Best Smart Dog Collars 2023

A smart dog collar is a useful gadget for any dog owner looking to track their pet’s activity and location. With the wide variety of smart collars available, it can be tricky to determine which model is the best fit for your needs and budget. This comprehensive buying guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when shopping for a smart dog collar.

We’ll explore the different types of smart collars, main features and functionality, sizing and fit options, subscription costs, and additional tips for choosing the right smart collar for your furry friend. Whether you want basic activity tracking or more advanced insights and training capabilities, this guide will help you find the ideal smart collar to keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy.

Fi Smart Dog Collar GPS Tracker

Fi Series 3 Smart Dog Collar - GPS Dog Tracker and Activity & Fitness Monitor, Waterproof, LED Light, Escape Alerts, Nationwide Coverage [6 Month Membership] (Medium, Blue)

    Fi Smart Dog Collar GPS Tracker is first of its kind with innovative features like sleep monitoring and social network for dogs. It provides real-time GPS tracking and escape detection alerts to keep dogs safe.

    With advanced smart chip, collar accurately detects barking and tracks sleep patterns. Useful features like LED light and waterproof design make it ideal for outdoor use. Adjustable sizing fits most dogs.

    Long battery life up to 15 days allows continuous use. Easy and fast charging with USB cable. Magnetic charging port is convenient and protects from elements.

    Key features:

    • Real-time GPS tracking
    • Escape alerts
    • Sleep monitoring
    • LED light
    • Waterproof


    • Innovative sleep tracking
    • Long battery life
    • Convenient magnetic charging


    • Expensive
    • Connectivity issues reported

    FAFAFROG Dog Bark Collar

    Dog Bark Collar, FAFAFROG Rechargeable Smart Barking Collar, Anti Bark Training Collar with 5 Adjustable Sensitivity Beep Vibration Shock, Bark Shock Collar for Large Medium Small Dogs (Black)

      FAFAFROG Dog Bark Collar uses humane methods to control excessive barking. It detects barking using vocal chord vibrations instead of sound for accuracy.

      With 5 adjustable sensitivity levels, it can be customized to dog’s needs. Modes like beep, vibration and optional shock allow progressive training. IP67 waterproof rating ensures it works in any weather.

      Sturdy and durable construction makes it suitable for most breeds. Easy one-touch magnetic charging gives 15 days of use. LCD screen shows settings clearly.

      Key features:

      • Detects vocal chord vibrations
      • 5 sensitivity levels
      • Beep, vibrate and shock modes
      • IP67 waterproof
      • 15 day battery life


      • Accurate bark detection
      • Customizable correction modes
      • Waterproof for outdoor use


      • May be uncomfortable for small dogs
      • Shock prongs can irritate skin

      NHUJK Dog Bark Collar

      NHUJK Bark Collar- Smart Dog Bark Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs, Rechargeable Anti Bark Training Collar with 8 Adjustable Sensitivity, Barking Collar with Beep Vibration Harmless Shock-Black

        NHUJK Dog Bark Collar uses 5 humane training modes and 8 sensitivity levels for effective bark control. It starts with beep and vibrations before harmless shock.

        360 degree coverage ensures it detects barks from all directions. Slim and lightweight design is comfortable for dogs to wear.

        Long-lasting battery provides 15 days of use on one 2 hour charge. Fully waterproof construction allows use outdoors. Adjustable strap fits most breeds.

        Key features:

        • 5 progressive modes
        • 8 sensitivity levels
        • 360 degree coverage
        • 15 day battery life
        • Waterproof construction


        • Multiple gentle training modes
        • Customizable sensitivity
        • Good for outdoor use
        • Long battery life


        • May not fit very small dogs
        • Limited tech support

        DINJOO Dog Bark Collar

        Dog Bark Collar, DINJOO Bark Collar for Large Medium Small Dogs,Smart Bark Collar,Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar with 8 Adjustable Sensitivity,Bark Shock Collar with Beep Vibration Shock

          DINJOO Dog Bark Collar uses innovative smart chip to detect barking accurately without remote. It avoids false triggers using the dog’s unique bark style.

          With 8 sensitivity levels, it can be customized to the environment. Modes include beep, vibrate and optional shock for progressive training.

          Durable IP67 waterproof rating allows use in any weather. Powerful battery lasts 15 days on one 2 hour charge. Easy to use thanks to large LED screen.

          Key features:

          • Smart bark detection chip
          • 8 sensitivity levels
          • IP67 waterproof construction
          • 15 day battery life
          • Large easy-to-read screen


          • Accurately detects barking
          • Avoids false triggers
          • Fully waterproof
          • Long battery life


          • Shock mode may not be suitable for all dogs
          • No wireless connectivity

          Vebiso Dog GPS Tracker

          GPS Tracker for Dogs, Waterproof Location Pet Tracking Smart Collar (iOS Only), No Monthly Fee, Reflective Real-Time GPS Tracker Dog Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs

            Vebiso Dog GPS Tracker provides real-time location monitoring without monthly fees. It works with Apple Find My app for precise iOS-based tracking worldwide.

            Waterproof design handles outdoor use in any weather. Reflective collar band enhances night visibility. Easy to attach to existing collars. Uses replaceable CR2032 battery lasting over 12 months.

            Slim and lightweight tracker won’t be uncomfortable for dogs. Adjustable collar fits various breeds and sizes. Reliable transmission technology ensures stable signal.

            Key features:

            • Real-time GPS tracking
            • No monthly fees
            • Waterproof construction
            • Reflective safety band
            • 12+ month battery life


            • Precise location tracking
            • Works with Find My app
            • Durable waterproof design
            • Improves night visibility


            • Only pairs with iOS devices
            • Battery not rechargeable
            • Durability issues reported

            Dog Bark Collar

            2023 AI Dog Bark Collar Sets for Large Small Medium Dogs| 2in1 No Shock/Safe Shock Barking Collar with 3 Adjustable Shock Mode |IP68 Waterproof Rechargeable Anti Bark Device with Dog Training Clicker

              Seepark‘s dog bark collar is an effective and humane training tool for curbing excessive barking. This collar uses progressive correction modes, starting with harmless beeps and vibrations before employing a safe static shock as a last resort.

              The collar features an AI bark recognition chip that accurately detects your dog’s barking sounds. This helps prevent false triggers from other environmental noises. Adjustable sensitivity settings allow customizing the collar’s responsiveness based on your dog’s specific needs.

              With an impressive 2-in-1 design, the collar offers a no-shock mode along with a safe shock option. There are also 6 adjustable training modes to choose from. The 3 shock intensity levels ensure you can find the right setting for your dog.

              Key features:

              • AI Smart Chip for accurate bark detection
              • IP68 waterproof rating
              • 18 days battery life
              • Fits all dog breeds and sizes
              • Reflective trim for visibility


              • Highly effective at reducing excessive barking
              • Customizable intensity and sensitivity settings
              • Long lasting battery life
              • Waterproof and durable construction


              • Can be triggered by similar barking frequencies
              • Requires proper training and monitoring

              AirTag Dog Collar – Albion

              AirTag Dog Collar for Apple AirTag – Leather Dog Collar with Apple AirTag Holder – Smart Collars for Dog – GPS Dog Collar – Dog Collar with Airtag Holder (S, Brown)

                Albion’s AirTag dog collar is a stylish leather collar designed to securely hold an Apple AirTag tracker. This enables real-time GPS location monitoring of your dog via iPhone.

                The collar features a designated slot to insert the AirTag device. It keeps the tracker firmly encased within the high-quality leather material. The weatherproof design also protects the AirTag from rain and splash water.

                With a rugged buckle closure and durable stitching, this collar is built to withstand active dogs. It’s available in 3 sizes and colors to suit different breeds. The soft padded leather provides comfort without irritating your dog’s skin.

                Key features:

                • Specifically designed to hold AirTag trackers
                • Genuine leather material
                • Adjustable strap with buckle closure
                • Water-resistant construction
                • Padded for comfort


                • Holds AirTag securely in place
                • Durable, rugged leather design
                • Stylish appearance
                • Comfortable padded collar
                • Available in multiple sizes and colors


                • Leather may stretch over time
                • Not recommended for strong pullers

                Dr.Trainer Bark Collar

                Dr.Trainer Dog Barking Shock Collar with APP Control, Waterproof Bark Collar with Custom Auto Intelligent Progressive Mode, Safe and Humane Rechargeable No Bark Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs

                  Dr.Trainer’s bark collar utilizes smart technology and customized settings to curb excessive barking humanely and effectively. This collar features a progressive automatic mode along with an app for full customization.

                  The auto-default setting uses beeps, vibration and safe static shocks. However, the app lets you configure sound, vibration, shock level, trigger sensitivity and more. A fast 40-minute charging time provides 3X faster charging than competitors.

                  With an IP68 waterproof rating, the collar can handle all weather and environments. Adjustable size fits dogs from 7 to 150 pounds. No false triggering design includes 60 to 160 levels of sensitivity adjustment.

                  Key features:

                  • Auto progressive and customizable app modes
                  • 40-minute fast charging
                  • IP68 fully waterproof construction
                  • Adjustable sensitivity and size
                  • Skin protection contacts


                  • Effective progressive auto correction
                  • Customizable settings via smartphone app
                  • Rapid charging speed
                  • Great for swimming and all weather
                  • Comfortable fit with skin protection


                  • App limited to short Bluetooth range
                  • Collar requires occasional removal
                  • May require neck shaving for sensitivity

                  Evuime Dog Collar

                  Evuime Dog Training Collar with Remote, Smart Dog Shock Collar with 3 Training Modes and Training Icons, Waterproof Electric Dog Shockers for Large and Medium Dogs (8-120 LBS) (Black)

                    Evuime’s dog training collar utilizes remote-based stimulation for efficient and humane behavior reinforcement. It offers beep, vibration and safe shock modes with customizable intensity levels.

                    The remote pairs with the collar up to 2,600 feet away, enabling control during outdoor activities. It responds to the remote signal in just 0.01 seconds for precise timing of the stimulation.

                    The collar receiver is IP67 waterproof for wet weather use. Battery life lasts 20 days for the collar and 35 for the remote. The skin-friendly silicone prongs help prevent irritation.

                    Key features:

                    • Remote controller with beep/vibration/shock
                    • Fast 0.01 second response time
                    • 2,600 foot range
                    • IP67 waterproof receiver
                    • Long 20 day battery life


                    • Provides immediate behavioral feedback
                    • Lets you control from a distance
                    • Waterproof for all weather training
                    • Extended battery life in remote and collar
                    • Silicone contacts prevent skin irritation


                    • Requires responsible and proper use
                    • Collar use limited to 12 hours per day
                    • Neck shaving may be needed for sensitivity

                    PEACHAR Bark Collar

                    Dog Bark Collar, PEACHAR Automatic Bark Collar with Beep Vibration Optional Shock, Rechargeable Anti Barking Collar with 8 Adjustable Sensitivity Smart No Bark Collar for Large Medium Small Dog

                      PEACHAR’s bark collar uses intelligent bark detection to automatically curb excessive vocalization. This rechargeable collar emits warning beeps and vibration before an optional static shock.

                      Utilizing smart chip technology, the collar accurately picks up genuine barks while ignoring other noises. There are 8 adjustable sensitivity settings to suit any environment. IP67 waterproofing enables use during all types of weather and activities.

                      The collar offers a no shock mode along with progressive static correction levels. Rapid charging via USB takes just 2 hours. An LED display shows intensity levels for ease of use.

                      Key features:

                      • Smart bark detection chip
                      • 8 sensitivity settings
                      • Warning beeps and vibration
                      • Optional progressive static shock
                      • Fully waterproof IP67 construction


                      • Accurately detects and deters barking
                      • Customizable sensitivity suits any environment
                      • Warning precedes correction stimulus
                      • Waterproof for outdoor and wet use
                      • Rapid 2 hour USB charging time


                      • May activate from similar pitch noises
                      • Requires monitoring for proper use
                      • Shock function not for all owners

                      Buying Guide for Smart Dog Collar

                      When looking for a smart dog collar, the first decision is whether you want a basic activity tracker or a full-featured training collar. Basic models focus mostly on activity tracking, location monitoring, and basic notifications. Full-featured collars add extra capabilities like advanced alerts, stimulation for training, and detailed insights.

                      Next, consider the specific functionality you want in a smart collar. Key features can include:

                      • Activity and sleep tracking – Measure daily exercise, rest patterns, and calories burned.
                      • Location tracking – Use GPS and/or cellular data networks to view your dog’s location in real-time and see location history.
                      • Geofencing – Set up virtual boundaries and get alerts if your dog wanders outside the zones.
                      • Temperature alerts – Receive notifications if your dog’s environment becomes too hot or cold.
                      • Training stimulations – Static, tone, or vibration modes to reinforce training remotely.
                      • LED lights – Built-in lights to keep your dog visible at night.
                      • Health metrics – Heart rate, respiratory rate, and other vital sign tracking.
                      • Swim-proof design – For dogs that love the water.
                      • Smartphone app – Monitor data, set notifications, track walks, and more via iOS/Android app.
                      • Third-party app integration – Sync data with Apple Health, Google Fit etc.
                      • Waterproofing – Look for waterproof designs rated IP67 or higher.

                      When deciding on features, factor in your dog’s breed, size, age, and activity levels. For example, a high-energy hunting dog may benefit from stimulation training modes, while a smaller companion breed may only need basic tracking.

                      Next, look at the collar design and fit. Make sure to measure your dog’s neck circumference to find the right size collar. Most adjust within a size range, but get the tightest possible fit that is still comfortable for your dog. The collar should not slide around or chafe. Opt for lightweight collars under 1 ounce for small or senior dogs. Some collars come in a customizable shape and colors.

                      Also consider the battery life, which can range from a few days to a few months depending on usage. Recharging times vary as well. Confirm the collar is easy to use with simple controls and notifications. Check that the smartphone app is user-friendly too. Waterproof designs are ideal for dogs that love to play in lakes and pools.

                      Finally, check on subscription costs. Many smart collars require a monthly subscription on top of the upfront hardware cost to utilize GPS tracking and other features. These recurring fees typically range from $5-15 per month. Basic activity monitoring often comes free but more advanced functionality usually requires a paid subscription.

                      To summarize the key factors in picking a smart dog collar:

                      • Type – Basic vs. full-featured training collar
                      • Features and functionality – GPS, activity tracking, training modes, health metrics, etc.
                      • Collar fit – Size, adjustable, comfort, lightweight
                      • Battery life – Days vs weeks of runtime before recharging
                      • Ease of use – Simple controls, clear notifications
                      • App integration – Mobile app connectivity, data sync with third-party apps
                      • Waterproofing – Rating of IP67, IP68, or higher
                      • Subscription cost – Monthly fees for cellular data and advanced features

                      With these aspects in mind, you can narrow down the selection and find the ideal smart collar to suit your budget and needs. Shop around for deals, read customer reviews, and don’t hesitate to contact companies with any questions. And of course, consult your veterinarian, especially if your dog has any health conditions. With the right smart collar pick, you’ll have extra peace of mind and fun insights into your dog’s daily activities and routines.

                      Types of Smart Dog Collars

                      The main categories of smart dog collars include basic pet trackers, advanced smart collars, and training collars.

                      Basic pet trackers focus mostly on location tracking via GPS and LTE-M cellular networks. They help monitor activity levels and calories burned. Features are more limited compared to full smart collars. They’re best for indoor dogs or dogs in confined yards.

                      Advanced smart collars add more features beyond basic location tracking. This includes health and wellness monitoring, temperature alerts, geofencing, LED lights, lost-dog mode, and detailed insights into behavior and habits. They work for indoor and outdoor use.

                      Training collars combine activity tracking with extra capabilities to reinforce training commands. This includes stimulation modes like static, vibration, and tone to correct or reward behavior from a distance. They help reinforce recall, walking manners, barking, and other training goals.

                      Within each category, collars range from budget-friendly models under $100 to high-end collars over $300. In general, more expensive collars have longer battery life, more advanced insights and alerts, improved waterproofing, and fuller smartphone app integration.

                      Key Smart Collar Features and Functions

                      Some popular features and functions to look for in a smart dog collar include:

                      • Accurate real-time GPS location tracking both indoors and outdoors
                      • Activity summaries showing total time active vs resting each day
                      • Distance traveled via GPS during walks, hikes, and other adventures
                      • Calorie tracking based on your dog’s weight, age, breed, and activity intensity
                      • Monitoring of average daily steps or miles per day
                      • Sleep pattern tracking showing light vs deep sleep times
                      • Alerts for excessive barking or scratching while home alone
                      • Customizable geofence zones with entry/exit alerts
                      • Temperature monitoring with heat and cold alerts
                      • Tracking of heart and respiratory rate
                      • Bright LED lights to keep dogs visible in low-light
                      • Waterproof construction to withstand splashes, rain, and being submerged
                      • Rechargeable battery life up to several weeks or months between charges
                      • Easy-to-use mobile app with at-a-glance activity dashboards and reporting
                      • Ability to share access with family members and dog walkers

                      The most important features depend on your priorities, whether that’s close tracking of daily activity metrics, extensive training capabilities, or simply peace of mind from location monitoring. Determine must-have functions versus nice-to-have extras.

                      Smart Collar Sizing and Fit

                      Getting the right snug collar fit is crucial for comfort and functionality. Measure your dog’s neck and add 1-2 inches for adjustability. Most collars include various sizing holes or a adjustable sliding mechanism.

                      Aim for the tightest collar fit that still allows one finger to slide between the collar and dog’s neck. It should not slide around on the neck or chafe. Try the collar on your dog for several minutes and watch for signs of irritation.

                      Opt for lightweight, breathable collar materials under 1 ounce for small dogs under 15 pounds. Bulkier collars can become uncomfortable. Custom collars allow choosing color and even engraving your dog’s name.

                      For dogs with long or thick fur, look for models with longer collar bands that buckle below the fur line. Avoid metal buckles that can get caught in long fur. Also consider a separate collar paired with a smart module that snaps in. This spreads the weight compared to an all-in-one smart collar.

                      Check that the collar fastens securely with a sturdy buckle or snap closure. Reflective accents improve visibility at night. Always supervise your dog when first using a new smart collar. Remove periodically to let your dog’s neck rest.

                      Smart Collar Subscription Cost Considerations

                      While smart collars incur an upfront hardware cost, most collars also require an ongoing subscription for full functionality. Key subscription costs:

                      • Cellular data plans – For real-time location tracking and alerts without being in Bluetooth range. Plans are usually $5-15 monthly.
                      • Satellite subscription – For GPS tracking in remote areas without cell coverage. Can be $5-25 monthly.
                      • Advanced feature access – Unlock extra modes and insights for additional monthly fees.
                      • Cloud storage – If you want to store location histories long-term or share data with multiple users.
                      • Live tracking – Real-time location streaming for activities like hunting.

                      Free basic plans may cover activity tracking and some notifications without live tracking. Overall, expect to budget $10-30 in monthly fees for full use of most collars. Some providers offer annual prepaid plans at a discount.

                      Also consider potential one-time fees for:

                      • Activation
                      • SIM card
                      • Early termination if cancelling a 1-2 year contract

                      Compare subscription costs across collars and look for promotions. The fees add up over time so factor them into your budget.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      What are the main advantages of a smart dog collar?

                      Key benefits include:

                      • Monitoring your dog’s daily activity and health stats
                      • Keeping track of your dog’s location in real time
                      • Training dogs with stimulations from a distance
                      • Receiving alerts if your dog escapes a yard or specified zone
                      • Finding a lost dog more quickly with location tracking
                      • Identifying barking and other behavior issues while away
                      • Seeing long-term patterns and trends in your dog’s habits
                      • Having peace of mind knowing your dog’s location and safety

                      Should I get a smart collar with or without training stimulations?

                      Training stimulations like tone, vibration, and static make the most sense for reinforcing commands like recall training. They help correct unwanted habits like excessive barking or jumping. Choose a collar without stimulations for a purely passive tracking experience to monitor your dog’s safety and get alerts when needed.

                      What are the downsides to smart collars?

                      Potential cons include:

                      • Relatively high costs for hardware and necessary subscriptions
                      • Collars must be charged regularly
                      • Can be bulky and heavy for smaller dog breeds
                      • Complex features may have a learning curve
                      • May not work well in very remote areas lacking cell coverage
                      • Does not replace proper leash usage and supervision

                      How long is a smart collar’s battery life?

                      Depending on usage, rechargeable battery life is typically 3 days to 6 weeks between charges. GPS tracking drains the battery fastest. Simple activity monitoring uses the least energy. Lower power LTE-M networks preserve more battery life than standard LTE networks. But most collars need recharging at least weekly.

                      Do smart collars work for swimming and water activities?

                      Many smart collars have waterproof designs that can withstand splashes, rain, and being submerged. Look for an IP67 or higher waterproof rating. Avoid leather collars and any non-waterproof electronics. Remove the collar after prolonged swimming. Also consider a floating collar that keeps the dog buoyant in water.

                      How do I choose the right smart collar size?

                      Use a measuring tape to find your dog’s neck circumference. Allow room for growth if still a puppy. Add 1-2 extra inches to find the right collar size. Consider a collar with a buckle or adjustable slide mechanism for more flexibility. But make sure the collar still fits snugly when properly fastened to avoid chafing.


                      From simple location trackers to full-featured training collars, smart collars provide dog owners with useful insights and tools. Determine your main needs – whether that’s monitoring activity, reinforcing training, or getting alerts when your dog wanders too far. Compare the different types of smart collars and key features available. Factor in your dog’s breed, size, age, and temperament.

                      Make sure to get an ideal snug but comfortable fit for the collar size. Consider battery life, cellular data requirements, waterproofing, app integration, and any subscription costs for advanced functionality. With research and smart shopping, finding the right smart collar can give you extra peace of mind and fun from knowing your dog’s daily habits and adventures.


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