Best Silk Fabric Glue 2023

Silk is a delicate and luxurious fabric that can be tricky to work with. Using the right adhesive is key to creating beautiful silk crafts and clothing without damaging the fabric. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best silk fabric glues to use for various silk project needs. We’ll provide tips on choosing the proper formulation, applying glues cleanly, and recommend top products for silk fabric, ribbons, and more. Read on to learn everything you need to know to choose the ideal silk fabric glue for flawless results.

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive

Aleene's 23473 Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive ,Clear,4oz

    Looking for a flexible and permanent fabric adhesive? Aleene’s Fabric Fusion is a great option. This clear fabric glue creates a strong yet flexible bond between fabrics and embellishments like sequins, beads, and trims.

    One of the best things about Fabric Fusion is that it remains flexible after washing, so fabrics continue to move and drape naturally. Other fabric glues can become stiff and alter the feel of fabrics. This glue is also non-toxic and dries clear for an invisible bond.

    Application is easy with the leak-resistant bottle. Simply apply sparingly to both surfaces and press together. Allow 24 hours to fully cure. Gentle soap and water can remove any wet adhesive. Once dry, the bond is permanent and machine washable.

    Over 17,000 Amazon reviewers give Fabric Fusion 4.2 out of 5 stars. They say it’s perfect for hemming pants and skirts, attaching appliques and patches, and embellishing garments. Some reviewers do warn that too much glue creates stiffness. But overall, it’s regarded as a top fabric glue for crafters and clothing alterations.

    If you need a versatile glue for fabrics and embellishments, Aleene’s Fabric Fusion is a top choice. The flexible bond and washable formula make it easy to use for clothing, crafts, and home decor projects.<file-attachment-contents filename=”paste-2.txt”>

    Gorilla Waterproof Fabric Glue

    Gorilla Waterproof Fabric Glue 2.5 Ounce Tube, Clear, (Pack of 1)

      For a heavy duty waterproof fabric glue, check out Gorilla Waterproof Fabric Glue. This adhesive creates a permanent yet flexible bond on heavy fabrics like canvas, denim, and leather.

      The clear Gorilla glue formula is designed to be fully waterproof for using fabrics outdoors or on items exposed to washing. It also remains flexible when dry rather than becoming stiff like some fabric glues.

      Customers praise the strong bond and the convenience of not needing to sew projects. It works well for patches, hems, and embellishments. Some users do complain about the open nozzle causing messes, so it helps to wipe it promptly after each use.

      With over 5,000 reviews, Gorilla Fabric Glue earns a 4.5 star average rating on Amazon. People comment that it’s extremely effective for heavy denim and holds up well through washing. Just apply sparingly and allow 24 hours curing time.

      If you need to glue together heavy fabrics or require a waterproof, flexible bond, Gorilla Waterproof Fabric Glue is a great choice. It creates a durable connection for outdoor usage and washing while maintaining a natural fabric feel.<file-attachment-contents filename=”paste-3.txt”>

      Aleene’s Fabric Fusion 3 Pack

      Aleene's Fabric Fusion Glue, 3-Pack

        The Aleene’s Fabric Fusion 3 Pack is a top choice for convenient and affordable fabric glue. Each 0.66 ounce bottle provides portable adhesive for your bag or craft stash.

        This Aleene’s clear fabric glue creates flexible, permanent bonds between fabric, lace, leather, and other embellishments. It’s designed to remain pliable after washing so projects maintain a soft feel.

        The Fabric Fusion formula is non-toxic and dries clear. It works well for general fabric repair, hemming pants and skirts, attaching appliques, and adding trims or embellishments to clothing and crafts.

        This handy 3 pack averages 4.1 stars from over 1,600 Amazon reviews. Customers say it provides a strong bond for most fabric projects. Some note the small bottles don’t contain a ton of glue. But the portable size and budget-friendly price make this a convenient fabric glue option.

        For a versatile fabric adhesive in a take-along bottle, Aleene’s Fabric Fusion 3 Pack is a great value. Keep one handy in your craft bag or sewing kit for instant no-sew repairs and embellishing.<file-attachment-contents filename=”paste-4.txt”>

        Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive

        Aleene's Super Fabric Adhesive, Platinum Bond, Super-Strong, Ultra Flexible, Permanent, UV and Waterproof, 3 Pack, 1.5 fl oz - Clear

          Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive is an extra-strong glue designed for heavy fabrics and materials. The thick platinum formula creates a permanent yet flexible bond that’s even waterproof and UV resistant.

          This fabric glue is engineered to hold firmly on dense fabrics like canvas, denim, and leather. The clear adhesive dries pliable so projects maintain a natural feel. It also stands up to machine washing without losing adhesion.

          Amazon reviewers give Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive 4.4 out of 5 stars. They say it works very well for outdoor fabric repairs, heavy denim projects, and attaching patches that undergo frequent washing. Some note the bottle can be messy when applying.

          This industrial-strength fabric glue does contain some fumes during drying. Use in a well-ventilated area. Once fully cured, the bond is crystal clear, flexible, and built to last.

          For gluing and repairing heavyweight fabrics both indoors and out, Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive is a top choice. The thick consistency and waterproof grip provide reliable performance even on challenging materials.<file-attachment-contents filename=”paste-5.txt”>

          Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Fabric Adhesive

          Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, 8 Ounce Bottle - Premium Crafting & Fabric Glue

            Crafters love Beacon Fabri-Tac for its versatility and durability. This premium fabric glue creates incredibly strong yet flexible bonds on fabrics, wood, leather, and more.

            The thick Fabri-Tac formula applies smoothly and grabs quickly. It dries crystal clear without causing stains. The adhesive remains fully flexible when dry for comfortable wear and use.

            Amazon reviewers give Fabri-Tac a 4.8 out of 5 star overall rating. They say it’s extremely effective for adhering patches, appliques, and embellishments. It also works well for leather crafts, sealing fray-prone seams, and preventing unraveling on decorative trim.

            Some users caution that Fabri-Tac has a strong odor during drying. Use in well-ventilated crafting spaces. It also adheres well to skin, so avoid contact until fully cured. But the industrial-strength bond makes it a go-to for challenging materials.

            For versatile, heavy-duty adhesion, Beacon Fabri-Tac is a top choice. This high-performance fabric and craft glue creates durable bonds for sewing, leatherwork, wood crafts and more. The flexibility and washability also make it great for wearable art and fabric crafts.

            Aleene’s Fabric Glue

            Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle-Carded, TM-1, White

              Looking for a quick and easy way to repair torn fabric or hem clothing without sewing? Aleene’s Fabric Glue may be the perfect solution for you. This no-sew fabric glue claims to provide a strong yet flexible bond between fabrics.

              Simply apply a small amount of this washable glue along the edge of the fabric and press both sides together firmly. The clear adhesive is designed to dry quickly, allowing you to wear the repaired garment after just 3 minutes. Users mention this fabric fusion glue holds up well through washing without stiffening fabric.

              Some tips when using Aleene’s no-sew fabric glue – be sure to use sparingly as too much glue may soak through delicate material. It’s formulated for temporary hems and repairs, not permanent bonding. For best results, let it fully cure for 24 hours before washing garments. This can provide a quick fix for torn seams and holes until you have time for a more lasting repair.

              Overall, Aleene’s washable fabric glue offers a simple solution for minor clothing fixes and craft projects in a convenient 4oz squeeze bottle. Just don’t expect miracles with heavy canvas and delicate silks. For light to medium-weight cottons and knits, it can help extend the life of your favorite tees and jeans.

              Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Glue

              Aleene's Fusion Fabric Glue, 2 Fl Oz - 3 Pack, Clear

                If you’re looking for a multi-use fabric glue that creates flexible, permanent bonds, Aleene’s Fabric Fusion may be just what you need. This water-based adhesive promises strong adhesion between fabrics that lasts through washing.

                The clear glue applies smoothly and dries transparent on most fabric types. Reviewers mention Aleene’s Fusion glue works well for hemming, attaching appliques, and securing embellishments like beads and sequins. The fine applicator tip allows precise placement without dripping and stringing.

                While quite thin, Aleene’s fabric fusion is designed to remain flexible after drying so it doesn’t make fabrics stiff. Users say it holds up nicely when washed in cold water and dried on low heat. Just be sure to follow package directions and test on an inconspicuous area first.

                This wallet-friendly 3-pack offers 0.66oz trial-size bottles, perfect for toting in your purse or tackle box for on-the-go repairs. The slim pen applicator is also handy for crafts and clothing alterations requiring a bit more precision. For stronger bonding power on heavy fabrics, the larger 4oz bottle may be a better choice.

                Overall, Aleene’s clear fabric fusion glue can be a handy helper for quick clothing fixes and embellishing projects. Just remember – a little goes a long way.

                B7000 Fabric Glue

                B 7000 Fabric Glue with Precision Tips, Upgrade Industrial Strength Adhesive B-7000 Glue Clear for Jewelry Crafts DIY, Metal, Stone, Rhinestone Gems Gel, Glass, Fabric, Cell Phone Repair (50 ML)

                  Searching for an extra-strong glue for jewelry making, shoe repair, and other DIY projects? The Cruzix B7000 craft glue promises industrial-strength adhesion and flexibility for bonding most materials.

                  This transparent, waterproof formula is designed to glue metal, glass, plastic, rubber, leather, stone and more. The viscosity allows it to seep into porous surfaces for max holding power. An ultra-fine metal tip gives you better control for detailed work.

                  Users mention the B7000 adhesive glue works well for gluing rhinestones and replacing phone screens. The elasticity lets it stretch up to 900% without breaking. Reviewers say it maintains a nice medium-thin consistency for smooth spreading without clogging the needle tip.

                  Just note – full curing takes 24-48 hours. Avoid washing glued items before then. Some report noticeable fumes, so work in a ventilated area. The 50ml bottle provides a generous supply for multiple projects.

                  For heavy-duty adhesion on crafts and repairs requiring precision, Cruzix B7000 fabric and jewelry glue is an affordable option to consider. Just be patient and let cured pieces rest before wearing or regular use.

                  Tear Mender Fabric Glue

                  Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle-Carded, TM-1, White

                    Searching for a fast-acting fabric repair glue to fix ripped seams and holes in clothing? Tear Mender promises permanent bonds in minutes with no sewing required.

                    This flexible fabric adhesive glue goes on white but dries clear for an invisible mend. Just apply on torn edges, hold together for 60 seconds, then wear or wash normally after 15 minutes. The waterproof bond won’t yellow or bleed.

                    Users mention Tear Mender fabric glue works well on delicate fabrics like silk that can’t withstand stitching. It remains flexible when dry for comfortable wearing. The fine applicator tip allows precise application. Just beware – excess glue may leave visible residue on some fabrics.

                    While not a miracle worker on large tears or heavy canvas, the 2oz bottle provides enough Tear Mender adhesive for multiple hand-sewing projects and quick clothing fixes. It can also adhere leather, tarps, vinyl and more.

                    For fast and easy minor fabric repairs, Tear Mender no-sew glue offers a convenient solution to keep favorite garments in service longer. Just apply sparingly and allow proper curing time for best results.

                    Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Pen

                    Aleene's Fabric Glue Fabric Fusion Permanent Pen 0.34oz

                      Searching for a precision fabric glue pen for detail work on crafts and clothing? The Aleene’s Fabric Fusion applicator allows accurate adhesive placement in tight spots.

                      This washable urethane glue flows easily through the fine applicator tip. Users mention the Fusion pen works well for securing appliques, embellishments, and trims on fabric. Just apply sparingly and hold pieces firmly together until dry.

                      While not ideal for heavy mending, the portable 0.33oz pen provides Aleene’s fabric glue on the go for quick fixes and clothing alterations. The clear formula dries flexible and transparent. Reviewers recommend washing bonded items on gentle cycle before wearing to maximize hold.

                      With practice, the Aleene’s Fusion pen allows precise application for more professional results on DIY sewing projects and crafts. Just avoid thick coats which can bleed through delicate fabrics. Patience and proper curing helps this hand-sewing helper tackle detailed glue jobs the big bottles can’t.

                      Overall, the Aleene’s Fabric Fusion adhesive pen offers an affordable, portable solution for precise bonding on fabric crafts and minor clothing repairs.

                      Silk Fabric Glue Buying Guide

                      What to Look for in a Silk Fabric Glue

                      When selecting an adhesive for silk, you’ll want to consider:

                      • Flexibility – The glue should flex as the silk fabric moves without cracking or peeling. Flexible glue formulas are ideal.
                      • Fabric-safe – Many standard glues contain ingredients that can damage delicate silks. Seek out silk-safe, non-toxic formulas.
                      • Invisible finish – The best glues for silk have a transparent finish when dry. Clear drying glue won’t show through silk.
                      • Washable and dry cleanable – Choose a washable glue rated for dry cleaning so projects withstand cleaning.
                      • Acid-free – Acid-free adhesives won’t cause yellowing or deterioration over time.
                      • Fast-drying – Look for quick-drying formulas to avoid working time hassles.
                      • Precision applicator tip – Fine applicator tips allow you to apply glue cleanly and accurately.

                      Types of Silk Fabric Glue

                      There are a few main types of adhesive that work well for silk:

                      • Liquid glues – Thin for seamless silk work. Flexible when dry.
                      • Fabric glues – Designed not to bleed or leave residue on fabric.
                      • Craft glues – Multi-use for silk ribbons, applique, jewels, trims.
                      • Hemming adhesives – Specialty glues just for hems. Resist moisture.
                      • Fusible webbing – Iron-on web tape to fuse silk pieces together.
                      • Spray adhesives – Mess-free sprays for large surfaces and smooth bonding.

                      Glue Tips for Silk

                      Follow these guidelines when gluing silk fabrics and embellishments:

                      • Apply sparingly to avoid glue seepage, residue, or stiffness.
                      • Allow proper dry time specified on the product before moving or wearing silk.
                      • Test on silk scraps first if unsure how a glue will bond.
                      • For heavy silk pieces, consider hand-sewing as an alternative to glue.
                      • Store glue properly closed to maintain freshness between uses.

                      Top Silk Fabric Glues

                      Best Overall: Aleene’s Flexible Stretchable Fabric Glue

                      Aleene’s is the top choice for an all-purpose silk glue. It has a flexible formula perfect for preventing cracking, and the acid-free composition won’t damage delicate silks. The fine applicator tip ensures you can apply just the right amount of this clear-drying glue precisely where needed. It’s also rated for wash and dry clean use. Aleene’s bonds silk seamlessly without leaving any residue behind.

                      Best Instant-Bond: Gorilla Super Glue Gel

                      If you need to glue silk and have it hold immediately, Gorilla Super Glue Gel is the ticket. This high-performance adhesive will bond silk pieces in just 10-30 seconds. The non-run gel formula prevents drips on fabric. It dries clear and is washable. Be aware that Gorilla Super Glue forms a rigid, permanent bond, so it’s best for gluing small silk pieces or embellishments.

                      Best Washable: Dritz 401 Wash Away Wonder Tape

                      This clever washaway tape is perfect for temporarily holding silk pieces in place, like when working on a complex sewing project. Just stick the double-sided adhesive tape to silk fabric pieces to keep them aligned and stable. It will hold pieces together firmly but releases in water. When the silk sewing is complete, a wash will dissolve the tape. There’s no glue residue left behind on the silk.

                      Best Hemming: Dritz 3/8″ Perma Seam 2 Permanent Adhesive

                      Dritz Perma Seam 2 is engineered not to dry out or bleed through delicate fabrics. This fabric glue is specially designed for hemming and bonding linings. It creates a flexible seal along silk hem edges that won’t crack or separate over time. Perma Seam 2 is acid-free and safe for dry cleaning. The fine applicator and precision nozzle help control glue volume for clean silk hems.

                      Best Fabric Fuse: Pellon 805 Wonder-Under Adhesive Tape

                      This no-sew tape offers an alternative to fabric glue for many silk projects. Just apply the fusible web tape to the back of silk motifs or embellishments. When ironed, it bonds motifs permanently to silk clothing, accessories, quilts, etc. Pellon Wonder-Under is acid-free and washes without losing bond. Since there’s no liquid glue involved, there’s no mess or cleanup. It’s easy to cut and handle, too.

                      Best Spray: Dritz Spray Adhesive

                      Sprays are the neatest, easiest way to glue larger areas of silk fabric. Dritz Spray Adhesive provides a fine mist application and permanent, flexible bond between silk fabric layers. It allows precise positioning of pieces before the clear bond sets. This spray is acid-free and safe for dry cleaning finished items. It works well for applique, quilting, and crafts with silk. Strictly follow ventilated space directions when spraying.

                      Best Clear Dry: Beacon Fabri-Tac Clear Glue

                      This clear fabric glue dries transparent for invisible silk bonds. Fabri-Tac has a precision applicator and fine needlepoint nozzle. This allows tidy glue application just where needed on the silk. The formula is flexible when dry and rated acid-free and safe for silk. It can be washed after 24 hours drying. Fabri-Tac works well for gluing ribbons, applique shapes, and trims to silk projects or apparel.

                      Best Ribbon: Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue

                      Aleene’s Turbo Tacky is the top choice for adhesives to use with silk ribbons and trims. The thick formula prevents ribbon edges from fraying or curling. It dries flexible without cracking. This fabric glue was designed not to bleed through silks. The fine applicator nozzle gives you lots of control. Turbo Tacky works on other fabrics too and is sold in multiple sizes, great for big silk craft projects.

                      Best Non-Toxic: Lineco Neutral PH Adhesive

                      Lineco PH Neutral Adhesive is a lightweight glue perfect for delicate silk work. It has superior tack yet flows easily for smooth application. The neutral acid-free formula is designed for fabric safety. It will dry soft and flexible on silk. The bond withstands dry cleaning and washing. Being non-toxic is a major perk too. This is a smart non-damaging choice when gluing clothing silks or for wearable art.

                      Silk Fabric Glue FAQs

                      Is super glue bad for silk?

                      Standard super glues are not the best choice for silk. Cyanoacrylate glues like Super Glue Gel can bond silk instantly but result in a stiff, rigid hold. This risks tearing or damaging the flowing drape of silk fabric. Specialty fabric glues flex and move with the silk better. However, tiny touch-ups with super glue are okay if used sparingly.

                      What kind of glue is best for silk flowers?

                      Silk flowers look most realistic when shaped properly and have flexible petals and stems. Fabric glues like Aleene’s Flexible Fabric Glue work well for silk flower making and repair. Liquid silk glues bond cleanly while allowing flexibility of petals. Hot glue can also work for rigidity in flower centers and where flexibility is not needed.

                      Can you iron over silk glued pieces?

                      It’s best not to iron directly over glued silk pieces until the adhesive fully cures, usually 24-48 hours. Ironing too soon can soften glue bonds before they fully set or scorch silk. Once glue has fully dried, use a low silk setting without steam to lightly press fixed silk motifs or fabric pieces like hems. Avoid ironing ribbon glued to silk; pressing may flatten and distort the ribbon’s shape.

                      How do you hem silk without sewing?

                      The easiest way to hem silk without sewing is fusible hem tape. Apply narrow fusible web tape along the hem allowance on the wrong side of the silk. Fold up the hem, press with an iron to adhere the tape, and the hem is secured. Liquid fabric hemming glues like Dritz Perma Seam 2 also work well. Apply a thin line of hemming glue close to the silk’s cut edge, let dry slightly, then press down the hem allowance.

                      What glues work on polyester and silk?

                      Polyester and silk share some adhesive options since both are delicate fabrics. Good product choices include Aleene’s Flexible Fabric Glue, Beacon Fabri-Tac, and Dritz Spray Adhesive. These are flexible when dry, acid-free, and bond well to silk and polyester fibers. As always with gluing, test first on scraps to ensure the adhesive suits both fabric types. Washable glues are best for finished items that will be cleaned.


                      Gluing silk fabric takes the right adhesive products and techniques to prevent damage and create professional results. Use flexible silk-safe fabric glues designed to move with flowing drape and withstand washing or dry cleaning finished items. Allow thorough dry time before wearing or cleaning project pieces. With smart glue choices and care when applying, silk fabrics can be bonded beautifully. Refer to our top silk fabric glue recommendations here for flawless adhesives and results for your next silk project.


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