Best LR44 Batteries 2023

Welcome to the ultimate guide on LR44 batteries! These tiny button cell batteries power a variety of small electronics. Read on for a comprehensive overview of LR44 battery specs, popular uses, and shopping tips.

LR44 batteries offer long shelf lives and reliable on-the-go power. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about these mighty miniature energy sources.

LiCB LR44 Batteries

LiCB 20 Pack LR44 AG13 357 303 SR44 Battery 1.5V Button Coin Cell Batteries

    The LiCB 20 pack of LR44 1.5V button cell batteries is a fantastic deal for those needing a reliable supply of small batteries for watches, remotes, toys, and more. With 20 batteries per pack, you’ll have plenty on hand for devices that need frequent battery changes.

    These LR44 batteries are designed to provide long-lasting power while remaining very affordable. The alkaline composition enables them to hold a steady 1.5V charge so your devices keep working properly. LiCB tests these batteries under strict quality control standards and they are free of mercury, making them a smart eco-friendly choice.

    One of the best aspects of LiCB’s LR44 battery pack is the secure blister sheet packaging. Each battery has its own slot, keeping them protected and organized. You can pop one out as needed without disturbing the rest. This prevents loose batteries from getting misplaced and makes it simple to take just what you need on the go.

    With up to a 3 year shelf life, you can stock up on these budget-friendly batteries knowing they’ll retain a full charge until you need them. Their versatility allows them to power watches, toys, remotes, medical devices, laser pointers, and more. For a no-fuss battery solution, opt for LiCB’s value LR44 pack. The affordable price and reliable performance make these an easy recommendation for your household battery needs.

    Energizer LR44 Batteries 10 Pack

    Energizer LR44 1.5V Button Cell Battery 10 pack

      Tired of draining batteries in your electronics and small devices? The Energizer LR44 1.5V button cell battery 10 pack delivers reliable, long-lasting power in a convenient bundle. Great for watches, remotes, toys, and more, these tiny batteries pack a punch.

      Energizer is known for making high-performing alkaline batteries designed to withstand everyday use. The LR44 coin cell batteries provide steady 1.5V power output so your devices run smoothly. Packaged in a smart blister pack, the batteries stay protected until you need to pop one out.

      Compared to generic or off-brand batteries, Energizer’s LR44s last noticeably longer. The superior quality means you won’t be constantly replacing drained batteries in your gadgets and gizmos. These are ideal as backup batteries for smoke detectors, remote controls, and any small electronics in your home or office.

      The 10 pack gives you plenty of batteries for the price versus buying individually. Energizer adds zero mercury so you can feel good about using a more eco-friendly battery option. With a long shelf life and leak-resistant design, these reliable batteries earn their reputation as a top brand. For steady power across devices, choose Energizer’s LR44 coin cell batteries.

      Energizer LR44 Batteries

      Energizer LR44 Battery, Silver Oxide 303, 357, AG13, or SR44 1.5 Volt Batteries (1 Battery Count) - Packaging May Vary

        Searching for the perfect tiny battery to fit your watch, remote, or medical device? Look no further than the Energizer LR44 1.5 volt battery. This versatile little button cell battery powers dozens of compact electronics and gadgets that require reliable energy.

        As an experienced battery manufacturer, Energizer optimizes these 303/357 coin cell batteries to have a lengthy lifespan. The zero mercury composition makes them an eco-friendly pick. Since you get a 3 pack, you’ll have spare batteries ready when one loses its charge. No more rummaging for a replacement!

        The LR44 battery works well in fitness trackers, blood glucose monitors, car key fobs, bathroom scales, laser pointers, and more. Its diminutive size belies its powerful performance. These batteries ship with a 5 year shelf life, so they’ll maintain a full charge while stored as spares.

        For households with young kids, the LR44 is great for toys, books, and handheld electronics. Stash some extra batteries in your junk drawer or glove compartment for those unexpected occasions when they’ll come in handy. With Energizer’s reputation for quality, performance, and safety, this affordable 3 pack of LR44 button cell batteries is a smart buy.

        Amazon Basics LR44 Batteries

        Amazon Basics LR44 Alkaline Button Coin Cell Battery, 1.5 Volt, Long Lasting Power, Mercury Free - Pack of 12

          Searching for an affordable source of replacement batteries for small electronics and gadgets? Look no further than the Amazon Basics LR44 alkaline button cell battery 12 pack. With batteries for watches, toys, remotes, scales, and more, you’ll stay powered up.

          These 1.5V coin cell batteries deliver reliable power output and extended battery life. The alkaline composition enables them to maintain voltage until fully drained. Amazon Basics includes handy battery identification right on each cell, so you can easily swap them into devices.

          Get a great value on these budget-friendly batteries versus name brand alternatives. The 12 pack ensures you’ll have plenty of spares for those unexpected moments when batteries run out. The secure blister pack protects the LR44 button cells from damage while allowing you to pop them out one by one as needed.

          Amazon Basics adheres to strict quality control during manufacturing. These batteries contain zero mercury and help minimize environmental impact compared to options with added mercury. For households with kids, these are great for electronic toys and educational gadgets. Stash extras in your desk drawer or glove box for power when you need it. The Amazon Basics LR44 button cell battery pack delivers reliable performance and long-lasting energy.

          Voniko LR44 Batteries

          Voniko AG13 LR44 Batteries 20 Pack—[Ultra Power] Premium Alkaline 1.5 Volt LR44 Button Cell Battery for Toys & Electronic Devices

            Searching for a reliable source of replacement LR44 coin cell batteries for small electronics and gadgets? Look no further than Voniko’s AG13 LR44 battery 20 pack. With enough batteries for watches, toys, remotes, mini fans, games, and more, you’ll stay powered up.

            These 1.5V button cell batteries deliver outstanding lifespan and steady voltage output to keep your compact devices running smoothly. Voniko engineered these batteries for double corrosion protection, preventing leaks that can damage electronics from the inside.

            Get excellent value compared to pricier name brand batteries. The 20 pack ensures you’ll have plenty of spares when batteries unexpectedly drain. The secure blister pack protects the LR44 batteries from damage while allowing you to easily pop them out one by one.

            Voniko adheres to strict quality control when manufacturing batteries and they are mercury-free. Great for kids’ toys and interactive books, these batteries also work with mini flashlights, led lights, wrist watches, and remote controls. For reliable energy across small electronics, choose Voniko AG13 LR44 button cell batteries.

            POWEROWL LR44 Batteries

            POWEROWL High Capacity LR44 Batteries 40 Pack, L1154F AG13 357 303 SR44 A76 Premium Alkaline Battery 1.5V Button Coin Cell Batteries

              Looking for a bulk pack of long-lasting LR44 button cell batteries? This 40 pack from POWEROWL is a great option to consider.

              With 40 batteries included, you’ll have plenty to power small electronics like watches, car key fobs, toys, and more. The POWEROWL LR44 batteries offer improved energy density and monomer capacity compared to standard LR44 cells. This means you can expect up to 20% more capacity and 10% higher energy density.

              One of the biggest pain points with button cell batteries is leakage. But POWEROWL batteries feature dual crimps and an anti-corrosion formula to create an air and liquid tight seal. This preserves battery power and prevents leakage, even after years of storage.

              The POWEROWL LR44 batteries are interchangeable with many common button cell models, including AG13, 357, 303, SR44, SR44W, and more. Their 1.5V alkaline composition provides reliable, continuous power.

              If you’re searching for an bulk pack of LR44 coin cell batteries that offer long life, high capacity, and leak-proof design, the POWEROWL 40 pack is an excellent choice. The premium construction and affordable price make these handy batteries a great value.

              Beidongli LR44 Batteries 10 Pack

              Beidongli LR44 Batteries AG13 357 high Capacity 1.5V Button Coin Cell 10 Count Battery

                Need a pack of AG13, LR44, or 357 button cell batteries for small electronics? Check out this 10 count pack from Beidongli.

                Inside you’ll find 10 individually packaged LR44 alkaline batteries. Beidongli manufactures their batteries using high density battery cells, increasing capacity by 20% compared to normal LR44 cells. This gives you longer battery life for watches, car key fobs, thermometers, and other compact electronics.

                The stainless steel casing resists corrosion while the improved sealing prevents leakage between the positive and negative terminals. Beidongli batteries are also mercury free, utilizing updated energy technology for safety and performance.

                With 10 batteries inside, you’ll have spares handy when it’s time to swap out dead batteries. And the versatile LR44 size is compatible with many devices, including those requiring AG13, 357, 303, or SR44 coin cells.

                If you need a pack of long-lasting, high capacity LR44 button cell batteries, this Beidongli 10 pack is a great option. The premium construction offers outstanding reliability and safety certified by ISO and SGS standards.

                Maxell LR44 Coin Cell Batteries

                Maxell LR44 Alkaline 1.5V Battery, 2-Pack

                  For a tried and true brand of button cell batteries, check out this 2 pack of Maxell LR44 batteries.

                  Inside you’ll find two fresh 1.5V alkaline LR44 coin cell batteries. While only a small 2 pack, these Maxell batteries provide reliable power for watches, laser pointers, thermometers, key fobs and other compact electronics.

                  The Maxell brand has been trusted for years to provide quality batteries across many types like alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable. Their LR44 batteries offer good capacity in a tiny button cell perfect for small devices.

                  While the 2 pack doesn’t provide much quantity, it’s a nice option if you only need to swap out a dead battery or two. And you can trust Maxell’s stringent quality control to deliver a fresh and long-lasting LR44 battery.

                  For name brand button cell batteries you can rely on, this 2 pack of Maxell LR44 is a solid choice. Maxell is a battery brand you can trust to power your compact electronics.

                  Energizer 6 Count LR44 Batteries

                  Energizer LR44 1.5V Button Cell Battery x 6 Batteries

                    Need a multi-pack of Energizer’s reliable LR44 button cell batteries? Check out this 6 count offering solid value.

                    Inside you’ll find six LR44 1.5V batteries from Energizer, a leading maker of alkaline batteries. The versatile LR44 size works with watches, car key fobs, laser pointers, remote controls, and more compact electronics.

                    Energizer LR44 batteries go through rigorous testing to ensure long life, power preservation, and leakproof operation. The precise engineering provides steady 1.5V power even during long periods of use.

                    With 6 LR44 button cells included, you’ll have plenty of spares to swap out as needed. And the affordable price makes stocking up cost effective.

                    For time tested reliability, choose Energizer. Their LR44 batteries deliver steady, long lasting power while resisting leakage. If you need an affordable multi-pack, this 6 count is a great value.

                    Maxell LR44 Batteries 4 Pack

                    Need a handy pack of Maxell LR44 button cell batteries? This affordable 4 pack delivers reliable power for compact electronics.

                    Inside you’ll find 4 fresh LR44 alkaline batteries from Maxell, a leading maker of batteries across all types. The 1.5V LR44 is ideal for watches, car remotes, laser pointers, and other small devices that require button cell batteries.

                    While only a 4 count, these Maxell batteries offer good value if you only need a few replacement LR44 cells. And the Maxell brand is known for stringent quality control and long battery life.

                    The convenient card packaging keeps the batteries secure while taking up minimal space. Slip in your glovebox or toolkit for LR44 battery spares when needed.

                    For a trusted brand of button cell batteries, you can rely on Maxell. This 4 pack of Maxell LR44 batteries delivers steady 1.5V power for your compact electronics and small devices. The affordable price makes these handy backup batteries a great value.

                    What Are LR44 Batteries?

                    LR44 batteries are alkaline button cell batteries. They have a diameter of 11.6 mm and a height of 5.4 mm. The LR44 designation indicates the battery’s dimensions and voltage.

                    LR stands for “leak resistant.” The 44 refers to the battery’s 44 mm diameter. These compact batteries supply 1.5 volts of DC power.

                    LR44 batteries feature alkaline chemistry. This means they have a zinc negative electrode and a manganese dioxide positive electrode. Between the electrodes is an alkaline electrolyte.

                    Alkaline batteries offer dependable and long-lasting power. Their internal resistance stays low as they drain. This results in steady voltage output.

                    LR44 batteries are popular for powering:

                    • Digital scales
                    • Laser pointers
                    • LED lights
                    • Remote controls
                    • Toys
                    • Watches
                    • Small electronics

                    Their tiny size makes them lightweight and portable. LR44 batteries deliver reliable power even in devices that drain small currents over time.

                    LR44 Battery Specs

                    Let’s look at the key specifications for LR44 batteries:

                    • Voltage: 1.5V
                    • Battery composition: Alkaline
                    • Amperage: 55mA
                    • Diameter: 11.6mm
                    • Height: 5.4mm
                    • Weight: About 2.5g
                    • Shelf life: Up to 5 years

                    LR44 batteries offer a higher energy density than zinc-carbon batteries. Their alkaline chemistry gives them increased storage capacity in a small package.

                    A single LR44 battery weighs just a few grams. But it provides enough power to operate devices for up to 1-2 years in light drain uses.

                    LR44 batteries have an operating temperature range of -20°C to 54°C/-4°F to 129°F. This makes them functional in most environments.

                    You’ll get the best longevity by storing LR44 batteries at room temperature. Refrigeration can extend the shelf life even further.

                    Popular Uses for LR44 Batteries

                    The tiny LR44 battery fits well in space-constrained devices. Here are some of the most common uses for LR44 batteries:

                    • Watches – Analogue and digital watches often use LR44 batteries to power their movements. The small batteries can run watches for up to 2 years.
                    • Scales – Many digital personal and kitchen scales require button cell batteries. LR44 batteries provide steady power for weight sensors.
                    • Thermometers – From weather stations to cooking thermometers, LR44 batteries run temperature-sensing electronics.
                    • Toys – Small toys like keychain games rely on LR44 batteries for portable fun. The batteries last 6 months to 1 year in low-drain toys.
                    • Laser pointers – The beam in mini laser pointers stays bright thanks to LR44 batteries. They provide the current needed for the laser diode.
                    • LED lights – Small LED flashlights and book lights run for dozens of hours on LR44 batteries. The batteries efficiently power the LED bulbs.
                    • Remote controls – Thin remote controls benefit from tiny LR44 batteries. They operate the IR LEDs that send control signals.

                    As you can see, LR44 batteries strike the perfect balance between power and portability. Their compact size and long shelf life make them ideal for infrequently used devices.

                    Buying LR44 Batteries

                    You can find LR44 batteries sold in multi-packs at many retailers. Here are some tips for getting a good deal when stocking up on LR44 batteries:

                    • Shop online for bulk discounts. You’ll often save money by buying 10-100 packs.
                    • Seek out name brand batteries from Energizer, Duracell, or Panasonic. Avoid cheaper no-name brands.
                    • Calculate the per battery cost. Divide the total pack cost by the number of batteries.
                    • Compare shelf life. Fresher batteries last longer, so check production dates.
                    • Buy more than you need. LR44 batteries keep for years when stored properly.
                    • Choose low-discharge or ultra versions for a longer lifespan.

                    Take advantage of multipacks for the lowest LR44 battery prices. Stick to reputable battery brands for optimal performance and longevity.

                    Frequently Asked Questions About LR44 Batteries

                    Let’s go over some common LR44 battery questions:

                    How long do LR44 batteries last?

                    In low drain devices, LR44 batteries last 1-2 years on average. In higher drain uses they may only last several months. Proper storage extends shelf life.

                    Can you recharge LR44 batteries?

                    No, LR44 batteries are not rechargeable. They are single-use primary cell batteries. Attempting to recharge may cause leaks or explosion.

                    Are LR44 batteries the same as AG13?

                    Yes, LR44 and AG13 refer to the same battery. They have identical dimensions and specifications.

                    Can I substitute an LR44 with SR44 or 364 battery?

                    SR44 is essentially the same as LR44, just with slightly lower capacity. 364 batteries have different dimensions and lower capacity. Either may work but won’t last as long.

                    How do I dispose of old LR44 batteries?

                    Never put batteries in normal trash. Take dead batteries to a store that recycles them or a hazardous waste facility. This prevents toxic chemicals from contaminating landfills.

                    Do LR44 batteries contain mercury?

                    No, LR44 alkaline batteries are mercury free. Other heavy metals are still present, so proper disposal is important.


                    LR44 button cell batteries offer powerful miniature energy storage. Their tiny size and long shelf life make them perfect for watches, toys, remotes, and other compact electronics. Use this guide to choose reliable LR44 batteries and get the most out of their long lifespan. With proper use and storage, these mighty mini batteries will keep your small devices powered up for years to come.


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