuine Leather Dog Collars

                    Didog Genuine Leather Dog Collars with Engraved Nameplate, Personalized Soft Leather Dog Collar with Custom ID Tag, Brown/Green/Red for Medium Large Dogs (M,Brown)

                      This personalized leather dog collar from Didog allows you to add your dog’s name and information. The collar is made from durable, genuine leather with decorative stitching. An engraved metal nameplate securely attaches to the collar for easy identification.

                      These collars come in a wide range of sizes to fit small breeds up to large breeds. The metal hardware is made from solid brass to prevent rusting. The collar can be trimmed to size after ordering if needed.

                      Key features:

                      • Personalized with engraved nameplate
                      • Genuine leather with decorative stitches
                      • Sizes for small to large breeds
                      • Solid brass hardware won’t rust


                      • Includes engraved ID tag
                      • Durable leather
                      • Wide size range
                      • Rust-resistant hardware


                      • Nameplate font is small
                      • Loose end may need trimmed

                      Buying Guide for Leather Dog Collars

                      When shopping for a leather collar, start by measuring your dog’s neck. Use a soft measuring tape to get an accurate neck circumference. Leave room for two fingers between the tape and your dog’s neck to find the ideal fit.

                      Size and Fit

                      It is critical to choose the properly fitted size for your dog’s collar. Leather collars should fit snugly but still allow you to comfortably insert two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. ill-fitting collars can lead to escapes or even injury.

                      Double-check your dog’s neck size before selecting a size. Measure carefully as dog necks change as puppies grow. Leather collars can’t easily adjust like nylon options. Try the collar on your dog before regular use to confirm a good fit. Adjustable leather collars are also available to allow for some size flexibility.

                      Leather Type and Quality

                      Pay attention to the leather used and the overall construction of the collar. High-quality leather will be strong yet pliable. Durable collars often use bridle leather, which is soft and conditioned. Stiff leather can irritate your dog’s skin. Avoid thin leather that seems flimsy.

                      The highest quality leather collars have reinforced stitching to prevent wear. They may also have padded undersides for comfort on your dog’s neck. Examine the collar carefully for weak points or irregular stitching before purchasing.


                      Leather dog collars include metal hardware like the buckle and the D-ring where you attach your dog’s leash and tags. Durability matters here as well. Solid brass hardware tends to be the strongest. Check that the D-ring securely attaches to the collar and does not rotate or move around easily.

                      Strong metal buckles will securely fasten, without sharp edges that could irritate your dog. Roller buckles make adjusting the size easy while snap closures provide quick on and off. Whichever you choose, test it out first before regular use.

                      Width and Thickness

                      The width of a collar typically ranges from 3/8 inch to 1 1⁄2 inches. Wider collars provide more room for longer fur without irritating your dog’s skin. Thickness impacts the collar’s strength and durability over time. A thicker leather is more rigid and will maintain its shape. However, some dogs find thinner leather more comfortable, especially if they have short fur.

                      Match the width and thickness to your dog’s specific needs and preferences. If they tend to pull strongly on a leash, choose thicker or reinforced leather. For dogs with sensitive skin, opt for softer and more flexible leather.

                      Color and Design

                      One of the best features of leather dog collars is the variety of looks available. You can choose between multitudes of colors and patterns. Opt for neutral tones like black or brown for versatility. Brighter hues better match lighter-colored coats. Personalize with fun patterns, studs, or custom engraved plates.

                      Leather takes dyes and stamps well, so the styling options are nearly endless. Just make sure any embellishments do not cause discomfort. Smooth or lightly textured leather tends to be the most comfortable for daily wear.

                      Water Resistance

                      Unlike nylon, leather is not naturally water resistant. Getting a leather collar wet can damage the material over time if not treated properly. Seek out waterproof leather collars or use a leather protector spray to increase durability.

                      Take off leather collars before swimming or bathing. Allow them to fully dry before putting them back on your dog. Storing leather collars in a cool, dry spot extends their life. Avoid getting leather wet as much as possible to prevent warping or mold growth.

                      Special Features

                      Some leather dog collars include handy extra features. For escape artists, choose an option with secure snap closures. Reflective threads or piping help visibility for nighttime walks. Collars designed for training may have extra rings for leads or training aids.

                      You can also find leather collars with useful attachments like pockets for ID or waste bags. Just ensure any additions do not compromise comfort or fit. Only use added features intended for dog collars to prevent injury.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      Are leather collars safe for dogs?

                      Yes, high-quality leather dog collars are safe choices when properly fitted. Leather is durable and withstands daily use. It conforms to your dog’s neck for a comfortable fit. Just check for signs of irritation and monitor collar tightness as your dog grows. Never leave a collar on an unattended dog.

                      How do I clean a leather dog collar?

                      Use a damp cloth to wipe dirt off leather collars. Saddle soap or a leather cleaner also helps maintain them. Avoid submerging leather in water. Let collars air dry away from direct heat or sunlight. Condition with a leather protector spray to prevent drying out.

                      How often should I replace a leather dog collar?

                      With proper care, a quality leather collar can last for years. Inspect it regularly for wear, paying attention to stress points. Replace leather collars that become dried out, cracked, or show fraying stitching. Also, swap out a collar if it becomes too loose or tight on your dog’s neck.

                      Should I choose a rolled or flat leather collar?

                      Rolled leather has softly rounded edges for comfort. It conforms well to your dog’s neck. Flat collars maintain their shape and can have a more polished look. Flat collars better suit dogs with longer fur that may tangle in rolled edges. Try both to see what your dog tolerates best.

                      Are leather collars good for puppies?

                      Yes, leather collars work for puppies. Opt for soft, thin leather in a properly fitted smaller size. Make sure you can adjust the collar as your puppy grows. Never leave any collar on an unsupervised puppy. Switch to a breakaway collar if your puppy will be alone.

                      What width of leather collar should I get?

                      Select a collar width that matches your dog’s size and fur length. Here are some general guidelines:

                      • Small dogs under 15 lbs – 3/8 to 1/2 inch width
                      • Medium dogs 15 – 50 lbs – 1/2 to 3/4 inch width
                      • Large dogs over 50 lbs – 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch width
                      • Long fur – Wider collars from 1 to 1 1/2 inches

                      Measure your dog’s neck and try on different widths for the best fit. The collar should lay flat without irritating the skin. Wider collars disperse pressure more evenly as well.


                      Leather dog collars provide stylish durability for daily use. Shop for quality leather that is soft yet strong. Look for solid hardware that withstands leash pressure and secure closures. Proper fit ensures your dog’s comfort and safety. With the right leather collar, you can enjoy this classic look that keeps your dog secure for years of adventures together.


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