Best Whistles For Coaching 2023

Coaches know that having the right equipment is crucial for running effective practices and games. A good whistle is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any coach. Whistles allow coaches to get the attention of players, signal when to start and stop drills, and keep things moving smoothly during games. Having a whistle with a loud, clear tone that can cut through crowd noise is essential.

When it comes to whistles for coaching, there are a few key factors to consider to find the best option. This buying guide will walk through what to look for when selecting a coaching whistle, from materials and design to special features. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about whistle use and care. Read on to learn everything you need to know to pick out the perfect whistle for coaching!

Get Attention With These Loud Plastic Whistles

Hipat Whistle, 2 Packs Plastic Sports Whistles with Lanyard, Loud Crisp Sound Whistle Ideal for Coaches, Referees, and Officials (Color)

    If you’re looking for a whistle that will cut through the noise and get attention, these loud plastic whistles from Hipat are just what you need. With a shrill 120dB sound, these whistles are perfect for coaches, referees, teachers, or anyone who needs to signal a large crowd.

    The thick plastic construction makes these whistles very durable – you won’t have to worry about them breaking. The pea-less design ensures constant airflow and crisp sound. Plus, the included lanyard frees up your hands so you can wear the whistle around your neck when not in use.

    Whether you’re directing players on the field, gathering a class of students, or just trying to get someone’s attention, these loud, high-pitched whistles will do the trick. The handy clip also lets you attach them securely to a backpack or belt when you want quick access. For a whistle that announces your presence, choose this attention-grabbing set.

    Stay Safe With A Reliable Emergency Whistle

    LuxoGear Emergency Whistles with Lanyard Safety Whistle Survival Shrill Loud Blast for Kayak Life Vest Jacket Boating Fishing Boat Camping Hiking Hunting Rescue Signaling Kids Lifeguard Plastic 2 Pack

      When you’re out in nature or on the water, having a safety whistle on hand provides an extra layer of protection. This emergency whistle set from LuxoGear delivers loud, far-reaching sound to call for help whenever you need it.

      The double tube design produces up to a 120dB noise that can be heard over a mile away. Even if you’re short on breath, the pea-less airflow ensures you can still blow the whistle successfully. The bright orange color and reflective lanyard provide great visibility.

      You’ll appreciate the adjustable lanyard that allows you to wear the whistle comfortably around your neck or attached to your gear. The durable plastic construction is completely waterproof as well, so this whistle works even when wet.

      For hiking, camping, boating, biking, and outdoor activities, keep these emergency whistles on hand. Their ultra loud sound could make the difference if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation. Let the shrill blast call for assistance so you can get back to safety.

      Reliable Plastic Whistles For Sports And More

      AIEX 4pcs Plastic Sport Whistles, Whistle with Lanyard Loud Whistle for Emergency Survival Coach Teacher Dog Training (Black, Blue, Red and Green)

        These multi-colored plastic whistles from AIEX are handy for coaches, teachers, referees, or anyone who needs a reliable whistle for sports, training, emergencies, or dog training. The loud, crisp sound projects well to get attention and the durable ABS material ensures long-lasting performance.

        The pea-less design prevents sticking and provides consistent, smooth airflow every time you blow. Each whistle comes with a 34.6 inch nylon cord so you can wear it comfortably around your neck or wrist when not in use.

        Convenient and easy to use, these whistles are suitable for a wide range of applications like gyms, survival kits, schools, and more. Plus, you get four whistles in different colors, so you can find the perfect match for your needs or share extras with friends. For a versatile set of whistles that get the job done, choose this high-quality set.

        Quality Metal Whistle For Officials And Coaches

        Crown Sporting Goods SCOA-001 Stainless Steel Whistle with Lanyard – Great for Coaches, Referees, and Officials by

          This stainless steel whistle from Crown Sporting Goods provides the bold, crisp sound that coaches, referees, and officials need to command attention and make the call. The metal construction resists corrosion and ensures greater durability compared to nickel-plated plastic models.

          The included cork pea makes it easy to produce a loud sound even when you’re winded. Just a quick, sharp blow is all it takes to get noticed. The adjustable slide bead lets you customize the fit of the lanyard for comfortable wear around your neck.

          Whether you’re directing the action on the field or court, officiating the game, or just trying to reign in a rambunctious crowd, this metal whistle will be heard. The hands-free lanyard is a convenient way to keep the whistle close when not in use. For a whistle that won’t let you down, choose this solid stainless steel model.

          Sturdy Metal Whistle For Loud, Clear Sound

          AMBITIONJUMP Whistle for Coaches, Metal Whistles for Adults with Lanyard, Loud Sport Whistle for Referee Teacher Police Soccer Gym

            Don’t take chances with a subpar whistle – for consistent loud sound, this metal coach’s whistle from Ambition Jump is a smart choice. The precision construction delivers a shrill 120dB blast that carries over distances to cut through any noise.

            The stainless steel build resists corrosion and provides lasting performance season after season. The flexible cork pea produces smooth airflow so you get crisp sound every time. You’ll appreciate the adjustable lanyard that allows customized, comfortable wear during games and practices.

            Whether you’re a coach, referee, teacher, or police officer, you can count on this sturdy metal whistle for loud, reliable sound when it matters most. The compact size easily fits in your pocket when you need quick access or want to stash it away. If you’re looking for a go-to game whistle, this high-quality metal model is a sure bet.

            Durable Metal Whistles For Crisp Sound

            Hipat Whistle, 3 Pack Stainless Steel Sports Whistles with Lanyard, Loud Crisp Sound Whistles Great for Coaches, Referees, and Officials

              When you need a whistle that delivers consistent, reliable sound for sports and more, these metal whistles from Hipat fit the bill. The stainless steel construction resists corrosion so you can count on lasting performance.

              The included natural cork pea inside makes it easy to produce a shrill 120dB blast that carries over distances. Just a quick, short puff is enough to be heard. You’ll appreciate the adjustable lanyard that provides a customized, comfortable fit around your neck or wrist when not blowing the whistle.

              Whether you’re a coach, referee, teacher, or police officer, this durable metal whistle is perfect for sports, emergencies, survival, and everyday use. It’s small enough to stash in a pocket, yet loud enough to get attention from afar when it matters most. For a go-to whistle that won’t let you down, this high-quality stainless steel model is a smart choice.

              Versatile Whistle Set For Any Situation

              KTRIO Whistle for Coaches, Metal Whistle Sports Whistle with Lanyard, Loud Crisp Sound Whistles for Referees, Coaches, Teachers, Polices, Training, Outdoor Sports, 3 Pack

                This versatile 3-pack of metal whistles from KTRIO provides reliable sound for sports, emergencies, training, dog handling, and more. The stainless steel construction stands up to frequent use while resisting corrosion.

                The included cork pea allows you to make a penetrating 120dB sound with minimal effort. Just a quick puff will get the job done. The black nylon lanyard offers an adjustable, comfortable fit and hands-free convenience.

                Take these handy whistles camping, hiking, boating, biking, walking the dog, refereeing games, directing traffic, or keeping order. Clip one to your backpack strap, belt, or jacket zipper for quick access when you need it. With crisp sound and durable build, this versatile 3-pack equips you for any situation requiring a good whistle.

                Reliable Whistle From Trusted Fox 40 Brand

                Fox 40 Classic Official Whistle with Break Away Lanyard (Black)

                  When you need a whistle you can trust, choose the original Fox 40 pealess referee whistle. With consistent, flawless sound that cuts through ambient noise, Fox 40 sets the standard preferred by professional leagues. The patented design requires no ball and has no parts that freeze or jam.

                  Just blow – even softly – and the unique channeled mouthpiece amplifies a shrill 115dB blast heard over a mile away. Fully waterproof and high-impact ABS plastic ensures this whistle withstands all conditions. The breakaway lanyard provides customized fit for comfortable wear.

                  If you’re a coach, ref, lifeguard, or safety officer who wants your whistle to perform perfectly every time, Fox 40 is the top choice. No other model matches its reliability and durability under pressure. Insist on the best and enjoy peace of mind knowing your Fox 40 won’t let you down.

                  Get Noticed With A Loud Safety Whistle

                  Noopel 2 Pack Survival Whistle with Lanyard and Keychain Double Tubes Emergency Safety Whistle with Keyring for Boating Outdoor Camping Hiking Hunting Sports Dog Training (2 Pack Silver)

                    When adventuring outdoors or on the water, a loud emergency whistle like this Noopel model provides an easy way to call for help. The sleek aluminum alloy construction produces up to a 120dB blast that carries over long distances – a must-have safety precaution.

                    The double tube design maximizes volume so even a short puff gets attention. With no moving parts, it won’t jam or freeze. The handy integrated keychain clip and adjustable lanyard offer flexible carrying options. Easily attach it to your backpack, jacket, belt, or gear.

                    Small and lightweight yet extremely loud when you need it, this whistle provides reliable sound for hiking, camping, boating, hunting, biking, walking the dog, and all outdoor activities. For extra peace of mind on your adventures, keep one of these emergency whistles on hand.

                    Classic Whistle With Proven Loud Sound

                    AIEX 4pcs Plastic Sport Whistles, Whistle with Lanyard Loud Whistle for Emergency Survival Coach Teacher Dog Training (Black, Blue, Red and Green)

                      Sometimes you just need a simple, reliable whistle that gets the job done – that’s what this classic 4-pack from AIEX delivers. Available in assorted bright colors, the plastic whistles offer clear, loud sound up to 120dB for any application.

                      The durable ABS plastic stands up to regular use. The pea-less design prevents sticking and provides smooth, consistent airflow and volume. Each whistle includes a handy 34.6 inch nylon lanyard so you can wear it comfortably on the neck or wrist when not in use.

                      Whether you’re a coach, teacher, referee, or just need an emergency whistle, these cover the basics. The compact size easily fits in a pocket or clips onto gear. For a classic set whistles that simply perform well for any situation, this affordable 4-pack hits the right note.

                      Whistles for Coaching Buying Guide

                      Choosing a whistle for coaching isn’t as simple as just grabbing any old whistle. There are a range of materials, designs, and special features that make some whistles better suited for coaching purposes. Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

                      Whistle Materials

                      Whistles are commonly constructed from metal, plastic, or wood. Each material has different properties that affect the tone and volume.

                      Metal whistles are usually made from brass or aluminum. They produce an extremely loud, sharp tone that carries well across fields and courts. The material is durable and weather-resistant. Metal whistles tend to be on the more expensive end.

                      Plastic whistles use polycarbonate or ABS plastic. They make a shrill, piercing sound at high volumes. Plastic is affordable and can withstand bumps and drops. The main downside is that plastic whistles can crack over time.

                      Wooden whistles have a mellower, richer tone compared to metal and plastic. The sound may not travel as far, so wooden whistles work best in smaller spaces. They have a classic look but require more care than other materials.

                      Consider the typical practice and game setup to choose the whistle material with the right sound qualities. Metal and plastic are good for outdoor use, while wood works indoors.

                      Whistle Design

                      Key design factors include the shape, mouthpiece style, and any convenience features.

                      Classic pea whistles have a round body and pea inside that vibrates to produce the sound. Pealess versions replace the pea with a cork or plastic insert.

                      Cylinder whistles have a straight shape and consistent width. They tend to be easier to hold and blow.

                      Finger grip whistles add ridges or indentations for improved handling. Look for models with textured finger grips if you’ll be using the whistle frequently.

                      Comfortable mouthpieces don’t have sharp edges and fit well between the lips. Avoid metal mouthpieces on cold days, as they can freeze to skin.

                      Lanyard attachments allow you to wear the whistle around your neck when not in use. Handy features like flip-up covers can keep your whistle clean in your pocket.

                      Think about your grip, the climate, and potential accessories to select a design that’s comfortable and practical to use.

                      Volume and Pitch

                      The volume and pitch of a whistle impact how well the sound carries and cuts through ambient noise.

                      Volume is how loud the whistle is. More volume equals greater sound projection across distances. Plastic and metal whistles are naturally louder than wood.

                      Pitch refers to sound frequency. A higher pitch slices through background noise more effectively. But higher frequencies don’t travel as far as lower ones.

                      Test whistles to find a good balance of loud volume and piercing pitch. Adjust your blowing technique as needed to hit the right tones.


                      Well-known whistle brands to look for include Fox 40, Acme, Windstorm, and Umbro. These companies specialize in sports whistles and offer excellent quality across budgets. Read customer reviews to find top-rated and long-lasting options.

                      Consider your budget, sound needs, and convenience factors to select the best whistle brand and model for coaching purposes. Don’t forget to pick up a lanyard or carrying case for portability.

                      Whistle for Coaching FAQ

                      Still have some questions about picking out and using whistles for coaching? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

                      How loud should a coaching whistle be?

                      Coaching whistles need to be loud enough for players to hear them clearly across fields and courts over ambient noise. Metal and plastic whistles in the 100-120 decibel range will be loud enough for most coaching purposes. Test different whistles to find one with a tone that carries well in your specific environment.

                      What is the best way to blow a coaching whistle?

                      Use a firm, fast exhale focused onto the inside edge of the mouthpiece. Don’t blow directly down into the whistle. Tighten your lips to maintain a consistent airflow and achieve a clean tone. Adjust your blowing angle and intensity to control volume and pitch. With practice, you’ll learn the sweet spot for your whistle.

                      How do I stop a pea whistle from cracking?

                      Pea whistles can develop cracked tones over time. Soak the whistle in warm water to soften any hardened spit or debris stuck to the pea. Gently blow through the whistle to push out the blockage. Avoid overtightening when reassembling the two halves. Consider switching to a pealess whistle if problems persist.

                      How do I clean a coaching whistle?

                      Routine cleaning keeps your whistle sounding its best. Use a mild soap and warm water to remove dirt and bacteria. Allow all parts to fully air dry before reassembling to prevent moisture buildup. Disinfect metal or plastic whistles periodically by soaking in a dilute bleach solution. Never submerge wooden whistles.

                      Can I bring a whistle on an airplane?

                      You can safely transport whistles in carry-on bags on airplanes. The loud sound could be harmful to ears in an enclosed plane cabin, so refrain from actually using your whistle while in-flight. Store whistles in checked luggage at your own risk, as they could be damaged or lost. Consider packing a spare whistle just in case.

                      A quality whistle is indispensable for communicating with players on the field or court. Now that you know what to look for, you can confidently shop for the perfect whistle for your coaching needs. Don’t hesitate to test different options for tone and volume. With the right whistle in hand, you’ll be ready to give your players loud and clear direction for every practice, drill, and game.


                      A good whistle is an essential piece of equipment for any coach. This buying guide covered the key factors to consider when shopping for the best whistle for coaching. The material affects tone and volume, with metal and plastic being the loudest options. Look for design features like finger grips and lanyard attachments for convenience. Test different whistles to find one with ideal volume to carry across the field and pitch to cut through background noise. Invest in a durable, easy to use whistle from a top brand like Fox 40 or Acme.

                      With your new coaching whistle in hand, you’ll be able to get your players’ attention anytime, signal transitions during practice, and keep games running smoothly. A whistle with great sound allows you to be a more effective communicator and leader. Remember to care for your whistle by cleaning it regularly and avoiding damage. Improve your technique by practicing your blowing angle and force. Finding the perfect whistle for coaching takes some effort, but it’s a small investment that will pay off all season long.


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