Best Ultrasound Machine For Dogs 2023

An ultrasound machine is an essential tool for veterinarians to use for diagnosing and monitoring health conditions in dogs. Ultrasound allows vets to see inside a dog’s body in real time, observe organs and detect abnormalities. This non-invasive imaging technique is crucial for identifying issues like pregnancy, uterine infections, bladder stones, tumors, cysts, and cardiac problems.

When selecting an ultrasound device for canine use, vets must consider image quality, transducer options, doppler imaging, ease of use, mobility, and cost. Image clarity, depth penetration and advanced features like tissue harmonic imaging are key for accurate exams. A machine with multiple transducer frequencies gives flexibility to scan various areas of the dog’s body. Doppler ultrasound is important for evaluating blood flow in arteries and veins. An intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it simpler to obtain and interpret scans. Portable carts provide mobility to move the unit between exam rooms. While high-end systems offer superior imaging, more affordable compact ultrasound machines can still serve most veterinary needs.

This buying guide provides veterinarians an overview of the capabilities to look for in an ultrasound system for diagnosing dogs. The goal is to understand key specifications and select a model that delivers excellent image quality within the clinic’s budget. From image optimization technology to advanced software tools, various features improve workflow and diagnostic accuracy. Consider the types of exams performed, species treated, and budget when investing in an ultrasound device. With the right ultrasound machine, veterinary practices can provide better patient care for dogs.

GOYOJO Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary for Pregnancy

GOYOJO Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary for Pregnancy, Vet Digital Portable B-Ultra Sound Scanner Machine Farm Animals Pet with 3.5 Mhz Probe 8 Color Panels for Sheep, Dog, Cat and Pig Pregnancy Test

    The GOYOJO Ultrasound Scanner is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable and portable ultrasound machine to use at home or on a farm. This veterinary ultrasound scanner allows you to easily confirm pregnancy and monitor basic health in various farm animals and pets.

    One of the main benefits of this product is its portability. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides over 4 hours of continuous use. This allows you to easily move it around and use it in different locations. The scanner itself is also lightweight and compact.

    The machine provides clear images on the 5.6 inch LCD display screen. It has several modes such as B mode, M mode, and dual B mode. You’re able to adjust settings like gain, depth, zoom, and more to optimize the image quality. It also has built-in storage, allowing you to save images and video loops for later review.

    Key features:

    • Portable and lightweight design
    • Rechargeable battery for over 4 hours of use
    • 5.6″ LCD display with various viewing modes
    • Storage for images and video loops
    • Adjustable settings to optimize image quality


    • Affordable price point
    • Easy to move around and use in different locations
    • Provides clear ultrasound images
    • Different viewing modes for versatility
    • Save images for documentation


    • Manual could be more detailed
    • Battery life could be longer
    • Screen is not very large

    GOYOJO Dog Pregnancy Test Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary Portable Black White Doppler

    Dog Pregnancy Test Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary Machine Laptop 12 Inch Portable Black White Doppler Farm Animals Pregnancy Mechanical Sector ​scanning Probe, Measure Distance, Perimeter, Area, Volume

      The GOYOJO Dog Pregnancy Test Ultrasound Scanner is designed specifically for home use to allow breeders and pet owners to check for pregnancy and monitor puppy growth. This affordable veterinary ultrasound machine has user-friendly features perfect for at-home use.

      One of the biggest benefits of this scanner is the large 12 inch LED display screen. This provides a crisp and clear view, making it easier for novice users to interpret the ultrasound images. The intuitive interface also simplifies use with preset optimized settings and one-touch buttons.

      Storing images is easy with the built-in memory, and you can further save video and photos to a memory card. The rechargeable battery enables portable use for up to 2 hours per charge. Overall, it’s a great option for conveniently performing ultrasounds at home without needing to visit a vet.

      Key features:

      • Large 12 inch LED display for clear viewing
      • Preset veterinary settings for easy use
      • Save images and video to built-in and external memory
      • Rechargeable battery for portable use
      • Black and white ultrasound imaging


      • Very easy to use at home
      • Large, crisp display simplifies viewing
      • Preset modes optimize settings for pets
      • Convenient portability with battery
      • Affordable price point


      • Limited battery life
      • Basic black and white images only
      • Manual could be more detailed

      GOYOJO Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner for Cow, Portable Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary Pregnancy

      GOYOJO Wireless Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner for Cow, Portable Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary Pregnancy, Android Ultrasound Scanner Machine with 3.5 MHz Convex Probe for Farm Pig Sheep Dog, Cat

        The GOYOJO Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner is designed for convenient and easy use with all types of small livestock and pets. The wireless connectivity and waterproof probe make this scanner versatile for farm and home use.

        This scanner utilizes sector scanning technology for enhanced image accuracy. The powerful image processing provides clear, detailed ultrasound images to make diagnosis easier. It also has an intuitive interface with preset optimized modes and one-touch buttons.

        One big advantage of this portable scanner is the long-lasting rechargeable battery. It provides up to 5 hours of scan time per charge. The battery enables convenient portable use wherever needed.

        Key features:

        • Wireless connectivity for flexible use
        • Waterproof probe is easy to clean
        • Sector scanning for accuracy
        • Preset veterinary modes simplify use
        • Long battery life up to 5 hours


        • Wireless use is very convenient
        • Easy to clean waterproof probe
        • Provides clear and detailed ultrasound images
        • Intuitive interface is easy to use
        • Long battery life enables portable use


        • Limited to Android devices
        • Probe cord could be longer
        • Need training to interpret images

        CONTEC Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner For Pregnancy Check On Animals

        CONTEC Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner For Pregnancy Check On Animals Horse Equine Goat Sheep Dog With 3.5MHz Convex Probe

          The CONTEC Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner provides an effective and affordable way for breeders, homesteaders, and pet owners to monitor animal pregnancy and health. This versatile unit works for a range of animals from livestock like horses and sheep to small pets like dogs and cats.

          This scanner delivers quality ultrasound images on the large 10.1 inch display. It has various viewing modes and adjustable settings to optimize the image quality based on the animal. The intuitive interface simplifies use even for novice users.

          One of the big advantages of this unit is the portability. The rechargeable battery enables use on-the-go for up to 2 hours. It also comes with a carrying case for easy transport. The versatility and portability make this a great choice for small farms and home use.

          Key features:

          • 10.1” display provides clear images
          • Various animal-optimized viewing modes
          • Portable battery for up to 2 hours of use
          • Carrying case for easy transport
          • Works for range of animals


          • Provides quality ultrasound images
          • Adjustable settings for image optimization
          • Convenient portability
          • Carrying case for easy transport
          • Affordable price point


          • Battery life somewhat limited
          • Probe cord could be longer
          • Need training to interpret images

          GOYOJO Ultrasound Machine for Pregnancy, Veterinary B-Ultrasound Mechanical Sector Probe

          Ultrasound Machine for Pregnancy, 3.5Mhz Veterinary B-Ultrasound Mechanical Sector Probe, for Sheep, Dog, Cat and Pig Detect, 8 Color Panels, 256FPS Video Recording, with Volume Heart Rate Measurement

            The GOYOJO Ultrasound Machine is designed specifically for veterinary use to monitor animal pregnancy and health. This professional-grade machine is packed with features to provide detailed, accurate ultrasound images.

            This ultrasound unit has a powerful image processing system with multiple viewing modes, lots of adjustable settings, and high-quality image magnification. This enables clear views and the ability to optimize the image quality. Detailed images support accurate diagnosis.

            A big advantage of this scanner is the versatility. It works with a wide array of probe types, allowing use with all sizes of animals from livestock to small pets. The connectivity options also allow you to store images and video on USB or memory cards.

            Key features:

            • Professional veterinary ultrasound
            • Powerful image processing for detail
            • Multiple viewing modes and adjustments
            • Works with variety of probe types
            • Connectivity for storing images/video


            • Provides very detailed, optimized images
            • Adjustable settings for image quality
            • Probe versatility for all animal sizes
            • Ability to save scans for documentation
            • Professional-grade performance


            • Higher price point
            • Need training to use and interpret
            • Portability could be better

            Portable Ultrasound Veterinary Pregnancy Tester

            Wireless Portable Ultrasound Veterinary Pregnant Tester, Handheld Ultrasound Machine for Pig Dog Sheep, Rechargeable Wireless Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner with 3.5 MHz Mechanical Probe

              This veterinary ultrasound scanner provides an efficient and convenient solution for animal diagnostics. Its wireless connectivity eliminates limitations of traditional wired connections, giving you greater flexibility and mobility. The 3.5 MHz mechanical probe delivers exceptional image quality suitable for animals of various sizes and anatomical areas, enabling accurate diagnosis and treatment.

              Designed for portability, this compact, lightweight scanner adapts to any setting – clinic, shelter, or field. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to veterinarians of all skill levels. With powerful image processing features, large battery capacity, and intuitive controls, this device offers exceptional functionality for veterinary use.

              Key features:

              • Wireless connectivity for remote scanning and data transmission
              • 3.5MHz mechanical sector probe provides quality imaging
              • Portable, handheld and lightweight design
              • User-friendly interface and intuitive controls
              • Large battery capacity for extended use
              • Advanced image processing features


              • Wireless connectivity allows flexible and mobile use
              • Excellent image quality from sector probe
              • Compact size adapts to any veterinary setting
              • Easy to operate with intuitive controls
              • Long battery life enables prolonged scanning
              • Advanced features enhance image analysis


              • Display size is relatively small
              • Probe choices are limited
              • Wireless connectivity has some limitations
              • Learning curve to utilize all features
              • Battery life still has limits for extended use
              • Image resolution decreases at greater depths

              ValueStore Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner V16 with 3.5 MHz Convex Probe

     Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary V16 with 3.5 MHz Convex Probe for Pregnancy Test on Dogs, Sheep and Pigs.

                This veterinary ultrasound scanner is perfect for early pregnancy detection in animals like pigs, sheep and dogs. The multifrequency convex probe provides exceptional versatility, allowing you to switch between 2.5, 3.5, and 5.0 MHz frequencies as needed. The compact, portable design with rechargeable battery makes the scanner highly convenient for mobile veterinary use.

                The intuitive interface facilitates simple operation, while the multicolor display provides clear real-time imaging. You can even connect to a larger TV/monitor or printer for enhanced viewing and documentation. With ample onboard storage for images and video loops, this scanner empowers vets to perform quick and accurate diagnoses anytime, anywhere. It’s an invaluable tool for farm breeders to monitor gestation in livestock.

                Key features:

                • Versatile multifrequency convex probe
                • Portable, compact handheld design
                • Rechargeable battery for cordless use
                • Multicolor display with real-time imaging
                • Onboard storage for images and video
                • Connectivity to TV/monitor and printer


                • Probe provides excellent frequency versatility
                • Portable and lightweight for mobile use
                • Battery operation enables greater flexibility
                • Clear multicolor images support diagnosis
                • Ample onboard storage for scanning data
                • External device connectivity enhances functionality


                • Smaller display size than stationary models
                • Battery capacity still has limitations
                • Probe choices are limited
                • Image resolution decreases at depth
                • Connectivity to peripherals requires adapters
                • Learning curve to utilize all features

                CareShine Veterinary WristScan Ultrasound Scanner Machine

                Veterinary WristScan Ultrasound Scanner Machine Handscan for Farm Animals with 3.5MHz Mechanical Sector Probe

                  This veterinary ultrasound scanner provides outstanding portability and functionality for farm animal diagnostics. The compact, handheld design with adjustable wrist strap keeps your hands free during scanning. The durable rubber protector safeguards the unit from dirt, water, and impacts. With the lightweight, removable battery, you can perform mobile exams and pregnancy checks easily.

                  The intuitive interface allows for quick learning, while the high-performance probe captures quality images to facilitate accurate diagnoses. Ideal for farm breeders and vets, this scanner empowers you to assess gestation in livestock anytime, anywhere. Its robust construction withstands intensive use in agricultural settings. This handheld scanner will become an invaluable tool for your farm or veterinary practice.

                  Key features:

                  • Compact, handheld and portable design
                  • Adjustable wrist strap for hands-free use
                  • Protective rubber casing for durability
                  • Removable battery for cordless operation
                  • Intuitive interface allows quick learning
                  • High-performance sector probe


                  • Lightweight and portable for mobile vet use
                  • Hands-free design enables easy scanning
                  • Durable construction for farm environments
                  • Battery-powered for flexible operation
                  • Easy to operate with intuitive controls
                  • Provides quality ultrasound imaging


                  • Smaller display size than stationary models
                  • Battery capacity has limitations
                  • Probe choices are limited
                  • Image resolution decreases at depth
                  • Lacks advanced imaging features
                  • Audible probe clicks may disturb animals

                  Fencia Veterinary Ultra-Sound Scanner kit

                  Fencia Veterinary Ultra-Sound Scanner kit Vet Ultra Sound Machine for Dog Pregnancy, Rechargeable Smart B-Ultrasound Handscan with 3.5MHz Mechanical Sector Probe for Animals Pets【US】

                    This veterinary ultrasound scanner empowers vets and breeders to accurately evaluate animal pregnancy and health. The adjustable-frequency sector probe captures high-quality images to facilitate precise diagnosis and treatment. The portable, handheld design with long battery life enables scanning anywhere – clinic, farm, or field.

                    With ample onboard storage for images, you can easily compare exams over time. The intuitive interface allows quick learning, while convenient tools like freeze frame, body markers, and annotations simplify operation. Rugged and lightweight, this scanner withstands intensive mobile use. It’s the perfect partner for monitoring gestation in pets or livestock from early pregnancy onwards.

                    Key features:

                    • Adjustable-frequency sector probe
                    • Portable, handheld and lightweight
                    • Rechargeable battery for cordless use
                    • Onboard storage for images
                    • Intuitive interface and controls
                    • Rugged design withstands heavy use


                    • Probe captures high-quality ultrasound images
                    • Compact and portable for flexible use
                    • Long battery life enables extended scans
                    • Save images for exam comparison
                    • Easy to operate with intuitive controls
                    • Durable construction for intensive use


                    • Display size is relatively small
                    • Probe choices are limited
                    • Battery capacity still has limits
                    • Lacks some advanced imaging features
                    • Connectivity to peripherals is limited
                    • Audible probe clicks may disturb animals

                    ValueStore Portable Ultrasound Scanner

                    Portable Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary Pregnancy V12 with 3.5 MHz Convex Probe for Sheep, Dog, Cat and Pig.

                      This veterinary ultrasound scanner delivers outstanding performance in a portable package. The multifrequency convex probe adapts to animals of all sizes, capturing quality images for accurate diagnosis. The lightweight, compact body and long-lasting battery facilitate scanning anywhere. Intuitive controls allow easy operation, while robust protection safeguards the unit.

                      With ample onboard storage, you can save exam images for later review and sharing. The adjustable multicolor display provides optimized viewing, and external device connectivity enhances functionality. Reliable and easy to use, this scanner empowers vets and breeders to evaluate pregnancy in pets and livestock on the go. Its versatility and durability make it an invaluable tool for mobile veterinary work.

                      Key features:

                      • Multifrequency convex probe
                      • Lightweight, compact and portable
                      • Rechargeable battery for cordless use
                      • Onboard storage for images
                      • Adjustable multicolor display
                      • Connectivity to peripherals


                      • Probe adapts to animals of all sizes
                      • Portable for flexible veterinary use
                      • Battery-powered for untethered operation
                      • Save images for exam comparison
                      • Vibrant display optimizes viewing
                      • Connect to TVs, monitors, and printers


                      • Smaller display than stationary models
                      • Battery capacity has limitations
                      • Probe choices are limited
                      • Basic feature set lacks some tools
                      • Display can be difficult to see in sunlight
                      • Peripheral connectivity requires adapters

                      Ultrasound Machine For Dogs Buying Guide

                      Choosing the right ultrasound system tailored for examining dogs requires careful consideration of several factors that impact image quality, functionality and veterinary workflow. Here are the most important criteria to evaluate:

                      Image Quality

                      Excellent image quality is the number one priority when selecting an ultrasound machine for veterinary use. Clear and consistent images allow vets to make accurate diagnoses. Look for key specs that contribute to superior imaging:

                      • High frequency transducers – Transducers in the 10-15 MHz range provide enhanced penetration for scanning superficial structures in small animals like dogs. High frequency linear probes deliver detailed resolution of muscles, tendons and other soft tissue.
                      • Advanced processing software – Technologies like tissue harmonic imaging improve signal processing to sharpen image clarity. This produces better contrast resolution for identifying lesions, cysts and arterial plaque.
                      • Wide dynamic range – A system with increased dynamic range captures subtle tissue differences even at shallow depths. This reveals fine diagnostic details.
                      • Multiple focal zones – Having multiple focal zones enables optimizing resolution throughout the field of view, from nearby structures to deeper anatomy.
                      • Image optimization tools – Controls to adjust speckle reduction, grayscale maps, field of view and other parameters enable customizing the image display.

                      Transducer Options

                      • Having a range of transducer frequencies (low, mid and high) allows the veterinarian to choose the right one for the type of dog anatomy being evaluated. Transducers from 5-15 MHz provide flexibility.
                      • Linear probes deliver superb imaging of tissues close to the skin surface. Small linear arrays are useful for scanning between dogs’ ribs.
                      • Micro-convex probes provide a wider view for abdominal scans. The small footprint is suited for dogs.
                      • Phased array transducers enable scanning cardiac structures through narrow acoustic windows.
                      • Endocavity transducers give detailed visualization of reproductive organs.

                      Doppler Imaging

                      • Color Doppler displays real-time blood flow information overlaid on B-mode imaging. This reveals abnormalities in vascularity and hemodynamics.
                      • Power Doppler is more sensitive than color Doppler in detecting blood flow in tiny vessels.
                      • Spectral Doppler shows velocity waveforms for quantifying vascular flow dynamics.

                      Ergonomic Design

                      • A compact, lightweight ultrasound unit with an adjustable LCD monitor is easy to position and adjust during exams. This improves workflow and reduces strain.
                      • Customizable control panels allow personalizing key presets, measurements and other functions to streamline exams.
                      • Conveniently placed controls that are easy to access while scanning improve efficiency.

                      Software Features

                      • Intuitive software with clearly organized menus and icons simplifies operation and reviewing saved images.
                      • Cine loop lets vets scroll through multiple frames to observe motion of structures like the heart.
                      • Annotations and measurements can be added to document findings. Common measurements for small animal exams include bladder volume, abdominal aortic diameter and cardiac ventricle size.
                      • Image management tools make it easy to review past scans for comparison. Network connectivity allows transferring images electronically.


                      • compact, lightweight design enhances portability for moving the ultrasound system between exam rooms and even offsite.
                      • Battery powered operation allows scanning dogs without plugging into an outlet. Batteries that provide several hours of scanning time offer flexibility.
                      • Durable magnesium or carbon fiber chassis holds up to the rigors of veterinary practice.
                      • Lockable wheels make it easy to move the unit, while keeping it stationary during exams.

                      Cost Considerations

                      Veterinary practices should balance capabilities with budget when selecting an ultrasound system. Key factors impacting cost:

                      • New versus refurbished – Refurbished systems provide big savings over new models. Include a warranty to ensure reliability.
                      • Compact versus full-featured console – Compact units are lower priced but only offer essential functions. Console systems provide more advanced features for a higher price.
                      • Transducer range – The more transducer options, the greater the flexibility, but also the higher the cost. Evaluate workflow to choose optimal transducers.
                      • Service contract – Multi-year service contracts have higher initial cost but cover repairs and replace transducers, saving long-term expense.

                      While image quality is most vital, also factor in the imaging modes required, veterinary experience level, and connectivity needs when investing in an ultrasound machine for canine patients.


                      Why is ultrasound used to examine dogs?

                      Ultrasound is a critical veterinary diagnostic tool because it provides non-invasive, radiation-free imaging of a dog’s internal organs, tissues and vasculature in real time. The portability, versatility and safety of ultrasound make it ideal for animals. It is commonly used for abdominal, cardiothoracic, musculoskeletal and reproductive exams in dogs.

                      What makes a good ultrasound image?

                      Quality ultrasound images have high resolution, sharp contrast, uniform brightness, low noise/artifacts and deep penetration. Adjustable settings like speckle reduction, edge enhancement, dynamic range and focus zones optimize image quality. Advanced technologies like tissue harmonic imaging also improve clarity. Good images allow accurate diagnosis.

                      What’s the difference between 2D and 3D/4D ultrasound?

                      2D ultrasound creates cross-sectional greyscale pictures of anatomy in a single scanning plane. 3D ultrasound captures volume data to reconstruct three-dimensional images while 4D adds motion over time. While 3D/4D provides a more realistic perspective, 2D is most commonly used for veterinary imaging due to lower costs and easier manipulation.

                      How often do veterinary ultrasound probes need replacement?

                      The lifespan of an ultrasound transducer varies based on usage, care and type. Veterinarians should expect to replace curvilinear abdominal probes every 5-8 years, linear probes every 3-6 years, and endocavity probes every 1-3 years. Probes under routine service contract can often be replaced for free.

                      What features help optimize ultrasound workflow?

                      Workflow-enhancing ultrasound features include pre-programmed preset buttons, voice commands, touchscreen interface, customizable control panels, easy image review/processing tools, DICOM networking and connectivity, SPECT/CT compatibility, and options for transferring and printing images.

                      Should I buy new or refurbished ultrasound equipment?

                      Buying refurbished rather than new ultrasound systems can save 50% or more. Refurbished units that have been factory inspected, tested and certified offer substantial savings while still delivering high performance and reliability. Many come with a 1 year warranty. Evaluate image quality and features versus pricing when deciding.

                      How much ongoing maintenance does an ultrasound machine need?

                      Routine maintenance involves cleaning exterior and transducers after exams, debris removal from moving parts, inspection for damage, testing imaging quality, ensuring proper disinfection, monitoring wear of probes, inspection of cables/buttons/knobs, keeping transducers properly stored and using a surge protector. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule optimizes longevity.

                      What types of ultrasound training resources are available?

                      There are many educational resources to help veterinarians learn ultrasound techniques including online courses and webinars, traditional classroom programs, printed veterinary ultrasound books/reference guides, training videos, hands-on preceptorships at conferences, manufacturer application training sessions, veterinary radiologist consultations and continuing education conferences focusing specifically on veterinary ultrasound.

                      What safety precautions should veterinarians follow when doing ultrasound exams on dogs?

                      Dog ultrasound safety requires adjusting equipment settings based on the animal’s size, using ample warm gel to avoid burns, avoiding excessive pressure, frequently readjusting position to scan different areas, watching for signs of stress, handling nervous dogs with extra care, never leaving dogs unattended when hooked up to ultrasound machines, always having 2 people present to restrain dogs when necessary and using bite-proof gloves.


                      Selecting the optimal ultrasound machine tailored for veterinary exams of dogs is a significant investment that pays dividends through enhanced diagnostic capabilities. From imaging dogs’ hearts, livers, kidneys, spleens and bladders to assessing pregnancy and guiding biopsies, ultrasound is a versatile modality that provides invaluable real-time visualization of canine health. By understanding key factors like image quality, transducer options, Doppler imaging and ergonomic workflow, veterinarians can choose the right ultrasound unit that fits their practice’s needs and budget. With routine maintenance and proper use, a high-quality ultrasound system will support excellent patient care for years to come.


                      1. PetTech Solutions Canine Ultrasound Machine – PetTech Solutions offers a portable ultrasound machine designed specifically for dog breeders. The company also provides education to ensure the success of breeders using the machine. Link
                      2. Walmart Ultrasound Machine for Dogs – Walmart offers a variety of ultrasound machines for dogs, including bark control devices, ultrasound dog repellers, and dog training devices. These machines are equipped with dual LED lights and infrared sight. Link
                      3. USC Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machines – USC offers a wide selection of budget-friendly veterinary ultrasound machines that support various animal groups, including horses, farm and companion animals, and dogs. These machines are portable and easy to use. Link
                      4. Butterfly iQ+ Vet Ultrasound Machine – The Butterfly iQ+ Vet is a handheld, portable whole-body POCUS machine that can be used on any animal, big or small. It is a great option for veterinarians who need a portable ultrasound machine. Link
                      5. Butterfly iQ+ Vet Pricing – The Butterfly iQ+ Vet offers a comprehensive veterinary ultrasound solution for small to mid-sized teams. Up to five Pro licenses with additional collaboration and workflow features. Link
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