Best Tasting Sprinkles 2023

Welcome to the wonderful world of tasting sprinkles! As silly as it may sound, sampling and savoring sprinkles can be a delightful experience for sprinkle lovers of all ages. From rainbow and chocolate to unicorn and birthday cake, today’s sprinkles come in a dizzying array of colors, shapes, and flavors. But how do you mindfully taste test these tiny decorations? Read on for tips, tricks, and insights to enhance your sprinkle sampling adventures. We’ll cover everything from buying guidelines and FAQs to our favorite sprinkle tasting techniques. Let’s dive in to the tasty topic of sprinkles!

Fancy Sprinkles Edible Glitter

Fancy Sprinkles Edible Glitter, 100% Edible Glitter for Sparkling Food & Drinks No Taste or Texture (4g, Moonstone Iridescent)

    Looking to add some sparkle and shine to your desserts or drinks? Fancy Sprinkles Edible Glitter is the perfect way to make your treats extra glamorous. This edible glitter comes in a 4g jar and is available in over 15 different shimmery colors like aquamarine blue, moonstone iridescent, and more.

    What makes this edible glitter really stand out is that it’s formulated for use in both food and drinks. You can sprinkle it onto cupcakes, blend it into cocktails, or add it to any food or beverage for an instant pop of prismatic glitter. The glitter is made from fine mica-based pearlescent pigments that are completely odorless, tasteless, and textureless. So you get beautiful sparkling color without altering the flavor.

    Fancy Sprinkles Edible Glitter yields about 30 servings per jar, so a little goes a long way. It’s the perfect finishing touch for dessert tables, bachelorette parties, birthdays, or any occasion where you want to add some edible glitter and glam. Reviewers love using it to jazz up cocktails and make basic baked goods look much more polished and festive.

    So if you’re looking for an easy way to make your drinks and treats extra fancy, pick up a jar of this versatile edible glitter. It provides pure shimmering color and instant glittery glitz on anything you add it to!

    Manvscakes Edible Sprinkles Mix

    Manvscakes Edible Sprinkles Mix with Assorted Shapes and Sizes for Parties,Cookies, Ice Cream, Cake and Cupcake Decorating, Metallic ,4 oz (Gold and Silver)

      Brighten up your next baking project with Manvscakes Edible Sprinkles Mix. This colorful sprinkle blend includes a festive assortment of sprinkles in different shapes and sizes like stars, hearts, circles, and more. The 4 ounce jar contains a fun variety of sprinkles perfect for topping cupcakes, cookies, cakes, ice cream sundaes, and any other sweet treat.

      Manvscakes sprinkles come in a range of vibrant rainbow colors like red, blue, green, yellow, and orange. The sprinkles add pops of color, texture, and whimsy to desserts for parties, birthdays, holidays, or everyday baking. They are made with ingredients like sugar, wheat starch, palm oil, and artificial colors. The sprinkles have a sweet sugary taste and crunchy sandy texture that completes any decorated dessert.

      Reviewers say these affordable sprinkles are high quality and look great on baked goods. The jars contain plenty of sprinkles to decorate batches of cookies or cupcakes. Just avoid using them for direct baking, since the shapes may melt. Instead, sprinkle them onto cooled, frosted treats for best results.

      For an easy way to make your desserts more playful and fun, reach for these colorful Manvscakes sprinkles. They’ll add the perfect finishing touch of decoration to cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, and anything else that needs a little sprinkle of whimsy!

      Wilton Purple Unicorn Sprinkles Mix

      Wilton Purple Unicorn Sprinkles Mix, 10 oz, Non Toxic

        Unleash a sprinkle of magic on your baked treats with Wilton Purple Unicorn Sprinkles. This festive 10 ounce mix contains a magical blend of purple, blue, white, and gold sprinkles in a variety of unicorn-inspired shapes and sizes.

        The sprinkle assortment includes white and gold stars, purple and blue circles, as well as unicorn heads and unicorn horns for a truly mystical unicorn dessert theme. These brightly colored sprinkles are perfect for topping cupcakes, cakes, cookies, ice cream sundaes, and more.

        Wilton Unicorn Sprinkles add a fun rainbow of colors and whimsical unicorn flair to any dessert. They give baked goods an extra dose of color and texture. Reviewers love the beautiful pastel color palette and say the unicorn shapes match the product photo. The crunchy texture and sweet flavor complement any sweet treat.

        These sprinkle mixes are ideal for unicorn-lovers of all ages. Use them to decorate tasty unicorn treats for birthdays, parties, or just because. Just avoid baking them directly into recipes since the shapes may melt. Instead, sprinkle them onto cooled, frosted desserts for best results.

        Add an enchanting touch of color and magic to your next baking project with these delightfully unicorn Wilton sprinkles!

        Manvscakes Mermaid Party Sprinkles

        Manvscakes | Sprinkles | 4 oz | Cake sprinkles | Cupcake sprinkles | Baking | Sprinkle mix | Edible sprinkle (Mermaid party)

          Dive into an under-the-sea dessert theme with Manvscakes Mermaid Party Sprinkles. This 4 ounce jar includes a seaside assortment of ocean-inspired sprinkles in shades of blue, green, pink and white.

          The sprinkles feature a variety of mermaid tails, starfish, hearts, circles, and more. They’re perfect for decorating cookies, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, pies, ice cream, and any other sweet treats. Just sprinkle them onto cooled, frosted desserts for best results.

          Reviewers say these sprinkles are high quality, nicely colored, and make desserts extra fun. The mermaid tails and ocean shapes match the product photo and add playful whimsy. They hold up well when gently pressed into frosting without crumbling.

          Manvscakes Mermaid Sprinkles are made with ingredients like sugar, palm oil, soy lecithin, and food colors. The crunchy texture and sweet sugary taste complement frosted desserts. They provide the perfect finishing touch for under the sea themed treats.

          So if you’re planning a magical mermaid birthday party or baby shower, make sure to have these sprinkles on hand. They provide an easy way to give desserts a splash of ocean magic with decorative details like starfish, shells, and mermaid tails!

          Weraru Edible Gold Pearl Sugar Sprinkles

          Weraru Edible Bright Gold Pearl Sugar Sprinkles Candy Mixing Size Baking Edible Cake Decorations Cupcake Toppers Cookie Decorating Celebrations Wedding Shower Party Chirstmas Supplies 120g/ 4.2oz

            Add an elegant touch of edible luxury to your desserts with Weraru Edible Gold Pearl Sugar Sprinkles. These beautiful gold sprinkles come in a 4.2 ounce jar and feature shimmery metallic gold balls of varying sizes.

            Made from a blend of sugar, beet root, spirulina, and carnauba wax, these golden sprinkles have a lovely glistening sheen. Their striking gold color instantly classes up cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more. Just sprinkle them onto cooled, frosted treats for dazzling edible decoration.

            The gold color is true to the photo with a bright, vivid metallic finish. Reviewers love the elegant gold shimmer and say they make desserts look fancy and expensive. The small granule sprinkles add delicate glitz while the larger pearl balls provide eye-catching pops of gold.

            Keep in mind the larger gold balls have a hard crunchy texture. So take care when using them on treats for small children. But overall, these gold sprinkles are perfect for dressing up dessert tables at weddings, showers, birthdays, holidays or any special celebration.

            Add some gourmet golden dazzle to your sweets with these beautiful edible gold pearl sprinkles from Weraru. A touch of sparkling gold takes treats from basic to luxury in seconds!

            Wilton Gold Pearlized Sugar Sprinkles

            Wilton - 710-041 Wilton Gold Pearlized Sugar Sprinkles, 5.22 Oz.

              Add an elegant touch of glamour to your baked goods with Wilton Gold Pearlized Sugar Sprinkles. The shimmery gold color dresses up any cupcake, cookie, or cake with luxury appeal.

              When you first open the bottle, you’ll notice the good sized pearls sprinkle out easily. There’s a nice variety of sizes from small pearls to large accent pieces. Gold Pearls not only provide visual interest, but they have a pleasant sweetness when you bite into them. Unlike some hard sprinkles, these have a softer crunch that isn’t overpowering.

              A little goes a long way with these sprinkles. You only need a light sprinkle to make basic baked goods look gourmet. For maximum impact, use them strategically on cupcake or cake tops. The gold shimmer makes chocolate desserts extra indulgent too. Wilton is known for consistent, quality ingredients that meet kosher standards.

              Overall, Wilton Gold Pearlized Sugar Sprinkles deliver beautiful gold sparkle to take your dessert presentations up a notch. The soft texture and sweetness pair nicely with treats like birthday cakes, holiday cookies, and wedding favors. A versatile product that makes decorating easy and elegant.

              Rainbow Diamond Dust Edible Cake Glitter

              Rainbow Diamond Dust (6 grams each container) cakes, cupcakes, fondant, decorating, cake pops

                Add showstopping sparkle to your baked treats with Luxe Cake Rainbow Diamond Dust edible cake glitter. This disco glitter lives up to its name, providing stunning shimmer and sheen to desserts.

                As soon as you open the container, you’ll see the vibrant, iridescent colors. Teeny rainbow specks reflect light for mega sparkle appeal. Though small in size, a little glitter goes a long way. Luxe Cake Diamond Dust adheres beautifully to fondant, buttercream, chocolate, and more. The consistency makes it easy to sprinkle lightly over cupcakes or flood a cake surface for maximum impact.

                The proprietary production process yields unbeatable color payoff and shine. While delicately sparkly, the texture isn’t gritty or tasteless. There’s a nice subtle sweetness when you bite into the glitter. Luxe Cake Diamond Dust comes in a wide spectrum of colors to match any theme or occasion.

                Made in the USA, this edible glitter dazzles with intense shimmer. Add pizzazz to cookies, cakes pops, cupcakes, and more with Luxe Cake Rainbow Diamond Dust. A little fancifies desserts into edible art.

                Wilton Gold/White Holiday Sprinkle Mix

                Wilton Sprinkle Mix, Gold/White, 6 Cell

                  Wilton Gold/White Holiday Sprinkle Mix is a versatile blend that elegantly dresses up seasonal baked goods. The combination of pretty white with gilded gold adds flair to everything from gingerbread houses to Christmas cookies.

                  Inside the convenient shaker bottle is a thoughtful mix of sprinkles in graduated sizes. From fine gold sugar to chunky white snowflakes, the range provides both dainty and statement appeal. The gold and white pairing looks refined yet festive – perfect for holiday entertaining.

                  A light sprinkle on cupcakes or strategic placement on cookie tops allows the sprinkle mix to shine. The gold and white play beautifully on rich red or green icing. Taste-wise, these classic sugar sprinkles have a nice sweet crunch. Since Wilton meets kosher standards, this sprinkle blend is a delicious and eye-catching addition to holiday baking.

                  Make your Christmas cookies and other seasonal treats next-level elegant with Wilton Gold/White Holiday Sprinkle Mix. The complementary gold and white colors step up presentation while delivering sweetness in every bite.

                  Kuting White Pearl Sugar Sprinkles

                  Edible Pearl Sugar Sprinkles White Candy 120g/ 4.2oz Baking Edible Cake Decorations Cupcake Toppers Cookie Decorating Ice Cream Toppings Celebrations Shaker Jar Wedding Shower Party Christmas Supplies

                    Accent your special occasion desserts with elegant sophistication using Kuting White Pearl Sugar Sprinkles. The ivory white pearls are a brilliant neutral that complements any color scheme.

                    Open the generously sized container to find a spectrum of pearl sizes. The assortment allows you to sprinkle lightly or create textured coverage on cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. Though petite, the pearls pack visual impact, especially on rich chocolate. Their round shape reflects light beautifully for an eye-catching lustrous sheen.

                    In terms of taste and texture, the sprinkles have a nice light crunch and sweetness. Unlike rock hard pearls, these have a delicate crisp that won’t shatter your teeth. The pearly sprinkles adhere well to buttercream, ganache, royal icing, and fondant.

                    Kuting White Pearl Sugar Sprinkles upgrade basic desserts into elegant presentations fit for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and holidays. A versatile product that makes decorating cakes effortlessly glamorous.

                    Wilton Pink Sugar Pearls

                    Wilton Pink Sugar Pearls, 5 oz.

                      Add a pop of pink elegance to your baked goods with Wilton Pink Sugar Pearls. These beautiful blush sprinkles make ordinary treats look absolutely dazzling.

                      Opening the bottle reveals a generous amount of pearls in graduated sizes. Whether you add a delicate garnish or lavish coating, the pink shine elevates everything from cakes to cookies. For maximum visual impact, use the sprinkles selectively on cupcake or cake tops. They also make an eye-catching accent when paired with chocolates or truffles.

                      Bite into the pearls and you’ll find they have a pleasant, softer crunch compared to ultra hard sprinkles. The pink color comes from natural sources, not artificial dyes. Wilton meets kosher standards, so you can feel good about using these sprinkles.

                      When you want to make basic desserts special, reach for Wilton Pink Sugar Pearls. The beautiful color and pearlized sheen take presentations to the next level of gorgeous. A versatile way to dress up sweets for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and holidays with elegant pink sparkle.

                      Tasting Sprinkles Buying Guide

                      When embarking on a sprinkle tasting test, having the right supplies is key. Here are some tips for choosing and purchasing the best sprinkles for maximizing tasting fun and flavor.

                      Types of Sprinkles

                      First, consider the main sprinkle categories available:

                      • Quins – These small cylindrical or rod-shaped sprinkles are the OGs of the sprinkle world. They’re available in all the classic colors and make a nostalgic tasting choice.
                      • Jimmies – Longer cylindrical sprinkles that pack a crunch. Great for tasting texture contrasts.
                      • Confetti sprinkles – Tiny round flat sprinkles in a rainbow of colors and available in matte or shiny finishes. Provide pops of color and flavor.
                      • Sanding sugar – Large crystals with an ultra-sparkly appearance. Add sweetness and crunch.
                      • Natural sprinkles – Often coconut flakes or freeze-dried fruit like berries. For an organic tasting experience.
                      • Specialty shapes – From flowers and stars to dinosaurs and emojis! For extra fun.

                      Flavor Profiles

                      Beyond visual variety, today’s sprinkles also offer diversity in flavors. Consider tasting an assortment with options like:

                      • Chocolate – From dark to milk for deep flavor.
                      • Caramel
                      • Peanut butter
                      • Banana
                      • Strawberry
                      • Vanilla
                      • Cotton candy
                      • S’mores
                      • Birthday cake
                      • Cookies and cream
                      • Salted caramel
                      • Cinnamon
                      • Peppermint

                      Mix and match flavors for a unique tasting flight. Tasting diverse flavors side-by-side helps the nuances shine.


                      Sprinkles are available packaged in different quantities to suit your tasting needs:

                      • Individual packs – Fun for on-the-go tasting.
                      • Small jars – Affordable options to taste a few flavors.
                      • Bulk bags – For tasting parties with friends.
                      • Variety packs – Sample multiple flavors in one pack.

                      For serious sprinkle tasters, buy a range of packaging sizes and types to keep the flavors flowing!

                      Tasting Techniques and Tips

                      Once you’ve selected your sprinkles, it’s time for the best part – tasting! Here are some techniques and tips to maximize your sprinkle sampling experience:

                      Mindful Tasting

                      Approach sprinkle tasting with mindfulness to fully appreciate the flavors. Before tasting, take a moment to appreciate the colors and textures of the sprinkles visually. Deeply inhale the aroma. Then place a tiny pinch of sprinkles on your tongue and pay close attention as you slowly chew. Let the flavors unfold and consider the taste sensations. Does it taste how you expected? Take notes on the flavor profiles and textures you experience.

                      Pair with Frosting

                      For best results, don’t eat sprinkles plain. Pair with a dollop of frosting, like vanilla buttercream. The frosting allows the sprinkles to adhere and distributes the flavors for better tasting. Dip your finger in frosting, then dip into sprinkles for ideal tasting mode. You can also spread frosting on slices of pound cake or cookies as a tasting base.

                      Custom Blends

                      Mix sprinkles together to create your own blends. Discover new flavor combos by blending both colors and flavors. Custom blends make your sprinkle tasting unique. Use separate small bowls to mix up a batch of each blend before tasting.

                      Tasting Chart

                      As you taste, take notes on a tasting chart. Rate factors like color, texture, flavor intensity, sweetness, and overall appeal. This helps distinguish the nuances of each sprinkle variety in a more objective way. Track trends over multiple tasting sessions.

                      Cleansing Rinse

                      To prevent flavor overlap, do a quick cleansing rinse between samples. Simply rinse your mouth with plain water or tea to neutralize the palate before moving on to the next sprinkle tasting. This ensures each sprinkle provides a fresh experience, without influence from the previous sample.


                      Be aware of potential allergies before tasting. Many sprinkles contain dairy, soy, nuts, and food dyes. Read ingredient labels closely and avoid sprinkles with your allergen triggers. For safety, taste test with a friend in case you react.

                      Have fun exploring the wide world of sprinkles through mindful, flavorful tasting experiences! Savor the flavors, make some memories, and unleash your inner sprinkle connoisseur.

                      Sprinkles Tasting FAQ

                      Curious about sprinkle tasting? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

                      Is it safe to eat sprinkles plain?

                      While not ideal, a small pinch of sprinkles is generally safe to taste straight. Just avoid excessive intake of sugar and food coloring. Pair with frosting or cake for best results.

                      How should I store extra sprinkles after tasting?

                      Leftover sprinkles keep best stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Avoid moisture and direct sunlight to prevent caking.

                      What are the best utensils for sprinkle tasting?

                      Small spoons allow you to scoop a precise tasting portion. Toothpicks are great for picking up individual sprinkles. For finger dipping, opt for plastic sampling spoons to avoid contamination.

                      Can kids participate in sprinkle tasting?

                      Absolutely! Sprinkle tasting can be fun family activity. Supervise young kids and limit samples to avoid overindulgence. Teach mindful tasting for maximum enjoyment.

                      What’s the ideal number of sprinkles to sample in one sitting?

                      Aim for around 5-10 to avoid taste bud fatigue. Take detailed notes after each sample to keep flavors distinct. Schedule tasting sessions over multiple days to work through a variety.

                      Should I rinse with water or something else between samples?

                      Plain water works well. Milk can neutralize more lingering flavors. Herbal tea cleanses the palate nicely between sprinkle varieties.

                      How do I rate sprinkles during a tasting?

                      Use a simple 1-5 scale to rank factors like visual appeal, aroma, flavor, sweetness, texture, and overall satisfaction. Make quick notes on standout qualities.

                      Can I mix spice blends into sprinkles?

                      You can certainly get creative, but spice mixes may overpower more subtle sprinkle flavors. Try a separate taste test for spiced blends.


                      We hope this guide has inspired you to approach sprinkles in a whole new way – as a delicious ingredient worthy of mindful tasting! Savoring the sensory experience of sprinkles can be nostalgic, fun, and flavorful. Try a wide variety, pay close attention while sampling, and record your impressions. You’ll become a sprinkle expert in no time. Remember to buy quality sprinkles in a range of types, pair with frosting for best results, and cleanse your palate between samples. Now grab some sprinkles and start tasting! Let us know your favorite sprinkle finds and creative blend ideas. Happy tasting on your sprinkle sampling adventures!


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