15 Best Night Guards

We have analyzed 553 products and 4291 reviews to bring you the best possible Night Guards. Read on to learn more which Night Guards is the best and why. In today’s fast-paced world, shopping for the right Night Guards can be a daunting task. With a plethora of options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up making a purchase you might regret later. Fear not, as we’ve put together this comprehensive buying guide to help you navigate the world of Night Guards and make an informed decision that suits your needs and preferences.

TOP Night Guards Ranked:

SaleRanked No. 1
Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth and Clenching Anti Grinding Teeth Custom Moldable Dental Night Guard Dental Night Guards -4 Pack/One Size
  • GREAT DESIGN:This dental guard is specially designed by a team of experts to prevent teeth grinding and clenching.
  • SAFETY: Mouth guards are long-lasting, soft, comfortable and safe material. We provide an retainer case to ensure that your guards stay in great...
  • MULTI-USE: 3 in 1 Versatility mouthguard for Teeth grinding, Athletic mouth guard & Teething White
  • COMFORT-The ultra-comfort guard can be used as a dental protector, teeth whitening tray and sports mouthguard. Can be adapted to fit a wide variety of...
  • With an easy-to-do process that takes less than 10 minutes, you can have a perfect fit mouth guard made just for you.
SaleRanked No. 2
Plackers Grind No More Night Guard, Nighttime Protection for Teeth, BPA Free, Sleep Well, Ready to Wear, Disposable, One Size Fits All, 16 Count
  • Includes: 16 disposable dental guards with up to 48 uses
  • Grind No More: Featuring patented clench and grind absorbing bite plates to stop you from grinding your teeth during the night and to increase...
  • Comfort: Plackers dental night guard provides the ultimate comfort for your teeth during sleep with a one size fits all design for upper or lower...
  • Ready To Wear: Plackers grind no more night guards are individually packaged and ready to wear as soon as you receive them with no boiling, cutting or...
  • BPA Free: Each disposable Plackers dental night guard is BPA free and is not made with natural rubber latex and is completely hygienic with use up to...
SaleRanked No. 3
DenTek Mouth Guard for Nighttime Teeth Grinding, Professional-Fit Dental Guard, 1 Count
  • DenTek Professional-Fit Dental Guard fits the front and back teeth and offers custom-fit protection similar to a professionally made mouth guard –...
  • BPA free, and quickly customizable in 3 easy steps (read all instructions and watch the full video before fitting)
  • DenTek Professional-Fit Dental Guard will give you 6 months of protection from the date of purchase Proof of purchase required, see details inside...
  • Helps to prevent conditions caused by teeth grinding (bruxism) in three simple steps: heat, shape, and wear
  • DenTek is the #1 OTC dental guard brand for nighttime teeth grinding Source: IRI Data Total Units Sold Ending 04.07.22 Multi-Outlet + Convenience...
  • Contains 1 box, DenTek Professional-Fit Dental Guard, 1 count, 1 patented fitting tray and 1 antimicrobial storage case
  • FSA- and HSA-eligible product in the U.S.
Ranked No. 4
The ConfiDental - Pack of 5 Moldable Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding Clenching Bruxism, Sport Athletic, Whitening Tray, Including 3 Regular and 2 Heavy Duty Guard (3 (lll) Regular 2 (II) Heavy Duty)
  • Our mouthguard is perfect for teeth grinding, an athletic dental guard and teeth whitening tray. Whether you are kid, youth or adult if you clench or...
  • Made with BPA free and Phthalates free premium grade material, Confidental nightguard are easy to clean and can be reused. The package comes with high...
  • Comfortable to use - Made of a moldable material, Confidental dental guards custom fits to accommodate any mouth size. Includes easy to follow...
  • Regular and Heavy-duty protection - Includes a total of 5 mouthguards, 3 for regular protection ( 3mm thickness ) 6.5cm x 5.4cm x 1.8cm (LxWxH) and 2...
  • Our mouthpieces are not only for teeth grinders but also for boxing pieces, football mouth piece, straightener trays
SaleRanked No. 5
Mouth Guards for Clenching Teeth at Night, Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth, Reusable Mouth Guard for Sleeping at Night, Night Guard for Teeth (4 Piece Set)
  • Safe and environmentally friendly material:Our Mouth Guard Protectors is made of high-quality material, safe to use and environmentally friendly,...
  • Professional custom design: Our teeth grinding mouth guard for sleep are designed by a team of professionals and manufactured in two different sizes....
  • Easy to use shaping: Our Sleep Mouth Guard is very easy to use, just follow the steps carefully and the Our night guard will help you. You will have a...
  • Multi-Purpose Mouth Guard: The mouth guard for clenching teeth at night stops teeth grinding, the multi-purpose Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth can...
  • 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE: With a customer-centric approach, if you have difficulty molding your night mouth guards for teeth grinding or are not...
Ranked No. 6
Encore Guards - Custom Dental Night Guard/Mouth Guard for Protection Against Teeth Grinding/Clenching/Bruxism and TMJ Relief - One (1) Guard
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT AT HOME IMPRESSION KIT - you'll receive a DIY impression kit with everything required to take your own upper or lower dental...
  • 4 DIFFERENT GUARDS TO CHOOSE FROM - for different degrees of bruxism, enCore offers 4 different types of mouth guards to best protect your teeth (see...
  • Quick and Easy - ordering from a dental lab helps you save when compared to an equivalent guard from your dentist.
  • Materials from the US and Germany; BPA and Latex Free
  • Guards are made by a professional dental laboratory with over 20 years of experience manufacturing dental appliances.
SaleRanked No. 7
The Doctor's NightGuard, Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth, Dental Guard for Bruxism, Night Guard for Teeth, 1 Pack
  • The Doctor’s NightGuard was developed by a team of dentists and is a moldable, custom fit mouth guard for grinding teeth at night
  • This BPA- free mouth guard for grinding teeth is made with a patented two-layer design that includes a soft top layer to cushion and absorb and a firm...
  • The Doctor’s mouth guard is crafted with a slim and flexible design that helps you sleep comfortably; patented slanted front provides more comfort...
  • Prepare your night guard in less than 10 minutes for a custom fit as unique as your smile and improve your sleep hygiene and your oral health
  • Contains 1 dental guard that’s reusable for approximately 6 months to help with teeth grinding and teeth clenching
Ranked No. 8
DABIDA Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth at night, Sleep Mouth Guard, Mouthguards for Grinding of Teeth, Mouth Guard for Clenching Teeth at Night, Night Guards for Teeth Grinding with 12 Cleaning Tablets
  • Mouthguard with Safe Material : Made with BPA-free, Latex-free, and Phthalates free premium grade EVA material, our night mouth guards for teeth...
  • Tailored Fit, Moldable Mouth guard for sleeping : DABIDA mouth guard for clenching teeth at night is designed to fit mouths of all sizes. This package...
  • Excellent Comfort & Protection : This customized teeth grinding mouth guard for sleep provides you with optimal comfort. The soft yet tear-resistant...
  • Convenient & Hygienic Cleaning Tablets : DABIDA Mouth guard for grinding teeth at night come with 12 cleaning tablets. You can easily clean your night...
  • Easy-to-follow instruction on how to use the mouthguards for grinding of teeth is included. Read the instruction carefully before molding the sleep...
SaleRanked No. 9
DenTek Comfort Fit Dental Guard Kit, 1 Count
  • DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guards are ready-to-wear with a slim, secure fit on the lower teeth to provide the same level of protection as a full...
  • BPA and latex free, and ready-to-use straight out of the box – no boiling required
  • DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guards will give you 6 months of protection from the date of purchase Proof of purchase required, see details inside package
  • Help to prevent conditions caused by teeth grinding (bruxism) including jaw discomfort, tooth chipping and cracking, and headaches
  • Contains 1 box of DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guards, 2 count and 1 antimicrobial storage case
Ranked No. 10
Oral-B Nighttime Dental Guard, Less Than 3-Minutes for Custom Teeth Grinding Protection with Scope Mint Flavor, Standard
  • Cost-effective, FDA-audited, USA-made Dental Guard.
  • Economical alternative to dentist-office custom guards ($300-$500)
  • Quick 3-minute custom fitting at home using a microwave
  • Ideal for bruxism sufferers to reduce tooth damage and grinding noise
  • Infused with Original Scope Mint Flavor for a great taste.
  • BPA-free and Latex-free material
  • Prevents upper and lower teeth contact, even if not extending to rear teeth
  • Complete satisfaction with QR code for easy setup and returns
  • Includes: Guard, Impression Tray, and convenient Storage Case
Ranked No. 11
Visismile Mouth Guard for Clenching Teeth at Night, Dental Night Guards for Teeth Grinding, Professional Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth, Stops Bruxism, 2 Sizes Pack of 4 with Hygiene Case
  • SAFE AND HIGH QUALITY: The Visismile Mouth Guard is made of safety approved and food grade material for safe and reliable use, BPA, latex and...
  • COMFORTABLE FOR DAILY USE: This Professional Dental Night Guard designed to be flexible, easily molded and remolded to accommodate the shape of your...
  • PERFECT FIT FOR YOU: The moldable mouthguards come in 2 different sizes of premium design. Made of moldable material, confidential dental guards...
  • 4-IN-1 DENTAL GUARD:The Anti Grinding mouthguards designed for multipurpose, can be used for mid-to-moderate teeth grinding, teeth whitening tray,...
  • CUSTOMER-CENTRIC SERVICE: It is proud to provide you with the best dental guard. If you are not satisfied with your dental guards or have trouble...
SaleRanked No. 12
DenTek Ultimate Guard for Nighttime Teeth Grinding
  • DenTek Ultimate Guard fits the front and back teeth and comes with a SmartFit Tray to help provide a dentist-quality fit like a full coverage guard
  • BPA free, made in the USA, and quickly customizable in 3 easy steps (read all instructions and watch the full video before fitting)
  • DenTek Ultimate Dental Guard will give you 6 months of protection from the date of purchase Proof of purchase required, see details inside package
  • Helps to prevent conditions caused by teeth grinding (bruxism) including jaw discomfort, tooth chipping and cracking, and headaches. Note: Indicated...
  • DenTek is the #1 OTC dental guard brand for nighttime teeth grinding Source: IRI Data Total Units Sold Ending 09.06.20 Multi-Outlet + Convenience...
  • Contains 1 box, DenTek Ultimate Dental Guard, 1 count, 1 SmartFit Tray and 1 storage case (case may vary)
  • FSA- and HSA-eligible product in the U.S.
Ranked No. 13
Mouth Guard for Clenching Teeth at Night Upgraded Night Guards for Teeth Grinding Professional Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth Stops Bruxism and Teeth Clenching 2 Sizes with Hygiene Case (4 Piece Set)
  • Premium Mouth Guard Material: This mouthguard is made of premium food-grade ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) material ensures safe and reliable use,...
  • Perfect Moldable Custom Fit: This Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth includes 4 mouth guards; 2 different sizes of supreme quality and design. Whether you...
  • Comfortable To Use: This Mouth Guard for Clenching Teeth at Night Constructed of a moldable material, Confidential dental guards custom fits to...
  • Protect Your Teeth Day And Night: This Night Guards for Teeth Grinding protects your sleep and provides comprehensive protection while ensuring the...
  • Customer first service: If you have any questions or concerns about your order, contact us at any time. Our staff is here to help. We offer a 30 days...
Ranked No. 14
SweetGuards - Custom Dental Night Guard,Durable Mouth Guard for Bruxism,Teeth Grinding & Clenching,Relieve Soreness in Jaw Muscles - Lower Guard (Soft-2mm) - One(1) Guard
SaleRanked No. 15
Dental Guard SMARTGUARD ELITE (2 Guards 1 Travel case) Front tooth Custom Anti Teeth Grinding Night Guard for Clenching - Dentist Designed - Bruxing Splint Mouth Protector For Relief of Symptoms
  • + DESIGNED TO LAST: We GUARANTEE you will not grind through this highly effective dental guard for 3 years. The unique design of this dental guard...
  • + MOST EFFECTIVE DENTAL GUARD FOR BRUXISM RELIEF: Designed by Dr. Spainhower to reduce nighttime clenching pains.
  • + BEST VALUE DENTAL PROTECTOR: Contains Two (2) Guards and 1 Storage Case! Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • + MAXIMUM NIGHT TIME TEETH PROTECTION: Protect your teeth with a mouth guard for grinding and clenching with a guard designed to relieve symptoms of...
  • + COMFORT AND FIT: This night guard is designed to adapt to any arch shape and size. The easy molding instructions will help you get a custom,...

Why Invest in a Quality Night Guards

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of choosing the best Night Guards, it’s essential to understand why investing in a quality product is crucial. A well-crafted Night Guards not only enhances your experience but also ensures longevity and value for your money. Here are a few reasons why you should prioritize quality over cost:

  • Durability: A high-quality Night Guards is built to last, saving you from the hassle and expense of frequent replacements.
  • Performance: Premium Night Guards often boast superior performance, delivering better results and ensuring a more satisfying experience.
  • Safety: Reputable brands prioritize safety standards, ensuring that their Night Guards meet all necessary regulations and protect you from potential hazards.
  • Warranty and Customer Support: Top-tier manufacturers typically offer comprehensive warranties and reliable customer support, giving you peace of mind in case of any issues.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Night Guards

With the importance of quality established, let’s delve into the key factors you should consider when selecting the best Night Guards for your needs.

  1. Brand Reputation
    Brand reputation is a crucial aspect to consider when shopping for a Night Guards. Established brands with a proven track record of producing high-quality products are generally more reliable and trustworthy. Research brands thoroughly, read customer reviews, and gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision.
  2. Product Features
    Different Night Guards come with varying features and functionalities. Determine your specific needs and priorities, and choose a product that aligns with them. Consider factors such as size, weight, material, ease of use, and any additional features that may enhance your experience.
  3. Performance and Specifications
    Closely examine the performance and specifications of the Night Guards you’re considering. Pay attention to details like speed, capacity, efficiency, and compatibility to ensure the product meets your expectations and can handle your intended use.
  4. Price and Value
    While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that quality often comes with a higher price tag. Strike a balance between cost and value by considering the long-term benefits and potential savings of investing in a premium Night Guards.
  5. Customer Reviews and Ratings
    One of the best ways to gauge a product’s performance and reliability is to read customer reviews and ratings. Scour reputable online platforms and forums to gain insights from real-world users. Pay attention to both positive and negative feedback to get a well-rounded understanding of the product.
  6. Warranty and Customer Support
    A robust warranty and reliable customer support are essential factors to consider. Reputable manufacturers typically offer comprehensive warranties and responsive customer service, providing peace of mind and ensuring you’re covered in case of any issues or defects.

Tips for Making the Best Purchase

Now that you’re armed with the necessary knowledge, here are some additional tips to help you make the best purchase:

  • Set a Budget: Determine your budget beforehand and stick to it. This will help you narrow down your options and avoid overspending.
  • Do Your Research: Thoroughly research the Night Guards you’re interested in. Read reviews, watch videos, and gather as much information as possible from reliable sources.
  • Compare Options: Once you’ve shortlisted a few potential Night Guards, compare their features, specifications, and prices side-by-side to make an informed decision.
  • Consider Future Needs: While it’s essential to address your current needs, also consider your future requirements. Choose a Night Guards that can adapt and grow with your evolving needs.
  • Buy from Reputable Sellers: Purchase your Night Guards from reputable sellers or directly from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity and access to warranty and customer support.
  • Take Advantage of Promotions and Discounts: Keep an eye out for sales, promotions, or discounts that can help you save money while still getting a quality Night Guards.

By following this comprehensive buying guide and considering the factors outlined, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the Night Guards market and make a purchase that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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