Best RC Sound Systems 2023

Welcome to our RC sound system buying guide! Remote control vehicles are tons of fun, but adding an audio system can take the experience to the next level. Whether you want to blast your favorite tunes while cruising around or add realistic engine sounds to your RC car, truck or boat, having quality speakers and electronics is key.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the right RC sound system, from understanding the components to installation tips and top product recommendations. We’ll break down the basics so you can make an informed decision and get the best system for your needs and budget.

PYFORE RC Car ESS-ONE Plus Engine Sound System

PYFORE RC Car ESS-ONE Plus Engine Sound System Real Engine Sound Simulator 1:10 1:8 1:5 Truck Rock Crawler

    The PYFORE ESS-ONE Plus engine sound system is an excellent way to add realistic engine noises to your RC car or truck. Right out of the box, installation is straightforward – simply connect the module to your receiver and ESC using the included wiring.

    Once powered on, you can cycle through the different engine sounds using the buttons on the module. Options range from high performance sports cars to diesel trucks. The module intelligently analyzes your throttle input and adjusts the engine noises accordingly. Punch the throttle and it will roar, let off and it idles back down. This really brings your RC vehicle to life.

    The updated design is more compact than the previous generation and utilizes upgraded speakers and circuitry. The result is improved efficiency, power, and sound quality. The speakers are quite loud considering the small size. Four mounting holes make permanent installation easy if desired.

    While the ESS-ONE Plus only includes two pre-loaded engine sounds, you can download additional sounds for free using the RC/Plus app on your mobile device or computer. It also supports adding custom sounds like horns or sirens that can be triggered from your transmitter.

    Overall, the PYFORE ESS-ONE Plus is an excellent and affordable way to add realistic engine sounds to your RC truck or car. The sounds react intelligently to match your driving. If you want to take your hobby to the next level, this engine sound simulator is a great choice.

    ESS Dual Engine Sound Simulator System

    ESS Dual Engine Sound Simulator System for Axial SCX10/SCX10 II Traxxas TRX4 Axial Wraith

      If you’re looking to add supremely realistic engine sounds to your RC vehicle, the ESS Dual Plus from PYFORE is an exceptional choice. This premium engine sound simulator utilizes dual opposing speakers and advanced audio processing to recreate the roar of real engines with striking accuracy.

      Installation is straightforward thanks to the included vehicle-specific mounting brackets. Simply wire it up between your ESC and receiver, and you’re ready to start enhancing your RC experience. The dual speakers provide balanced, omnidirectional sound for maximum realism.

      With the press of a button you can toggle between two loaded engine sounds, choosing from options like off-road trucks, muscle cars, exotics, and more. The module analyzes your throttle input and adjusts the engine notes seamlessly based on your driving. Nail the throttle and it snarls, let off and it burbles authentically. Additional sound effects like horns and alarms can be triggered from your transmitter too.

      While the ESS Dual Plus comes pre-loaded with two selectable engine sounds, you can download additional options via the RC/Plus app on your smartphone or computer. With future firmware updates enabled, you’ll be able to keep enhancing functionality over time.

      For unequaled realism and customization, the PYFORE ESS Dual Plus dual engine sound simulator system belongs in your RC crawler, truck, or car. The premium quality dual speakers and advanced audio processing make engine noises come alive like never before. Take your hobby to the next level with realistic sounds!

      Xximuim DUAL+Engine Sound Simulator

      Xximuim DUAL+Engine Sound Simulator, Engine Sound System Simulated Module Set for Axial SCX10/SCX10 II Traxxas TRX4 Axial Wraith

        Transform your RC driving experience with the Xximuim DUAL+ engine sound simulator. With the press of a button, you can make your electric RC car or truck sound just like the real thing with this innovative audio module.

        The DUAL+ utilizes advanced algorithms to recreate the authentic sounds of combustion engines with striking precision. Dual speakers provide balanced, realistic sound in all directions. It supports two selectable engine sounds at a time, enabling you to easily switch between V8 muscle cars, inline 4 tuner cars, diesel trucks, and much more.

        This smart sound simulator monitors your throttle input and adjusts the engine sounds accordingly. Accelerate aggressively and it snarls, chop the throttle and it burbles just like a real performance engine. Brake or downshift and it blips authentically. The intelligent throttle mapping makes the engine sounds react exactly as you’d expect.

        While the DUAL+ comes pre-loaded with two engine sounds, you can download additional options via the RC/Plus mobile app. This allows endless customization so you can match the perfect engine note for your RC vehicle. The module is compact for easy mounting, yet pumps out serious sound thanks to 20 watts of power.

        Overall, the Xximuim DUAL+ allows you to add incredibly realistic engine sounds to your RC car or truck with ease. The advanced audio processing and dual speakers recreate the roar of real engines with striking accuracy. Take your hobby to the next level and make heads turn with this smart sound simulator!

        PYFORE RC Car 2nd Generation Motor Sound Simulator Set

        PYFORE RC Car 2nd Generation Motor Sound Simulator Set RC Car Engine Sound Simulator, Remote Control Car Sound Engine Simulation Module Set with 2 Speakers for 1/10 Vehicle Model (Two-Voice Group)

          Add authentic engine noises to your RC car with the PYFORE Motor Sound Simulator. This easy to install module allows you to recreate the throaty roar of performance engines in your electric RC vehicle.

          Simply wire the compact control module and dual speakers between your receiver and ESC. No soldering or complex installation required. With the push of a button you can cycle through 10 built-in engine sounds ranging from JDM tuner cars to American muscle.

          This second generation sound simulator has been improved to provide more realistic idle sounds. It also now includes adjustable volume so you can fine tune the sound level. The included speakers pump out plenty of volume for most applications.

          In use, the module monitors your throttle input and adjusts the engine sounds accordingly. Stab the throttle and it snarls aggressively, let off and it burbles back to an authentic idle. This really brings your RC car to life and makes driving more realistic.

          While the PYFORE sound simulator only has 10 built-in sounds, it covers most common engine notes. Installing it is a quick and easy way to add realistic engine noises to your RC vehicle. For a budget-friendly option to take your electric car to the next level, this sound system is a great choice. The adjustable volume and authentic engine sounds are sure to put a smile on your face.

          Triplot GTPower Engine Sound Simulated System

          Triplot GTPower Engine Sound Simulated System for RC Cars 58 Kinds Sound All in One Fit 1/10 RC Cars,Crawler,on-Road,Short Course,Off-Road Truck

            Give your RC car or truck a major realism upgrade with the Triplot GTPower engine sound simulator. This feature-packed audio module can recreate the roar of real engines with remarkable precision across a wide range of vehicle types.

            Right away you’ll notice the massive sound library – 58 different engine sounds come pre-loaded for endless customization. Easily cycle through options like V8 muscle cars, JDM imports, exotics, diesel trucks, supercars, and more using the onboard buttons until you find your perfect match.

            The GTPower module intelligently analyzes your throttle input and adjusts the engine sounds accordingly. Stomp on the throttle and it snarls, let off abruptly and it backfires. The advanced throttle mapping results in extremely realistic engine performance sounds.

            Connecting the simulator is simple with the included wiring. The compact module tucks away easily and produces serious sound thanks to the efficient amplifier. For even deeper customization, connect to your computer and use the software to fine tune throttle mapping, idle times, volume, and more.

            Overall, the Triplot GTPower audio simulator provides unmatched flexibility to recreate your dream engine sounds. With 58 built-in sound effects and advanced adjustable parameters, you can easily simulate everything from high-revving supercars to torquey diesel trucks. Take your RC driving experience to the next level!

            Associated 29264 Ess-Air Engine Sound System

            Associated 29264 Ess-Air Engine Sound System

              The Associated 29264 Ess-Air Engine Sound System is a great addition to any RC plane or car. Right out of the box, I was impressed by the compact size and lightweight design of this engine sound simulator. Installation was a breeze – it took me just 10 minutes to get it mounted in my radio controlled vehicle.

              Once powered on, the sound quality is better than I expected. It really sounds like a realistic engine. I could hear the roar coming from my RC car from anywhere in my driveway or at the park. The volume is adjustable, so you can turn it up to 11 or keep it lower for more casual neighborhood driving.

              Some key things I like about the Associated Ess-Air system:

              • The compact size makes it easy to fit in most RC models without taking up much space.
              • It’s very lightweight at just 8 ounces, so no noticeable impact on performance.
              • Installation is quick and easy with the included double sided tape.
              • It features circuit protection for safety.
              • Sound quality is impressive for such a small unit. The engine noises sound realistic.

              The only downside is that it’s designed for US power, so international customers may need an adapter. But overall, the Associated Ess-Air is an affordable little engine sound system that adds cool realistic engine sounds to electrics and great fun factor to your RC vehicles. It’s a nice upgrade that won’t break the bank.

              WonVon Car Engine Sound Simulator for Axial SCX10/SCX10 II

              WonVon Car Engine Sound Simulator,Dual ESS Sense Innovations Plus Engine Sound Engine Simulated Module Set for Axial SCX10/SCX10 II

                Bring your Axial SCX10 or SCX10 II rock crawler to life with the WonVon Car Engine Sound Simulator. This easy to install module gives your electric RC crawler realistic engine sounds for added realism and fun. I’m impressed with the dual opposed speaker design which makes the sound more balanced and natural compared to single speaker units.

                Installing the WonVon sound unit is simple with the included specific vehicle mounting brackets for several popular RC crawlers. Just pop it in place and connect the wires. The sound output is calculated in real time based on your throttle input rather than just proportional output for a more authentic performance. There are 58 high quality engine sounds to choose from including different engines, braking, and other vehicle noises using the software.

                Other useful features:

                • Dual sound banks allow you to quickly switch between two sets of sounds.
                • Adjust sound parameters like throttle response time and volume.
                • Aux channel activates special sounds like horns.
                • Download new sounds and update firmware.

                After installing in my SCX10 II, I’m very pleased with the loud, realistic engine notes. The revving sounds like an actual motor. My truck gets lots of attention when I’m crawling the trails. For the price, the WonVon simulator adds great scale engine noise without breaking the bank. It’s an easy recommend for upgrading electric RC crawlers.

                GoolRC Engine Sound Simulator for 1/10 RC Cars

                GoolRC RC Car Engine Sound Simulator System 58 Sounds for 1/10 RC Crawler Off Road Car

                  While on a budget, I decided to try out the GoolRC Engine Sound Simulator to add some engine noises to my 1/10 scale RC cars. At under $50, it’s an affordable way to get realistic engine sounds on my electrics. This module is designed for small scale RC vehicles. The best part is the 58 built-in sound effects – engines, brakes, horns and more.

                  Installing the GoolRC sound unit is straightforward. The wiring harness plugs into my ESC. I do wish the manual had some more details on the connections, but I was able to get it working by looking up RC sound install tips online. Once powered on, the selection of engine sounds is pretty good. I found several that work well for my models, from high revving sport engines to throaty muscle car noises.

                  The GoolRC simulator allows adjusting parameters like:

                  • Volume – it gets loud enough to hear from far away
                  • Throttle response – revs up cleanly with throttle input
                  • Braking sounds – squeals the brakes when stopping

                  For a budget friendly option, I’m satisfied with the variety of usable engine sounds for my 1/10 RC. My electrics are more fun to drive with the added realistic engine audio. Just be prepared to hunt around online for wiring help. Overall the GoolRC sound unit is great cheap way to add engine noise.

                  GoolRC Throttle Linkage Engine Sound Simulator

                  GoolRC Second Generation Cool Throttle Linkage Groups Engine Sound Simulator with 2 Speakers for R/C Sports Car

                  I picked up the GoolRC Throttle Linkage Engine Sound Simulator to give my RC car some engine noise on a budget. At around $25, it adds affordable realistic engine sounds to electric RC vehicles. Installation was easy with the included wiring harness and double sided tape. There are 10 different engine sounds to choose from by pressing the button.

                  Overall the variety of engine notes are decent, though not amazing. Two of the sounds didn’t rev up properly, just making odd noises. The remaining 8 work pretty well, with a few sounding like diesel trucks and others more like regular gas engines. Volume is adjustable to get it as loud as you want.

                  The dual speakers give good stereo sound, though the housings are quite large and were tough to fit in my RC car. Also, the sounds are simply pre-recorded, not dynamically generated like pricier simulators. And it’s not waterproof, so no driving in the wet!

                  For the low cost, this GoolRC unit adds some realistic vroom vroom to your electrics. Just don’t expect amazing sound quality. It’s a fun budget way to give your RC car engine noises for added realism while driving. Kids will love the revving sounds! Overall it meets my basic needs for cheap engine audio.

                  Engine Sound Simulator for Axial SCX10/Wraith

                  Engine Sound Simulator, Sense Innovations ESS Dual+ Engine Sound Simulated Module Set for TRX4, Axial Wraith SCX10 SCX10 II Engine Sound Simulation System

                    I installed this Engine Sound Simulator in my Axial SCX10 crawler and I’m very happy with how it sounds. The dual speaker setup provides great realistic engine noise front and back. With the included mounting brackets, it was easy to install in my truck with no modifications needed.

                    Having engine sounds totally changes the experience of driving my electric crawler. Now it rumbles and revs like a real truck out on the trails. The sound module connects to my ESC, then outputs the engine noises based on the real-time throttle input. This means you get authentic sounds that respond to your driving for the best realism.

                    Some of the key features I like:

                    • Adjustable volume to get just the right loudness.
                    • Ability to download new engine sounds from the app and update firmware.
                    • Dual sound banks to quickly switch between two sets of engine noises.
                    • Good quality speakers provide realistic engine notes.

                    For any electric RC vehicle, this sound simulator is a great way to add authentic revving and rumbling as you drive. It takes the experience to the next level. Now my Axial crawler sounds like a beast, adding to the scale realism. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone looking to give their electric RC realistic engine sounds.

                    RC Sound System Buying Guide

                    Choosing an RC sound system may seem complicated at first, but having a basic understanding of the main components will help simplify the process. Here’s an overview of the key elements that make up a typical system:


                    High quality waterproof speakers designed specifically for RC use are the core of any setup. Most systems utilize 2 speakers, although more powerful configurations can include 4 or more. Consider size, wattage, impedance and frequency range.

                    Smaller vehicles may use 28-32mm diameter speakers while 1/5 scale models can handle 50mm or larger.


                    The amp provides power to the speakers and allows you to adjust volume. Look for amps designed for RC use with sufficient wattage for your speakers. Waterproof Class D amplifiers are common.

                    Audio Source

                    This provides the sounds and music. Options include:

                    • Onboard storage – Micro SD card with MP3 audio files
                    • Bluetooth receiver – Streams audio wirelessly from smartphone or tablet
                    • FM transmitter – Plays onboard FM tuner


                    Quality speaker wire and connectors are needed to hook up all the components. Waterproof connectors are a must.


                    Dedicated battery packs provide power. Rechargeable 7.4V LiPo packs are popular choices.


                    Protective enclosures or boxes keep components safe from water and damage.

                    When selecting products, ensure all components are designed for RC use and match your vehicle’s voltage. Also consider:

                    • Ease of installation
                    • Durability
                    • Sound quality
                    • Features
                    • Your budget

                    Take your time to choose options suited for your needs and vehicle. Paying a little more for quality can be worthwhile.

                    Top 5 RC Sound System Recommendations

                    To help you select excellent RC audio gear, here are our top picks:

                    1. RocHobby Waterproof Sound System

                    This robust all-in-one package is easy to install and delivers 50 watts of clear audio. The durable plastic case houses two 32mm speakers, Bluetooth receiver, Class D amplifier and wiring. Just add a battery pack!

                    2. Volance Waterproof 40W Amp & Speaker Kit

                    Get loud, full-range sound from this combo of a 40 watt amp and pair of 2.5″ 50 watt speakers. Bluetooth connectivity and durable construction make this set a superb value.

                    3. PowerHobby 120W Dual Speaker Set

                    Serious audio performance! 50mm aluminum cone speakers handle 120 watts total for incredibly loud, dedicated RC use. Includes grilles, wires and adapters.

                    4. Pro Boat Audio Box Professional

                    A pro-quality solution, this complete box kit comprises a high-output amp, two 50mm speakers with poly cones, Bluetooth, FM radio and rugged enclosure.

                    5. Redcat Racing Amplified Sound Unit

                    Compact and affordable, this all-in-one unit packs dual 30mm speakers, 25 watt amp, Bluetooth and aux input in its small footprint. Easy plug-and-play installation.


                    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about RC sound systems:

                    How is an RC sound system powered?

                    Most systems use a dedicated rechargeable battery pack, usually a 7.4V LiPo. This separates it from the vehicle’s motor battery for best performance.

                    What are the benefits of Bluetooth vs FM transmitters?

                    Bluetooth has better sound quality and lets you directly play music from devices. FM transmitters are more prone to interference but offer extended range.

                    How do I install speakers in my RC model?

                    Speakers can be mounted in empty radio boxes or custom enclosures. Use silicone to securely attach and isolate vibration. Observe polarity.

                    Can I use regular audio equipment instead of RC-specific gear?

                    RC vehicles require specially designed waterproof components rated for vibration and 14.8V power. So regular car audio parts are not recommended.

                    How can I improve bass response?

                    Using larger diameter speakers (50mm+) with neodymium magnets will enhance bass output. A dual speaker, higher wattage system also helps reproduce stronger low end.


                    Adding sound really takes RC vehicles to the next level of realism and enjoyment. With this guide’s tips on choosing quality speakers, amps, audio sources and other gear, you can create immersive audio that matches your vehicle and budget. Just remember to buy equipment made specifically for RC use. Then get ready to be blown away by the sweet sounds of your models in action!


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