How To Use Temp Tooth Beads

Looking for a fun, temporary way to accessorize your smile? Temp tooth beads allow you to quickly add colorful flair to your teeth without any long-term commitment.

Discover how these novelty beads work, tips for safe application and removal, and their advantages over permanent dental jewelry options.

With the right know-how, you can safely try this quick, affordable trend to transform your look for any special event or photo.

What are Temp Tooth Beads?

Temp tooth beads are small decorative pieces that temporarily attach to your teeth to accessorize your smile. These fun novelty beads are made from safe, non-toxic materials like resin or acrylic. They come in various colors and designs to suit your style.

Wearing temp tooth beads offers a quick, temporary way to decorate your teeth for events, parties, photoshoots, and more. They provide an affordable, low-commitment alternative to more permanent dental decoration options like braces, tooth gems, or dental jewelry.

Temp tooth beads cause minimal damage to your natural tooth enamel. They are also incredibly easy and fast to apply compared to tooth decals or dental crowns and caps. This makes them a fun, customizable way to quickly change your look without much hassle or financial investment.

Benefits of Using Temp Tooth Beads

There are many advantages to choosing temporary tooth beads over other longer-lasting dental decor options:

  • Fun and easy to customize – With so many colors, shapes and sizes available, you can find the perfect beads to match your outfit or mood any day.
  • Low commitment – They can easily be removed and replaced if you get bored of the look or no longer need them for an event.
  • Minimal tooth damage – The adhesive does not bond as strongly to enamel as permanent alternatives, so beads won’t chip or wear down your natural teeth.
  • Affordable – A pack of assorted temp beads costs just a few dollars, much less than a single visit for dental jewelry or veneers.
  • Quick to apply – Sticking on a few beads takes just seconds for an instant transformation. No dental visits are required.
  • Easily swapped out – You can change your bead style repeatedly without damaging your teeth.
  • More subtle look – Temp beads add a hint of color rather than the full glittering effect of permanent dental jewelry.

So if you want an inexpensive, commitment-free way to accessorize your smile for a short period, temporary tooth beads are a great option!

How to Apply Temp Tooth Beads

Applying temporary tooth beads takes just a few simple steps:

Prepare Your Teeth

Before adhering any beads, you’ll want to make sure your teeth are clean and dry for the best hold. Brush and floss thoroughly, then rinse your mouth out with water and allow your teeth to fully air dry. Any residual toothpaste or oil from food can prevent the beads from properly sticking.

Choose Your Beads

Next, select the temp tooth beads you want to apply. Pick out beads in your desired colors, shapes and sizes. Many packs come with a fun assortment to create a unique look. Smaller beads work best for decorating your front teeth, while larger beads are better suited for molars farther back.

Apply Adhesive

Temp tooth beads come with a safe, non-toxic adhesive designed specifically for sticking to teeth without damage. Start by applying a very thin layer of the adhesive to the flat back of the bead, spreading it evenly across the surface. Follow the adhesive directions closely and do not over-apply. Just a small amount is needed.

Stick on Beads

Once your beads are prepped with adhesive, you can start adhering them directly to your cleaned teeth. Gently press a bead against the center of your desired tooth, holding it firmly in place for 30-60 seconds. This gives the adhesive time to set for a secure hold. Repeat the process to decorate multiple teeth with different colored beads.

Check Placement

After pressing on your tooth beads, inspect each one to ensure they are straight and securely attached. If any beads feel loose or appear crooked, you can gently remove them and reapply for better placement. The adhesive remains slightly movable for about 5 minutes before fully setting.

And that’s it! Properly applied temp tooth beads can last up to two weeks if cared for properly. Keep reading for tips on caring for your beads so you can rock your new smile!

Caring for Temp Tooth Beads

Temporary tooth beads don’t require much upkeep, but you’ll need to take a few precautions to keep them looking fabulous:

Avoid Specific Foods

The biggest threat to your beads staying put is accidentally dislodging them with certain foods. Hard, sticky, crunchy foods can easily knock off a bead, so avoid snacking on things like nuts, caramel, popcorn and hard candies while wearing them. Chewy foods can also loosen the adhesive over time.

Brush and Floss Carefully

Keep brushing and flossing as normal while wearing temp tooth beads, but take extra care when doing so. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and gentle pressure while brushing near beads to avoid popping them off accidentally. When flossing, be sure not to tug the floss too roughly against your beaded teeth. Work slowly and carefully around them.

Use Removal Gel

When you’re ready to take off your temp beads, never forcibly pull them off. This can damage your enamel. Instead, apply bead removal gel to loosen the adhesive’s hold. Gently wiggle the beads as the gel sets in, then slide them off cleanly. Most beads can be reused 2-3 times if removed properly.

Proper care will help your temporary tooth beads last their full 1-2 week lifespan or until you’re ready to change up your look!

Removing and Reapplying Beads

Temp tooth beads can typically stay on for up to 2 weeks with proper care and maintenance.

But when the time comes to take them off, follow these steps:

  • Use removal gel – Apply the adhesive removal gel that came with your bead kit to loosen their hold. Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Gently wiggle – After letting the gel set in, gently wiggle the beads back and forth to break the adhesive’s grip.
  • Slowly slide off – Once loose enough, slowly slide each bead off the tooth surface. Don’t pull too hard.
  • Clean teeth – Rinse your teeth to remove any remaining gel and adhesive.

To reapply beads, follow the same application process starting with clean, dry teeth. Gently remove old adhesive remnants first for best results. Most temp beads can be safely reused 2-3 times before needing to be replaced. Avoid reapplying the same beads too many times, as the adhesive loses strength.

Seeking Professional Help

While temp tooth beads are designed to be safe for short-term use, issues can sometimes arise. Seek help from your dentist if:

  • Beads feel painful or irritate gums
  • Teeth feel sensitive or enamel appears cracked
  • An bead won’t come off after multiple removal attempts

In rare cases of irritation or bonded beads, a dentist can safely remove them without damaging your teeth. They can also check for any underlying issues and provide advice for safer application and removal methods going forward.

If ever unsure how to properly apply or remove temp tooth beads yourself, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist for guidance first. Paying attention to application instructions and caring for beads properly will usually prevent complications or tooth damage. But it’s always better to be safe and ask a professional when needed.

With the right precautions, temporary tooth beads offer a fun and easy way to dress up your smile for any occasion! Follow these tips on safe application, bead care and proper removal to enjoy your fabulous look while avoiding tooth damage or other issues. And don’t be afraid to ask your dentist for assistance applying or removing beads if needed. With just a little extra attention while wearing them, you can rock decorative temp tooth beads worry-free.


Temp tooth beads let you decorate your pearly whites with ease for any occasion. By following safe application and removal techniques, you can avoid potential tooth damage. Keep beads looking their best by steering clear of sticky foods and practicing gentle flossing and brushing. If issues ever arise, your dentist can provide guidance for trouble-free use going forward. So try out these temporary tooth adornments as a fun way to accessorize your smile without permanent alteration or cost.


How long do temp tooth beads last?

With proper care, temp tooth beads can remain securely on your teeth for 1-2 weeks or longer before needing replacement.

Can you eat and drink normally with temp tooth beads on?

Avoid very hard, sticky, chewy foods that could loosen the beads. But you can eat and drink most foods normally while wearing temporary beads. Just be extra gentle around the beads while chewing.

Do temp tooth beads damage your real teeth?

When applied and removed properly using the right adhesive products, temp beads do not damage tooth enamel. The adhesive does not bond as strongly as more permanent options like dental gems.

How are temp beads different from permanent dental jewels?

Temp beads are a reversible, inexpensive way to temporarily decorate your teeth for events, parties or photos. Permanent dental jewels are pricier, long-term alternatives that require professional application and cannot easily be removed.

Can kids wear temp tooth beads safely?

Temp tooth beads are not recommended for children under 18 as kids’ enamel is still developing. Temporary beads are best suited for adult use.

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