Best Raisins 2023

Raisins are a beloved snack around the world. Their sweet flavor and chewy texture make them an ideal addition to many dishes, from breakfast cereals to salads, baked goods, and more. With so many types of raisins available, it can be tricky to know which ones to choose for your needs. This buying guide will walk you through everything you need to know to select the best raisins for cooking, snacking, and your health. We’ll cover factors like flavor, texture, nutritional value, and preparation needed.

First, we’ll give an overview of the different types of raisins and what makes each unique. Then, we’ll share tips on how to choose raisins based on your planned uses. Finally, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about raisin storage, preparation, and health benefits. Whether you enjoy raisins straight from the box or use them in your favorite recipes, this guide will help you become an expert raisin buyer. So read on for the complete lowdown on selecting, preparing, and savoring nature’s candy.

Tasty Nostalgia

Sun-Maid California Sun-Dried Raisins - 12 oz Sharing-Size Box - Dried Fruit Snack for Lunches, Snacks, and Natural Sweeteners

    If you’re looking to take a sweet stroll down memory lane, these Sun-Maid California Sun-Dried Raisins are guaranteed to deliver. Pop open the classic red box and enjoy the iconic scent of childhood. The bold, fruity flavor transports you back to simpler times, when a little box of raisins was a coveted treat.

    Don’t be fooled by the old-school packaging – these raisins deliver on quality. They’re naturally sweet with a tender, chewy texture. The raisins strike the perfect balance between juicy and dry. Their rich flavor surpasses any generic brand. It’s clear these raisins are made with care from sun-ripened grapes.

    Aside from the nostalgia factor, Sun-Maid raisins check all the boxes for a nutritious snack. They’re fat-free, cholesterol-free and packed with fiber. The serving size is generous, so they’ll tide you over between meals. They’re also vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher.

    Keep a stash of these iconic raisins on hand for snacking or adding to recipes. They’re great in trail mixes, salads, cereals, baked goods – anywhere you want a sweetness boost. With their amazing quality and taste, these raisins live up to their classic reputation.

    Plump Paradise

    Sun-Maid California Golden Raisins - 12 oz Sharing-Size Box - Dried Fruit Snack for Lunches, Snacks, and Natural Sweeteners

      When you pour Sun-Maid’s California Golden Raisins into your hand, prepare for a burst of sunshine. These plump golden beauties look as good as they taste. Each raisin is full of tangy-sweet flavor that pops in your mouth.

      Don’t let the bright color fool you – these golden raisins are still made with traditional sun-drying methods. The difference lies in the grape variety, which gives them their signature golden hue. Sun-Maid uses premium Thompson seedless grapes harvested at peak flavor.

      Bite into one of these tender raisins and you’ll taste the quality. They have an irresistible fruity taste and a pleasant chewiness. There’s zero bitterness or tough texture you get with inferior raisins. It’s clear Sun-Maid uses high standards to deliver amazing flavor and freshness.

      Sprinkle these vibrant raisins on yogurt, salads or oatmeal for a touch of sunshine. Their tangy sweetness enhances trail mixes and baked goods too. Keep them stocked for snacking – their grab-and-go size makes them perfect for packing in lunches or toting along in the car.

      Bulk Bargain Bliss

      Sun-Maid Organic California Sun-Dried Raisins - 32 oz Resealable Bag - Organic Dried Fruit Snack for Lunches, Snacks, and Natural Sweeteners

        Searching for an affordable way to keep your family healthy and happy? Pick up a bag of Sun-Maid Organic California Raisins and you’re set. This bulk bag is packed with two pounds of irresistibly sweet, chewy raisins. USDA certified organic and non-GMO, they’re about as wholesome as raisins get.

        Don’t let the budget price fool you – these raisins deliver premium quality. Harvested in sunny California, they’re plump and packed with old-fashioned flavor. Their taste and texture easily rival fancy gourmet raisins. Except Sun-Maid’s organic raisins cost a fraction of the price.

        These versatile raisins work great as mid-day snacks or sprinkled onto breakfasts. Mix them into trail mixes, salads, cereals, oats, yogurt and more. Your kids will devour them by the handful. Or put them to work in cookies, breads and muffins for natural sweetness.

        With this value sized bag, you can keep your family fueled with wholesome snacks without blowing the grocery budget. Satisfy their cravings while doing right by your wallet.

        Jumbo Raisin Joy

        FirstChoiceCandy Jumbo Seedless Raisins Great Snacks (Mix Golden & Black, 2 Pound)

        When you pour a handful of FirstChoiceCandy Jumbo Raisins, get ready for big snacking fun. These chubby raisins boast an extra-large size with mega flavor to match.

        Don’t let their jumbo proportions fool you – each raisin has an incredible soft, tender texture. And the taste makes your taste buds celebrate – bold, jammy sweetness with none of the dryness lesser raisins have. Every bite packs fruity flavor and juicy satisfaction.

        Mixing golden and dark raisins amps up the flavor even more. The golden raisins boast a tangy sweetness while the dark raisins are rich and almost winy. Together they create flavor magic.

        Drizzle these jumbo raisins on yogurt, fold them into muffins and quick breads, or toss them into salads. Keep them handy for snacking too – their grab-and-go box makes for perfect portable nutrition. However you enjoy them, these raisins bring jumbo satisfaction.

        Portable Wholesome Sweetness

        Sun-Maid Raisins, Seedless, 1 OZ, 6 CT (Pack of 2)

          When you’re on the go, you need snacks that can keep up. Reach for Sun-Maid’s portable raisin packs and you’ve got wholesome sweetness for any occasion. These handy resealable pouches hold six single-serve boxes – perfect for packing in lunches, stashing in the car, or taking along anywhere.

          Don’t let the cute size fool you – these raisins deliver full flavor. Each box holds a generous portion of tender, chewy raisins. Their taste is bold and satisfying, never dry or bland. Only the highest-quality raisins get Sun-Maid’s stamp of approval.

          Being USDA Organic, you can trust these raisins are grown without pesticides or funky stuff. And the cute boxes are portioned out for grab-and-go convenience. Kids will flip for the handy packs. Or keep them in your desk for an afternoon energy boost. Wherever life takes you, keep these raisins along for the ride.

          Sweet Snack Satisfaction

          Sun-Maid Vanilla Yogurt Coated Raisins - (6 Pack) 1 oz Snack-Size Box - Yogurt Covered Dried Fruit Snack for Lunches and Snacks

            Sun-Maid’s vanilla yogurt coated raisins offer a deliciously sweet snack that will satisfy your cravings. The creamy vanilla yogurt coating gives these California raisins a unique flavor that is not too sweet but still satisfying. What’s great is these are made with real fruit and have no artificial flavors or colors. The individual 1 oz snack packs are perfect for tossing in your bag to enjoy on-the-go or for kids’ lunchboxes.

            These yogurt raisins make for a nutritious snack that gives you a boost of energy. Since they contain iron, calcium, and vitamins, they can help fill gaps in your daily nutrition needs. If you are looking for a naturally sweet, guilt-free snack, try Sun-Maid’s vanilla yogurt coated raisins. You’ll love the tasty combo of plump, chewy raisins and creamy yogurt in every bite.

            Bulk Wholesome Raisins

            Dried Dark Raisins, 5 lb in Resealable Bag • Natural and Healthy Snack, Premium Quality

              Looking for high quality raisins in bulk? This 5 lb resealable bag of dark California raisins from We Got Nuts is a great choice. The bag allows you to buy a large quantity of these wholesome dried grapes while keeping them fresh. Pop open the bag and enjoy these naturally sweet raisins on their own as a snack at home, at work, or on the go. Or use them in recipes like oatmeal cookies, granola bars, salads, and more.

              Since these raisins contain iron and vitamins, they make for a nutrient-rich addition. They are also fat-free, sodium-free, and have no added sugars. You can feel good enjoying these preservative-free dark raisins knowing they are vegan, non-GMO, and grown in the USA. The thick, resealable bag ensures freshness and is convenient for storage. For an abundance of delicious, natural raisins, choose this bulk bag.

              Organic Raisins for Baking or Snacking

              Yupik Organic Thompson Raisins, 2.2 lb, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free

                Yupik’s 2.2 lb bag of organic Thompson raisins is perfect if you love snacking on raisins or use them frequently in recipes. These plump, dark raisins provide a nice chewy texture and rich flavor. They would be ideal mixed into a trail mix or sprinkled on yogurt or cereal. You could also add them to cookies, cakes, breads, or muffins to give a flavor and texture boost.

                Because these are USDA certified organic raisins, you can feel good about what goes into them. They are vegan and non-GMO as well. A highlight is that they come in a 2.2 lb bag, so you get a large quantity to keep stocked up. This also makes them very budget-friendly per ounce. For an abundance of organic raisins for all your baking, cooking, and snacking needs, grab Yupik’s 2.2 lb bag.

                No-Fuss Canister for Your Pantry

                Dole Raisin Seedless, 18 Ounce Canister

                  Dole’s seedless raisins in an 18 oz canister offer a convenient way to keep raisins stocked in your pantry. The canister protects the raisins to maintain freshness while also keeping them contained and organized. No more fumbling with bags; just pop open the lid and grab a handful of these sweet California raisins whenever a craving strikes. They have a delicious, fruity flavor and tender, chewy texture.

                  Since the canister is transparent, you can easily see your supply level. Dole raisins would be great for seasoning oatmeal, adding to trail mix, or using in baked goods. The seedless variety means you avoid biting into tough seeds. For premium raisins in a no-fuss canister, choose Dole. The ample 18 oz size means this canister will last and provide plenty of snacks.

                  Budget-Friendly Organic Raisins

                  365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Thompson Raisins, 8 Ounce

                    Get high quality organic raisins for a wallet-friendly price with 365’s 8 oz bag. These organic Thompson raisins provide the same delicious flavor you expect from raisins in an affordable organic option. The raisins have a nice chewy texture and rich sweetness from being sun-dried grapes. You can add them to oatmeal, yogurt, breads, muffins, cookies and more to give a flavor and nutrition boost. Or enjoy them straight out of the bag for a convenient, satisfying snack.

                    Since they are USDA certified organic, you can have confidence in the quality. They are also vegan and non-GMO. At just $0.59 per ounce, these organic raisins are a great value. The 8 oz resealable bag gives you a usable quantity while maintaining freshness between uses. For budget-friendly pricing on organic raisins, turn to 365’s quality bag.

                    Raisins Buying Guide

                    When buying raisins, you’ll first want to decide which variety you need.

                    Here’s an overview of the most common types of raisins:

                    Sun-Dried Raisins

                    The most basic raisins are made by simply sun-drying grapes. Sun-dried raisins include both dark raisins and golden raisins. Dark raisins are sun-dried from red and black grapes, giving them a rich, sweet flavor and chewy texture. Golden raisins come from green grapes and have a lighter taste and tender bite. Both make great snacks and baking additions.

                    Seedless Raisins

                    Seedless raisins are made from grape varieties that lack seeds. Popular seedless options include Thompson raisins, which are small and tart, and flame raisins, which are larger and sweeter. Seedless raisins offer a uniform texture for cooking and snacking.


                    Sultanas are a larger, softer type of golden raisin made from a specific oval-shaped grape. They have a fruity, honey-like flavor and are ideal for eating raw or adding to sweets.


                    Not to be confused with the fresh berry, currants are tiny raisins made from small grape varieties like Black Corinth. Their petite size makes them perfect for mixing into baked goods like scones, biscuits, and muffins.


                    Muscatels are large, plump raisins made from Muscat grapes. They have a distinctive spicy, perfumed taste and smooth, juicy texture when eaten raw. Their flavor makes them a nice addition to salads, cheeses, and chicken dishes.

                    Monukka Raisins

                    Monukka raisins, also called Smyrna raisins, come from a seedless grape variety originally from Turkey. These large golden raisins have a mellow flavor and wrinkled surface that gives a visual pop. Their texture becomes extra soft and sticky when cooked.

                    Other Dried Grape Varieties

                    There are many other less common dried grape varieties to try, like vegetarian-friendly Fiesta raisins and tangy, dark Zante currants. Ask your grocer what’s in stock for a unique taste treat.

                    When selecting any type of raisin, look for packages without signs of moisture or stickiness, which can indicate spoilage. Choose plump, wrinkled raisins over hard, shriveled ones for better flavor and texture. Store opened raisins in an airtight container in a cool, dry spot to prevent moisture buildup.

                    How to Choose Raisins for Different Uses

                    The type of raisins you buy depends largely on how you plan to use them. Here are some tips for choosing the right variety:

                    • For snacking, pick plump, juicy sultanas or mild Monukka raisins to enjoy the flavor and texture.
                    • In baked goods like cookies, cakes, scones, and breads, stick with sun-dried raisins or golden raisins for classic flavor and affordability.
                    • For muffins and biscuits, add currants to give bursts of tartness with each bite.
                    • Mix muscatels or Monukka raisins into salads, cheeses, and savory dishes to add a touch of sweetness.
                    • For meat glazes and savory sauces, go with smaller currants or Thompson raisins to balance the other flavors.
                    • Use sticky, ultra-soft Monukka raisins or sultanas in cooked cereal, oatmeal, and hot cereals.
                    • Add zante currants or fiesta raisins to trail mixes and granola for diversity of flavor and texture.

                    Keep in mind that most raisins can be eaten raw or cooked, so choose based on the key qualities you want like size, chewiness, or sweetness intensity. Try various kinds until you find your favorites for snacking and recipes.

                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    Confused about a few aspects of buying and using raisins? Here are answers to some common questions:

                    Are raisins a healthy snack?

                    Yes, raisins are a nutritious food. As dried grapes, they contain antioxidants like resveratrol, vitamin B6, iron, and potassium. Their fiber and sweetness can curb cravings for less healthy snacks. Enjoy them in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

                    How long do raisins last?

                    Properly stored, raisins can last up to a year in the pantry. Seal opened packages in an airtight container and keep in a cool, dry spot away from moisture and heat. Refrigeration can extend their shelf life further.

                    Do you need to soak raisins before baking?

                    Presoaking raisins in warm water for 10-15 minutes can rehydrate them before adding to dough or batter, creating a plumper texture when baked. But this step is optional. Simply chopping raisins exposes more surface area to absorb moisture as batters mix.

                    Are raisins and sultanas the same thing?

                    No, sultanas are a specific type of larger, softer golden raisin. Raisins is a broad term for all dried grapes. While sultanas are technically one variety of raisin, the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

                    Can you eat raisins raw or toast them?

                    Absolutely! Raisins are delicious eaten raw as a simple snack. You can also toast them in a dry skillet over medium-low heat for 1-2 minutes to enhance their flavor. Try tossing toasted raisins in salads, yogurt, or cereals.

                    What’s the best way to incorporate raisins in dishes?

                    Raisins shine in both sweet and savory recipes. Add them at the end of cooking oatmeal, cereal, or puddings to retain texture. Mix into cookie dough, breads, muffins, or cakes. For salads and savory foods, soak in hot liquid or alcohol first to plump, then drain and stir in.


                    With so many tasty options, raisins are a versatile dried fruit to always keep on hand. Follow this guide when shopping to select the variety that best suits your planned uses, whether snacking, baking, cooking, or more. Store raisins properly to enjoy their flavor and nutrition for months. And explore different types like muscatels, currants, and sultanas for a change of pace from standard golden and sun-dried raisins. With the right raisins chosen fresh, your dishes and health will reap the benefits of these concentrated bundles of grapey sweetness.


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