Best Tocotrienols Supplement 2023

Tocotrienols are a form of vitamin E that have been gaining popularity as a dietary supplement in recent years. Unlike traditional vitamin E supplements which contain only alpha-tocopherol, tocotrienols contain several different forms including alpha, beta, gamma, and delta-tocotrienols. Tocotrienols have a unique chemical structure that allows them to provide antioxidant and other benefits that regular vitamin E does not. Some research suggests that tocotrienols may help support cardiovascular health, cholesterol levels already in the normal range, cognitive function, and immune function. If you are considering adding a tocotrienol supplement to your wellness routine, read on to learn more about the potential benefits of tocotrienols and what to look for when shopping for a quality tocotrienol supplement.

E Annatto Tocotrienols Deltagold

E Annatto Tocotrienols Deltagold 125mg, Vitamin E Tocotrienols Supplements 60 Softgel, Tocopherol Free, Supports Immune Health & Antioxidant Health (90% Delta & 10% Gamma) (Pack of 1)

    The E Annatto Tocotrienols Deltagold 125mg supplement from Wellness Extract provides a superior form of vitamin E. Derived from annatto plants, these softgels contain 90% delta and 10% gamma tocotrienols without any tocopherols, allowing for maximum absorption and antioxidant protection.

    The extraction process uses cutting-edge technology to release the nutrients at the optimal time during digestion. Studies show that tocotrienols may be up to 50 times more effective at protecting cells compared to regular vitamin E. They support cardiovascular, immune, skin, hair, bone, liver, and overall health.

    Users report benefits like increased energy, clearer vision, faster muscle recovery, lower inflammation, and healthy cholesterol levels. The company focuses on using science-backed ingredients and proprietary methods for high quality. Their products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and made in the USA.

    Overall, this annatto-sourced tocotrienol supplement provides superior antioxidant support and health protection. The convenient softgels make it easy to get your daily vitamin E, so give E Annatto Tocotrienols a try if you want next level benefits.

    Carlyle Tocotrienols

    Carlyle Tocotrienols | 150mg Supplement | 60 Softgels | Non-GMO and Gluten Free Complex

      Get premium antioxidant support with the Carlyle Tocotrienols supplement. These gluten-free softgels provide 150 mg of tocotrienols in each quick-release capsule. Tocotrienols are members of the vitamin E family known for their ability to combat free radicals.

      Carlyle uses high quality ingredients to create honest, effective supplements for healthy living. Their tocotrienols formula harnesses the power of this essential nutrient to support overall wellness. The capsules are easy to swallow with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or common allergens.

      Users say Carlyle Tocotrienols help increase energy, improve vision, support healthy hair and nails, reduce muscle soreness, and lower cholesterol. The company has over 40 years of experience sourcing top notch vitamins, herbs, and minerals. Give your antioxidant levels a boost and feel the Carlyle difference with these convenient tocotrienol softgels.

      Ecological Formulas – Annatto Tocotrienols

      Ecological Formulas - Annatto Tocotrienols 125 mg 60 gels [Health and Beauty]

        Provide your body with antioxidant protection using Ecological Formulas Annatto Tocotrienols. Sourced from palm oil, these softgels supply 125 mg of annatto-derived tocotrienols in each serving. Studies show that tocotrienols lower oxidative stress and support healthy cholesterol levels.

        The formula contains 90% delta and 10% gamma tocotrienols from Deltagold, with no tocopherols that can hinder absorption. Just take one softgel daily with food to increase vitamin E intake from this superior plant source.

        Users report benefits like increased energy, healthier hair and skin, improved vision, and reduced muscle soreness. The company uses science-backed ingredients to create effective supplements. Give your cells the antioxidant boost they need with Ecological Formulas Annatto Tocotrienols.

        NOW Gamma E Complex

        NOW Supplements, Advanced Gamma E Complex, Mixed Tocopherols & Tocotrienols, Antioxidant Protection*, 120 Softgels

          Fight free radicals and support immune health with NOW Gamma E Complex. These softgels provide a balanced blend of natural tocopherols and tocotrienols, the two main forms of vitamin E. Gamma-tocopherol is especially beneficial for defending against cell damage.

          NOW uses quality ingredients and rigorous testing to produce supplements you can trust. Their products are made in the USA following GMP standards. Simply take 2 softgels daily with food to increase antioxidant activity.

          Customers report benefits like improved cardiovascular function, healthier skin and nails, reduced muscle soreness, and protection for the eyes. NOW has been a family-owned company since 1968 committed to natural health. Defend your cells and take advantage of vitamin E’s many benefits with NOW Gamma E Complex.

          Sunergetic Premium Annatto Tocotrienols

          Premium Annatto Tocotrienol Supplement – Vitamin E Tocotrienols with DeltaGold – Tocotrienols Vitamin E 300 mg – Supports Liver, Immune & Heart Health - Delta + Gamma Tocotrienols (30 Liquid Capsules)

            Unleash the power of vitamin E with Sunergetic Premium Annatto Tocotrienols. These liquid capsules provide 300 mg of DeltaGold tocotrienols sourced from annatto plants. The formula contains 90% delta and 10% gamma tocotrienols to support antioxidant health.

            Studies show that the delta and gamma isoforms provide unique benefits for metabolic function, liver health, circulation, bones, and more. Just take one small capsule per day to feel the difference. Sunergetic uses quality ingredients and rigorous testing for all their supplements.

            Customers love how easy the liquid capsules are to swallow. They report improvements in energy, skin health, cholesterol levels, and joint comfort. Harness the antioxidant power of vitamin E’s tocotrienol isomers with Sunergetic Annatto Tocotrienols. This cutting-edge formula promotes overall wellness.

            Healthy Origins Tocomin SupraBio

            Healthy Origins Tocomin SupraBio (Tocotrienols), 50 mg - Supports Heart Health & Cardiovascular System - Tocotrienol & Vitamin E Supplement - Gluten-Free Skin Support - 150 Softgels

              Tocomin SupraBio by Healthy Origins is a powerful tocotrienol vitamin E supplement that can provide you with a range of potential health benefits. This product contains a blend of 4 natural tocotrienols – alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocotrienols – that work synergistically to support your overall wellness.

              The unique thing about this supplement is its enhanced absorption system called SupraBio, which allows for 2-3 times greater uptake of the tocotrienols. This means more of the nutrients can be efficiently absorbed by your body. Tocotrienols have been shown in studies to be 40-60 times more potent as antioxidants compared to regular vitamin E.

              By taking just 1-2 softgels per day with food, you may be able to boost your cardiovascular health, brain function, immune system, and liver function. The delta and gamma tocotrienols in particular can help reduce inflammation and cholesterol. This product is gluten-free and made in an FDA-registered facility, so you can trust its quality.

              If you are looking for a pure, highly absorbable tocotrienol vitamin E supplement to complement a healthy lifestyle, Tocomin SupraBio by Healthy Origins is an excellent choice. The comprehensive blend of all 4 natural tocotrienols can provide superior antioxidant protection and support for overall wellness.

              E Annatto Tocotrienols Deltagold

              E Annatto Tocotrienols Deltagold 125mg, Vitamin E Tocotrienols Supplements 60 Softgel, Tocopherol Free, Supports Immune Health & Antioxidant Health (90% Delta & 10% Gamma) (Pack of 3)

                Deltagold E Annatto Tocotrienols by Wellness Extract is a uniquely potent vitamin E supplement that harnesses the power of delta and gamma tocotrienols. It provides 125mg per softgel of 90% delta and 10% gamma tocotrienols for enhanced antioxidant and health-promoting benefits.

                What makes this product stand out is its high concentration of delta tocotrienols, which research suggests may be up to 50X stronger than traditional vitamin E in protecting your cells. Delta and gamma tocotrienols support cardiovascular health, immune function, and healthy aging in particular by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

                Deltagold uses a highly bioavailable form of annatto-derived tocotrienols to ensure maximum absorption. The tocopherol-free formula further enhances the effectiveness of the tocotrienols. As an added bonus, this supplement may also improve your energy levels, vision, skin, hair, and bone health.

                If you want to experience the unique benefits of delta and gamma tocotrienols, Deltagold E Annatto Tocotrienols is an excellent option. It harnesses the power of the two most potent forms of vitamin E to promote antioxidant protection and support various aspects of health.

                Jarrow Formulas Toco-Sorb

                Jarrow Formulas Toco-Sorb - 60 Softgels - Cardiovascular Health & Brain Function Support - High Absorption Formula - Mixed Tocotrienols & Vitamin E Supplement - Up to 60 Servings

                  Jarrow Formulas Toco-Sorb contains a mix of tocotrienols and vitamin E to support your cardiovascular and brain health. It has a patented SupraBio enhanced absorption system that improves the bioavailability of the tocotrienols by 2-3 times for superior effects.

                  This supplement provides a total of 57mg of tocotrienols – alpha, beta, gamma, and delta – as well as 15mg of vitamin E as alpha tocopherol per softgel. Among tocotrienols, gamma and delta have been found to be most biologically active as antioxidants.

                  The unique lipid-based matrix in Toco-Sorb allows for optimal absorption and utilization of the tocotrienols to support cardiovascular function and neuroprotection. Studies suggest tocotrienols may benefit heart health by reducing LDL cholesterol oxidation and vascular inflammation.

                  Jarrow Formulas Toco-Sorb is free of major allergens and uses sustainably sourced palm oil. The recommended dosage is 1-2 softgels daily with food. If you want a convenient way to increase your intake of absorbable mixed tocotrienols, this could be a good option.

                  ANDREW LESSMAN Complete Tocotrienols

                  ANDREW LESSMAN Complete Tocotrienols with Gamma Vitamin E 240 Softgels – Eight Forms of Vitamin E (Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Delta Tocopherols and Tocotrienols). Powerful Anti-oxidant. No Additives

                    Complete Tocotrienols with Gamma Vitamin E by Andrew Lessman provides a comprehensive vitamin E complex with high levels of all 8 natural forms – alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocopherols and tocotrienols. This uniquely complete formula delivers balanced concentrations of each vitamin E isomer for broad antioxidant protection.

                    What makes this product stand out is its focus on the gamma forms of vitamin E. Research suggests gamma tocotrienol and gamma tocopherol are the most potent and protective vitamin E molecules. By providing all 8 forms, this supplement respects the natural vitamin E blueprint.

                    With its additive-free formula, each easy-to-swallow softgel provides pure, highly bioavailable vitamin E without any extra fillers. Andrew Lessman products are also manufactured in an eco-friendly, solar-powered facility with a zero carbon footprint.

                    If you want a 100% pure, comprehensive vitamin E complex that mimics nature’s ratios, Complete Tocotrienols with Gamma Vitamin E is an excellent choice. It provides all 8 tocopherols and tocotrienols for broad-spectrum antioxidant protection.

                    Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols

                    Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols, Second Edition

                    Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols is an essential reference guide to cutting-edge research on the health benefits and disease-fighting properties of vitamin E tocotrienols. Edited by prominent experts like Dr. Barrie Tan, this book compiles the latest studies on tocotrienols from researchers worldwide.

                    It covers a wide range of topics from established areas like cardiovascular and metabolic health to emerging research on skin care, bone health, and inflammation. The book examines the superior antioxidant activity of tocotrienols compared to regular vitamin E and their ability to reduce cholesterol and fight cancer.

                    Exciting new chapters delve into how tocotrienols promote healthy aging, reduce gastric injury, and support cognitive function. The interactions between tocopherols and tocotrienols are also discussed. This updated second edition captures all the newest developments in this rapidly evolving field.

                    For anyone interested in learning more about the health-promoting effects of vitamin E beyond tocopherols, Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols is a must-read. It offers scientific insights into the disease prevention and treatment applications of these powerful vitamin E molecules.

                    Tocotrienol Supplement Buying Guide

                    When searching for a tocotrienol supplement, there are several key factors to consider:

                    Source: Tocotrienols can be derived from palm oil, rice bran oil, or annatto seeds. Palm oil provides the most abundant source and research suggests oil palm tocotrienols may provide better absorption. Look for a supplement that uses palm oil extraction for maximum tocotrienol content.

                    Types of tocotrienols: Most tocotrienol supplements will contain a mix of the alpha, beta, gamma, and delta forms. Full-spectrum tocotrienol complexes that provide all 4 types are ideal to get the synergistic benefits.

                    Other ingredients: Check the ingredient label for any unnecessary fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. The best quality supplements will often have fewer, simpler ingredients.

                    Softgel vs capsule: Tocotrienols are fat-soluble nutrients, so taking them with a fat-containing meal can improve absorption. Softgel capsules that contain liquid tocotrienols in oil may provide enhanced absorption compared to dry ingredients in a capsule.

                    Dosage: Look for a supplement that provides around 100-200mg total tocotrienols per serving. Some research used higher doses, but this is a safe range for daily use.

                    Reputation: When possible, select a reputable brand that produces their supplements in a cGMP-certified facility to ensure quality and safety. High-quality tocotrienol products often provide additional testing for purity and potency.

                    Price: Tocotrienol supplements are more expensive than traditional vitamin E but still affordable, ranging from around $0.10-$0.40 per serving. Do not just choose the cheapest product, as quality is important.

                    By keeping these key factors in mind when shopping, you can more easily choose a high-quality tocotrienol supplement from a reputable brand that provides the dosage and delivery method backed by research.


                    Q: What are the benefits of taking tocotrienol supplements?

                    A: Research suggests several potential benefits of tocotrienols including supporting heart health, cholesterol levels already within normal range, cognitive function, immune function, skin health, bone density, and antioxidant protection. The diverse forms of tocotrienols appear to have synergistic benefits.

                    Q: Are tocotrienols better than regular vitamin E?

                    A: Tocotrienols have unique biological activities that make them superior antioxidants compared to traditional alpha-tocopherol vitamin E supplements. Tocotrienols appear to remain in the bloodstream longer and accumulate in tissues. Human trials show more potent cholesterol-lowering effects from tocotrienols.

                    Q: When should I take tocotrienols?

                    A: Most supplements are taken once daily with a meal to enhance absorption. Taking tocotrienols with breakfast or dinner is ideal. For specific dosage timing, follow the instructions on your chosen supplement.

                    Q: Are there any side effects or risks?

                    A: Tocotrienols have an excellent safety profile. There are no known major side effects or drug interactions. Mild effects like headache or nausea are possible if taking high doses on an empty stomach. Always follow dosage guidelines and consult your doctor before starting any new supplement.

                    Q: Can I take tocotrienols and vitamin E together?

                    A: Yes, combining a tocotrienol complex with traditional vitamin E like alpha-tocopherol is safe and may provide synergistic effects. The two forms can complement each other as they accumulate in different tissues. Just be careful not to exceed the Tolerable Upper Intake Level of 1000mg combined vitamin E per day.

                    Q: Who may benefit from taking a tocotrienol supplement?

                    A: Those with high cholesterol, heart disease risk, cognitive decline, or increased oxidative stress may benefit most from adding tocotrienols. Older adults, smokers, people with unhealthy diets, and those with chronic diseases stand to benefit as well. Always check with your doctor before starting tocotrienols or any new supplement.


                    Tocotrienol supplements provide a form of vitamin E with unique antioxidant and health-promoting properties. Compared to traditional vitamin E, tocotrienols appear to remain in the body longer and provide targeted benefits for heart health, cholesterol, brain function, immunity, and more. Choosing a full-spectrum tocotrienol complex made from palm oil and taken with a meal can help maximize these benefits. When shopping, look for a quality supplement from a reputable brand that contains 100-200mg total tocotrienols at an affordable price point. Adding a daily tocotrienol supplement can be an easy way to bolster your overall wellness regimen. As with any new supplement, consult your healthcare provider before starting tocotrienols to ensure safe and proper usage.


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